Burying Pet In Backyard : 50 US States Pet Burial Law – 10 Interesting State Rules

Burying a pet in the house is now a popular solution to remember the pet that has passed away. By burying pet in backyard, we can have some sense of closure and say goodbye to our pet forever. In some cases, like senior pet memorials, it is a better alternative to put the pet to sleep in our garden or pet cemetery.

Burying pet in backyard cannot be an instant decision since you need to learn the law of your land beforehand. In most states, you are allowed to bury pets in your backyard, while certain states have rules that must be followed regarding burying pets.

Depending on where they live, of course, pet owners ask, “can I bury my dog in the backyard?.” Before burying your pet in your backyard, make sure you have read the rules from your local authorities about home pet burials.

Let’s take a look at some frequently asked questions about pet burials and some of the laws.

Burying pet in backyard
Burying Pet In Backyard – is it illegal to bury pets in your backyard? – can i bury my dog?


Where Can I Bury My Pet?

If you want to ask where is the right place to bury your pet, you should first contact local authorities to ensure certain rules for burying pets. You can bury your pet in your backyard, garden, or other private property or at a pet cemetery.

For example, New York does not prohibit pet owners from burying pets in backyard or their private property or pet cemetery.

Or like in Michigan, have a rule for burying pets in the backyard with at least 2 feet under the natural surface. And also must separate 2.5 feet per individual animal gravesite.

An example of a region that strictly regulates burying pets is the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) in Missouri. The DNR considers this “solid waste” buried in place as the least desirable because of the risk of water pollution.

Pet owners who insist on burying pet in backyard will have a hard time with state law and some things that must be met.


Can Vet Refuse To Let Us Take Our Pet’s Body Home?

There are also special things to think about before a pet owner burying pet in backyard, such as the pet’s condition before it dies. Either they got sick in a terrible condition or died in good health.

The veterinarian may refuse to give the pet’s body, if it is too hazardous to health.

Although it only occurs in minor cases, this can include hazardous waste, and there is a particular party who will handle it. Any reason by your vet if they refuse to provide your pet’s body will be written and will be given a detailed explanation.

The pet cemeteries and crematoria can also be discussed to provide the best option for this.

Burying animals in your backyard isn’t a big problem if your vet allows it because your pet’s condition is already beyond help, but it’s still normal for a death case. But I still have to follow the rules of the local authority. You can also ask your vet about local rules.


Can You Bury A Pet In Your Backyard?

Yes, you can, if your local authorities allow it. Backyard burial allows us to bury our pet’s body close to home, where loved ones and we can still see them.

A pet’s body is usually sensitive, and we must take care of its needs after its death. We also need time to grieve and to let our emotions out of our system before we can accept the loss of our pet.

In the case of “can you bury your pet,” every pet owner also still wants to reminisce about the good times with their beloved pet. That’s why burying pet in backyard is an option to calm the hearts of pet owners until they can sincerely accept the departure of their pet.


Do You Need Permission To Bury A Pet?

If you want to bury your pet in the pet cemetery, it will take a few days to arrange the burial. But if a pet owner wants to bury a dog in the backyard, most states recommend doing so 1 to 2 days after the dog dies.

Can I bury my dog without permission? For permissions, it follows the rules of the authority where you live because it also follows the rules in that place. If it is allowed, then you can directly burying pet in backyard, but if not, you need to ask about other options for burying your pet.

For example, in Missouri, you must meet several conditions before you can bury your pet in your backyard, even if it is your private property. Things that must be considered are the distance needed to bury the pet, it’s close to the water, how far it is from the rice fields, and several other conditions.


Can You Bury A Dead Dog In Your Backyard?

Is it illegal to bury pets in your backyard? In most states, it is legal to bury your pets in your backyard. While it is legal, several things must be met, such as different rules and regulations in each state.

Burying dogs in backyard is for those who have the time and space that can bury their dogs. So the dog can rest in peace and not feel pain and stress.

For those of us with smaller backyards, the idea of burying our pets can be a touchy subject. Not everyone has space or time to bury their dog, and having the right tools can be challenging.

Tools such as pet caskets are available that fit our needs. These can vary in size depending on how many pets we have and the situation we find ourselves in.

If you decide to bury your dog, have it picked up from the local vet. Have it cremated. You may want to consider pet burial services if you are not comfortable burying pet in backyard. These services will remove your pet from their facility and then send you the remains.


How To Bury A Dog?

Apart from the issue of licensing burying pet in backyard, many have asked about “can I bury my dog properly?” These are the exact reasons you need to learn about how to bury a pet.

First, the location you are digging in needs to be chosen. You will need to dig at least three feet into the ground, where the dog was lying.

This will help protect the dog’s remains and keep them from getting stuck in the grass or weeds while you are burying pet in backyard. Once you have chosen the proper spot, you can begin digging the hole.

You can either dig where your dog was buried or dig where he is currently located. Most people prefer the former because it keeps their dog’s head higher than the ground.

Once you have dug the body enough, you need to remove the rug or blanket covering it. This is to eliminate any odors that may come from the body. Then, you need to throw the rug or blanket away.

Now, if someone asks about “can you bury your dog?” You can answer it clearly, yes you can.


How Deep Should I Bury My Dog?

How deep to bury a dog is also a requirement in some states to burying pet in backyard. If your dog is large, make sure you dig at least 4 feet below the natural surface. If you are too shallow, other animals will dig it back up.

For normal size dogs, at least 3 feet from the natural surface. In addition, digging to a sufficient depth in pet burial will prevent decaying odors from the grave.


How Long Can You Wait To Bury A Dog?

