Dog Digging Under Fence : 11 Easy Solutions To Stop Dog Digging

Although our furry friend might not agree on this, fences are important to keep the good things inside home and bad things outside home. Fence acts as the safety line or protection line for home owners.

But, Dogs can turn it into a dangerous situation with you not doing anything to stop them from digging under fence.

Dog digging under fence solutions that lead them to stop doing it immediately is the need of the hour. There are many ways to prevent dog from digging under fence. The most common solution is installing a fence that has openings too small even for children’s heads, but strong enough so no animal will be able use it as an entrance point into the yard!

Dog digging under fence solutions
dog digging under fence solutions

There also other solutions such like putting up netting on top of your existing chain link fences or planting thorny bushes around them which can discourage dogs from entering and make their way through holes in order help keep themselves cool during hot days

You ask, “how to stop dog digging under fence”?

In this article, you’ll learn how to keep your dog from digging under fence with solutions that are easy and quick to implement.

Why Should You Prevent Dog Digging Under Fence?

Your yard turns dangerous once they dig deep holes in it such as any animal or human can enter through them causing harm either way

  1. whether its harming yourself by entering into home territory without permission
  2. hurting themselves while trying too hard for food outside of their reach inside a garden area
  3. damaging property like breaking windows/doors which leads up costing more money on repairs than what was saved when buying cheaper materials at first place because Dog dug hole underneath door frame leading water seeping onto floorboards below).

This is why we need an immediate solution before things get worse!


How To Choose New Fence If Dog Dug Under Fence Successfully?

You definitely have to keep in mind your Dog behavior before you choose the type of fence and the length, weight and size of the fence too.

The type of fence you choose should be determined by the size and weight, as well. This will stop dog digging under fence.

If your Dog is a small breed or has not been known to dig holes under fences before then it’s best that they have an electric wire barrier around their yard because these types are usually lightweight enough for them but still strong against larger breeds who might try digging underneath too!


How to Prevent Dog Digging Under Fence?

You may stop the dog digging under fence activity by redirecting through a sandbox or by placing chicken wire underneath the fence or hammering one more fence layer into your ground or finally decorate the yard with bushes that are dog friendly.

The first step is to make sure that your dog has plenty of room in the yard. If there isn’t much space between houses on either side (or other obstacles) than shorter fencing will do just fine; otherwise longer lengths may work better depending upon how wide open/large area available outside home territory .

Lastly we need consider height- taller heights mean more protection from animals coming into property while lower ones can help keep children out. This is how to keep dog from going under fence.

Lastly, you should also think about what type or style fence would be best for keeping dogs away and then install it accordingly! There are many different types such as chain link fences which have openings too small even a child’s head could not fit through them but they’re still strong enough so no animal will be able to burrow holes through them


Dog Digging Causes

These are the top causes off the top of my mind, for which Dog starts to dig under the fence.

  1. Dogs are curious by nature and will dig to find out what’s on the other side of a fence. They might be digging because they want attention from their owner, or just for fun!
  2. Some dogs also do it as an instinctive behavior that is hardwired into them in order help keep themselves cool during hot days .
  3. Dog digging can be linked to Dog’s psychological problems. We will concentrate more on the Psychological dog digging problem below


Anxiety Digging

If your Dog has Anxiety, they might do any activity and not only Digging. You will see them do unpredictable things and behave badly. An anxious dog will show many other symptoms if they are confronted with absolutely new triggers or situations.

Anxiety digging is a symptom of an underlying problem that needs to be addressed.  If you don’t take care, it will only get worse and your Dog might start doing other bad things like chewing on furniture or barking at people who come near the house.

It’s important for dog owners not just ignore this behavior but find out what causes anxiety in Dogs so they can address them before any serious problems happen!

If left untreated Anxiety could lead into more severe mental health issues such as depression which has been linked with suicide attempts among humans too ! So please do something about these symptoms if seen early enough because there are many ways how we help our dogs feel better again without medication (which should always have vet approval).


Digging To Defecate

Dogs do not always dig to hunt. Sometimes they need a place for their business and digging is the only way that works!

If you have an area where your dog can go potty, then this will be less of problem but if there are no designated areas in or outside home (elevated surface) it’s best just let them “go” wherever as longs its on grassy surfaces away from any structures like plants/trees etc.

This also helps with tracking feces around too which could lead into other problems such giardia infections among others so please take care when letting dogs defecate outdoors by themselves!

It might sound gross at first because we’re used being humans who have comforts of using private toilets where as Dogs don’t have them


Digging To Hunt

All dogs have different thresholds to go for their prey. Hunting dog breeds usually have this digging issue to hunt their prey.

In this case, Your furry friend may not only dig in your yard to hunt but also exhibit this behavior in public parks or anywhere else when you take them outside to walk or play.


Dog Digging Due To Boredom

Your Furry companion may get bored easily and quickly when you leave them alone in your yard for a long time without any supervision.

If you have a bored dog, it is likely that he/she will start to dig under the fence.  This can be due in part because your pet has nothing better do with his time and energy while outside unattended.

You may want some form of entertainment such as installing outdoor speakers which plays music at low volume so they are not left alone without any stimulation for long periods!

If all else fails try adding an interactive ball where there’s control over how much playing fetching games depending on what stage their training level currently stands.

This should help keep them from boredom-induced behaviors that includes preventing them from Digging Under Fence.

