Bearded Dragon Climbing: Do Bearded Dragons Like To Climb? 6 Simple Ways To Stop Them

Many beardie owners are curious to know the answer to the question that bearded dragons can climb. Some Reptiles are climbing trees, all of them are not able to climb. You should know about beardie climbing behavior because if you don’t know this, you may lose your bearded dragon like many owners complain that their bearded dragons are not in the tank. The main reason behind this is the climbing behavior.

Do bearded dragons like to climb? Of course, they can. Bearded dragon climbing is not a rare sight. Bearded dragons are known as semi-arboreal animals that mean they spend most of their daytime climbing off the ground and trees when they are in the wild. When bearded dragons are in captivity, they spend less time climbing.

Bearded dragon climbing
Bearded Dragon Climbing

In this article, we will discuss bearded dragon climbing structures, do bearded dragons like to climb, bearded dragon climbing accessories, and many other things like these. Let’s dive into the details of this topic.


Do Bearded Dragons Like To Climb?

Yes, they like to climb. Bearded dragons climbing trees in the wild, too busy themselves. There are many reasons behind bearded dragon climbing. Climbing is an intuitive and natural behavior for them, and they do this behavior regularly.

When bearded dragons are in the wild, they do this type of activity. But when they are in captivity, they cannot do this—lack of activity results in boredom and anxiety.

Why bearded dragon climbing ladder?  Bearded dragon ladders climbing results in the loss of bearded dragons. That is why you need to keep an eye on bearded dragons when they are outside the tank.

Do bearded dragons like to climb?  They can also climb the ladder; they can also climb trees and logs. Bearded dragon climbing logs easily because they are great climbers. When bearded dragons get bored due to stimulation lack, then it results in bearded dragon climbing. They can also save themselves from any predators.

When they are in captivity, you should provide them materials like rocks and other accessories to entertain and don’t get bored. The bearded dragon is a ground dweller. This means that they can climb branches and rocks. Bearded dragon climbing branches for entertainment purposes.

Can Bearded Dragons Climb

Yes, bearded dragons can climb things because it is present in their behavior naturally. Do bearded dragons climb?

They go climbing when they are in the wild. There are so many things on which they climb up. But when they are in captivity, like tanks and habitats, they also climb things to bust themselves.


Things For Bearded Dragons To Climb On

So many things are there in the wild to climb up. You can also provide them with many things in tanks or habitats. There should be things and toys in the setup of bearded dragons like hammocks. This is also a toy for bearded dragons. Artificial logs and trees can be used in setup for entertaining them.


Do Bearded Dragon Climbing Walls?

Do bearded dragons like to climb walls?  Yes, they can climb walls. When they get stressed, they start climbing things. Bearded dragon climbing wood because of stress.

That is why some owners complain that they lost their bearded dragons. It is because of this behavior. You should provide enjoyment. Otherwise, they get bored and stressed, and as a result, they climb their habitat and move to the place that is suitable for them.


What Can Bearded Dragons Climb On?

The bearded dragon is dwellers, but they can climb low branches and rocks. They climb to branches for basking and also hide from predators. When external weather is not favorable for them, they will hide in that place with a favorable temperature. Any disturbance with bearded dragons results in a change in behavior that ultimately leads to many serious issues.


Do Bearded Dragon Trying To Climb Walls?

No, they cannot climb up the walls just like they are not able to climb glass. Bearded dragon climbing depends on many factors like smooth surface, vertical surface, the roughness of things, etc.

Can bearded dragons climb a wall? The Wall surface is very smooth, and bearded dragons can’t climb the walls. They are not able to climb a surface that is steep and smooth. It is impossible to climb up walls because of the smooth structure.


Why Is My Bearded Dragon Climbing Tank?

Bearded dragons can climb from setup or tank because they can jump from tank to outside the tank. This can be because of too many reasons like anxiety, small size tank, heating system, and increased temperature in the tank.


Why Is My Bearded Dragon Climbing Frame?

Glass surfing is the reason behind the stress of bearded dragons. The bearded dragons are climbing glass due to glass surfing. They can also get stressed for many reasons, like when there is a very small tank, then bearded dragons get depressed because when they are in the wild, they live in spacious places.

 When bearded dragons feel any threat from any other things, they start migrating to a place that is okay for them. Boring and hunger can cause stress in bearded dragons.


Why Is My Bearded Dragon Climbing Tree?

In the wild, bearded dragons climb trees, and this behavior can be seen regularly. Can bearded dragons climb?  This behavior is very important in bearded dragons because they will not get anxious and stressed when they are busy. Climbing is not difficult for them. They can climb very high, like two meters.

Bearded dragon climbing
Bearded Dragon Climbing

If you want to let bearded dragons out in the garden, they should keep your eye on them because they can climb very high on trees because of natural behavior. That is why it is not recommended to let bearded dragons out in open places like a garden.


Why Is My Bearded Dragon Trying To Climb Glass?

