How To Introduce Gerbils Without A Split Cage? 15 Clear Facts

Gerbils are small, friendly, and social animals that live in groups in their natural habitat. There are several species of gerbils, but only one the Mongolian gerbil is commonly kept as a pet. The Mongolian gerbil is sandy brown, with a dark stripe down its back.

Talking about gerbils and their characteristics, what about when it comes to introducing two or more gerbils.

How to introduce Gerbils without a split cage? First put them in separate cages next to one another. After a while, put the cages next to each other so they can smell and see each other. If they don’t fight after a few days, you can try putting them together in one cage.

How to introduce gerbils without a split cage
How to introduce Gerbils without a split cage?


How To Introduce Gerbils Without A Split Cage?

It is possible to introduce gerbils without a split cage. Although it takes a lot of patience and a lot of time, it can be done. You may have to wait up to a couple of weeks for your gerbils to get used to each other, but you will have the satisfaction of knowing that your little fuzzy friends are happy and healthy.

Remember: it’s not about doing what’s easiest for you; it’s about what’s best for your pets.

In accordance with this, what’s the best answer to the question of how to introduce Gerbils without a split cage? The first thing to do is get them used to each other’s smell. Place a towel or something over one of the cages and then swap them over so they get used to each other’s smell. Do this for a couple of weeks if possible.

Afterwards, place them together but in secure places so that they cannot escape and hurt each other. A bath with a plug in it will work well. Put a towel or something on the bottom first though so they don’t hurt their feet.

Place some food in there and leave them until they are more relaxed around each other (you may want to put toys in there as well). Once you feel comfortable, place them into the same cage and keep an eye on them.

If you don’t see any fighting after about half an hour, then it should be safe to leave your gerbils alone together.


How Do You Acclimate Gerbils To Each Other?

Acclimating gerbils to each other should be done in a neutral area, since territory is already established in a tank. A large carrier or a clean bathtub works well.

Gerbils don’t need to be introduced. They aren’t territorial; they just like to know who’s who. Once they’ve established a dominance hierarchy, they’ll get along fine.

This usually only takes a few minutes, and there shouldn’t be any fighting. Once the gerbils have sorted it out, you can put them back in the tank.

If you’re introducing an adult male and female, keep an eye on them for a bit. If there’s any fighting, which would be rare, or if the female is acting too submissive, separate them and try again after a few days or weeks.

If it keeps happening, or if you only have one male, you can get some fake males (socks stuffed with cotton), and introduce them to the females before trying again with another male.


Can You Place A New And Old Gerbil Together?

Yes, but it takes a while for the old gerbil to get used to the new one. However, when you first introduce them, they will probably fight. You can put them in the same cage when they are sleeping or out of sight.

If you want to see them together, let them play in a ball or something that gives space between them.

Talking of whether you can introduce a new and old gerbil, what about when it comes to how to introduce gerbils? Well first off, before you can even think about introducing them, you have to make sure your gerbils are healthy.

However, if one, or both of them is sick, it’s best to quarantine the sick one and cure it before you try to introduce them.

Otherwise, the disease might spread. If they’re both healthy, then start by getting your gerbil used to the scent of the new one. To do this, just rub a paper towel on the new gerbil and put it in the cage of your current gerbil.

Afterwards, rub a paper towel on the current gerbil and put it in the cage of your new gerbil. This will get them used to each other’s scents.

Furthermore, when you introduce them, get a tank or bin that is big enough for both of them and make sure there are no sharp edges or anything that could injure your gerbils.

Make sure they can’t escape through any gaps or holes either since you definitely wouldn’t want either one to get out.

Also, put some things in there that they can share together; like toys and beddings, for instance. Place your noodles in there together and watch them. Make sure they aren’t fighting or anything.


How To Introduce New Gerbils?

The most common way is by using a neutral space. This seems to work best for gerbils that have not lived together before. The neutral space should be large enough for all the gerbils to explore and get used to each other.

Since gerbils all have different personalities, introductions can go quickly or slowly. It depends on the gerbils.

If you want your gerbils to become familiar with each other before living in the same cage, you can place their cages side by side for a few days. They may still fight when you put them together in a larger space, though, so be prepared.

Gerbils that have been together before will usually tolerate each other in the same cage without any problems, but there may be an occasional squabble gerbil split cage for sale.

There is a wide range of split cages, ranging from single level to four level cages. The average cost of a split cage is anywhere from $10 – 25 depending on the size and design.

How to introduce gerbils without a split cage
How to introduce Gerbils without a split cage?


How Do You Introduce A New Gerbil To An Old One?

