How Long Are Dogs Pregnant? 3 Important Dog Pregnancy Stages

The short answer to How Long Are Dogs Pregnant is 58-68 days. Dog pregnancy varies between 7 to 10 weeks.

Your dog being pregnant can be just as scary and overwhelming as a human pregnancy. It is also a very beautiful natural process.

Although dog pregnancies are somewhat similar to human pregnancies many important stages are completely different from human pregnancies.

How long are dogs pregnant
how long are dogs pregnant?


How long after mating can you tell a dog is pregnant?

After mating your dog may show symptoms of pregnancy after 30 days. There are ways to check if your dog is pregnant as certain things will change in her.

Your dogs’ activity level will decrease and you will notice they are napping more throughout the day.

Depending on your dog they might also want to be around you more as they will seek your comfort, other dogs may also distance themselves and may not want to be around people for a while.

Her appetite will change depending on what pregnancy stage your dog is in. At the beginning of her pregnancy, she will be eating less and vomiting every once in a while.

She will slowly regain her appetite once she moves into the middle stage of her pregnancy. Other things you will notice if your dog is pregnant, their abdomen will be enlarged and their nipples may enlarge or become discolored.

How long your dog is pregnant depends on your dog but generally dog pregnancies last 58-68 days.


Will my dog get pregnant the first time she mates?

Just like many female humans dogs have a good chance of getting pregnant just after the first mating session. 40% of dogs get pregnant after the first mate. Other dogs may have to mate two to three times every other day to become pregnant.

Dogs will become tied together or stuck together after the mating is completed, this happens when the males’ penis become swelled up and the dogs can not become separated.

This may be an indicator of the mating session could lead to your dog getting pregnant.

If the dogs are interrupted during the mating session and are unable to complete the mating session your dog may still get pregnant if the sperm has been discharged.

If the dogs become successfully pregnant how long they are pregnant are for varies between 7 to 10 weeks.


How many times do dogs mate to get pregnant?

Depending on your dog they may be able to get pregnant the first time they mate. Other dogs may become pregnant after mating a few times every other day.

If your dog can not get pregnant there could be many reasons behind this. Improper breed management is a common reason behind your female dogs’ infertility, the male dog may also be infertile.

A few female dogs suffer from inflammation or infection in the uterus. Other more serious issues that female dogs may face if pregnancy is unsuccessful, they may have ovarian cysts, unknown diseases, or hormonal issues.

If your dog is struggling to get pregnant, contact your vet they will be able to get to the root of the problem. 


How can you tell if your dog is pregnant?

There are many ways to tell if your dog is pregnant. One thing owners tend to notice once their dog is pregnant is that their behavior changes. Many dogs would seek comfort and attention from people they trust in most cases this is the owner.

Other dogs may keep to themselves and feel incredibly irritated if this is your dog it is recommended to give them their space but to also keep an eye on their wellbeing.

For however long your dog is pregnant for her eating habits will fluctuate and she may be left unsatisfied with her meals. It is recommended you try different foods that your dog may enjoy during this time.


Can you use a human pregnancy test on a dog?

Dogs’ pregnancies can not be tested using a human pregnancy test. Human pregnancy tests use a hormonal marker only found in humans. Dog pregnancy tests that are tested through urine are currently not available in stores.

To find out if your dog is pregnant you will have to go to the vet. They will run an x-ray or an ultrasound to confirm if your dog is pregnant. A Relaxin pregnancy test is available for dogs to test how long your dog has been pregnant.

Relaxin hormones can be detected in your canine after they have passed the 4 weeks pregnant mark. These tests are not used the same way human pregnancy tests are used.

Human pregnancy tests detect pregnancy through urine, Relaxin pregnancy tests require blood to be able to produce a pregnant or non-pregnant result.


Dog Reproductive Cycle

A female dog’s reproductive system has 4 stages. Female dogs also have two estrus periods a year. Estrus periods are also known as ‘heat periods’. The first stage of the female dog reproductive cycle is known as Proestrus.

This stage lasts 7-10 days, the female dog will look for a suitable male dog but would not allow the mating to proceed just yet. The second stage is the Estrus stage. This is the mating period which can last between 5-10 days.

Ovulation also happens around this time, this usually lasts 2 to 3 days after the mating session. The Diestrus stage lasts 10 to 140 days depending on if your dog is pregnant. If your dog is not pregnant it will be in the resting phase.

No matter how long your dogs are pregnant for, they will enter the Anestrus stage, which is another resting period before the cycle starts all over again.


Gestation Period In Dogs

The gestation period in dogs can last from 58- 68 days. How long your dog is pregnant can vary depending on your dog.

Male sperm can live up to 5 days in female dogs after the mating session so conception can not be determined easily and that is the reason how long your dog is pregnant can be very different for every dog.

