Hamster Losing Weight : 9 Clear Tips To Stop Weight Loss

Having a healthy and active hamster is every hamster lover’s dream. Seeing something strange in our pets, such as less activity, obesity, or sudden weight loss, is heartbreaking. We need to address every problem in our hamsters, and weight loss is one of them.

Why is your hamster losing weight? Some of the major factors that can trigger losing weight in hamsters are improper diet, dental complications, stress, illness, and malnourishment. Hamsters that lose weight drastically and don’t stop can be fatal in their life. Too thin or too fat is a sign that hamsters are not in good health.

Do not underestimate the weird conditions that occur in your hamsters. If you still haven’t had time to take your pet to the vet, learn some of the causes of hamster rapid weight loss in this article.

Why is your hamster losing weight
Why is your hamster losing weight?


How Much Does A Hamster Weigh?

Adult hamsters have an average weight of between half an ounce to 10 ounces. In most cases, hamsters’ weight doesn’t exceed 7 to 8 ounces. Pet hamsters have different sizes depending on their age and breed.

Knowing how much your hamster should weigh will help you identify when your hamster is too skinny or overweight. My hamster has lost a lot of weight and reduced its activity in the past week.

It made me concerned about health problems with my pet until I consulted about the hamster rapid weight loss problem.


Why Is My Hamster Losing Weight?

The small variation between 10-30 grams in a hamster’s weight in a few days is normal and nothing to worry about. A major concern happens when the hamster losing weight fast, more than 60 grams in a few days.

A pet hamster losing weight can be faster than usual, and the higher the mortality rate might occur. If you notice any changes in your hamster’s behavior and weight, you should immediately take your hamster to the vet for a medical examination.


Why Is My Hamster Getting Skinnier?

Hamsters can be skinnier because they don’t eat properly or may get sick. Hamster losing weight can become a regular occurrence if it doesn’t reach 10-30 grams recently. Every owner will ask, ‘why is my hamster losing weight’ because they feel they have provided the right portion of food.

Try checking the cleanliness of the hamster cage. Hamsters don’t eat as much because they’re stressed about their surroundings being dirty.


How Do You Know If Your Hamster Is Too Skinny?

Owners notice hamster losing weight drastically. The hamster’s weight is not what it used to be, and the hamster is losing weight rapidly in the last few days.

We can tell from the change in the hamster’s attitude, such as being uncomfortable in the cage, refusing to eat, and not exercising on the spinning wheel.

There are some signs that a hamster is underweight, like their ribs and spine can be easily touched, their skin feels rough, the hamster’s abdominal curve might be carved in, and they sleep a lot.


Why Is My Hamster Getting Thinner?

Check your hamster’s body temperature. If you feel the heat in your hamster and look weak, immediately take your hamster to the vet. Lethargy, weight loss, and other signs of a sick hamster are common symptoms associated with every hamster losing weight.

Hamsters who are sick will affect their appetite. For example, hamsters with kidney inflammation or nephritis will produce urine more than usual, don’t want to eat, and cause hamsters to lose weight.


How To Make Hamsters Fat?

One way to reduce hamster losing weight is to increase their weight. The skinny hamster will not move much, and their condition might worsen if their diet is not changed. Try making a healthy diet with extra protein to increase the hamster’s weight.

Give the hamster hard-boiled eggs or cooked chicken until the hamster’s weight returns to normal.

Hamster weight is not only seen in terms of being too skinny but it must be considered if it starts to look overweight. The overweight hamsters will not do much activity because they get tired easily.


How Can I Fatten Up My Hamster?

The skinny hamsters need help from their owners to restore them to a healthier condition. The hamster rapid weight loss must be addressed before their mortality rate increases. Restoring the hamster’s lost weight must be balanced with foods with extra protein, such as eggs or meat.

My Roborovski hamster losing weight by up to 50 grams in a week. After I took it to the vet, there was a problem with the hamster’s teeth, and it made my pet uncomfortable eating in the last few days. After my hamster’s dental treatment was complete, I focused more on restoring the hamster lost weight.


How To Fatten Up A Skinny Hamster?

