Best No Pee Spray For Dogs

Dogs have a tendency to sometimes pee where they shouldn’t, which can be very frustrating. Thankfully, there are sprays you can use to keep your dog from peeing in inappropriate areas. Read on, to find out more on this.

The best no pee spray for dogs is one that is vinegar-based. A citrus-based spray can also be effective. Other good dog marking deterrent spray products include coffee grounds, as well as chili and alcohol. Further, there are commercial no pee spray products for dogs that you can buy from pet supplies stores.

Ultimately, much depends on whether you prefer a homemade no marking spray for dogs or one that is commercially formulated.

The homemade dog urine repellent can be just as effective as the commercial one.  And in most cases, the homemade no marking spray for dogs will tend to be way cheaper.

However, there may be instances where you find that you don’t have the materials (or time) needed to make a homemade no more marking spray for dogs.

Those are the instances where you have to consider buying the commercial anti urine spray for dogs.

Best no pee spray for dogs

In any event, what matters is having proper understanding of what to spray to keep dogs from marking (or generally peeing) in appropriate spots.

However, before proceeding any further with this discussion on the best spray for dogs not to pee in inappropriate spots, we first need to have some basic understanding of why dogs actually pee in such inappropriate spots in the first place.

After that we can revert to the main discussion on the best dog urine deterrent products.


Why Do Dogs Pee On Inappropriate Spots?

There are several reasons as to why dogs pee on what we (as humans) may deem as inappropriate spots.

In some cases, the dogs pee on such spots as a way of marking their territory.

There are also instances where dogs pee on what appear to be inappropriate spots due to anxiety, excitement and other intense emotions.

On another note, we have cases where dogs pee on inappropriate spots simply because they haven’t been trained not to do so. So they do it because they know no better.

Now in this sort of discussion, the words ‘peeing’ and ‘spraying’ keep on being used almost interchangeably.

One may then ask, is dog spraying the same as peeing? And the answer is that there is a subtle difference.

The difference is in the fact that spraying tends to involve small amounts of urine, whereas peeing is aimed at completely emptying the bladder, and therefore involves lots bigger volumes of urine.


Is There A Spray To Deter Dogs From Peeing On Inappropriate Spots?

Having understood why dogs sometimes pee where they shouldn’t, the next question that arises is on whether there is anything that can be used to deter such behavior.

In other words, what one needs to know at this point is, for instance, what can I use to stop my dog from peeing in the house?

More specifically, is there a spray to stop dogs peeing in the house or in other inappropriate spots?

So the focus is really on how to stop dog spraying urine where it shouldn’t.

The true position is that there are indeed a number of things you can use to keep dogs from peeing at inappropriate spots.

Long term observation has revealed that dogs really hate peeing on certain smells. This is the principle used in making the various dog marking deterrent products, as we shall see shortly.


What To Use To Stop Dog Peeing On Inappropriate Spots

One thing you can use to stop dog peeing on inappropriate spots is vinegar. Actually, many people consider vinegar to be the best spray to stop dogs peeing where they shouldn’t.

So for many people who have experience in these things, vinegar is indeed the best dog urine repellent product.

Even when one wants to use a dog repellent spray outdoor, vinegar can still be quite effective.

Citrus fruit is another highly effective dog marking repellent. So you can make a no mark spray for dogs using citrus extract – or simply use the citrus fruit peels.

Yet another product with which we can make a no pee spray for dogs is chili. Thus from chili, you can end up with a very cost-effective pet marking deterrent spray.

Since dogs hate the smell of alcohol, there is the possibility of using it to come up with an anti marking spray for dogs.

Actually, the alcohol-based dog marking spray can have high efficacy.

On another note, there is the possibility of using coffee grounds to make a no mark for dogs spray.

And on top of all these homemade solutions, we of course also have the commercially formulated pet no marking spray products.

So these are readymade products you can spray to stop dogs peeing pets at home (or elsewhere) in appropriate spots.