It is the most asked question by bearded dragon owners why they try to climb glass. You will see many reasons behind this, but glass surfing is one of the most important reasons for climbing glass. It is because of anxiety and stress. Many reasons are there for stress like

  • When the size of the tank or setup is very small, then bearded dragons may climb up.
  • When there is more than one bearded dragon in the same place, it changes behavior. They may get fear from each other and result in stress.
  • Any new thing in setup or habitat results in stress.
  • When they see their reflection, then they may get stressed.
  • If they are hungry and bored, then they get stressed.
  • Disturbance in temperature and lightning cannot be good for bearded dragons.

Any above things or a combination of things can cause stress in bearded dragons, leading to many serious issues. You need to solve all of their problems. Glass surfing is also the reason for climbing because glass surfing can cause stress in them.


Can A Bearded Dragon Climb Glass?

Bearded dragons cannot climb the glass because the surface of the glass is very smooth, and they do not have much grip on the glass. That is why they cannot do this. Glass surfing is the reason for bearded dragons climbing. Many reasons are also there like

  • The very small size of tank or habitat
  • Intimidation
  • Seeing their reflection
  • Any threat inside the tank
  • More than one bearded dragon in the same place

Bearded dragon stairs for stimulation; if there is stimulation lack, then it leads to stress. You should know the size of the tank for bearded dragons. Any changes or disturbances in the tank results in serious complications. There are different sizes of tanks for different ages. Perfect tank is suitable for a bearded dragon happy life.


How Good Can A Bearded Dragon Climb?

Bearded dragons are known as perfect climbers. As we know that when they are in the wild, they are called semi-arboreal animals like they spend much of their time climbing. They have special types of arched claws that are helpful to climb trees and many other surfaces very easily.

Bearded dragons have long tails that are very helpful for them to maintain their body balance. Any reptiles that have large tails are very useful to balance the body weight.


How You Can Stop Your Bearded Dragons From Climbing?

Bearded dragon climbing toys are great to stop them from climbing. They are semi-arboreal animals, and they love to climb things. In wildlife, they climb much of their daytime, and this behavior can be seen regularly. They climb on things like rocks, broken trees, posts, branches, logs, etc.

Bearded dragons are climbing up the glass when their habitat is not suitable for them. You can also set the artificial habitat for them by placing ramps, posts, ladders, branches, etc., in this way they can get entertainment in captivity. This will not make them climb out of the tank because there will be much stimulation in the tanks. rt

Many reasons are there like stress, small size tank, temperature difference, and stimulation lack that lead to climbing. When they are not okay with unfavorable conditions, they start moving to places with favorable conditions.


Correct size

Tank size should be according to the size and age of bearded dragons. Tank size should be broad and large, and keep in mind that width must be two times more than the size of bearded dragons. Otherwise, they will not be comfortable and get bored.


No Holes

You must ensure that there should be no hole in posts, stumps, branches, and logs. So that no insects can hide in these holes, crickets can hide in these holes and may harm your bearded dragons when bearded dragons enjoy sleeping


Firmly Fixed And Sturdy

When bearded dragons reach adulthood, then their weight is between 280 to 510 grams. You should put that material in fixed and sturdy tanks because it will lessen the risk of injury. You can use suction and hooks for tight securing.


Sterilized And Dry

Inside of the tank should be sterilized first in this way many bacteria and parasites are not able to produce in the tank. When you are going to place any things like branches in tanks, then it must be sterilized. You can disinfect them by heating these things at three hundred Fahrenheit temperatures for about ten minutes.

You can also clean it with a bleach solution. Bleach can also kill dangerous and harmful bacteria and other microorganisms. In this way, you can also disinfect such items.


Have Grip

The grip is directly proportional to climbing. When there is a high grip, then there will be more climbing. Material for the tank should have less friction. When there is less friction, then bearded dragons don’t easily climb the walls of the tank.


Use Safe Wood

If you want to place things for recreation of bearded dragons in tanks, you can use safe woods. Wood must be free from herbicides, pesticides, and insecticides, etc. Many types of woods are okay for bearded dragons, like vines, willow, aspen, ash, birch, dogwood, beechwood, poplar, sycamore, maple, oak, elm, cottonwood, and bamboo shoots, etc.

Don’t use delicate or very soft branches because they may break, leading to the injury of bearded dragons. It would be best if you avoided those wood types that are toxic, like eucalyptus, pines, and fir, etc. You should not use these woods or wood that have some chemical spray on their surface.

Bearded dragon climbing
Bearded Dragon Climbing


Final Verdict On Bearded Dragon Climbing

Bearded dragons are great climbers. They can climb very high like some bearded dragons are found at a height of two meters. They can climb trees, branches, and other things when they are in the wild. They can also climb a wall of tanks. Bearded dragon climbing is a common sight if you pet them.

They don’t climb glass and walls because these structures are smooth, and due to less friction, they cannot do this.

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