How to fatten hamster is not a difficult thing if your hamster didn’t experience health problems. Hamsters are animals that love to eat and are prone to obesity if you don’t monitor their diet properly.

But it will be a big problem if hamster rapid weight loss occurs. Hamsters not eating and lose weight for more than a week can experience worse. Look at how much protein you give your hamster menu.

If your hamster receives about 16% protein or lower, you should provide some nutritionally dense foods. Provide your hamster with fish, chicken, insects, or hard-boiled eggs.


How To Make My Hamster Grow Fat?

Hamster losing weight makes every owner guilty and wants to redeem themselves by giving the best to their pet. My Robo hamster lost weight drastically in just one week because of a problem with his teeth. After the problem is solved, my focus is to restore the weight.

I try to give their favorite food a little more servings than usual. For the first step, I help to slowly thrust the food into the hamster’s mouth until they want to eat. I always keep an eye on how much food my hamster is eating. Consult with the vet about how many servings are needed during the recovery period.

The diet portion that is more than usual will be repeated until they are at the proper weight. I make sure by touching the hamster’s belly until there is no feeling in the hamster’s bones directly.


My Hamster Is Getting Fat – How To Make Hamsters Lose Weight?

The opposite of hamster rapid weight loss is being overweight. If hamsters do not get enough exercise and eat irregularly, they will easily increase their body weight and live an unhealthy life. Ensure you can control your hamsters until they reach average hamster weight.

The table below is a few ways to make hamsters losing weight.

How to lose hamster’s body weightExplanation
Adjusting the hamster’s dietGive the hamster a high-quality food. Look at the label if you are using pet food, ensure the hamster’s nutritional needs and balance their diet with a mix of seeds and cereals.
Get more exercise for your hamsterProvide any toys that make your hamster more active. Balls, blocks, and spinning wheels can be tools for hamsters to exercise.
Health examination by vetCheck your hamster’s health to the vet every few months. If the vet sees your hamster is overweight, the vet will prescribe medication or supplements to restore your hamster’s perfect shape.


How To Get An Overweight Hamster To Lose Weight?

An overweight hamster can cause many problems for the hamster’s health. Obesity or hamsters losing weight rapidly are dangerous because they indicate an unhealthy hamster’s life in activities, food, or lifestyle.

Try to cut down on your hamster’s food for a few days and give them plenty to drink. If your hamster doesn’t want to exercise, remove them from the cage and play with them like playing ball or let them run around the house. Give the hamster time to exercise and play with you until the hamster losing weight.


How To Make My Hamster Lose Weight?

Pay attention to the hamster’s food label when you buy it from a pet store. Ensure you provide low-fat and avoid low-calorie foods. Give your hamster regular time to exercise every day. If they don’t want to run on the spinning wheel, take your hamster out of the cage and let them explore the house while they run.

How to make my hamster lose weight is to give them time to exercise while playing. After I saw my hamster losing weight, I made a routine schedule for hamsters every day for their diet and exercise.

How to make your hamster lose weight is consistency. You need to know how many nutrients and calories your hamster has each day and watch their activity.


Hamster Losing Weight But Is Super Energetic

Several owners are concerned with their hamsters. The hamsters have a lot of activity with their running wheel even though they are losing weight. Hamster eating but losing weight gradually.

After being consulted with the vet, it turned out that the cause was that hamsters had more exercise time than their food consumption. Their energy is spent more on the running wheel and other toys, while they eat less.

Although this condition is no more dangerous than hamster rapid weight loss, there is a possibility that hamsters can get tired easily.


Do Hamsters Lose Weight Before They Die?

It depends on the hamsters themselves. Some hamsters do not affect their eating or drinking habits, but some do not show interest in food and drinks.

Hamsters losing weight and lethargic when they are dying. Their body function is shutting down, and they no longer have the sensation of thirst and hunger. Sometimes pet owners will encounter a hamster rapid weight loss condition while their pet is dying.


How Can You Tell Your Hamster Is Dying?

Several symptoms often appear when a hamster is dying. Hamster losing weight and fur, hamster rapid weight loss, less active, and wet around the tail. The symptoms above are not only specific to when a hamster is dying, but they can also be when a hamster is stressed.