You have to make sure of your pet’s demise 2 to 3 hours after their death. If you take it to the pet cemetery, you can wait a few days to get things ready. But for burying pet in backyard, you can start from 3 hours after they’re passed away.

Where to bury dogs can be confusing for some pet owners, as they are also confused about whether it is better to cremate them or to bury them in their backyard so they can still be close to them.

Burying pet in backyard
Burying pet in backyard


How To Bury A Cat?

When it comes to owning pets, as with human beings, you have to learn how to bury a cat. You also have to learn where to bury a pet.

You can measure how big your cat is by digging deep into the natural surface. Do not be too shallow when burying pet in backyard because other animals can dig it up.

Make sure your cat’s entire body can fit into the hole, and you can use several options to wrap them in special plastic or with a crate.

Is it legal to bury a cat in your yard? If your local authorities allow it, then it won’t be a problem. If there are certain rules, then you have to fulfill them.


Burying Dead Animals In The Garden

There are many situations when burying dead animals is beneficial. For example, if you have a pet who has passed on, you can use the animal to help with your gardening or landscaping. Some animals like dogs and cats have special areas they like to be buried in.

Another advantage of burying pet in backyard is that you know where they have gone. It may not be easy to tell some animals because they tend to move around. However, you can usually determine what animals were by digging up the earth and looking for any sign of them.


Is It Illegal To Bury A Pet In Your Yard?

No, if you follow the rules of local authorities. Burying pet in backyard has its own rules in each state. Some allow it on private property, and some are quite strict with some conditions even though it is on private property.

Can I bury my dog? Of course, local authorities will not forbid you to burying a dog, and it’s just the place and conditions that you need to know. Not all states are in the same condition because they are close to water, rice fields, residences, or other important places.


Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Bury Your Pet In The Backyard

Some reasons burying a pet in a backyard is a bad idea. First, potential dig up by other animals. The emitting gases could be sensed from other animals, so it was possible to dig back if they could.

Burying pet in backyard can also be risky if there is flooding because it resurfaces when it rains heavily. This also creates bacterial contamination, and if it is near a water line, the water will be polluted.


How Long Does Buried Pet Take To Decompose?

The decomposition process can take from 6 months to 15 years while deep into the ground and can be much faster if it is above the ground.

How much to bury a dog must also be taken into account, because so as not to cause pollution around.

Is it illegal to bury pets in your backyard? No, if you can bury properly and know a good place for your pet’s grave. It would be better if you bury it in the pet cemetery.


Which Is Better Cremate Or Bury A Pet?

Many pet owners say that there is no way they can bury their pets in the pet’s cemetery because of the expense. Some even say it is “unnatural” to place the remains in the ground to be buried with pet remains.

With burying pet in backyard, you might have to dig a grave, pay for the burial stone, get the proper permission to place a stone in the grave, find a container to put the remains in, and then you will need to take the dead animal home. You also have to pay for the casket and any other costs associated with the burial.

Cremation is much easier on the budget. Once the ashes are removed from your pet, all you have to do is place them in the storage container and take them somewhere safe.

You can save so much money this way as opposed to just burying the pet in the ground. There are many companies now that help you with pet cremation.


Is It Illegal To Cremate Your Own Pet?

Some people find that the act of burning the animal away is against animal cruelty laws. Others claim that it is perfectly within the regulations to place the remains in the crematory for use in funeral services.

So, is it legal to cremate your pet? The simple answer is no, but it is important to understand how the process works in your area before jumping into the process.

Each state has its own regulations regarding the legality of this practice. Every state has different cremation laws, and the general rule is that if you have not been cremated in the last year, it is considered illegal.

Many families are now opting to create a memorial space for their pets to be cremated instead. Before you decide whether it is legal to cremate your pet, take the time to research options in your area to ensure that your family’s unique memorial will be legal and by local laws.


Animal Burial Laws By State

For matters relating to dog burial or places for burying a cat, each state has different regulations. Knowing the rules in some states is also necessary, so you know what to do after your pet dies.

Here are some rules for a few state that you might want to know:


AlabamaAllows pet owners to burying pet in backyard with at least of 2 feet underground
MissouriAllowed to bury your pet as long as away from water abd buried 300ft away from neighbor
FloridaAllow buried in your private property, and recommend cremation if your pet has an infectious disease
CaliforniaDo not allow pet owners to bury their pets in private property
LouisianaIt is allowed to be buried on a private property if the pet does not have a contagious infection and is buried at least 6 feet underground
MichiganAllowed to bury a pet in backyard if the in that site is not adjacent to the body of water
New YorkNo state laws about burying pets on a private property
VirginiaAllows burying in private property with a maximum distance of 2 days after your pet passed away
WashingtonThere are no pet burial rules. You can ask the veterinarian about this
New MexicoYou are allowed if you get approval from the homeowner association

After knowing some of the rules in a few states about burying pet in backyard, you can start learning how to bury a dog in the backyard.

Can I bury my dog even though local regulations forbid it to be buried in the backyard? Of course, there are other options, such as being buried in a pet’s cemetery.

Burying pet in backyard
Burying Pet In Backyard – is it illegal to bury pets in your backyard? – can i bury my dog?


Final Verdict On Burying Pet In Backyard

Many pet owners are confused about “where can I bury my dog,” as many of them want to stay with their pets after they die.

Although the right choice is to bury it in their backyard, you must also look at the regulations from local authorities because each state has different rules regarding burying a pet.

Is it illegal to bury pets in your backyard? No. Most states allow you to bury your pet on private property under certain conditions. You can design your own pet cemetery milestone.

Can I bury my dog in my backyard? If your local authorities have allowed it, and you meet some of the requirements from where you live, then it’s not a problem. You can think about how their grave can be like preparing a casket, headstone, or just buried straight away without markings.

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