Dog digging under fence solutions
dog digging under fence solutions


Dog Digging Under Fence Solutions

  1. Install a fence that is tall enough to prevent your dog from digging under it.  This will also help keep other animals and people out of the yard as well, which can be helpful if you have small children or pets in residence at home with their own safety needs!
  2. If there are holes already dug by Dog then fill them up using dirt so they cannot dig any further . This should stop all future attempts for Digging Under Fence.
  3. You may want some form entertainment such installing outdoor speakers playing music low volume not left alone without stimulation long periods.
  4. You may want something more interactive such an indestructible ball where you have control over how much time he/she spends playing fetching games by throwing out at different distances depending on what stage his training level currently stands.
  5. Another solution for this is to provide your dog with a toy or treat that will keep them busy and distracted. This way, they’ll forget about the prey outside of their territory which in turn prevents digging under fences as well!
  6. It’s also important not just give any old chewable object but one specifically made from durable material like rubber so it can withstand chewing without breaking apart into small pieces too easily !


If the top 6 simple Dog Digging Under Fence solutions doesn’t work, then go for the next 5 easy methods to stop dog from digging under fence.


Preventing Dog Digging Under Fence Using Chicken Wire

Chicken wire is a good solution to prevent Dog digging under fence because it’s made of metal and the material can withstand chewing without breaking apart.

The only downside about this method, however;  is that you’ll need someone with strong hands or an electric drill in order for them not get cut on sharp edges while installing chicken wires around your yard!


Landscaping To Prevent Dog Digging Under Fence

Decorating spots of attraction for your Dog is the best way to prevent Dog digging under fence.

The most common way to do this is by planting flowers and plants in the yard.  This will make your Dog want stay inside of his boundaries, rather than digging under it!

Another idea would be installing a sprinkler system that sprays water on him when he tries going out from behind fences or walls but you’ll need someone with strong hands for installation as well since they’re made up mostly metal parts which can cause injury if not handled carefully enough.

But once installed correctly; these systems are very effective at keeping Dogs away because their instinct tells them “I’m getting wet” so there’s no point trying again until dry season comes around next year”. This method also helps keep lawns green without having any weeds grow and prevents Dog from digging as well.


Add A Fence Under A Fence To Prevent Dog Digging

Add A Layer Of Fence To Prevent Dog Digging Under The Current One.

You can add another layer of fence to prevent your dog from digging under the current one by adding a second row or even just an additional wire on top, which will make it difficult for them and they’ll stop trying eventually because there’s no point in continuing if you’re not getting anywhere.

This is also good idea when people have children as well since kids are more likely than adults (especially those with limited mobility) who might fall through holes that were created before, so this way everyone stays safe!


Add Electric Wire Fence But Be Careful To Not Have Any Live Source Nearby

If you have a Dog that is determined to dig under the fence, then try installing an electric wire and another layer of fence on top of it. This will keep him from digging and also help with keeping your yard safe for children or other animals as well!

*Note: this method might not be suitable if there are any power lines nearby because they can cause injury when touched by Dogs*

But once installed correctly, these systems work very effectively at preventing dogs in general (not just yours) so make sure no one else’s dog gets hurt either before deciding which option works best out here.

*But we recommend adding another layer of fence instead since most people don’t know how dangerous electricity really could get even though everyone knows about fire hazards*.


Supervise Dog To Not Dig Under Fence

You should supervise your Dog at all time when playing with them in the yard. This is to make sure they don’t get bored and start digging under the fence.

Playing continuously with the Dog builds a strong relationship and your Dog will forget about Digging in a few minutes once they spend time with you.


How to Keep Your Dog from Digging Under Chain-Link Fence

Chain-link fence is the cheapest option to prevent your dog from digging under the fence. As long as your dog is not aggressive, the see through Chain link fences work fine. how to keep dog from digging under chain link fence?

It is important to know that the dog will not be able to dig under a chain-link fence. This type of fencing has been designed with small openings and gaps in between each wire mesh, which makes it difficult for dogs or other animals from digging through them as they are too high off ground level.

However if you have an escape artist Dog, then this might just work! The only downside here would probably come when your furry friend wants back inside home after escaping out again.

This can happen because there’s no way he could climb over such tall fences. So make sure his collar stays on tight so nobody gets hurt by him running around outside without supervision (or at least until we find some more creative solutions).


What To Do If My Neighbors Dog Digging Under Fence?

If your neighbor’s dog digs under the fence, you can try to install a barrier that will prevent him from digging. You could also put up an electric wire or netting on top of it so he doesn’t dig through again and cause more damage in future.

The downside is this might not be practical if there are many dogs living next door as they would all need their own barriers installed for them individually.

Some people have reported success with these steps.

  1. Talk to your neighbor and speak about the solutions I mentioned above, if he/she could implement them in their yard too! It’s a responsibility of an owner keep his dog confined for safety reasons (a Dog that is escaping from digging under fence can be dangerous).
  2. Take pictures or document different incidents so you’ll know what legal actions need taken against him later on when necessary; it’s also important not forget this as well because sometimes they are hard evidence needed by authorities.
  3. Some owners report successful results using some type barriers like fences but unfortunately there isn’t one solution which works 100% all time – every situation has its own unique circumstances where each barrier might work differently depending on the dog breed and behavior
  4. If none work then we recommend installing n-link fencing which has been designed specifically against Dog Digging Under Fence problems
Dog digging under fence solutions
dog digging under fence – how to solve dog digging under fence problem – dog digging under fence in the night

Hope you learnt how to keep dog from digging under fence solutions quickly that you can implement and get rid of this tough situation soon. Love your pet and spend more time with them to stop dog digging under fence and keep them busy with your attention.

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