Dog Ate Aluminum Foil : Dog Ate Tin Foil (5 Brutal Symptoms)

Dogs are fond of trying new and exciting things. They will eat any junk lying around them. Of all the animals, dogs are said to eat strange things and get their masters in trouble.

Let’s suppose you have done many things to keep your dog away from creepy things, but it always manages to eat the worst food items and get you in trouble.

Once, I had a dog, and he also got me into big trouble. I was out, and when I got back home, I saw the apples wrapped in foil, and my dog ate aluminum foil.

This is a problem for most people, and they ask the solution: what should they do when their dog ate foil and will aluminum foil hurt my dog?

So, in this article, I will try to cover the aspects related to this topic: my dog ate aluminum foil. Let’s dive into the report on dogs and tin foil and start it right now.

My dog ate aluminum foil
My Dog Ate Aluminum Foil – dog ate tin foil – is aluminum foil toxic for dogs?


My Dog Ate Aluminum Foil: What Should I Do?

My small dog ate foil; what should I do?

If your dog ate aluminum foil, you don’t need to panic. It is not a time you give up and see your dog struggling with the symptoms of eating aluminum foil. It may show several effects like stomach and digestive tract problems. Also, respiratory issues are at the top of the list.

The symptoms of eating aluminum foil change from dog to dog. In big puppies and adult dogs, we see if they have taken only a minute quantity of the aluminum foil, it will completely block the urinary and fecal ejection.

But, other symptoms made a list. Let’s check every sign of this and see what the possible options which could be available for you are.


My Dog Ate Aluminum Foil: What Are The Symptoms?

Dog ate aluminum foil; Reddit has also given many people’s opinions. When looking for the symptoms, not the behavior of your dog. Whenever a dog has consumed something fishy, it will act weird. It will not eat and poses as it regularly does.

Thus, it is not good for the dog; aluminum foil eaten is bad for the health.

The appetite is greatly affected, and lots of other symptoms occur, which are described as following:


General Sickness

General sickness is seen in dogs eating aluminum foil regularly or have eaten it by chance.  Talking about the aluminum foil, dogs will be putting them into the mouth and getting sick.

This tends to be affecting the metabolism and producing low levels of energy in the dog’s body. Thus, in this way, a dog will generally feel sick and will handle the temperature.


Vomiting and HeartBurn

If your dog ate aluminum foil, vomiting is induced due to the digestive tract problem. No water will be taken up by the dog when it has once consumed foil. It decreases thirst, which also causes dehydration in the body.

Dehydration will also cause heart-burning issues in dogs. Thus, the digestive function is badly affected if the dog ate foil tray.


Lethargic Reaction

As explained, the dog will feel low energy as it will not be consuming anything good in its diet when the dog ate foil packets. So, lethargy will follow up in the list of symptoms. You will see dogs will show a lack of enthusiasm and no desire to move due to this.


Loss Of Appetite

If the dog ate a foil cupcake, the wrapper would also be eaten, and in such a condition the dog eats a whole aluminum foil, there will be a loss of appetite as it will not have any desire to eat any food.


Will Aluminum Foil Kill A Dog?

If a dog ate chocolate coins foil, is it dangerous?

If your dog ate aluminum foil, there are different odds it will be killed because of eating the foil. In most cases, you will see that dogs survived.

It is not possible in every case. The survival of a dog depends upon the amount of aluminum foil consumed and the time that has passed, after which it has engulfed the piece of foil.

The bigger the foil consumed by the dog, the more there will be a chance that your dog will die. If your dog has only taken in a small foil, it will not be affected as much. But, the bigger foil, which even contained the food reserves which could be toxic for the dogs, is harmful.

Secondly, you don’t have to waste much time if you know that the food you have left and which has been taken in by the dog is toxic for the dog. If you don’t hurriedly take the dog to a veterinary doctor, there are very few chances to make it.


What Happens If A Dog Eats Aluminum Foil?

If my dog ate aluminum foil, what are the effects? The possible consequences will be the same as symptoms. After eating the aluminum foil, you will see that the first thing that can happen to your dog is that it will have obstructions in the gut.

The gastrointestinal obstructions will make your dog feel very uneasy and reluctant to eat anything. Thus, the foil will also cause appetite loss in dogs.

After the loss of appetite, it will also face the problems of lethargy. When you haven’t fed anything to your dog it will run low on energy. It will not show any enthusiasm to do anything or barely want to walk or move.

Vomiting could also be induced in the dogs due to aluminum ingestion. Thus, several problems could arise due to the eating of aluminum foil by the dog. These could even make the dog sick to the extent that it will have respiratory problems.