First, take your gerbil, and the other gerbil, and put them in a pan with some food. After they have finished the food, which should be within a few hours, you can pick them up and gently pet one of them while holding it in your hand.

Now take the other gerbil and pet it gently as well, then place it back in the pan. Do this every day for about a week until they are used to each other’s smell.

Now when they are done with that, you can begin to give them more freedom by allowing them to roam outside of the pan. However, make sure that they are in a safe environment where there are no cats or dogs that might want to eat them.

Talking of how you should introduce new gerbils to each other, what about when it comes to how to introduce gerbils without a split cage? Gerbils are very curious by nature and will explore their environment if given the chance. With that in mind, if you are going to introduce gerbils with a split cage, make sure that there’s adequate food, water, and hiding spaces for every gerbil.

There’s no need for one gerbil to guard resources in a home cage environment. The best way to transition is through an exercise ball or a meeting table. Then pick-a-part time and place for an introduction without the cage when the animals are calm.

Watch them carefully until they stop investigating each other and settle down. If they don’t get along right away, try adding another animal to the mix to diffuse tension.


Can You Introduce Two Adult Gerbils?

Introducing two adult male gerbils can be difficult, as they will fight and they may even kill each other. In some cases, introducing unrelated adult males is possible if done very gradually. You should separate the gerbils at night and introduce them again the next day.

This will give them a chance to get used to each other’s scent.

If you house your gerbils correctly, for instance, in a large bin cage, there is no need to introduce more than two males unless you have a large group of females as well. Gerbils tend not to fight over territory as much as over females, although fights over food can occur.

Talking of whether you can introduce two adult gerbils, what about when it comes to how to introduce a new gerbil? There are several different ways that you can introduce your new gerbil to your current one.

If you want to introduce them, choose a neutral area such as a bathtub. Put the old gerbil in the tub and let him get used to the area then add the new one. The old one will be in his own territory still so he will have a chance to be dominant but also learn to tolerate the new one.

Once they have gotten used to each other, you can put them in a cage together. If they fight, put them back in the tub for a while and try again later. Repeat this process until they are getting along.

Moreover, if gerbils are fighting, never pull them apart as this could harm them or cause more fighting once introduced again. If they are fighting remove them from the tub before either of them get hurt and try again later.


How Long Does It Take To Bond Gerbils?

There are no set guidelines as to how long it takes to bond gerbils. Some people take a few days, others just a couple of hours. It really depends on the two animals and how they react to each other.

Talking of the period it takes to bond gerbils, what about when it comes to the different ways of introducing gerbils? There are several ways to introduce new gerbils to an established group. First, it’s important to make sure that the new gerbils are healthy and of the same gender as your existing gerbils.

If you’re introducing a male to an already established female group, you should probably separate them into two groups because they will fight.

The same is true if you’re adding a second male to an established group. While it’s possible for two males to get along, they’ll rarely share territory and will likely fight if forced together.

You should also quarantine any new gerbils you bring home for at least 30 days and keep them in a separate cage or tank from your existing animals to make sure they aren’t carrying any diseases that could harm your other pets.

Talking of the different methods of introducing gerbils, what about when it comes to how to introduce gerbils without a split cage? Move the partition closer and closer over several days to one end of the cage until it’s completely gone.

This gives them time to get used to each other without being able to hurt each other if they do start fighting.


How Do You Make A Gerbil Cage Divider?

Steps to make a gerbil cage divider

  1. Measure the length of your cage and draw a line as long as this length on the cardboard.
  2. Get an adult to cut along the line so you don’t hurt yourself!
  3. Do this again so you have two pieces of cardboard, identical in size.
  4. Place one of your sheets of cardboard inside your gerbil cage and leave the other one somewhere safe.
  5. Use a ruler and pencil to draw vertical lines from top-to-bottom on the sheet of cardboard in your cage, making sure they’re straight and evenly spaced out.
  6. Draw another horizontal line across the width of your sheet of cardboard, making sure it’s straight and divides your sheet into equal halves.
  7. Use scissors to cut along each of these lines so that you have eight identical strips (seven dividers, plus one that has no dividers). You should only be cutting through the top layer of paper, so try not to cut through both layers.


Talking of how to make a gerbil cage divider, what about when it comes to gerbil split cage insert? A split cage is designed to separate gerbils that cannot be kept together. You can have one or more gerbils in each section.

The sections will be connected via a tube, which allows the gerbils access to each other if they wish to interact. A split cage is generally big enough for two or three gerbils and the total cost of the cage and supplies should not exceed $100.


