Can Hamsters Eat Bananas? 5 Healthy Nutrients In Bananas

The hamsters are pocket pets that are most lovable and adorable. Many love to see hamsters eating the human foods we love and want to see the expression they eat them so much. If you look on the internet today, there are many hamster banana meme that shows Hamster eating banana.

Hamster and banana have become a buzz on the internet because hamsters with cute little bodies carry bananas bigger than them. Many pet owners question, “can hamster eat banana?” because they are still hesitant to give the hamster fruit like bananas. Let’s learn more about this right here in Learn About Pet.

Can hamsters eat bananas
Can Hamsters Eat Bananas


Can Hamsters Eat Bananas?

Well, bananas are one of the most delicious treats that your Hamster can enjoy. They are very healthy, and they contain vitamins A, C, and D, among other minerals and fiber.

All types of hamsters can eat a banana. Can hamsters eat bananas? Yes, but in a small portion. You can only give your hamster banana twice a week with a half teaspoon per feeding. The right time for hamster eating banana is after another meal or snack time.


Can Hamsters Eat Dry Bananas?

Yes, Hamster can eat a dry banana. Banana is easy to digest by your Hamster, even in the dried version. Many pet owners ask, “can hamsters have bananas by mixing them in fruit salad?” Yes, they can.

To make your Hamster more interested, you can mix hamsters banana with cheese and yogurt so that it tastes better.


Can Dwarf Hamsters Eat Banana?

Yes, Dwarf Hamsters or small-sized Hamsters can eat bananas too. “can dwarf hamsters have bananas with the same portion as a regular-sized banana?” Yes, you can. For a safety measure, give them 1/4 teaspoon or half the normal portion.

Hamster eat banana should be only given occasionally, and not every day. The portion was given to Dwarf hamsters the same as regular-sized hamsters, which is enough two times a week.


How Many Times A Day Do You Feed A Dwarf Hamster?

You should feed your Dwarf hamsters once a day. Why we need to learn about “how much to feed a dwarf hamster?” Because feeding your Hamster the wrong type of food and too much food can lead to an unnatural life span and possible poisoning.

Can hamsters eat bananas for their main meal? It’s best to give them bananas for snack time, not for the main meal. Dwarf hamsters do not require the same kinds of food as other hamsters. The type of food contains more Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and other nutrients that your Dwarf hamsters need to grow properly.


What Fruits Can Hamsters Eat?

Besides hamster eating banana, your Dwarf hamsters also need to be given other types of fruit for their vitamin and nutritional needs. You need to avoid some fruits with too much natural sugar because they are not suitable for your tummy Dwarf Hamster.

Give the dwarf hamster fruit what can hamsters eat and chew with its teeth, such as apples, grapes, mangoes, plums, berries, and watermelons. Can hamsters have banana for the need for vitamins? Yes, with sufficient portions.

When the pet owners ask about “Can Dwarf Hamsters eat bananas?” They just think bananas are good for them. However, there are still many fruits that are better for hamsters.


What Foods That Harmful To Hamsters?

Besides talking about “Can Syrian Hamsters eat banana?” You should know some foods that are harmful to hamsters. Although hamsters are omnivores, you should look at some bad foods for hamsters due to certain ingredients that hamsters cannot withstand.

Some of the foods you should avoid for hamsters are:

Harmful FoodsReasons
Spices and seasoningsSpicy sauce and seasonings are harsh and difficult to digest to hamsters stomach.
GarlicGarlic can make hamster anemia and gastroenteritis because the chemicals from garlic cause indigestion and blood disorders.
Raw potatoesThe chemicals of raw potatoes contain oxalic acid and arsenic which are harmful to hamsters because they are toxic.
Iceberg lettuceIceberg Lettuce can cause diarrhea if eaten in excess.
Salted peanutsSalted peanuts too high in fat and can cause dehydration. Give your hamster unsalted peanuts for good.

