How To Keep Rats Away From Bird Cages? 12 Cool Ways To Rat Proof Your Bird Cage

My brother ran to shock me with the news that a‎ rat attacked my bird. I was so furious that I wanted to buy a mice proof bird cage, but I didn’t know if it existed. That’s why I did some research.

How to keep rats away from bird cages? Rats and mice always bother birds, and they are often attracted to the food slices in the birdcage. So never leave the food mess in the cell, and the worst-case scenario, but poisons and install traps outside the cage.

The blog post will discuss how to keep mice away from bird cages, building a rat proof bird bath, and making a DIY rat proof bird feeder. Let’s start the article right now.

How to keep rats away from bird cages
How to keep rats away from bird cages – Rat proof bird cage


Why Do Rats Bother Birds?

You might have seen the rats coming to your bird cages and bother the precious birds repeatedly.

Now, if you’re thinking that the mice have been bothering your bird, it is not valid, as the mouse will not eat up or want to attack an alive and healthy bird.

So why do birds attract rats?

Birds don’t attract rats, and the main thing which causes the rats to come again is the bird seeds. Rats would love to eat the bird seeds, and that’s why they will not leave your birds alone.


How To Keep Rats Away From Bird Cages?

It is often asked how to keep rats away from bird cages? It is not very difficult if you know the basics about the behavior of rats.

I got some of the best ways to keep the rats wandering near your precious birds or harming them.


Build Rat Traps

How to keep rats away from bird cages? Building a rat trap will fix your problem. The first cage that you make for the rat must be tempting.

Place some butter in the rat cage or some other foods that mice like, it will make the rat go crazy, and you can easily catch the mice.

Some of the traditional mouse traps have a slice of cheese on the side, and when it tries to eat the cheese, it will be caught.

Nowadays, some other traps might be used which are advanced, and you can also use some aromatic compounds which attract mice and then catch them quickly to get rid of them.


Clean The Floor Regularly

How to keep mice away from birdcage using the principles of cleanliness? As far as the rats are concerned, they love dirty places.

Keeping all your floors and the birdcage clean and disinfected regularly will make your bird get a sigh from rats for some time.

So regularly sanitize the floor, and clean the mess inside the birdcage. It will eventually repel the rats away.

If you regularly clean the bird seeds and other food crumbs and leftovers from the birdcage, it would decrease the chances of the mouse coming back by 40%.

It is because mice are attracted towards the food in the birdcage, which is why they would never leave the birds alone.


‎Move Pet Rat Cage Elsewhere If You Have One

Shifting the rat cage will help you with how to keep rats away from bird cages. For example, if your pet rat is going to the birdcage again, it’s time to move the pet rat cage.

See another place for your rat, and place the cage far away from where it doesn’t reach the bird. You can also shift the rat to another room or on another floor where it won’t see the cage.

In this way, less interaction between your mouse and bird will help it get back in the bird cage and help reduce your burden somehow.


‎Elevate The Bird Cage From Ground Level

My friend kept asking me to tell a great technique regarding how to stop mice from getting into bird cage. I was curious that moving the cage might not be that effective, as a rat can easily approach it.

So instead of moving away from the birdcage, elevating the birdcage to a height, the rat couldn’t reach the best option.

Perhaps, you can hang the cage in the middle of a roof, or take a stand, fit it horizontally and then place the cage on the elevated Stand.

It would be better than placing the cage on the floor, table or even mounting it on a wall. Plus, the chances of mice entering a bird’s food cage decrease by 60% when the cage is hung higher.


‎Use Rat Repellent Spray Around Bird Cages

Using a rat baffle for bird feeder or repellent spray around the cages will help a lot.

A repellent spray is something with a pungent smell that annoys the rats. Spray the whole repellent spray over the feeder and the cage, and it will keep the rat away.

But be careful while spraying around the bird cages, as it could harm the birds as well. That’s why it is essential to choose a rat repellent with ingredients not harmful to birds.


Seal Up Holes In Bird Cage

How to keep rats away from bird cages? Can you do it by filling the cage holes?

If you assume the cage hole and the size of mice, it would be easier for the rats and mice to sneak through the holes. Put a cloth over the cage, or fill the big hole to deter them.

Also, if there are any holes in your room, it would be very beneficial to fill the gaps in the passage of a mouse. Find the spots in your room which are causing the mouse to come back. Once you find those holes, it would be straightforward to get rid of them.


‎Introduce Both Pets To Get Along Nicely

What if I tell you that you can keep the mouse and birds together as friends? If that happened, there would be no need for: how to keep mice out of a bird cage?

