Can Degus Eat Cheese? (7 Interesting Facts)

Owners of pet degus often express interest in knowing whether feeding the degus on cheese is OK. This article provides the answer.

Can degus eat cheese? No, degus should not eat cheese. The degus are strict herbivores, which means that animal-based foods like cheese aren’t OK for them. The amount of protein in cheese is also way too much for degus.

Thus it is best to resist any urge you may have to feed your degus on cheese.

Can degus eat cheese
Can Degus Eat Cheese?


Is Cheese Safe For Degus?

Cheese is not safe for degus. Eating ‘unnatural’ foods (for degus) like cheese can, in the short run, cause them severe stomach upsets.

And eating foods with so much protein like cheese can cause degus other major health complications in the long run.

Therefore cheese isn’t a safe food for degus.


Do Degus Like Cheese?

Degus usually don’t like eating cheese. Of course, if a degus happens to come across some cheese, it may show some interest in it. That is thanks to the degu’s natural curiosity.

But most degus really don’t like cheese, which is an unnatural food for them.


Can Degus Eat Cheese In The Wild?

Cheese is not a product that degus can get a chance to eat in the wild. It is a man-made product, which comes about as a result of processing milk in certain ways.

Therefore the question of degus eating cheese in the wild wouldn’t arise at all.


Can A Degu Eat Cheese?

A degu shouldn’t eat cheese.

Considering the fact that the degu is a strict herbivore, yet cheese is an animal-based food, it follows that cheese is not a natural food for a degu. If a degu eats cheese, there is a huge risk of it suffering from stomach upset.

Anyone who has experience feeding degus cheese would know that stomach upset is a common side effect.

The amount of protein in cheese is also way too high and problematic for a degu.

Here, one may ask, can degus have cheese occasionally and in small amounts as a treat? And the answer is ‘no’, as cheese is such an unnatural food for degus that are strict herbivores.

Another common question is on how much cheese can degus eat? And the answer is that degus shouldn’t eat any amount of cheese at all.


Can Baby Degus Eat Cheese?

Cheese is not alright for baby degus to feed on.

If a baby degu eats cheese, it may experience diarrhea and other stomach upset signs.

The amount of protein in cheese can also lead to long term health complications to baby degus that grow up eating cheese.


Can Adult Degus Eat Cheese?

Adult degus should not be offered cheese to eat.

The degus’ digestive systems are not properly equipped to break down or otherwise process foods like cheese. Cheese is not even a natural food for degus, which are strict herbivores.

Can degus eat cheese
Can Degus Eat Cheese Safely?


Is There Any Type Of Cheese Degus Can Eat?

There are many types of cheese and cheese byproducts such as cheese pizza, cheese puffs, cheese sticks, and cheese popcorn. We now set out to know whether any of these cheese forms/byproducts is edible by degus.


Can Degus Eat Cheese Pizza?

Degus shouldn’t eat cheese pizza.

The ingredients in cheese pizza may cause stomach upsets and other long term problems for degus. Therefore cheese pizza is not proper food for degus.


Can Degus Eat Cheese Puffs?

Cheese puffs are not alright for degus to eat.

The amount of protein in cheese puffs may prove too much for degus. Degus’ digestive systems may also struggle a great deal in handling foods like cheese puffs.


Can Degus Eat Cheese Sticks?

No, it is not OK for degus to eat cheese sticks.

When a degu eats cheese sticks, there is a high risk of it becoming ill with stomach upset.

Long term exposure to the high protein levels in cheese sticks can also be problematic to degus.


Can Degus Eat Cheese Slices?

Cheese slices are not suitable food for degus.

While it can be tempting to share cheese slices with degus, doing so puts the degus at rather high risk of becoming unwell.

Therefore cheese slices aren’t good at all for degus.


Can Degus Eat Cheese Popcorn?

Nearly all the ingredients that go into making cheese popcorn are harmful to degus.

Therefore offering degus cheese popcorn is not a good idea at all. It can make them quite seriously ill.


Can Degus Eat Cheesecake?

Degus shouldn’t eat even small quantities of cheesecake.

The protein and other nutrient levels in cheesecake are improper for degus. If you offer a degu cheesecake, you put its health at considerable risk.


Can Degus Eat Cheeseburgers?

Cheeseburgers are not good at all for degus to eat.

When a degu eats an unnatural food like cheeseburger, it tends to develop health problems: starting with stomach upsets. That is why it is not recommendable to feed a degu on the cheeseburgers.


Final Verdict – Can Degus Eat Cheese

Degus should not eat cheese. Cheese is not a natural food for degus, who are strict herbivores meant to be fed on plant-based foods.

Can degus eat cheese
Can Degus Eat Cheese Daily?

The amount of protein in cheese can also trigger many problems in degus in the long run.

Even as an occasional treat in small quantities, cheese is still not okay for degus.

Therefore it is best not to allow degus to have any cheese at all.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet degu a good and comfortable life!

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