Do Chameleons Need Light At Night? (9 Cool Facts)

Many pet parents ask the question that do chameleons need light at night. Chameleons belong to reptiles, and they are popular pets nowadays. It is very attractive to see when they change their color and when they climb the tree branches. But they are very sensitive nature wise any change in environment or diet may result in a behavior change.

Do chameleons need light at night? At night they need low temperatures as compared to the daytime. The bulb with low voltage like IR heat lamp and nightlight red heat lamp is the best thing to put in the tank at night. You should turn on UVB lighting for about ten to twelve hours, and it should be off at night.

In this article, we will discuss whether baby chameleons need light at night, what temperature should my chameleon tank be at night, chameleon heat setup, and many other things related to these. Let’s dive into the details of do chameleons need light at night.

Do chameleons need light at night
Do chameleons need light at night?


Do Chameleons Need Heat At Night?

Do chameleons need light at night?  Even though they are very popular pets now, many owners don’t know how to provide heat to them. You should know the day and night schedule of chameleons if you want to keep them.

Some owners buy the heating lights and night lights, and they turn off the heating system at night. You should know whether the heating is required at night or not.

Do chameleons need light at night?  The chameleon is not a nocturnal animal. That is why they are very active on days, and they may sleep at night. They are unique living things, and chameleons see infrared or UV colors more than humans.

They see the dark color. Their eye receptors are more shaped than humans. They can easily see the light of that intensity that is not seen by the human eye.

At night time if you place or put any things in the tank of a chameleon, then they are not able to sleep because light disturbs their sleep cycle. When you disturb the sleep cycle, then this may lead to behavioral and other health issues.

If you see your chameleon comfortable and happy, you must provide him rest and adequate sleep and don’t put any light at night in the chameleon’s enclosure.


Do Veiled Chameleons Need Light At Night?

They don’t need light at night because at night they want to sleep. Do chameleons need light at night?  When there is any light in the habitat of a chameleon, this will disturb the sleeping, resulting in serious health issues. They need low temperatures at night. That is why many owners turn off the UVB lighting for about 12 hours a day, and they remain to turn on in the meantime.

Do chameleons need light at night?  You should turn off all lights in the enclosure to provide a good and comfortable sleep. It is necessary for them. When there is no proper sleep, then it results in the improper digestion of food. There is a risk of several diseases.


Do Chameleons Need UVB Light At Night?

Do chameleons need any light at night? When they are in captivity, they need UVB lights because they need light for the processing of calcium. When there is no light, then they need difficulty and which results in various metabolic diseases. That is why it is necessary to arrange a lighting setup in the tank.


Do Chameleons Need A Heat Lamp At Night?

Do veiled chameleons need a heat lamp? Yes, if there is cold weather outside the tank, then they need a heat lamp. They are ectothermic animals, and they are adaptable to hot climates. They are cold-blooded animals; it means that they cannot maintain their body temperature when there is any fluctuation in the external environment.


What Temperature Do Chameleons Need?

It is important to know the optimum day and night temperature for chameleons. In the daytime, if there is cold weather outside, they need 70-80 F, and in Celsius, it is about 21-27. In the warm region, the temperature should be between 80-85 F and in Celsius 27-29.

For a Veiled chameleon, the temperature at night must be 90-100 F and 32-38 C. You can monitor the temperature of tanks with the help of temperature. If there is a high temperature, then you can turn off the heating lamp. UVB light for chameleons is effective.


Do Chameleons Sleep With Light?

Yes, they can sleep with light but only when you cover the cage or habitat with a cloth or any other thing. They need darkness to sleep. That is why it is recommended that you should turn off the lighting in the habitat to provide them with good sleep.


What Kind Of Lighting Does A Veiled Chameleon Need?

A veiled chameleon needs UVB lighting for calcium processing. Do chameleons need light at night?  In the wild, they gain heat from basking, but when they are in captivity, you can provide the lighting and heat with the help of artificial means. You should only give them light in the daytime. There should be no light in the nighttime.

Do chameleons need light at night
Do chameleons need light at night?


When Should I Turn Off My Chameleon Lights?

When there is no light in the habitat of a chameleon, then it may result in bone diseases due to the accumulation of excess calcium in bones. Light plays an important role in the processing of calcium.

So, it is the best technique to turn on the light for about ten to twelve hours during day time and turn it off at night. Turning off at night time is important because they don’t sleep in light.


