Do Chickens Kill Snakes?

The notion that chickens may be capable of killing snakes is one that is usually met with lots of disbelief. Yet stories – and even videos – of chickens killing snakes seem to abound. That leads to the question on whether chickens do indeed kill snakes.  And this article sets out to explore that subject.

Do chickens kill snakes? The answer is ‘yes’. Chickens are capable of killing snakes. They kill the snakes by pecking them in an unrelenting manner, after which they often proceed to feed on them.

Granted, most of us have been conditioned to view chickens as docile, laidback birds. On the other hand, we have been conditioned to view snakes as fierce, unbeatable reptiles.

Do chickens kill snakes
Do Chickens Kill Snakes?

Against that background, the very tales about chickens killing snakes are usually very hard to believe for most. Thus this sort of discussion has to start by examining whether chickens have what it takes to kill snakes.


Can Chickens Kill Snakes?

As noted earlier, the notion of chickens killing snakes can be unbelievable, especially to those who have never witnessed it.

Some people regard such ideas of chickens killing snakes as myths. That is what leads them to ask questions like, does a chicken kill snakes in the real world?

The true position is that chickens are very capable of killing snakes.

There are many verified accounts of chickens killing/eating snakes. You can even get to see videos of chickens killing snakes. Thus killing snakes is something that chickens are perfectly capable of.


Which Types Of Chickens Kill Snakes?

After ascertaining that chickens are capable of killing snakes, another question tends to come up. This is as to which types of chickens actually kill snakes.

Do all chickens kill snakes? Or is it a preserve of certain types of chickens alone?

The true position is that all types of chickens are capable of fighting – and often killing – snakes.

Male chickens – roosters – seem to have better snake killing ability. Indeed, if you research on ‘will a rooster keep snakes away’, you will see that most resources agree.

But even female chickens can put up a brave fight, especially if they are protecting their eggs or chicks.

Older chicken breeds, which typically have more red jungle fowl blood are usually the ones that show better ability at fighting snakes.

And this ability to fight, kill and eat snakes is found in chickens all over the word. Just research on ‘do chickens kill snakes Australia’, ‘do chickens kill the snakes America’, ‘do chickens kill the snakes Asia’ and so on.

You will see that chickens in all parts of the world show this ability to fight snakes, whenever they encounter them.


Do Guinea Chickens Kill Snakes?

Guinea Chickens are capable of killing small and even medium-sized snakes.

In fact, of all birds, it is Guinea Fowls that seem to be particularly fond of killing snakes.

There are actually people who rear Guinea Fowls primarily as a measure to keep snakes out.


Do Leghorn Chickens Kill Snakes?

Leghorn Chickens have the ability to kill snakes.

In the course of their foraging, if they happen to find snake hatchlings or small snakes, they will proceed to eat them.

And if a bigger snake comes to steal their eggs or chicks, they will usually take it on.


Do Cochin Chickens Kill Snakes?

A small snake that happens to present itself to Cochin Chickens will usually be furiously pecked. It can easily be killed.

Like all other chickens, Cochin Chickens are also capable of eating snakes, after killing them.


How Do Chickens Get To Kill Snakes?

After finding out that chickens are capable of killing snakes, the next question that arises is on how they do it.

So, how exactly do chickens get to kill snakes? And will chickens eat snakes after killing them? Do chickens like to eat snakes?

The true position is that chickens mainly kill snakes by way of pecking them relentlessly.

A chicken may look like a docile bird. But when it is in fighting mode, it is capable of inflicting fatal injuries. That is through its typically fast and powerful pecking.

Let’s delve deeper into the whole affair of chickens killing snakes.

What do chickens do when they see a snake? Normally, once they see a snake, chickens will get into defensive mode. It is the roosters who lead the charge.

Once they manage to subdue the snake, they may then invite the hens to complete the charge.

So chickens kill snakes by pecking them – in a fast, fierce and relentless manner.

While at it, one may ask, do chickens keep snakes away? Or do chickens attract snakes? The answer is that the snakes prefer to stay away from mature chickens.

But they don’t mind eating the chicken’s eggs, as well as the young chicks.

Thus if you have chickens and you see snakes coming around often, it may be because they are after the eggs and the young chicks. Usually not after the mature chickens.

Do chickens kill snakes
Do Chickens Kill Snakes In A Fight?


Do Snakes Kill Chickens?

So far, we have been dealing with the aspect of chickens killing snakes. Now we need to turn it around, and ask ourselves whether the snakes can kill the chickens.

And as it turns out, some snakes also have the ability to kill (some) chickens.

A mature chicken is usually too big a foe for a snake to take on. Even if the snake manages to kill the chicken, it may not be able to eat and digest it.

