Does A Turtle Have A Backbone? 7 Clear Vertebral Facts

Turtle is the only reptile that is unique because it has a tough outer shell-like armor to protect its body. They only have one shell, and can’t be left to get a new one. Turtle’s shell is a unique organ like other reptiles with a backbone.

Does a turtle have a backbone? Yes, turtles have backbones. They have vertebrae and consist of two parts. The shell forms a bony endoskeleton and an exoskeleton. Turtle’s shell is very tough and fused with the rib cage and the spine.

If you want to learn about turtle’s backbone, let’s read this article to the end.

Does a turtle have a backbone
Does a turtle have a backbone?


Do Turtles Have Bones?

The turtle’s shell includes the bones combined with their ribs. The turtle skull is also fused with bone plates. Even though it has bones inside, the turtle’s head can still move flexibly when they swim and face pressure waves.

In addition to the skull, the turtle has neck bones, shoulder bones, hip bones, and rib bones. Carapace and plastron have different numbers of bones. The carapace has 50-60 bones, and the plastron has 7-11 bones. The plastron is the shell that protects the stomach, and the carapace is the upper shell.

Does a turtle have a backbone? Yes, turtles have a backbone. It is different from other reptiles. Turtles have a backbone whose shoulder blades are inside the rib cage.


How Many Bones Does A Turtle Have?

Turtle’s shell is already a combination of several bones connected and up to 60 bones. If you add up the bones in the carapace, plastron, and other bones, the sum is more than 70 bones.

The shell is attached and structured with bones all over the body. The turtle cannot live without the shell because of it. If the turtle’s shell is compromised, it will be a problem to the turtle’s life in the long run.


Do Turtles Have Legs?

Land and aquatic turtles have legs. There is a difference between land and aquatic turtles from the length of their legs. The aquatic turtles have longer legs with webbed feet, and land turtles have shorter legs with a club-like shape.

All turtles, except sea turtles, can insert their legs into the shell if necessary to avoid predators. Don’t be confused if you see turtles that include their head, legs, and tails. They don’t move from one shell to another, but they hide in it.

Does a turtle have a backbone? Every reptile has a backbone, and turtles are no exception. It’s just that their backbone is not like reptiles in general.


Do Turtles Have Spines?

Turtles have a spine and are under the shell. You can’t see the turtle’s spine, because it’s fused directly with the armor. Since shells are skeletal and interconnected, you cannot separate turtles and the turtle’s shells.

If anyone asks about “does a turtle has a backbone” they also refer to the spine. The difference between backbone and spine is the term. The backbone is informal, and the spine is the formal term for the vertebral column. Its function remains the same, to protect and enclose the spinal cord.


What Type Of Skeleton Is A Turtle?

Turtles have both an endoskeleton and an exoskeleton. The internal skeleton or endoskeleton acts as an anchor for the muscles. The external skeleton or exoskeleton is a sturdy bony outer shell that protects the turtle from all kinds of predators.

The turtle’s shell will protect the dorsal and ventral surfaces. The carapace is the dorsal protector, and the plastron is the ventral protector. The lateral bridge connects the carapace and the plastron to become one whole.

Although the shells are connected to protect the top and bottom of the turtle, there are openings for the head, legs, and tail.


What Bones Do Turtles Have?

Carapace and plastron are a combination of several bones that are interconnected. For example, the plastron is a combination of collar bones (clavicles) and rib portions. The carapace is a combination of vertebrae and ribs.

The turtle’s shell has an outer shell made of keratin or horn-like material arranged in patches called scutes. The carapace has up to 38 scutes, and the plastron has up to 14 scutes.

Does a turtle have a backbone? Yes, the turtle has a backbone that is connected to other bones. It is directly under the shell and protected by a shell. It will be safe from predators.

If you are still confused about what bones a turtle has, the table below is a brief explanation of it.

SkeletonHorned beak and oval shell
SkullBony case of the brain
PhalangesSmall bones on the fingers
HumerusArm bones
ProscapularBone of the pectoral girdle
Back boneVertebral column
ScapulaShoulder bones
VertebraForming turtle’s spine


Are Turtles Vertebrates Or Invertebrates?

Many are still confused are turtles vertebrate animals or invertebrates. Because turtles are reptiles, turtles have vertebrates with scales in some parts of their body. Scales will protect reptiles from water loss and prevent drying out.

The benefits of vertebrae are hard shell or leathery on their eggs. It will help them to survive and not dry out while in the egg. All turtles will lay their eggs on land before returning to the sea.

You don’t need to be confused if someone asks “is a turtle vertebrate or invertebrate,” because turtles are vertebrates with various benefits. The scales will protect turtles from harsh environments and have a bony skeleton to guard their bodies.


Is A Turtle A Vertebrate?

Turtles are vertebrates with 10 trunk vertebrae. It is fused with ribs in the carapace. Turtles also have small and flexible vertebrae in the tail and neck. So they can move the two body parts with ease.