Chameleon Lighting Setup

Do chameleons need light at night?  It is important to know chameleon lighting requirements. One of the best ways to provide lighting to them is by creating a light schedule. It would be best to know that light is important for them but only in the daytime.

Light is an important factor if you see them healthy and normal. Chameleon light bulbs are essential to provide light when there is no sunlight.

You should provide them heat for about twelve hours but only in a day. Make a schedule for giving lighting to them and turn off all the lighting procedures at night to give them a good sleep.  If there is no sunlight, then it is recommended that you artificially provide him with light.


Do Jackson Chameleons Need Light At Night?

Do chameleons need light at night? Yes, they need light at night. They are adaptable to live in the cooler area as they live in the mountains and forests of Africa. It means that they need a slightly cooler temperature than a veiled and panther chameleon. You should know the pedigree of chameleons then provide them heat accordingly.

Jackson chameleons need temperatures of

  • Basking Spot 85°F to 88°F
  • Ambient 75°F to 82°F

There is different temperature for babies of Jackson chameleon you should set the temperature of the basking spot between 82-85 Fahrenheit.


How To Maintain The Optimum Temperature For My Chameleon?

You should maintain the temperature for chameleons because they need an optimum temperature for proper or normal life functioning. When there is any temperature change, then it may lead to serious complications. Sometimes it may result in behavioral changes in the chameleon.

You can use the basking lamp to set the temperature and then maintain it. It is good to give high temperatures in the daytime, and they need low temperatures at night. That is why many owners turn off the heating lamp at night to minimize the heating effect in an enclosure.

You can use fifty Watt halogen bulbs inside the tank for providing heat. The place to fix the bulb is important to know. The bulb should be on the ceiling of the tank so that there will be equal heat all over the tank.

The distance between a light bulb and perch should be 6-8 inches, which is considered a good basking spot. You need to set the temperature then maintain it. For maintenance, you can use the thermometer. If there is any fluctuation in the temperature, you can correct it by knowing the temperature with the help of a thermometer.


What If My Chameleon’s Temperatures Are Wrong?

In many cases, new pet parents cannot control the temperature of the setup, which results in a high or low temperature that can cause serious complications. There are different temperature requirements for different regions of the world.

When there is extreme weather outside, or there is very cold weather, you should set the temperature and provide the optimum temperature for the proper functioning of all organs.

You can use the thermometer to measure the temperature, but the chameleon also tells you by showing some signs that he is feeling cold or hot. Can chameleons be in the dark at night? When they are feeling cold, then their color becomes dark. The dark color is due to the absorption of light and heat. This is a natural adaptation for them. So, if you see a chameleon’s dark color, you need to make the temperature warm.

When they feel hot, they open up their mouths and show bright coloring patterns to eradicate the excess heat and make them cool. You can see this type of behavior when they sit directly in front of the sun. You should adjust the temperature that is suitable for them.

If there is a minute temperature difference, then you need not worry about this. This will not harm your chameleon. When there is extreme hotness or coldness, then it may cause a burn. Another thing is dehydration that can also be due to extreme weather. Cold weather may result in improper digestive functioning, and that leads to several stomach issues.


How To Keep Chameleons Warm At Night?

Many important ways are there that are very best to make the enclosure, cage warm if there is cold weather outside the tank. In the cooler region, you need to give them a warm environment because their body is adaptable to the warm weather. If there is too low a temperature in the habitat of a chameleon, then you should make it optimum.

Following are the points that are worth considering if you want to make a chameleon warm.


Heat Room, Not Enclosure

You make the whole room warm by using a heater instead of only heating the habitat or tank. In this way, you don’t need any heater, especially for the enclosure. A heat lamp emits infrared light, which can disturb the chameleon when you turn it on for more than twelve hours a day.


Cover Enclosure

You can cover the tank with a piece of cloth or fabric just the same as bird owners cover the cage of birds. It is helpful in temperature maintenance at night, especially when there is cold weather outside the tank.


Chameleon Light Schedules

One of the most important methods is to create a light schedule. You have to give light to them for about ten to twelve hours, and then after that, you can turn it off. This will be helpful for you to provide them good sleep at night and during the day. You can give them enough light that is important for the metabolism of calcium.

Do chameleons need light at night
Do chameleons need light at night? Do chameleons need light at night in summer? Do chameleons need light at night in winter?


Final Verdict On Do Chameleons Need Light At Night

Do chameleons need light at night? Chameleons need less time in the daytime as compared to night. You can give light for about twelve hours in the day. After that, you can turn off the light source to enjoy the natural daylight.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet chameleon a good and comfortable life!

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