But most snakes do eat the young chicks, as well as the eggs.


Which Types Of Snakes Kill Chickens?

It is mostly the bigger types of snakes that dare to kill chickens.

There are stories of Bull Snakes killing chickens, just as there are reports of Rat Snakes killing chickens.

So it is largely the bigger types of snakes that kill chickens.

Let’s look at some specific types of snakes in this context.


Do Black Snakes Kill Chickens?

Black Snakes are capable of killing the chickens, especially the younger chicks that are quite small.

Thus if you spot Black Snakes near your chickens coop, it may be worthwhile to take precautions.

In a head to head fight, a rooster would normally prevail over a Black Snake. But what if the snake happens to have venom, and it bites the chicken (and injects venom)? Then that can cause the chicken’s death.


Do Garter Snakes Kill Chickens?

Garter Snakes are usually too small to kill chickens.

In fact, it is the chicken that may easily proceed to kill the Garter Snakes. If, in the course of their routine foraging, the chickens happen to find Garter Snakes, they easily feed on them.


Do Bull Snakes Kill Chickens?

Bull Snakes are usually among those that are quite capable of killing chickens.

There have certainly been reports of Bull Snakes killing chickens: especially the smaller ones. They may also not mind taking the chicken’s eggs.

Thus if you see Bull Snakes near your chickens, that can be cause for concern.


Do King Snakes Kill Chickens?

As with most other snakes, King Snakes are quite capable of eating young chicks. They also have a liking for chicken’s eggs, and won’t mind stealing them at every opportunity.

But what of larger chickens? Do Kings Snakes kill large chickens? The answer is that the larger chickens usually put on too fierce a fight for the King Snakes to kill them.

So King Snakes are largely only a threat to the eggs and the small chicks. For the larger chickens, they may not be too much of a threat.

Nonetheless, if you spot some around your chickens’ coop, it may be best to find ways of keeping them away.

Their presence may unsettle the chickens, especially if you only have hens without a rooster.


Do Rat Snakes Kill Chickens?

Whether or not Rat Snakes can kill chickens depends on the size of the chickens.

If those are small chickens or young chicks, then the Rat Snakes may be able to kill them.

But if those are adult chickens, then the Rat Snakes may not easily kill them. Nonetheless they can still steal the chickens’ eggs, which would be a net loss for you.


How Do Snakes Kill Chickens?

There are 2 key ways in which snakes can kill chickens.

First is by biting them, and injecting them with venom. This applies for the venomous types of snakes.

Second is by constricting them. This applies for the snakes that kill prey through constriction. So they constrict the chickens, before proceeding to swallow them.

Thus if you were wondering, how do chicken snakes kill chickens, that is the answer.

One may then wonder, can snakes eat raw chicken? And the answer is ‘yes’ – especially for the chicks and smallest adult chickens, which are easier to kill and digest for the snakes.


How Do I Keep Snakes Away From Chickens?

Having seen that snakes may be harmful to chickens and their eggs, the question that arises is on how to keep them out.

One useful approach is that of installing wire-mesh on all openings. Don’t use normal chicken wire mesh. Its gaps may be big enough for a snake to wiggle in through.

So you go for an even thinner mesh. Then install it on vents and other potential openings for the snakes…

Another good strategy is to ensure that you don’t let eggs stay in the chicken coop for too long. It is largely the eggs, even more than the actual chickens, that attract snakes.

You also need to put in place measures to keep rats away.

Regarding how to repel snakes from chicken coop, you may need to use things like vinegar, cinnamon and clove. The snake won’t hang around anywhere with such substances for long.


Final Verdict – Do Chickens Kill Snakes

Notwithstanding their apparently docile nature, chickens are actually capable of killing snakes.

While in fighting mood, chickens can be rather agile in their movements. And their pecks are sometimes fast and fierce.

Thus when chickens zero in on a snake, they proceed to peck it unrelentingly. This is what ultimately kills the snake.

After killing the snake, the chickens often go ahead and feast on its flesh.

Do chickens kill snakes
Do Chickens Kill Snakes All The Time?

The snakes too may be able to kill chickens at times. They are particularly dangerous to young chicks and eggs.

A snake may kill a chicken by biting it and injecting it with venom. It may also kill a chicken by constricting, then swallowing it whole.

You may keep snakes away from your chicken by installing very thin wire mesh on your chicken coop. This includes on the venting.

It may also be a good idea to ensure that eggs don’t lie around for too long. And if you can initiate good rat control measures, those may also help in keeping the snakes away.

Finally, there are snake repellant compounds, such as vinegar, cinnamon and clove oil. You can apply those around your chicken coops, to repel any snakes that may be around.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet chicken a good and comfortable life!

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