Can Mice Eat Strawberries? (7 Interesting Facts)

If you keep mice as pets, you may find yourself considering feeding them on strawberries at some point. But before actually doing that, you may want to know whether feeding mice on strawberries is right. This article has the answer.

Can mice eat strawberries? Yes, strawberries are safe for mice to eat. And the strawberries contain various nutrients that can be beneficial to mice. But strawberries also have a great deal of sugar, which means that mice should only have them in moderation.

If mice eat anything that has lots of sugar in excess, they can develop gastrointestinal upsets and other problems.

Can mice eat strawberries
Can Mice Eat Strawberries?

That is why mice should only have strawberries in moderate quantities.


Are Mice Capable Of Eating Strawberries?

The best place to start a discussion on whether mice can eat strawberries is by finding out whether, in the first place, mice are capable of eating the strawberries.

So, indeed, are mice capable of eating these strawberries? And do mice like strawberries?

The answer is that mice are capable of eating strawberries. And mice do indeed like strawberries. In fact, if you present your mice with strawberries too often, they may stop eating their regular pellets in favor of the strawberries.

That only goes to show how much mice like eating strawberries.

As a matter of fact, even if you don’t keep mice as pets, but you often have strawberries lying around, you may find (pest) mice visiting your house often.

That then leads to the question: why do strawberries attract mice? And the answer is that the strawberries attract mice because mice enjoy eating them.

Sometimes, you even find strawberry farmers trying to figure out how to stop mice eating strawberries in their fields.

That only goes to show how fond of strawberries mice can be.


Are Strawberries Safe For Mice?

Strawberries are (largely) safe for mice.

Chemical analysis of strawberries reveals nothing that is outright toxic for mice.

The only potentially problematic thing in strawberries is the high sugar level they happen to have. On account of this, mice that get to eat too many strawberries at once may develop stomach upsets, and other symptoms.

But if mice only eat a few strawberries once a while, they should be alright.

People who keep mice as pets often feed them on strawberries, without any negative incidents. We can thus conclude that strawberries are safe for mice: unless they happen to eat too many of them at once.


Are Strawberries Beneficial For Mice?

There are nutrients in strawberries that mice can draw huge benefits from.

Strawberries are rich in vitamin C. There are lots of other antioxidants in strawberries. And the strawberries are also rich in moisture and fiber. The sugar in strawberries can be a source of energy for mice.

We can therefore say that strawberries are beneficial for mice.


Can Mice Eat Strawberries?

So far, from our analysis, we have learnt that mice are capable of eating strawberries.

We have also learnt that strawberries are both safe and greatly beneficial to mice in nutritional terms.

Considering these facts, we can only say that strawberries are good for mice. Therefore mice can eat strawberries: but only in moderate quantities, due to the strawberries’ high sugar content.


Which Parts Of Strawberries Can Mice Eat?

A strawberry has many components: including its fruit, its leaves, its stem, its roots and its seeds.

The question that comes up is on which of these parts of strawberries mice can eat. In other words, can mice have strawberries fruits, leaves, stems, roots, seeds and so on? Or are some parts of strawberry not ideal for mice?

Let’s look at some of these strawberry parts in turn.


Can Mice Eat Strawberry Fruit?

Strawberry fruit is good for mice.

Indeed, most of the people who feed their mice on strawberry give them the fruit specifically.

You only need to wash it thoroughly. Then slice it into smaller bits, before giving it to the mice.

While at it, someone may ask, can mice eat strawberries with skin? And the answer is ‘yes’, though some people may prefer to remove the skin in order to limit the risk of exposing their mice to pesticides.

Can mice eat strawberries
Can Mice Eat Strawberries Everyday?


Can Mice Eat Strawberries Leaves?

There are some experts who say that strawberry leaves may contain cyanide (which the plants use adaptively as a pest deterrent).

This cyanide is more present in freshly harvested strawberry leaves. But with time, it does vent away.

Now cyanide can be toxic to mice. To avoid risking your mice’s lives, it is best to just keep them away from strawberry leaves.


Can Mice Eat Strawberries Seeds?

Sometimes, strawberries seeds may happen to contain some level of cyanide. Not as much as that which is in apple seeds, but nonetheless some level of cyanide.

Since cyanide can be toxic to mice, it is best to ensure that mice don’t eat strawberries seeds.


Can Mice Drink Strawberry Juice?

It is best not to give mice strawberry juice.

The level of concentrated sugar in the strawberry juice may be too high for a mouse’s digestive system. It can therefore potentially cause stomach upsets.

