Can Dogs Eat Hummus? 4 Toxic Ingredients In Hummus For Dogs

Every pet owner wants to provide their dog with their favorite food. Many want to give their dogs chocolate, bread, milk, yogurt, even though some of these foods are harmful to dogs even though they are delicious for us to eat. One of the questions for pet owners is Hummus for dogs.

Can dogs eat Hummus? Hummus is toxic because some ingredients are not suitable for your dog. One of them is garlic because garlic is poisonous which can damage your dog’s red blood cells. As for the other ingredient lemon juice, while it can add tartness to a dish, it can also cause the same problems as sodium chloride or salt in dogs.

Because several ingredients are safe for your dog in Hummus, we must know how dangerous Hummus is on dogs. Can dogs have Hummus? Let’s read to the end about this.

Can dogs eat hummus
Can dogs eat Hummus? My dog ate Hummus, Can dogs have Hummus?


The Origin Of Hummus

Hummus is the story of food that spread across the Middle East centuries ago. The word Hummus originates from the Arabic for chickpeas, though the actual recipe varies significantly from country to country and even from home to home.

In the Middle East, fresh garlic was essential to preserving foods. The mixture of things, which is sweet or salty powder, egg, cheese, and other ingredients, gives humus its creamy, smooth texture.

Nowadays, a food processor can make Hummus just about anywhere. One way to do this is to blend all of the necessary ingredients in a food processor. You can then heat it to the desired temperature and add lemon or extra-virgin olive oil to the mixture.

As we can see, there is garlic in Hummus which is toxic enough for our dogs. Not to mention there is salt and lemon that can make the effect on our dogs even worse. Let’s go further into “Can dogs eat hummus.”


Can Dogs Eat Hummus?

No, because Hummus has garlic which is one of the toxic foods for dogs. Some studies suggest that garlic contains high levels of citric acid, which can cause the same problems as excess lactic acid in food.

You will never want to feed your pet with garlic. My dog is feeling sick after eating Hummus because of its diarrhea problem. Other less problematic ingredients will do the trick.

The safest way to solve the question “what can dogs eat hummus?” is to use a commercial brand made from all-natural ingredients. As for garlic poisoning, remove it from the equation – it’s too difficult to digest and too much trouble to deal with for small dogs.


Is Hummus Safe For Dogs?

Some pet owners are concerned that giving their dogs garlic or citrus in juice may make them sick. Still, when talking about Hummus, a more significant concern is precisely what lemon and garlic, in particular, bring to the table.

The question will be reversed to “is hummus bad for dogs?” because garlic itself is quite toxic for your dog, especially if you add lemon.

Hummus is not safe for dogs because it is a high-calorie food that can lead to a gastric upset in dogs that are not used to take large amounts of food into their stomach.

One possible concern is about safety in large quantities for dogs with a high tolerance for garlic and other strong antiseptic chemicals. The problem with this is that these same chemicals have been proven over time to cause problems when consumed in high quantities over a long period of time.

If your dog has a high tolerance for these chemicals, and you give him large quantities of Hummus regularly, he may develop stomach problems or intestinal bleeding.

Also, if you feed your dog large quantities of garlic each day, he could become depressed. Although both of these are not caused by humus, they should be considered because both of them can potentially pose a danger to your dog if it is fed in large quantities.


What If Your Dog Likes Hummus?

Every dog has a different taste bud. Some dogs can even love Hummus to the point of its smell. If your dog is so fond of Hummus because of the taste and smell, you should be able to make Hummus with your own ingredients.

Ensure you will make Hummus without having to include garlic, lemon, and some other ingredients that are harmful to your dog.

Can dogs eat Hummus when they like it? Although your dog does not react when fed Hummus, we do not know the lasting effect if we give Hummus more often and the effect on our dog’s digestive system.


Can Dogs Eat Red Pepper Hummus?

When someone asks about “can dogs eat hummus?” They have to make sure that the Hummus that is given to dogs is not mixed with garlic or lemon juice.

As for the red pepper, it contains a lot of vitamin C. And it is important for your dog’s immune system.

Not all dogs will enjoy the health benefits offered by these foods. Just like humans, there are some dogs that cannot tolerate even the slightest hint of pepper. If your dog is one of these types, try giving him a different kind of seasoning or adding some red pepper in his dish.

Can dogs eat Hummus with red pepper? Yes, but don’t let garlic and lemon in the hummus ingredients. Red pepper is good for dog health because it contains a lot of vitamins.


My Dog Ate Hummus What Should I Do?

Sometimes pet owners give their dogs Hummus before they ask about “can dogs eat hummus.” This can be something to worry about because we can only see the effects of the dog after eating the Hummus.

We need to know how much Hummus to give dogs. If only given a few spoonfuls, it probably won’t be a problem. Because Hummus will be toxic if eaten in large quantities at one time.


My Dog Ate Hummus In Large Amount – Is It Bad For Him?

Many think that giving Hummus according to the human portion is a natural thing. Can dogs have Hummus? Yes, but only in moderation. If you want to give your dog Hummus, give it homemade or look for Hummus that does not use ingredients that are toxic to dogs.

