Do Praying Mantis Eat Their Mate? 5 Interesting Facts

Praying mantis is an animal known for its sexual cannibalism. Female praying mantises are known for attacking and cannibalizing their mates after sexual encounters. Many studies have researched this to determine what happens when praying mantises mating.

Do praying mantis eat their mate? Almost all praying mantis species have the possibility of the female eating their mate after mating. The female springbok mantis has sixty percent sexual encounters ending with the female eating the male’s head off.

Chinese praying mantis has a twenty eight percent chance of the female eating the male’s head after their mating adventures.

But there are also male praying mantis who fight back and do not accept their fate as other mantis species do. Let’s learn about the unique things about praying mantis when mating.


Why Do Praying Mantis Eat Their Mate?

According to a study, the mantis devouring her mate was not because of anger. The table below is facts about mantis mating cannibalism.

Facts about praying mantis sexual cannibalismExplanation
To better meet the needs of their offspringFemale mantis ensures the male mantis provides for their progeny as food
Increased number of eggs producedFemale mantis those who ate their mates have more eggs
Sexual cannibalism does not always occur after matingFemale mantis can consume the male before, during, or after mating
Male mantises can mate more than onceMale mantises can mate with different females before being devoured by female mantis
Male mantis who survive will help take care of the eggsThere are some female mantises who do not eat their mates, and male mantises help keep the eggs safe until they hatch


Why Do Females Eat Males After Mating?

Female mantis eats male head to ensure their offspring have enough nutrition, and the male acts as food. Female mantis require a lot of food before they lay their eggs.

The female mantis will lay the frothy masses or egg sacs two weeks after mating to ensure the eggs are safe until they hatch.


How Often Do Praying Mantis Eat Their Mate?

The average percentage of male mantises eaten by females is 13-28 percent after sexual encounters, but some mantis species have larger percentages.

Do male praying mantis know they will die? Yes, sometimes some mantis species accept their fate and don’t fight back.


Why The Praying Mantis Eats Its Mate?

The praying mantis cannibalism occurs to ensure the female survival and her offspring. Females do eat their mates when the food is limited. Females ensure their needs are met until it’s time to lay eggs.


Do Male Praying Mantis Fight Back?

When praying mantis mating, there will always be a fight between the male and the female. If the male mantis succeeds in pinning down the female, the male will mate, but otherwise, the poor male mantis will be devoured by his mate.

Male praying mantis after mating will likely flee and leave female mantis injured by their razor blade arms.


Why Female Praying Mantises Devour Their Partners?

Typically, the female mantis will invite males to approach the female cautiously and carefully when mating. But some male praying mantis will attack the female instead. The wrestle is always initiated by the male with an attempt to pin down the female.

Why do female praying mantises bite the heads off of males after mating? Female praying mantis ensure they have enough food until they lay their eggs. Besides, the female mantis won the fight after the male mantis tried to mate with violence from the start.

Why do praying mantis eat their mate
Why Do Praying Mantis Eat Their Mate?


Do Female Praying Mantises Always Eat The Males?

No, because there is only a 13-28 percent chance of a female mantis eating the male. Only some mantis species engage this sexual cannibalism and not always under natural conditions.

Can a male praying mantis survive mating? Yes, male praying mantis can survive mating and taking care of the eggs until they hatch. Some male mantis who successfully pinned down the female will mate and run away when finished.


Final Verdict

Some types of praying mantis have a percentage of more than 50 percent of females devouring their mates. But typically, 13-28 percent of female mantis will eat the male’s head after mating. Female mantis ensure they have enough nutrition until they lay their eggs.

Female mantis ensure the safety of themselves and their offspring, and consider male mantis to continue to provide for them as food.

Sexual cannibalism occurs because many praying mantis do mate violently. All fights are mostly initiated by male mantis. When the female mantis win the fight they will devour their mate.

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