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About Learn About Pet Blog

LearnAboutPet or “Learn About Pet” is a blog authored by Pet Lover and is about helping you get your answers for questions on pets. I am an expert pet lover with 10 years of expertise and a passion from childhood towards pets. My learnings with Pets and passion shows through this amazing blog. My goal is to connect myself with other pet lovers so we can exchange knowledge and care for our pets better.

Learn About Pet specializes in pet questions coming from first hand experience of caring for multiple pets all through life. I genuinely appreciate everyone who comes to the blog and want them to get their questions answered before leaving the blog. I will put in all efforts to make sure everything is good. You can reach out to me for questions or just general pet chat through Comments or through the contact form on the website. Only relevant topics with respect to Pets will bring out response from me.

Also, we will discuss how to care for pets in a cost effective manner. I believe in both Financial Independence and also Pet health and safety. So, we will have balanced recommendations for everyone.

In addition, I will throw a few recommendation on Pet products that works best for my Pets. I think it will help you and your Pet too. These products will be genuine and won’t be heavily marketed like other blogs. You are free to decide what works best for you and your pet. The only goal of sharing products is to help make decisions faster and also educate you about different things which you may not be aware. It is more for imparting knowledge rather than anything else.



The mission of Learn About Pet Blog is to share my expertise with caring for Pets and help you get the best practices if you are a first time pet owner or existing pet owner. If you are a pet lover like me, we will easily be friends. I will be documenting my learnings in caring for my pets and help you with informational posts, pet product reviews and cost effective pet care.

So, my next mission is to inspire you to start caring for your first pet or next pet and enjoy the process. Then, tell me if your happiness has moved up after adopting or caring for a pet. Let us share knowledge and inspire each other on Pet and Pet products.

Learn About Pet History

Learn About Pet Blog started its journey on the US Thanksgiving weekend, with Covid-19 at its second peak. The work from home is helping me care more for my Pets and also create content for other pet owners. My life is busy with my full time job and caring for my pet and now it will be complete with writing this blog for happiness. I feel fortunate to keep my job and also do things that I like in my life, like starting this blog.

This LearnAboutPet blog urges me to care for more pets through earnings from the blog in two years. I hope you will come back to read quality information on this blog and help inspire me and get to my goal faster. As a passionate writer, your support is the most important thing for me.


What Is Learn About Pet Here To Help You With?

LearnAboutPet blog is all about Pets, concentrating mainly on dogs and cats. But, it’s not just limited to those pets. I keep covering more exotic pets after I get them from the pet store and experience first hand what is like to be pet parent of each exotic pet and then share my experience with you in this blogs. Dogs, cats and rabbits have also been part of my household since childhood and I’m now caring for exotic pets.

In the future, we might also have sections of Pet Insurance and other related products, if our readers like our honest review of them and feel educated and informed.


About The Blogger

A San Francisco resident since birth, caring for pets since my childhood. I like to teach tricks and enjoy to pet pets. I have a huge passion for writing and starting this blog about pets will give me a huge joy. Hope you will find my Pet Caring informational and product reviews useful to you. You can find me writing for other blogs, if you don’t see me here for a while.