After knowing some of the harmful foods to hamsters, of course, you will be more sure about the answer to “can hamsters eat bananas?” Because hamster banana is not one of the harmful foods.

Can hamsters eat bananas
Can Hamsters Eat Bananas


Safe Foods For Dwarf Hamster

We already know about “can hamsters eat banana” with up to enough portions for them. Now, we need to know some hamster safe foods apart from the hamster banana. Let’s take a look at some good food for hamsters and its benefits.


Apples Are Fine For Dwarf Hamster

Apples are also safe food for Dwarf Hamsters as long as there are no seeds. Seedless apples keep Dwarf Hamsters from choking on their seeds. Dwarf Hamster eating apples will get many vitamins such as vitamin C, calcium, and vitamin K.

For a portion of apples suitable for a dwarf hamster, equate the Hamster eating banana portion with a quarter teaspoon once or twice a week.

Can hamsters eat bananas with apples at the same time? If you are giving a smaller portion than usual, then it’s okay to give both. But don’t give it at the same time as the full portion.


Give Your Dwarf Hamster Berry Types

Certain types of berries, such as strawberries, blueberries, and cranberries, are good for Dwarf Hamsters as long as there are no seeds. It’s better to add fresh berries and remove any leaves or stems that are harmful to hamsters.

Many pet owners ask, “can hamsters eat bananas and berries at the same time?” You can give Hamster banana and berries together in a fruit salad with small portions. Let your Hamster eat the fruit one by one.


Timothy Hay For Dwarf Hamsters

Timothy hay is a great food for a balanced diet rather than Hamster eating banana regularly. Timothy Hay has staple components such as minerals and fiber to maintain the digestive tract and regulates weight.

You should pay attention to health supplements for hamsters eating food with timothy hay two to three times a week.


Dwarf hamster Loves Broccoli

Besides the question about “Can Syrian Hamsters Eat Bananas?” and “Can hamsters eat bananas?” Many have asked if broccoli is good for Dwarf hamsters. Hamsters can eat broccoli. They even really like broccoli besides being safe and delicious taste.

Cut the broccoli into small pieces the same way as Hamster eating banana portions and place them in their can. Allow your dwarf Hamsters to pick up the broccoli and finish them off one by one. Broccoli is great for a dwarf hamster diet, and you need to give it three times per week.


Sweet And Crunchy Carrots For Dwarf Hamster

Besides “can hamsters eat banana” because it tastes sweet, you can also give sweet carrots to your Dwarf hamsters. Hamster eating banana because of their soft texture and sweet taste. But carrots also good for hamsters because carrots have a crunchy and sweet structure.

Can hamsters eat bananas with carrots? Better not to give it at the same time. The difference in texture between bananas and carrots is quite significant, so your Hamster can choose only one of the two.


Final Verdict – Can Hamsters Eat Bananas

After many pictures circulating about the hamster banana meme on the internet, many still have doubts about “can hamsters eat bananas?” or was it just a picture. Hamsters can eat bananas in small portions, and you should not give hamsters whole bananas. Too many bananas are also not good for their digestion.

Can hamsters have bananas and mixed with other good food? Certainly can. You can make fruit salads with very small pieces and have various fruit variants such as berries, apples, bananas, and some vegetables.

Can hamsters eat bananas skin? No, that’s not a good idea. Your pet Hamster may have digestive issues.

What can I feed my Hamster other than a banana and have the same or better vitamin content? You can give your hamster broccoli, grapes, mangoes, and berries to add to the flavors your Hamster is familiar with, as well as a few other vitamins that bananas don’t have. You need to be aware of these as a pet lover.

Can hamsters eat bananas
Can Hamsters Eat Bananas

Can hamsters eat bananas with the same portion as a human? Certainly not. There is only a certain portion that you should feed to hamsters and Dwarf hamsters to prevent indigestion from eating too many bananas.

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