Cinnamon Pearl Cockatiel : Care, Cost, Cool Personality

Cinnamon pearl cockatiels are among the most unique and interesting pets one can keep. In this article, you will find comprehensive information about these cockatiels: including how exactly they look, their care needs and how you can obtain one for yourself.

The Cinnamon pearl cockatiel is one that has the brownish cinnamon color, with feathers whose edges (tips) are of a different color – usually yellow – giving rise to a pearly pattern. This pearly pattern is as a result of a color mutation.

In this cockatiel, the usual cool gray color normally found in most other cockatiels is lacking. This is due to a recessive gene, which affects melanin production.

The pearl cinnamon cockatiel may also have the pied pattern. Thus it becomes a cinnamon pied pearl cockatiel.

Cinnamon pearl cockatiel
Cinnamon Pearl Cockatiel

In the latter case, besides having the solid cinnamon color, the bird has a blotch of some other color on its body. So that is what makes it a cockatiel cinnamon pearl pied bird.

The cockatiel cinnamon pearl pattern results in a very beautiful bird.

Even more complex than the cinnamon pearl pied cockatiel is a whiteface cinnamon pearl pied cockatiel. This is a cinnamon color bird, but which also happens to have the pearl, pied and whiteface mutations.

If the bird has the lutino color mutation, then it may be a lutino cinnamon pearl cockatiel…

At its core though, the pearl cinnamon cockatiel is one that has the brownish cinnamon base color, with feather edges or tips of a different color: usually yellow.

Those different feather edges are what give it the pearl pattern: a somewhat dotted pattern.

In terms of things like personality, trainability, intelligence and care needs it is akin to any other cockatiel.


What Is A Cinnamon Pearl Cockatiel?

In the simplest terms, a pearl cinnamon cockatiel is one whose core color is cinnamon (brownish) and which also has the pearl pattern.

The pearl pattern means that the bird’s feathers’ edges are of a different color: usually yellow.

So the cinnamon pearl cockatiel names are descriptive of exactly how the bird looks.

What makes a cockatiel have the cinnamon color is a certain recessive gene. This gene has an effect on the bird’s melanin production.

Ultimately, the bird lacks the black or cool grey we see in other cockatiels. It ends up being cinnamon in color.

On the other hand, the pearl pattern is a result of color mutation. This is what leads to the edges of the feathers having a different color: making them look like pearls.

So you find the typically brownish yellow cinnamon pearl cockatiel having feathers whose edges are of a different color.

In a newly hatched cinnamon pearl cockatiel baby, these patterns may not be very clear. But after its first molt, they start becoming clearer.

One typically just has to make reference to the cinnamon pearl cockatiel growth chart. From that, it should be clear when to expect the bird to have its first molt. That is also when its color and pattern becomes clearer.


How Does A Cinnamon Pearl Cockatiel Look?

There are two features that define the appearance of a pearl cinnamon cockatiel.

First is the fact that the bird’s core color is cinnamon: a shade of brown.

And second is the fact that the bird’s feathers have edges of a different color: usually yellow. This is what we refer to as a pearl pattern.

Any other color mutations the bird has may have a further impact on how it looks.

Take, for instance, if it is a white face cinnamon pearl cockatiel. This is often literally a white faced cinnamon pearl cockatiel.

Thus in a whiteface cinnamon pearl cockatiel, the face is white. The rest of the body has cinnamon (brownish) color. And the feathers have edges of a different color – usually yellow.

By the way, the said cinnamon pearl whiteface cockatiel is very rare. If you research on what is the rarest cockatiel color mutation, you see that it is the white face one.

And if you set out in search of a whiteface cinnamon pearl cockatiel for sale, you will get further proof of how rare it can be.

In the end though, we see that the pearl cinnamon cockatiel has two defining features. It has cinnamon color: which is medium brown. And its feathers have edges of a different color – usually yellow.

By the way, cinnamon pearl cockatiel gender can have an impact on how exactly the bird looks at maturity.

If you research on how can you tell if a cinnamon pearl cockatiel is male or female, you will see that the color pattern has a role.

In a cinnamon pearl cockatiel female bird, the pearl pattern remains full even after first molting. But in a male cinnamon pearl cockatiel, it tends to fade, after the first molting.


How Is The Cinnamon Pearl Cockatiel Personality?

The cinnamon color and pearl pattern doesn’t really affect the bird’s personality.

Thus cinnamon pearl cockatiel behavior is akin to that of any other cockatiel.

And the cinnamon pearl cockatiel trainability is like that of any other. So is the cinnamon pearl cockatiel intelligence as a whole.

In general terms, this is a friendly bird, with a curious mind. It can also be quite a bit vocal. And it is very highly trainable. People sometimes even manage to teach theirs to sing some tunes!

After all, this is a parrot, like any other.

There may however be a slight cinnamon pearl cockatiel male female difference, when it comes to learning some things.