Things you’ll need for a gerbil cage divider

  • Gerbil cage
  • Gerbil food
  • Gerbil treats
  • Water bottle
  • Bedding
  • Wooden chew toys
  • Toys for playtime


How To Make A Split Cage Divider For Gerbils?

The first step is getting a piece of plastic mesh (like chicken wire) and cutting it down to size so that it will fit in the middle of your gerbil’s cage. You can use scissors or something else that is sharp.

After that, take care and remove any sharp edges from around the sides so that your gerbil won’t get hurt when he/she tries to jump over onto another side of the divider.

Next, take some zip ties and attach one end to each end of your mesh sheeting. Make sure they’re tight enough so that there’s no chance for your gerbil to get stuck between them or anything like that. You’ll also want to make sure they’re not too loose so that you can easily slide them back off later if need be.

Let them stay there until bedtime and then put both gerbils in one cage. They will most likely simply ignore each other, this is normal.

How to introduce gerbils without a split cage
How to introduce Gerbils without a split cage?


How To Introduce Gerbils To Each Other?

Gerbils are sociable creatures and can be kept alone or in pairs. If you want to keep two gerbils together it is important to introduce them gradually as they can attack each other seriously if introduced too suddenly.

It is best either to obtain a pair of gerbils from the same litter or to buy two young males who have been separated from their mother before sexual maturity. In either case, place the gerbils in an empty cage for a few days, then exchange bedding between their cages several times so they get used to each other’s smell.

You should then put the new gerbil in with the other one. If your gerbils are younger than 6 months, this should work well.

Talking of how you should introduce gerbils to each other, how about when it comes to doing split cage introduction for gerbils? Ensure the gerbils that you are introducing know each other. To do this, put the 2 gerbils in separate cages with wire mesh in between them and let them interact.

They should sniff each other and explore. This will usually take several days to a week. When you are ready to introduce the gerbils, place the two cages side-by-side so that it is easy for the gerbils to interact through the mesh.

What about when it comes to how to introduce Gerbils without a split cage? Gerbils are social animals, and keeping them alone is not a good idea. If you have one gerbil, you should find him a companion.

If you have a gerbil and want to introduce him to another, it’s important to know that gerbils have no concept of personal space. They don’t’ get along if they are exposed to each other in an open environment, such as a room or a bed.


Can You Introduce A New Gerbil To Two Other Gerbils

As long as you introduce them slowly to each other, your gerbils should get along. If you’ve introduced them at the same time and they just won’t accept each other, then you’ll have to wait a couple of weeks and try again.

It’s also important that your gerbils are compatible in terms of their personalities. Two dominant gerbils might not get along well together, but two submissive gerbils might be okay together.

Talking of whether you  can introduce a new gerbil to two others, what about when it comes to how to tell if gerbils are bonded? The best way to tell if gerbils are bonded is to observe them. When they are together in the cage, do they interact positively with each other?

Do they play together, sleep together, and groom each other? If so, they are likely bonded. Do they fight with each other or hide from one another? If so, they might not be bonded.

Talking of introducing gerbils to each other, what about when it comes to how to introduce female gerbils? The best way to introduce female gerbils is by putting them in a neutral cage for a little while. The neutral cage should be new and not have the scent of either gerbil.

You should put them in the neutral cage at night because that is when gerbils sleep. If you see signs of aggression, separate the gerbils immediately and try again later. However, if your gerbils don’t fight in the neutral cage, then you can move them into a permanent cage together.


Introducing Two Female Gerbils Without Split Cage Method

There are a few different ways to introduce gerbils, but I like the “split cage” method best. You’ll need two cages, or two divided portions of a single cage.

Let your girls get used to each other’s scent by switching the bedding between the two sides, and also by placing a fleece blanket over one side so they can sleep together without being able to see each other.

After a few days, when they’re not fighting through the bars, you can place them together in a neutral territory. A bathtub with smooth plastic walls works well for this step. Finally, place them back into the split cage living together after two or three days of getting along in neutral territory.


Reintroducing Fighting Gerbils

Bringing together fighting gerbils is difficult. You should never try to separate them by hand, as they may bite you in their panic and anger. The best way to separate gerbils is to use a bathtub or sink.

The gerbils will instinctively run away from the water, and you can safely retrieve them and put them back into their cage. You should determine which gerbil is the aggressor. One gerbil will usually be on top of the other, biting the other’s ears, neck or back.

Fill the bathtub or sink with about 2 inches of water. Make sure it’s not too hot or too cold for the gerbils. Place the aggressive gerbil into the water with its head above water, holding it securely but gently so it doesn’t thrash around and hurt itself.