So clearly, while seeking a dog marking spray deterrent, there are very many suitable products you can use.

The question that comes up then is on which of those is the best. Let’s find out.


Best No Pee Spray For Dogs

So far, we have said that you can use vinegar to keep dogs from peeing in inappropriate spots.

We have also established that citrus fruits (extracts or peels) can be effective in making a no more pee spray for dogs.

Further, we have learnt that you can make a stop marking spray for dogs using chili, coffee grounds or alcohol.

So all these are things with scents that dogs can’t stand. If you spray them at certain spots, you can be sure that no dogs would be urinating there.

That is what makes them suitable for use in ensuring no more marking for dogs.

With all that background information, the question we now face is on which of those is really the best pet urine spray for use in keeping dogs from peeing where they shouldn’t.

In simpler terms, we seek to know which is the best dog pee deterrent spray from all those.



In terms of efficacy, vinegar is probably the best dog pee repellent spray product.

You only need to spray vinegar at a given spot, and you will then be almost sure that no dog would dare to pee there.

Even while making an anti marking spray for male dogs (which are notorious for peeing where they shouldn’t as part of their territory marking behavior), vinegar can still be highly effective.

And thankfully, vinegar is an all natural product. Thus even when you are specifically seeking a no marking spray only natural pet product, vinegar still fits the bill.

Indeed, even the commercially formulated no pee spray for dogs products often contain vinegar as an ingredient.

For instance, almost every no pee spray for dogs Walmart sells has vinegar as an ingredient.

So vinegar is truly very good at this.



In terms of cost-effectiveness, citrus may be termed as the best anti marking spray for dogs.

So in this case, you obtain citrus extract, then spray it where you don’t want dogs to pee.

That is how you end up with what may arguably be the best spray to stop dog marking and other inappropriate peeing behaviors.

The good thing with citrus is that the smell is appealing to us humans. So it is off-putting to dogs, but appealing to us.

As such, it can work quite well as the best dog repellent spray for furniture.

And while seeking a reasonably good dog repellent spray for runners, you are likely to find it in citrus as well.


Coffee Grounds, Alcohol And Chili

Besides vinegar and citrus, other substances you can use to keep dogs from peeing at specific spots are coffee grounds, alcohol and chili.

Whereas you may regard vinegar (or citrus) as the best no marking spray for dogs, the same may not be readily available. That would cause you to have to consider the alternatives.

And the other viable alternatives are things like coffee grounds, alcohol and chili.

For instance, if you spray alcohol at a given spot, most dogs would tend to avoid peeing there.

The same applies if you spread coffee grounds or chili at a given place: dogs would tend to avoid going there, let alone peeing there.


Commercial Dog Marking Deterrent Spray Products

One remarkably good commercial dog marking deterrent spray product is Lambert Kay.

It works for as many as 24 hours, and comes with a pump spray mechanism for ease of use.

Another quite good commercial dog marking deterrent spray is Nature’s Miracle.

Besides being an effective dog peeing deterrent spray, it also functions as a stain remover.

Moreover, it is capable of being applied on carpets and even on fabrics.

Then there is a product aptly named Bodhi Dog Not Here Spray.

The strong points for this particular product include its high level of efficacy, as well as its reasonable pricing.

There are many who would actually regard this as the best no pee spray for dogs, among the commercial formulations.


Final verdict

Dogs sometimes pee at what we consider inappropriate spots as part of their territory marking behaviors.

There are also cases where dogs pee at inappropriate spots due to anxiety, excitement or other intense emotions.

Lack of training can be yet another reason for dogs peeing at inappropriate spots.

Some of the best things you can use to keep dogs from peeing at such inappropriate spots include vinegar and citrus (either citrus extracts or citrus fruit peels).

Other things from which you can make effective no pee sprays for dogs include coffee grounds, chili and alcohol.

In addition to these, there are also commercial no pee spray products for dogs that can be bought from pet supplies stores, and which come ready for immediate use. Give your dog the best life he/she can live.

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