If the dog gets the foil stuck in its respiratory tract, it will die for sure. This is because we see that it will have difficulty breathing, and it will make your dog out of breath, and if you haven’t taken it to your vet and provided it with the necessary medicines and oxygen, there is a big threat to its life.


What To Do If Your Dog Eats An Aluminum Can?

Suppose your dog ate aluminum foil when you were out of your house, and you saw it after you got home. You need to check its symptoms immediately, and if the symptoms are worse, the first thing you should do is get your dog to the vet.

Your vet will usually follow up by doing some of the medical tests. The tests include X-ray tests to make sure where exactly the aluminum foil lies. This will also make clear for the vets if there is any surgery required for the dogs to get the aluminum foil out of the dog’s stomach.

My dog ate aluminum foil
My Dog Ate Aluminum Foil


The surgery is only suggested when the aluminum foil ate by the dog is very big.

If the aluminum foil is small, it will not be passing out with the poop either. In that case, your doctor will recommend some medicines.

The second test which the vet does is a blood test. A blood test aims to check any poisonous or toxic chemical substance that has been absorbed in the blood.

So, it is recommended that you take your dog to a vet when he has taken in a piece of aluminum foil and is facing any difficult symptoms such as breathing or digestive problems.


How Long Does It Take For A Dog To Pass Something They Swallowed?

If your dog has eaten the aluminum foil, it will start showing some of the symptoms, such as vomiting, loss of appetite, stomach problems and other things like that.

You could take it to your vet if you think that your dog could not stand it and will be in real difficulty. So, how long will it take to pass out the aluminum foil if it has eaten it?

If your dog ate aluminum foil, it would take a lot of time to get it out all by itself. Usually, it varies according to the size of the foil.

If your dog has eaten a big aluminum foil, it will take a full day to get the foil removed from its stomach.

But, there are incidents that if the dog engulfs a small foil, it would be out of the dog’s stomach in less than 12 hours.

It would be best if you took your doctor to a vet, and he will prescribe the medicines which could cause the symptoms such as vomiting, heartburn or lethargy.


Is Foil Poisonous To Dogs?

If a dog ate aluminum foil, would it be poisonous? There are two possibilities about this as well. This depends on the size of the wrappers, such as if your dog loves the scent of chocolate, it may eat the chocolates and the wrapper as well.

My dog ate mince pie and foil. Is the foil good or bad?

This could be possibly causing a lot of serious problems in the dogs. But, this could not be poisonous as long as your dog has not engulfed much aluminum foil.

In that case, your dog should be taken to the vet as soon as possible, where some of the tests would be done by the vet, and it will check if there is any poison or toxin in the blood and then prescribe and start the procedure accordingly.


What To Do If Dog Ate Tin Foil Wrapping?

My dog ate tin foil; what to do if your dog ate aluminum foil made of tin? The tin foil wrapping is bad for your dog. It will make the stomach upset. The dog will face serious complications such as obstructions in the stomach and intestinal problems.

So, the first-ever thing you should do is to call your vet. He will tell you what you should do immediately till you take it to the vet.

So, this was all about a dog ate tin foil wrapping.


What Happens If You Accidentally Eat Aluminum Foil?

Swallowing Aluminum Foil is a bad thing that has adverse effects on the health of a dog. When a dog swallows aluminum foil, it will add misery to the life of a dog.

The swallowed aluminum foil will make the dog sick as it will feel vomiting etc.


My Dog Ate Foil Wrapped Chocolate

If the dog ate the chocolate with the foil, it would not make the dogs feel good. It will make them very unhealthy and sick. The obstruction in the stomach is a problem.


Final Verdict On Dog Ate Aluminum Foil

The dogs are among the top creatures that could always show interest in eating those creep foods that could get them in deep trouble.

One of the things that are not good for the health of the dogs is aluminum foil. If Dog ate Aluminum foil, then the foil is really bad for the stomach as it will block the digestion process.

It will also induce vomiting and will make the dog sick. Hence, all these symptoms make the dog lethargic, and it will face loss of appetite.

Due to all these problems, if these problems are exaggerating and symptoms worsen, you need to see a vet immediately. The vet will tell you what is wrong with the dog by running the tests, and then you could easily treat your dog.

My dog ate aluminum foil
My Dog Ate Aluminum Foil – dog ate tin foil – is aluminum foil toxic for dogs?

Medicines are also available for dissolving the foil, and also if necessary, surgery could be made. Hence this will depend on the size of the foil which the dog engulfs.

So, if you want to get complete information about what I should do if my dog ate aluminum foil, this is for you! This article is also good for dog ate tin foil balls.


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