After a few seconds, remove the gerbil from the tub with a towel and place him back in his cage in a space away from where he was fighting with his cage mate. Repeat this process for the victim gerbil so that both are separated for at least an hour or two before returning them to the cage together.

Watch for signs of aggression when you return them to their cage together again.


Baby Gerbils Introduced To An Older Male Without Split Caging?

Take a clean sock and put the new gerbil in it. Then place the sock in their cage with the older male. The older one will smell the new one and get used to him/her. You can then get them out of the sock and let them play.

You have to be careful because they can fight and you have to separate them if they do.

If they are fighting, take out the new one and put him in his own cage for a few days then go through this process again. You should also try to introduce your gerbils when both your gerbils are awake. However, don’t leave them unattended until you know they will get along.

So, what about when it comes to split cage and introducing gerbils? It is recommended that you split the cage and introduce the gerbils one at a time.

It is normal for the gerbils to chase each other around, and they will often groom each other after they have been introduced. If things don’t seem to be going well you can put a few days between introductions.

After a few days if your gerbils are getting along it is best to put them into their new home together. Gerbils can often be territorial, so to let them get used to their new home it is recommended that you put them in a neutral place for a week or so before putting them back into their old home.


Introducing Gerbils Without Split Cage

You can try to introduce them gradually by using a split cage. You can also try to put the new gerbil in a small container and then open both cages at the same time so that they can smell each other.

If you want to do it another way, you can put them in separate containers for about three days so that they get to know each other through the smell and sound. Then you put them together but if they start fighting, separate them immediately until they stop fighting.


Do Gerbils Kill Each Other?

Gerbils can kill each other. The most common reason is that you accidentally put two male gerbils together, but it can happen with any combination of sexes and personalities.

Talking about whether gerbils kill each other, what about when it comes to what to look out for when introducing two new gerbils? When introducing two new gerbils make sure they are both young, one male and one female is ideal. If they are both the same gender they may fight, especially if they are older.

Furthermore, when a gerbil smells another gerbil’s scent on one of the wheels, it will be furious and try to hurt the other gerbil. Sometimes the fight ends with one gerbil losing a toe or an ear, but other times the fight ends with one gerbil dead.

What about when it comes to how to split a gerbil cage? The best way to split a gerbil cage is to use mesh dividers, which allow gerbils on either side of the cage to see, smell, and touch one another without actually being able to fight.

If you’re using a standard wire gerbil cage, the easiest way to do this is to buy two large dog crates and connect them with plastic tubing.


How To Make A Gerbil Cage Divider?

The best way to make a gerbil cage divider is to purchase some wire mesh, which can be found at your local hardware store. It’s best to buy galvanized steel wire mesh and then paint it with acrylic paint.

That’s because the zinc in galvanized steel is toxic to gerbils and could kill them if they chew on it.

You’ll also need some sturdy plastic sheeting that you can cut into strips and use as part of the divider. You can use an old plastic cutting board for this purpose or any other heavy-duty plastic sheeting that you have lying around.

When talking of how to make a gerbil cage divider, what about when it comes to gerbil split cage method? The split gerbil cage method is a form of physical restraint used to prevent the formation of gerbil cages. The idea is that if gerbils are kept apart, they are unable to mate and therefore will not produce offspring.

Moreover, considering that Gerbils need company, it’s not a good idea to keep just one gerbil in an enclosure. Lastly, it’s also important to make sure your gerbils have plenty of food and water so they won’t get hungry or thirsty while they’re being separated.


Split Cage Help – It’s Not Working – What To Do?

If you have tried introducing your gerbils to each other and they still fight, they may just be incompatible. It is not uncommon for a pair of female gerbils to fight. If this happens, separate them immediately as they can injure each other within seconds.

Moreover, it is not good to keep gerbils in separate cages with a barrier between them as it will only cause stress for both of them.


Final Verdict – How To Introduce Gerbils Without A Split Cage

In conclusion, how best can we address the topic, how to introduce Gerbils without a split cage? When it comes to gerbils, you can’t just introduce any two gerbils.

How to introduce gerbils without a split cage
How to introduce Gerbils without a split cage?

You have to make sure the gerbils are compatible before you put them in the same cage. Otherwise, you could end up with a fight or even death.

The easiest way to know if two gerbils are compatible is by putting them together in a neutral territory. Neutral territory is any place where neither gerbil has been before, so they don’t feel threatened by each other. This can be a temporary cage or even a large plastic storage container.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet gerbil a good and comfortable life!

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