If you have a pet mouse and a bird, it is time to introduce them and let them spend some time together.

Give your bird enough time as it might not get comfortable with the rat in the first two, but after successful two to three visits, the bird might feel better and accept the mouse as its friend.

How to keep rats away from bird cages
How to keep rats away from bird cages?


Change Bird Feed To What Rats Don’t Like

I’ve seen some bird seeds, rats won’t eat them, and they dislike seed-type foods. This idea will extend your effort on how to keep rats away from bird cages.

There are some foods that a rat is attracted to and is visiting the birdcage repeatedly to eat them. If the wild rats aren’t backing off, you might need to change the birds’ feed.

Take some bird seed, which is not a pleasant diet for rats, and it might help you permanently get rid of the rats as they leave the places where rats can’t find their suitable food.


Additional Protection On Top Of Bird Cage

A mouse proof bird cage still needs some modifications on its top so that the mouse won’t counterattack it from any side.

Surprisingly, rats are excellent climbers. They readily reach the greatest trees and walls when someone is chasing them.

That is why putting a birdcage higher will be useless if you haven’t provided some advanced safety measures.

You can fill any hole on the upside of the cage or take away the cell from the walls where the rat can easily climb.


Use Narrow Bar Bird Cages To Keep Rats Away

How to keep rats away from bird cages using narrow slit cages? It is statistically proven that bird cages with thin bars are essentially beneficial in getting the rats away from the cell.

The narrow bar will not let the rats go inside the cage, and after numerous attempts, the mice will not come back as it knows that it’s no use to go back to a place where it can’t eat leftovers.

A narrow bar cage will not be costly, and you can see amazon for the low price cages.

Check out these excellent birdcage for your bird:


‎Protect Bird Feeders From Above And Below

The best idea to make a rat proof aviary is to ensure it’s safe and secure from above and below. To protect the aviary, there are two things you can do:

  • Make the cage higher to a point away from the wall
  • Cover the cage, and spray some mouse repellent. But, make it won’t make your birds sick


Protect Bird Seed Supply From Rats

How to keep rats away from bird cages? Protecting the bird seeds is an essential step in removing the rats from the bird’s territory.

Bird seeds should be placed in a metal-covered box so rats might not chase its scent, and also try to use some plastic bins which can be used to store the seeds.

So, when you protect the supply of food particles from the rats (which are the leading cause of attraction), rats attacking the bird for the food will lessen.

That’s why I would also state that protecting the seeds is the most crucial step in keeping the rats away from innocent birds.


How To Get Rid Of Rats In Bird Aviary?

A mouse proof bird aviary is not simple to make. It would require a lot of effort and some trials, after which you will be able to conclude which thing is better to deter the rats.

How do I get rid of rats and mice around bird aviary?

The rodents and rats would be very annoyed to see the repellent spray or poisons around the bird cages. That’s why the ratio of rats running away from bird cages due to rush and toxins is higher.

Also, you can hang the cage to a place higher than any mouse or rodent might get up to make sure your bird won’t get harassed by the filthy wild mice!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do You Rat Proof A Bird Cage?

‎How to keep rats away from bird cages? To ensure that rats won’t come back, please clean the bird cage, and use some mouse repellent sprays.


How Can I Feed Birds Without Attracting Rats?

‎How to keep rats away from bird cages and not attract the mouse while feeding the birds? The mouse is only attracted to the bird’s feed.

The bird seeds are fascinating for the mouse, and that’s why you should cover the seeds after the bird has finished eating.


Do Rats Harm Birds?

When thinking about a rat, a bird cage might not be the best thing to secure the birds fed with bird seeds.

But rats won’t harm birds as long as they don’t find an injured bird, but if rats find any bird with injury, you will see that the rats will eat them alive!


Will Cayenne Pepper In Bird Seed Keep Rats Away?

How to keep mice out of bird cage using cayenne pepper? Strong and pungent smells often repel the rodents.

A mouse and any rodent-like rabbits will dislike the smell of cayenne pepper, chilies, and black pepper as their scent is very irritating.

That’s why sprinkling some cayenne pepper will help repel the rats away from the bird cages.

How to keep rats away from bird cages
How to keep rats away from bird cages – Rat proof bird cage


Final Verdict On Rabbits Jumping Over Each Other

That was all about how to keep rats away from bird cages. If you’re still wondering about keeping the rats out of your house, call the local animal service and get their help.

As a Pet lover, make sure your learn about pet birds properly and rat proof bird cages to increase their lifespan.

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