Are turtles invertebrates? Invertebrates are only for lower-division animals that lack backbones and bony skeletons. While turtles have everything, they include vertebrates. Not only turtles, fish, mammals, birds, and amphibians are classified as vertebrates.

Does a turtle have a backbone
Does a turtle have a backbone?


Are Turtles Vertebrates?

Yes, turtles are vertebrates. If there are people who argue in determining turtle vertebrate or invertebrate, they should guess by looking at the turtle’s shell. Can a shell be so sturdy like that without vertebrae in it? Of course not.

Does a turtle have a backbone? Many people think that turtles are invertebrates because they only think that under the shell are the muscles or body parts of the turtle. Turtles have a backbone and a skeleton. They are vertebrates.


Does A Turtle Have A Vertebrate?

Turtles have eight cervical vertebrae. The most obvious is in the neck and tail. The presence of vertebrae makes both parts of the body flexible to move.

It’s enough that you make sure that it is a turtle a vertebrate or invertebrate because turtles have a backbone and some flexible bones to facilitate the movement of some parts of their body.

Legs, tails, and heads are examples of body parts that the turtle can move at will. The carapace and plastron are solid and cannot be moved freely by the turtle.

Does a turtle have a backbone? The turtle’s vertebrae are in the middle of its body and alongside various bones. The shape also adapts to the turtle’s development. The bigger their body, the bigger the vertebrae they have.


Do All Turtles Have Backbones?

Every reptile has backbones or a spine. That means a turtle as a reptile will have it. The spine is inside the shell. Each species will have a different shell shape and structure and also apply to its backbone.

Despite having a variety of shapes and structures, the backbone is connected alongside ribs and other bones. It will be challenging if you are curious to see that part because you would have to dissect it and endanger the turtle if you wanted to see it alive.

Are turtles vertebrates? Yes, they are. Their cervical vertebrae are neatly connected from one bone to another. With a hard and sturdy outer shell, turtles become hardy animals that can withstand almost any condition and are safe from various predators.


Does A Sea Turtle Have A Backbone?

The sea turtles have a backbone attached to the carapace. You can’t see their backbone alive from the turtle’s body because they are safe inside on the solid and robust carapace.

Some people ask about “does a sea turtle have a backbone” because they think the shell is not a backbone, and in the shell, there are only other body parts of turtles.

The sea turtle backbone is already connected neatly with the other bones. Even sea turtles are the most ancient vertebrates compared to other creatures such as birds, mammals, and amphibians.


Does A Snapping Turtle Have A Backbone?

Snapping turtles have backbones inside their shells. Their spine is in the middle of the carapace, so it should look like it’s rising slightly.

There is an extraordinary structure of snapping turtles, namely horns on their shell. That is why snapping turtles cannot fully retract their heads into the shell.

Is a turtle a vertebrate or an invertebrate? Snapping turtles have the same vertebral column as other turtles. They can freely move their heads even though they cannot fit into the shell-like other turtles. But most sea turtles are not that easy to put their heads inside.

Does a turtle have a backbone? As we said earlier, snapping turtles have backbones inside their shell. It keeps their spine safe from all kinds of harm.


Do Leatherback Sea Turtles Have Backbones?

The leatherback sea turtle is one of the unique turtles because it is different from the others. While other turtles have a hard and bony shell, the leatherback sea turtle has a soft and rubbery shell. However, this species still has a backbone in its shell.

Is a turtle a vertebrate? Yes, and leatherback sea turtles are vertebrates. Their backbones join with tiny bones and are safe because of their leathery skin. That is why they are called “leatherbacks.”

Because leatherback sea turtles have leathery skin, they can swim to the lowest depth of the sea. They can survive when the water pressure is so high. If other turtles swim to the bottom, they are not necessarily robust.


Does Tortoise Have A Backbone?

Yes, tortoises have their backbone and shoulder blades attached to a rib cage. They have no significant difference with turtles. Tortoises also have a carapace and a plastron. The heavy armor will protect the tortoises from their environment or predators.

Do turtles have vertebrae like the tortoise? Yes, turtles and tortoises have vertebrae. It allows their neck to move freely. Several vertebrae are connected to other bones. One bone to another joins together and makes the tortoise a hardy animal.


Final Verdict – Does A Turtle Have A Backbone

Each turtle species has a different shape and bone structure. Despite differences, all turtles have backbones, and most of them are attached to their shell.

Does a turtle have a backbone
Does a turtle have a backbone?

Turtles are vertebrates, and their vertebrae divide into two parts. They are animals with an exoskeleton and an endoskeleton. You can see their backbone connecting by the carapace. You could say the carapace protects the turtle’s backbone and can guard the turtle against any conditions.

The number of bones from the turtle is quite a lot. A carapace is the several bones combination up to 60 and a plastron up to 11 bones.

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