We, for instance, often find the males having more varied vocal abilities than the females. But it may still be possible to teach a female cinnamon pearl cockatiel bird to perform fairly hard vocal tasks.

Nonetheless, there is that cinnamon pearl pied cockatiel female and male difference.

Indeed, one way of spotting cinnamon pearl pied cockatiel male or female differences is by listening to their vocals.


How Are Pearl Cinnamon Cockatiel Care Needs?

These birds really have no special care needs. Their needs for care are akin to those for other cockatiels.

Starting with cinnamon pearl cockatiel food needs, we see that the birds require things like seeds and sprouts. Nuts are also good for them. And they can benefit from vegetables and fruits.

There are even commercial pellets you can buy for them.

You can avoid certain cinnamon pearl cockatiel health issues through proper feeding.

Besides proper food, the birds need cages without enough space to move about. You need to ensure that there are proper perches in the cages.

Whenever possible, you need to allow them time out of their cages.

Cinnamon pearl cockatiel
Cinnamon Pearl Cockatiel


Is A Pearl Cinnamon Cockatiel Rare?

A pearl cinnamon cockatiel is neither very common nor too rare.

But if you want one with other color mutations – like the white face mutation – then that can be very rare. So that sort of white cinnamon pearl cockatiel can prove quite hard to get.

There are times when it may prove impossible to find anyone with a white faced cinnamon pearl cockatiel for sale.

If you add further white face cinnamon pearl cockatiel male or female preferences, then things can get even harder.

Even looking at the typical white faced cinnamon pearl cockatiel price, you see that it is higher. This means that such birds are somewhat rarer.

They are rare because getting them requires certain cinnamon pearl cockatiel mating coincidences, which are hard to occur.

But normal pearl cinnamon cockatiels are really not that rare. They may not be as common as the normal grey parrots. But neither are they too rare.

As breeders set out to deliberately breed them, they are becoming even more common.


How To Acquire A Pearl Cinnamon Cockatiel?

There are breeders who specialize in these sorts of exotic pets, and from whom you can buy one.

It is important to remember that the cockatiel is really simply a parrot. Thus any breeder who sells parrots is likely to have them.

What if you don’t know any people locally who sell parrots? In that case, what you need to do is take your search online.

So you search online for parrots vendors. Then you get in touch with them, and ask them specifically for this type.

If the parrots seller you get in touch with online is in another nation, there can be challenges. Buying the parrots from him may be a question of ‘importing’. And there can be legal issues there.

Still, if you are really keen on getting the parrots, it shouldn’t be too hard to go round the challenges.

Other than searching online, you can ask around, for parrots sellers near you.

Once you find a local parrots breeder, get in touch with him, and ask them to sell you a pearl cinnamon cockatiel.

If they don’t have them, they may refer you to other local breeders who may have such parrots.

Someone in your social circle may have been keeping this type of parrot, but is no longer able to continue doing so. If you find one such person, you can adopt the parrot from them.

So when it comes to acquiring a pearl cinnamon cockatiel, there are so many options open to you.


How Much Does A Cinnamon Pearl Cockatiel Cost?

The cost of a cockatiel can be as little as $30 and as much as $250.

For a cinnamon cockatiel specifically, the price is typically in the $130-$170 range.

And for a pearl cockatiel (of any color), the price is usually in the $150 to $210 range.

It follows then, that an amount in the $160 to $210 is the much you may need to pay for a pearl cinnamon cockatiel.

Much of course depends on the breeder you will be dealing with. Some dealers mostly sell their parrots at rather high prices. They try to charge as much as they can get away with.

Others sell their parrots at rather low prices. They try to charge as little as they can, with the hope of selling their birds at higher volumes.

Ultimately though, an amount in the $160 to $210 is what you may need to pay for this parrot. And that may go up to as much as $250 in some cases.

This may look like a lot of money to pay for a bird. But look at it this way: here, you are getting a pet that you may stay with for as many as 2 decades.

And you are getting a bright pet, with which you can do lots of fun things.


Final Verdict – Cinnamon Pearl Cockatiel

A pearl cinnamon cockatiel is one whose color is cinnamon (a shade of brown), with feathers whose edges are of a different color – usually yellow.

The ‘pearl’ part of the name is a reference to that feather color pattern. So it is a pattern in which the feathers have edges of a different color, making them look like ‘pearls’.

In this particular case, you find the feathers being of cinnamon color (a shade of brown). But the edges of those feathers are of a different color, usually yellow.

That then makes the birds pearl cinnamon cockatiels.

Cinnamon pearl cockatiel
Cinnamon Pearl Cockatiel

The cinnamon color arises due to a recessive gene, which affects melanin production. On the other hand, the pearl pattern occurs as a result of a color mutation.

Like all other cockatiels, and parrots in general, the pearl cinnamon cockatiels are bright and friendly. They are also easily trainable, and capable of being quite independent.

You can purchase a pearl cinnamon cockatiel from breeders who deal in parrots.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet parrot a good and comfortable life!

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