To find a more accurate number for how long your dog has been pregnant contact your vet. Vets can also tell you how long your dog has been pregnant before giving birth and how many puppies your dog could be expecting to have.

Gestation periods can be measured by hormone measurements. During the breeding process, vaginal smears or blood tests can be used to monitor the reproductive hormones.

Knowing the length of the gestation period is vital for your dog to birth healthy puppies. Involving your vet is important as they can keep an eye on how long your dog has been pregnant and other important details.

How long are dogs pregnant
how long are dogs pregnant


Dog Pregnancy Stages – How Long Are Dogs Pregnant?

Pregnancy in dogs is quite short compared to humans. How long your dog is pregnant for is 9 weeks, because everything is happening fairly quickly every day is important. How long your dog is pregnant also depends on your dog but all dogs do go through the same pregnancy stages.

In the first month, your dog’s embryos travel to the uterine horns which are usually a 7-day process. By day 16 the embryos are embedded in the uterine lining.

The fetus begins taking shape by day 22 your vet should also be able to detect the fetus’s heartbeat using an ultrasound around this time.

In the second month of your dogs’ pregnancy eyelids and toes are forming in the fetus by day 35. Signs of pregnancy in your dog are very obvious at this stage. They would have also gained 20 to 50 percent of their normal weight.

By the third month, your dog is heavily pregnant. By day 60 the puppies’ developments are almost complete. Your dog may also lose its appetite around day 61 or 62. They will also start panting, pacing, or even digging. This is very normal for dogs at this stage.

Can Dogs eat Applesauce while pregnant?


How long does a dog carry puppies before they are born?

The size and breed of your dog can affect how long your dog is pregnant. The stages of pregnancy in dogs are a lot quicker than in human pregnancy. Dog pregnancies can be as complicated as human pregnancies.

One of the main problems that can occur during labor is Dystocia. There are many causes of Dystocia. Uterine inertia causes dystocia when the uterus is no longer able to contract and push the puppies through the vaginal canal.

The size of the puppies can also cause dystocia if the puppies are too large this can be a serious problem for your dog. If in mid labor and a puppy dies in the utero this can result in abnormal positioning.


Are dogs pregnant for 3 months?

How long your dog is pregnant can vary depending on your dog. The usual length of your dogs’ pregnancy is 58- 68 days/ 9 weeks/ 3 months. Some dogs do not show that they are even pregnant in the first month of their pregnancy.

The symptoms begin to develop and become more obvious in the second month. Some people may be able to tell how long their dog is pregnant depending on how strong their dogs’ symptoms are.

It is usual for your dog to be still pregnant a few days over the normal 68 days as long as they have been checked by a vet. Dogs can also have abortions but it may pose more danger to your dog.


Can you bathe a pregnant dog?

No matter how long your dog has been pregnant for your dogs’ hygiene is very important at this time. The first thing before bathing your dog is to make sure they are kept calm throughout the whole process.

You should stick to your normal bathing routine as your dog would be used to this and she would be comfortable with it. You should use soap and wash your dog’s fur thoroughly.

Being very gentle through this process is also vital as pregnant dogs are quite sensitive and can easily be irritated.


How Lengthy Is The Phase When Dogs Are In Labor?

The labor process begins once the gestation period is completed. Dog labor consists of three stages. The first stage usually lasts between 12 to 24 hours. This stage can sometimes go unnoticeable.

Contractions begin at this stage, they will grow stronger and more frequent throughout this stage. Your dog will also become restless, they may refuse to eat, being vomiting and panting, and produce clear vaginal discharge.

Puppies are delivered in stage two, this can also take up to 1-24 hours depending on your dog and how many puppies they have to deliver. Each delivery normally occurs every 30 to 60 minutes.

In stage three the placenta is delivered. The labor process is complete once all the pups and placentas have been delivered. 


Is childbirth painful for dogs?

Just like human childbirth, childbirth for dogs and owners can be very painful, stressful, and confusing. It is recommended you get as much advice from your vet before the process begins.

Bathing your dog one week before their due date is also advised. This will ensure they are safe from any bacteria that could harm your dog or the puppies.

No matter how long your dog has been pregnant for your dog can still face some complications during the labor process. How long are dogs pregnant and face labor process?

How long are dogs pregnant
how long are dogs pregnant?

If stage 1 lasts more than 12 hours and she exhibits some unusual behaviors her temperature will drop. If the resting stage has exceeded 4 hours before all puppies have been delivered or your dog is vomiting excessively, call your vet.

If the labor process also lasts longer than 24 hours, call your vet, your dog may require surgery.

Once the puppy is born, please learn their vaccination schedule and socialization schedule. Make sure your dog eats good dog food ingredients while pregnant.

Check for signs of food allergies during pregnancy to make sure your dog has an easy pregnancy period.

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