Can Gerbils Eat Millet? (5 Interesting Facts)

If you own pet gerbils, there are times when you may seriously consider feeding them on millet. But you may then have concerns on whether it is actually alright for the gerbils to eat millet. This article provides the answer.

Can gerbils eat millet? Yes, gerbils can eat millet. Millet is generally a good food for gerbils, as it provides them with starch, some proteins, minerals and vitamins. Eating too much millet may, however, make some gerbils become a bit too hyperactive.

Can gerbils eat millet
Can Gerbils Eat Millet?

On the whole though, feeding your gerbils on millet should be alright.


Is Millet Safe For Gerbils?

Yes, millet is safe for gerbils.

That is unless the millet happened to have been improperly stored or processed – in which case it may have aflatoxin, making it unsafe for gerbils.

But most of the millet that is sold in pet stores is in great shape and safe for gerbils.

There can be concerns about millet somewhat making gerbils hyperactive. But the effect tends to be modest and short-lived.

Here, in a bid to further gauge its safety, one may ask, can gerbils eat millet in the wild? And the answer is ‘yes’, since seed-based foods like millets are the staples on which gerbils subsist in the wild.


Is Millet Beneficial For Gerbils?

Millet is quite beneficial for gerbils.

In millet, there is starch – which can energize the gerbils. There is protein, which can help in the gerbils’ growth and repair of the gerbils’ body cells.

There is also, in millet, minerals and several vitamins: which can have the effect of promoting gerbils’ optimal health.

Therefore millet is beneficial for gerbils.


Can A Gerbil Eat Millet?

Yes, a gerbil easily recognizes millet as something it should eat, and proceeds to devour it.

Most gerbils like millet, making it a suitable treat food for them.

And as we have seen, millet has a good safety profile for gerbils, and is beneficial for them.

Therefore eating millet should be alright for almost any gerbil.


Can Baby Gerbils Eat Millet?

Feeding baby gerbils on small amounts of millet should be alright.

Millet is a food that contains some of the proteins that can help baby gerbils grow well.

Moreover, millet is a food that is energy-packed, and can therefore be good for the ever-playful baby gerbils.

Granted, millet may (according to some people) make baby gerbils a bit hyperactive: but the effect is not huge. In any event, slightly hyperactive gerbils are fun to have around.


Which Form Of Millet Can Gerbils Eat?

There is fresh millet, raw millet and cooked millet. There is also spray millet that may be procured from certain sources. What we now need to find out is which (if any) of the aforementioned forms of millet gerbils can eat.


Can Gerbils Eat Raw Millet?

Raw millet is alright for gerbils to eat.

In the wild, gerbils survive on raw seed foods. Therefore there is no reason why raw millet should be troublesome for gerbils.

Can gerbils eat millet
Can Gerbils Eat Millet Daily?


Can Gerbils Have Spray Millet?

Gerbils may have spray millet.

In many cases, when gerbils are fed on spray millet, they seem to thrive quite well.

Spray millet is also a food that gerbils enjoy, and which can therefore be used as a treat to keep them happy.


Can Gerbils Eat Fresh Millet?

Gerbils can eat fresh millet.

Fresh millet has lots of starch, some proteins, vitamins and minerals. Therefore such fresh millet is a good food for gerbils.


Can Gerbils Eat Cooked Millet?

Most gerbils will still eat cooked millet if it is presented to them. But there are people who may argue that cooking food makes it ‘unnatural’ for gerbils, as these are animals that in nature would be subsisting on raw food.

Of course, if the cooked millet has sugar or other additives, it becomes totally unfit for consumption by gerbils.


How Much Millet Should Gerbils Eat?

Moderation is always critical when it comes to feeding small pets like gerbils.

One then wonders, how much millet is adequate and how much millet is too much for gerbils?

Now one tablespoonful of millet should be enough food for a gerbil in a day. And eating more than one tablespoonful of millet in a day for a gerbil may amount to overfeeding.


Final Verdict – Can Gerbils Eat Millet

Gerbils can eat millet. Millet, as long as it doesn’t have aflatoxin, is safe for gerbils. Pretty much all of the millet sold in pet stores is aflatoxin-free: hence safe for gerbils.

Can gerbils eat millet
Can Gerbils Eat Millet Safely? Can Gerbils Eat Millet In The Wild?

In millet, there is a lot of starch, some proteins, vitamins and minerals. Those are good nutrients for pets like gerbils.

Most gerbils seem to enjoy eating millet, making it a good treat food for them.

You can offer your gerbil like one tablespoonful of millet per day, once in a while.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet gerbil a good and comfortable life!

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