Look at your hamster’s behavior while in the cage. If you see hamsters biting the cage, or doing anything about destructive behavior, try to find a way to calm your pet.

Why is your hamster losing weight
Why is your hamster losing weight?


Signs Of Old Age In Hamsters

Senior hamsters will show some specific conditions. Their activity will decrease drastically, indicating that their energy is not as much as when they were young. The old hamster is losing weight because of their reduced diet and desire to finish the food you give them.

My hamster is lost its fur almost every day as if exposed to a specific disease. The thing that causes concern is the hamster losing weight until it looks skinny. I want to give my hamster the best in old age, but they don’t want to eat as much as when they were young.


Why Is My Dwarf Hamster Losing Weight?

If you have a dwarf hamster weight loss, check whether the possible cause of the hamster is not eating and losing weight. Clean hamsters’ cages of smells and dirt from hamsters. Provide fresh food when they are outside. If the hamster is enthusiastic about the food, the problem is in a dirty cage.

Another possibility is those dwarf hamsters losing weight because they are stressed. Try to calm your hamster down by letting them outside and playing with you. Also, check the type of food you give. Do they show allergies or do not finish the food because they do not like the taste.


Syrian Hamster Mystery Weight Loss

The normal Syrian hamster weight is around 4.5 ounces. If you have a Syrian hamster weight below normal you need to know what causes Syrian hamster weight loss. When you adopt a hamster, your new pet must adapt to its new environment. They can lose weight because they refuse to eat and want to feel safe.

Another possibility is hamster anorexia. Syrian hamsters are more likely to get anorexia by eating little to no food or not drinking at all. Check the hamster’s tooth or mouth. If there are dental problems or cheek pouches, that is the reason the hamster won’t eat.


Why Is My Hamster Losing Weight And Fur?

Check the temperature of the hamster’s cage. If the hamster is losing weight and fur, it might be a sign of illness due to stress with its environment. Give your hamster a room at a suitable temperature for the hamster’s body and not too hot. Provide access to plenty of drinking to avoid dehydration.

Some hamsters can change their physiology and behavior from seasonal changes. Siberian hamsters lose half their weight each winter triggered by daylight changes. Another possibility is that hamsters eat foods that they are allergic to. They will lose their fur and their body weight.


Hamster Has Diarrhea And Losing Weight

Hamsters with diarrhea are signs of infection. My hamsters are going bald and thin when they get infected by their bedding that is contaminated by insects. Syrian hamster losing weight can be done when you have treated hamsters by eliminating any parasites in their bodies.

If the hamster rapid weight loss continues, you should take the hamster to the vet for further medical examination. Do not let the hamster continue to lose body weight because it can be fatal.


Hamster Not Eating And Losing Weight

When the Russian dwarf hamster losing weight and does not eat, it may indicate your hamster is sick. Hamsters are sensitive animals that can get diseases easily. You must ensure their bedding is always clean because a nest of disease can arise from their cage that is not clean.

Hamsters losing weight not eating can be due to their environment and unhealthy diet. Give hamsters their favorite food for a while until you can restore their appetite and increase their portion.


Hamster Losing Weight And Lethargic

Check on your hamster’s body for any injuries in certain parts. Sometimes we don’t realize there is a serious injury that causes the hamster rapid weight loss and doesn’t want to eat. Hamsters are still stressed or in shock with their body condition, so they have no desire to eat.

Other conditions allow hamsters to lose weight. The winter white hamsters are losing weight because of their hibernation process by losing almost half their body weight and limiting food intake. Hamsters are more focused on thickening their fur and maintaining body temperature from the cold season.


Final Verdict – Hamster Losing Weight

Having a hamster with an ideal weight and lots of activity is the goal of every pet owner. Some of the causes of hamsters losing their weight are stress, unhealthy diet, illness, and dental complications.

Why is your hamster losing weight
Why is your hamster losing weight? Is hamster losing weight due to sickness?

Prevent this by identifying the cause and trying to provide more protein meal portions such as boiled eggs, cooked chicken, or other hard protein.

Do not let your hamster be too thin or fat because it can easily get the disease and reduce its activity. Give hamsters time to exercise regularly to stabilize their body weight to ideal.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet hamster a good and comfortable life!

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