You are better off giving your mice fresh strawberries – not strawberry juice.


Which Types Of Strawberries Can Mice Eat?

Strawberries come in many forms. Those include fresh strawberries, raw strawberries, dried strawberries, frozen strawberries and so on.

The question that follows is on which of those forms of strawberries mice can eat.

Let’s look at some of them in turn.


Can Mice Eat Fresh Strawberries?

Fresh strawberries are good for mice.

When wild or pet mice happen to find fresh strawberries, they tend to relish them.

The fresh strawberries are also safe (in moderate quantities) and beneficial for mice.

Therefore mice can eat fresh strawberries.


Can Mice Eat Raw Strawberries?

Yes, mice should eat raw strawberries.

To put it differently, if you have to give your mice strawberries, make sure they are raw. Not cooked. Mice’s digestive systems aren’t exactly designed for cooked foods.

Thus raw strawberries are the best for mice.


Can Mice Eat Frozen Strawberries?

If you have to feed your mice on frozen strawberries, give them (the strawberries) time to thaw first.

Once the strawberries thaw and come to room temperature, you can feed your mice on them.

But it is not very ideal to just pick freezing strawberries from the fridge and give them directly to the mice.


Which Types Of Mice Can Eat Strawberries?

There are many categories into which mice fall. Those range from pet mice, wild mice, field mice, fancy mice, baby mice and so on.

The question that arises is on which of these types of mice can eat strawberries.

Let’s look at some in turn.


Do Pet Mice Eat Strawberries?

Pet mice do eat strawberries.

Many people who keep mice as pets give them strawberries once in a while. And the mice seem to enjoy them greatly.

Sometimes, pet mice may even ‘steal’ strawberries: if they come upon on (and without being allowed to eat them).

So, yes, pet mice do eat strawberries.


Do Wild Mice Eat Strawberries?

In the course of their constant travels, wild mice do sometimes come across the strawberries that grow in the wild.

When they happen to come across such strawberries, the wild mice typically proceed to devour them.

Therefore the answer is ‘yes’, wild mice do eat strawberries.


Do Field Mice Eat Strawberries?

Field mice that happen to find strawberries will usually stop, and focus on eating the strawberries.

This means that if you grow strawberries, you may need to put in place measures to deter mice.

All in all, field mice do eat strawberries, when they find them.


Can Fancy Mice Eat Strawberries?

Fancy mice can definitely eat strawberries.

In fact, if you present a fancy mouse with a regular pellet and a strawberry, the mouse will typically opt for the strawberry.

So the true position is that fancy mice eat strawberries.


Can Baby Mice Eat Strawberries?

It is possible for baby mice to eat strawberries.

But if you have baby pet mice, you need to feed them on strawberries in great moderation.

The baby mice’s digestive systems may not yet be very well developed. Therefore if they eat too much strawberry, they can end up suffering all manner of ill digestive upsets.


How Much Strawberry Should Mice Eat?

One challenge that tends to arise, when it comes to feeding mice on strawberries, is that of figuring out how much strawberry to give them.

So, how much strawberry is enough for mice? And how much strawberries is too much for mice? The answer is that mice should only have one or two strawberries in a day.

Anything beyond two strawberries may prove too much for a mouse.

Alternatively, you can provide mice with several strawberries. Then have them eat as much as they will within 30 minutes. Then remove whatever the mice haven’t eaten within that half hour duration.

While at it, how often should mice eat strawberry? For instance, can mice eat strawberries daily?

The truth of the matter is that mice shouldn’t eat strawberries too frequently. For sure, giving mice strawberries on a daily basis would be wrong.

A better approach would be to give the mice strawberries once or twice per week: as a treat.


Final Verdict – Can Mice Eat Strawberries

Mice are capable of eating strawberries. In fact, strawberries are among the food items that mice really enjoy eating.

The strawberries, in moderate quantities, are largely safe for mice. In excess though, strawberries can cause stomach upsets to mice – due to their rather high level of sugar.

Strawberries have vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber, moisture and other nutrients that are useful to mice.

It is best to feed mice on fresh strawberry fruits that are thoroughly washed and cut up into pieces.

Can mice eat strawberries
Can Mice Eat Strawberries Daily?

You can have mice feed on as much strawberry as they will within half an hour. Then take whatever strawberry they haven’t managed to eat within the half hour duration away.

In more general terms, one or two strawberries should be enough for a mouse in a day.

And you should only have your pet mice eat strawberries occasionally – like twice per week at most – as a treat.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet mouse a good and comfortable life!

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