Giving dogs a lot of Hummus makes the garlic in the Hummus toxic, so your dog will experience gastrointestinal problems such as diarrhea, vomiting, or even intestinal bleeding.

Can dogs eat hummus
Can dogs eat Hummus? My dog ate Hummus


Is Hummus Deadly For Dogs?

The answer is “it depends.” The ingredients of Hummus vary depending on who makes it. It’s usually a mixture of flavors, like cheese and honey. There are no major dangers to your dog’s health when using it as dog food.

On the other hand, there is one component of Hummus that can cause your dog’s life to be adversely affected, like salt, garlic, and lemon.

Is Hummus safe for dogs? We’ve seen cases where dogs have become extremely ill due to Hummus consumption. It is common for them to vomit and experience severe diarrhea. In severe cases, there have even been death.

These types of reactions are actually more common in unrefined, organic foods such as Hummus. So, while Hummus can potentially be safe for dogs, it’s important to make sure that you’re not exposing them to anything that could cause them harm.


Hummus Ingredients

To determine whether or not Hummus is safe for your dog to eat, you should look at the hummus ingredients so you can tell which ones are safe for your dog and which are not.

Hummus is a traditional Middle Eastern appetizer, side dish, or dip made from raw, ripe chickpeas mixed with tahini, grape juice, and garlic. Typically the typical garnish on the Middle Eastern table includes olive oil, some chopped chickpeas, ground almonds, and sprinkles of fresh herbs and spices.

Other popular hummus appetizers include Hummus topped with grape tomatoes, red onions, cucumber slices, and feta cheese.

You can also create a tasty dessert by blending chickpeas, pitted dates, honey, sugar, fresh fruit, raisins, and lemon juice for a velvety sweet desert. Hummus is enjoyed all over the world as a tasty snack or a healthy dessert.

Can dogs eat Hummus? From some of the ingredients above, let’s break down which ones are safe for your dog to eat and which ones are not safe.

IngredientsSafe or Not Safe
Chick PeasSafe
Grape JuiceNot Safe (Toxic)
GarlicNot Safe (Toxic)
OnionNot Safe (Toxic)
CucumberSafe (Not Safe If It’s Pickles)
CheeseSafe (With no garlic or onion ingredients)
LemonNot Safe (Toxic)

Can dogs eat Hummus? Yes, if you make Hummus with ingredients that are safe for your dog. Can dogs eat tahini? Yes, only in moderation. It will be safe if you give tahini paste to make it easier for your dog to digest it.


What Makes Hummus Toxic To Your Dog?

Lemon juice and garlic can be harmful to your dog. Lemon juice and upset dog’s stomach due to aromatic oils and psoralen compounds can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and weakness.

Garlic can have an adverse effect per 15 to 30 grams of a kilogram of bodyweight. If you make Hummus with a lot of garlic, your dog could have gastrointestinal problems.

In addition, if there is too much olive oil in Hummus, your dog will not be able to handle it either.

Can dogs have Hummus with these three ingredients? Pay attention to the portion you give your dog. If it is too much, then your dog will show some symptoms or even get sick.


Symptoms To Watch For When Your Dog Eating Hummus

Can dogs eat Hummus? Not in large amounts. Even in a medium amount, your dog can also experience some symptoms because every dog has a different resistance to toxic foods.

Too much Hummus can make your dog drooling, lethargic, fatigued, and diarrhea. If the condition gets worse, your dog may also experience continuous pain, trouble breathing, salivation, and dizziness.

Is Hummus safe for dogs? If you see any of the above symptoms after you give Hummus to your dog, of course, you know that Hummus is not safe for dogs.


Can Dogs Eat Plain Hummus?

If you don’t have lemon or garlic, your dog can eat plain Hummus. Creamy nature may also not be good for the dog’s digestive system, so you have to pay attention to the portion of Hummus even though there are no toxic ingredients.

Can dogs eat Hummus in moderation? If you make homemade Hummus with chickpeas, honey, and some safe ingredients, then your dog can be given the Hummus only as a treat, and don’t give it too often.


Sabra Hummus For Dogs

You have to look at the ingredients of the sabra hummus first. If you look, there is salt and garlic that can be potentially bad for your dog. The other ingredients are safe to eat for your dogs.

How to eat sabra hummus for your dog? Give your dog a spoonful of Sabra hummus. If your dog reacts and gets sick, then stop giving your dog Sabra Hummus.


Final Verdict On Can Dogs Eat Hummus

Hummus is a Middle Eastern dip with a distinctive taste. Many pet owners want to give Hummus to their dogs, but if given in large quantities, Hummus can be dangerous because it has toxic ingredients for your dog and may affect digestability.

Can dogs eat hummus
Can dogs eat Hummus? My dog ate Hummus, Can dogs have Hummus?

Can dogs eat Hummus? If your dog eats a little hummus, it’s probably okay. But if your dog has too much Hummus, ingredients such as lemon, garlic, onion, or grape will make your dog experience gastrointestinal problems.

You can make Hummus with your own ingredients without having to give toxic ingredients to your dog. Make sure you monitor your dog’s behavior after eating Hummus and take him to the vet immediately if your dog starts to get sick.


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