How To Stop Puppy Biting? 7 Quick Proven Methods

Always remember that it is normal for a puppy to bite. However, you need to train the little one to get over this behavior. If unchecked, it can turn out to be a major problem in adulthood. Let us discuss how to stop puppy biting, shall we?


What Age Does A Puppy Stop Biting?

“Why is my puppy biting me aggressively?” The first reason is that they bite out of a natural curiosity to try out new things.

Secondly, puppies go through an active teething phase. This makes them naturally attracted to try out everything by mouth. The first set of puppy teeth appear in three to six weeks. They develop their permanent teeth by the age of six months. This is generally the timeline when do puppies stop biting so much.

How to stop puppy biting
how to stop puppy biting?

The bottom line is that you should expect puppy biting for at least six months. For puppies who did not learn bite control, this phase can extend up to nine months or more. To play it safe, we will tell you how to stop puppy biting teething.


How Do You Get Your Puppy To Stop Biting And Fast?

There are several methods to stop puppy biting. Keep reading for we will discuss in detail how to stop puppy biting. The most common method for teaching this is to imitate natural litter behavior.

When pups play with their siblings, they naturally bite each other. When anything like this happens, the pup that got bitten lets out a loud yelp. This startles the biting pup and he stops the activity. This is how pups learn bite inhibition naturally.

So, how to stop a puppy from biting when excited? You should let out a verbal deterrent, like a loud ‘Ouch’ to tell your pup that it hurts. Make your hand limp and slowly remove it. Avoid jerking your hand or scolding your pup. That’s not how to stop puppy biting hands.

You can tuck your hands in your armpits and stop playing. This will help the pup understand that it is unacceptable behavior. When he resumes playing without biting, reward him.

How to stop puppy biting when yelping does not work? It will not yield results in one day. Puppies tend to bite during their entire teething phase. You need to repeat the above actions.

Consistency is the key here. 

How to stop puppy biting when the puppy was taken from his litter too early? You can still try the above method. Some trainers suggest cueing in the ‘leave it’ or ‘No’ command. When your puppy has had his shots, enroll him in a behavior class.

That will help him socialize with other vaccinated dogs and learn bite inhibition. 


What Happens If A 2 Months Old Puppy Bites? 

In this phase, the pup does not have all his shots. Besides, they have very sharp teeth at this phase of teething. If the puppy bite draws blood, first wash the spot in running water. Then, apply first aid. 

You don’t need to worry about rabies. There is no chance of it unless the pup has been bitten by a rabid dog. Rabies is a serious disease and it has several associated symptoms. A pup rarely has rabies. 

Even then, if you are unsure, contact the doctor.

On this note, remember that a 2 months old puppy will bite. You will need to follow the techniques mentioned here on how to stop puppy biting hands.


How Do You Discipline A Puppy?

How to stop puppy biting and growling? An undisciplined pup essentially has poor socialization skills. He reacts adversely to the slightest trigger of the unfamiliar experience.

The four to fourteen weeks phase in a pup’s life comprises the socialization window. Introduce your pup safely to various sights and smells during this period.

You will also have to establish yourself as the leader of your pup. This means that you have to set certain boundaries. The best way to do this is to stop playing when the pup does not listen to you. This is the only way how to stop puppy biting and attacking.

At the same time, you have to prove yourself to be the resource-giver. Your pup needs to recognize that playtime and treats depend on you. Be consistent in the practice of positive reinforcement. That’s how to stop puppy biting. Also, leash train your puppy and not let them be dominant, so that their aggression comes down.


Why Does My Puppy Bite Me When I Pet Him?   

It’s perfectly natural for pups to bite. Trainers call this habit ‘play biting’. They perceive it as playtime to nip and bite. When your pup is biting you, he is just playing with you.

However, this is a habit that you cannot encourage. Follow the instructions provided here on how to stop puppy biting playing.

Here’s a basic idea of pup body language.  

Body Language 
Tail tucked in between hind legsPup is afraid
Wants to hide behind your feetPup is anxious 
Tail wagging side to sidePup is happy


You need to identify the trigger. Fearfulness at puppyhood generally happens due to poor socialization. Good socialization is often the key to how to stop puppy biting.

It can also be due to pent-up energy. Pups are highly energetic and when they don’t get enough playtime, they resort to biting. You can use different playthings like flirt poles and chew toys.

Playing a game of tug of war is also a great pastime. You can teach your pup to play fetch. Playthings are also great options on how to stop puppy biting ankles. Whenever the pup lunges at your feet, give him a chew toy to divert his attention. You need to keep practicing this unless your pup understands that it is not right to bite at ankles.


How Do I Get My Puppy To Stop Biting My Hands And Feet?

This article has all the resources on how to stop puppy biting. Please keep reading, we have got you covered.

An important thing to remember is how you react to it. For example, if you are withdrawing your hand or feet very fast, the pup takes it as an invitation to play. He will lunge at your hand and continue biting.

