Can Degus Eat Celery? (7 Interesting Facts)

People who keep pet degus often express interest in knowing whether celery is an appropriate food for the degus. In this article, we explore that subject.

Can degus eat celery? Yes, degus can eat celery – but only once or twice per week at most, as eating celery more often than that may cause them bloating.

Celery can be a good source of vitamins A, C and K as well as fiber and carbohydrates: all of which are good for degus.

Can degus eat celery
Can Degus Eat Celery?


Is Celery Safe For Degus?

Celery is safe for degus. Many owners of degu pets occasionally give them celery to eat, with no apparent problems. None of the compounds in celery can be said to be poisonous or otherwise harmful to degus.

Therefore celery is safe for degus.

But as anyone who has experience feeding degus celery will tell you, too much of it can cause bloating. Therefore degus should have celery infrequently: like once or twice per week at most.


Is Celery Beneficial For Degus?

Celery is rich in vitamins A, C and K, alongside lots of moisture, fiber and carbohydrates. Its nutritional composition therefore makes it a beneficial food for degus.

Granted, eating celery too often may leave degus bloated. But in proper moderation, celery is quite beneficial for degus.


Can Degus Eat Celery In The Wild?

It is not likely that degus would encounter celery they can eat in the wild.

But wild degus do eat celery-like plants when they find them. The degus are strict herbivores, which makes plant-based foods like celery natural for them.


Do Degus Like Celery?

Most degus like celery, though there are also some individual degus that may shun celery whenever fed on it.

For the degus that like celery, it can serve as a good treat for them.


Can A Degu Eat Celery?

So far, we have seen that celery is safe and in fact quite beneficial for degus. We have also seen that most degus really like eating celery.

In view of these facts, it is clear that eating celery is alright for degus. But you just need to know that if degus eat celery too much, it can cause bloating in them.


Can Baby Degus Eat Celery?

Yes, baby degus can eat celery.

Celery has nutrients that can aid in the proper and healthy growth of the baby degus.

Just ensure that the baby degus don’t eat too much celery, and that they don’t eat celery too often. Eating celery too much or too often is associated with bloating in degus.

Can degus eat celery
Can Degus Eat Celery Safely?


Which Form Of Celery Can Degus Eat?

Celery comes in various forms – ranging from the celery leaves to the celery seed and celery roots. The celery may also be raw or cooked. The relevant question now is on which of those forms of celery degus can eat.


Can Degus Eat Raw Celery?

Degus can eat raw celery.

Raw celery is particularly good as a source of vitamins A, C and K – some which may be ruined by cooking.


Can Degus Eat Cooked Celery?

It is best not to offer degus cooked celery.

Cooking the celery may ruin some of the nutrients in it. Moreover, cooking often entails the addition of salt and other compounds that may harm degus.


Can Degus Eat Celery Leaves?

Yes, degus may eat celery leaves.

Just ensure that you don’t offer your degus celery leaves more than once or twice per week. Doing so may lead to severe bloating.


Can Degus Eat Celery Root?

Celery root is usually quite safe for degus to eat. In the wild, degus feed on various roots, which means that celery roots should be alright for them too.

It is best to clean the roots thoroughly though, before offering them to degus. Also beware that some domestic degus that are used to softer foods may shun celery roots.


Can Degus Eat Celery Seed?

None of the compounds in celery seeds is known to be outright poisonous to degus. However, the seeds present a choking and intestinal blockage risk for degus.

That is why most people would hesitate allowing degus to eat celery seed.


How Often Can Degus Have Celery?

Degus should have celery once per week, twice at most.

Having celery more often than that may cause bloating in degus.


How Much Celery Can Degus Eat?

Degu are small animals, and roughly 10 grams of celery should be enough for a degu in a day.

That translates into about a teaspoonful of celery per day.


Final Verdict – Can Degus Eat Celery

Degus can eat celery.

Celery can be a good source for vitamins A, C and K, as well as carbohydrates, moisture and fiber for degus.

Can degus eat celery
Can Degus Eat Celery Daily?

Eating celery too much or too often can, however, cause bloating in degus. Therefore degus should have a maximum of 10 grams of celery (roughly one teaspoonful) per day.

And degus should have celery once or twice per week at most.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet degu a good and comfortable life!

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