As difficult as it sounds, you need to stay very calm. Let your hand fall limp and slowly withdraw it from your pup’s mouth. That’s how to stop a puppy from biting your feet and hands.

“How to stop my dog from biting when excited?”

Stop playtime immediately. The pup has to understand that all fun stops the moment he bites. Take a short break and resume playing. If he bites again, repeat the same action. If he does not bite, pet him and reward him.

This method of how to stop puppy biting works in most cases. It will not stop in one day. This is especially true when your pup might be teething. However, it will gradually subside.


How Do You Calm A Hyper Puppy?

There are several methods that you can apply to calm your hyper pup. To start with, you should look at yourself. Remember that dogs are highly sensitive creatures. They pick up ‘feelings’ from their owners. 

Do not get frustrated. We know it is easier said than done, but you need to keep trying. Frustration and anger won’t help. You can take clues from a dog whisperer how to stop puppy biting.

Practice controlled ignoring of your pup. When he is over-excited, don’t work yourself up. This will help him understand that the only way to get your attention is to behave well. This is a proven method of how to stop puppy biting and lunging.

You may go for a jog with your pup. This will tire him and help to stop biting. Going for regular jogs is also how to stop puppy biting leash.

Do not overdo the exercises though. It can cause growth problems. Follow the general rule of thumb on how much exercise a pup needs. According to it, a pup needs five times in minutes the number of months of his age. This should be repeated twice a day.

For example, a five months old pup should get 25 minutes of exercise, twice a day. If he bites the leash, gently pull it out of his mouth and continue playing. That’s how to stop puppy biting indoor leash.


Do Puppies Grow Out Of Biting?

“How to stop puppy biting my hands?”

They do, but they need proper training for that. Teaching bite inhibition is one of the most important tasks of a pet-parent. It also ensures that your dog is safe to be around people, especially children. Having patience is the key to how to stop puppy biting.

As a part of the training, you should also consider covering yourself up with clothes. Common experience shows that puppies mostly bite in exposed areas. Use long-sleeved shirts and wear socks. This is how to stop puppy biting clothes.

How to stop puppy biting
how to stop puppy biting?


Will Spraying Puppy With Water Stop Biting? 

It can work as an excellent strategy on how to stop puppy biting. Water spray is harmless, but it does its job of startling the puppy. It can definitely work to stop puppy biting fast.

However, you should not be overdoing it. In that case, the pup will grow accustomed to it. For best results, combine water spray with a timeout. You can also let out a loud ‘Ouch’ so that your pup understands your training. 


Why Is My Puppy Growling And Biting Me?

Unless your pup is afraid, the growling and biting are not aggressive gestures. Some breeds have greater prey drives. It is natural for them to growl while attacking your hands. 

They will also lunge at your feet, even when you are walking away. Practice the methods mentioned here on how to stop puppy biting even when walking away.


How To Stop Puppy Biting Me?

“My puppy won’t stop biting me I’ve tried everything.”

Let’s revise the methods on how to stop puppy biting. Have patience and keep trying.


Teach Puppy Bite Inhibition

The main idea here is that biting is unacceptable. Stop all activity for the time being and ignore your pup. This is how to stop puppy biting feet.


Negative Reinforcement Training For Biting 

Associating a negative experience with biting is not advisable.


Give Puppy Alternative Thing To Chew

This helps in their teething phase. Give age-appropriate chew toys. That’s how to stop puppy biting fingers.


Puppy Crate Training

As a last resort, you might want to use a crate or a playpen for calming the pup. However, the pup should not associate the crate with a negative experience. Make the crate comfortable and put your pup’s favorite toys in it. 

Do not keep your pup for long stretches in a crate. A 2 months old pup can hold his bladder for approximately 2 hours. A 3 months old pup can hold it for 3 hours, and so on. Make sure you are taking him out for a break. 

How to stop a puppy from biting when excited? Allow him to calm down in the crate. Do not forget to reward him with treats when he accepts the crate without a problem. 


Enroll in Puppy Class 

As for socialization, remember that dogs learn a lot from other dogs. Introduce your pup to other friendly and socialized dogs. Discipline will come naturally as you enroll in puppy classes. This will also help to answer your question on how to stop puppy biting older dog. It is through socialization and getting comfortable with other dogs.


Don’t Hit Your Puppy  

At all times, you should avoid being abusive or hurtful. Never hit the pup or even yell at him. Keep your command tone stern and upbeat instead. Daily practicing these methods eventually yields results and you raise a well-disciplined dog. 

Remember that being impatient can lead to behavior problems in the pup. You have to be kind and caring. Simultaneously, you need to be strict about the boundaries. 


Offer Quality Quiet Time 

“How to stop puppy biting me?”

Whenever your pup does not bite, give him a treat. At the same time, take a timeout when he does not listen to you. 

How to stop puppy biting
how to stop puppy biting


Takeaway-How To Stop Puppy Biting

Getting some puppy bites is a natural aspect of pet parenting. That said, you should teach the pup not to bite.  

Follow the steps on how to stop puppy biting. Be consistent, so that your pup understands you.

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