Can Axolotls Live With Turtles? (7 Interesting Facts)

The axolotl is a remarkable animal and a trending pet also known as the Mexican walking fish, Axolotls aren’t your everyday pet, though they are certifiably unique. They are a kind of salamander that remains aquatic its entire life. They can live for up to 15 years which is unusual because most salamanders only live 2-7 years.

Many people who are enthusiastic enough to pet both the exotic pets Axolotl and turtles at their home.

Can axolotls live with turtles? No, Axolotls and turtles cannot live with each other. Due to various factors including the behavior of both pets, their environmental needs make them incompatible with each other. Putting both pets in one terrarium not only increases the death from the fight but also can lead to stress among both the animals.

Can axolotls live with turtles
Can axolotls live with turtles?

On the other hand, another favorite pet, turtles, have been around for over 200 million years and have changed very little since then. Turtles live on land and in water and feed primarily on plants, fruits, insects, worms and small fish that they find at or near the surface of the water where they live most of their lives.

The axolotl has some interesting features that make them unique from other amphibians. They have six toes on each foot instead of five toes as frogs and toads do. Axolotls also have gills that are not found on any other type of amphibian. This makes it hard for them to breathe air which they need to do because of their lungs.

An axolotl can also regenerate parts of its body if it is injured. They are one of the few animals that are capable of regenerating one or more limbs, spinal cord, heart, liver, and other internal organs that have been lost or damaged.

On the other hand, Petting a turtle is a fun and relaxing activity. It’s an opportunity to get closer to the animal and feel its smooth, hard shell. Petting a turtle can be enjoyable for people of all ages, as the experience of touching the animal is one that will make your heart melt.


Can Axolotls Live With Turtles?

Can axolotls live with turtles? No, Axolotls cannot live with the turtles. Many reasons make it incompatible for the owner to keep both turtle and axolotl in the same terrarium. One of the most important being, that some turtles are quite aggressive and may bite the axolotl, while some Axolotls may also fight back, which can cause serious injuries on both pets.

Another important reason being, that turtles require to stay in a terrarium that has a higher temperature than the requirements of an axolotl. Only these two reasons are enough to conclude that keeping turtles and Axolotls in the same terrarium isn’t recommended.

In addition to not being able to live in a common environment which causes stress and turtles can be aggressive. The axolotls are very sensitive pets. The skin of axolotls is very delicate. Even the owners are recommended that the axolotl should not come in contact with children as children can tightly hold them in excitement, causing the death of axolotl by suffocation. Furthermore, turtles are very very messy pets. The mess they create in their terrarium can be poisonous for some other creatures.

In the case of axolotls, the waste produced by turtles can cause health deterioration among the axolotls. 


Can Axolotls Live With Fish And Turtle?

Can you keep axolotls with turtles in a same terrarium together with other pets? No, it is highly recommended that the pet axolotl should neither be kept with turtles nor with the fish. As turtles and axolotls require different environments and turtles can be aggressive to axolotls and they secrete a lot of waste which can be toxic to axolotls.

Axolotls should also not be kept with the fishes, the reason being that the axolotls would eat all the fishes that are smaller than their mouth. Which can be bad for the pet fish and the axolotl health also.

Furthermore, if there are fishes similar or larger to the size of the axolotl, they are harmful to the axolotls as they can eat the gills of the axolotls. Furthermore, fishes often carry parasites or bacterial infections that can put the health of an axolotl in trouble.


Do Turtles Eat Axolotls?

can axolotls live with turtles, are they compatible with each other? Turtles can become aggressive when they are stressed. Environmental factors are the main cause of stress among the turtles.

When turtles are aggressive, they are often seen to harm the other pets in the aquarium. Turtles are seen to eat fishes smaller than their size and seen biting bigger fishes. The same goes with axolotls. While it may be difficult for the turtle to eat an axolotl, they can certainly hurt them by hitting them and eating their gills.


Who Should I Pet: Axolotl Vs Turtle?

It depends on a personal choice whether someone wants to pet an axolotl or a turtle. While axolotls are perfect pets for beginners, if you want to be dedicated to taking care of your pet, you can go for turtles.

Axolotls don’t require any special lighting or a dedicated basking area while turtles do require such a place. In addition, turtles create quite a lot of mess so it is required of the owners to keep them clean and hygienic.

Turtles should also be given some time to bask in the sun so that they get rid of any bacteria arising on their shell, while no such requirements are needed in axolotls.


Can Axolotls Live With Turtles Without Hurting Each Other?

Can axolotls live with turtles as friends together? Axolotls are very different from turtles. Their requirements are very different which makes it difficult for both of the pets to live with each other. Another reason is that turtles tend to live at a higher temperature, while Axolotls live in less hot temperatures.

This reason alone is sufficient enough to separate the axolotls and turtles. Furthermore, turtles are aggressive and they can attack the axolotls and even kill them. In addition, turtles are very messy pets, which can make the water for Axolotls toxic and harmful.


Do Axolotls Get Along With Turtles Or Any Other Animal?

Can axolotls live with turtles or any other pet? Axolotls cannot live with turtles. Reasons are temperature, food, aggressive nature of turtles, the mess created by turtles.

Can axolotls live with turtles
Can axolotls live with turtles? Can axolotls live with turtles in the wild?

However there are many other reptiles, fishes and other animals that can not live with the axolotls, the table list is as follows

Pets that can not live with axolotls
PetsThe reason these pets cannot live with Axolotls
Frogs and ToadsFrogs and toads have very different requirements than Axolotls have. Most of the frog and toad species tend to live in tropical habitats. In these tropical habitats, the temperature has to be warm or hot; however, axolotls can’t survive in such a warm climate. Frogs and toads also often carry diseases or parasites that can cause illness in axolotls. 
NewtsNewts and salamanders often live together in the wild. However, that is not possible when both are kept in an artificial terrarium. If kept close, newts misunderstand the fins of axolotls as food and eat them. No matter how large the aquarium is, it cannot be used to keep both axolotl and a newt
SalamandersSalamanders and axolotls don’t thrive together, the reason being that both pets have very different living conditions. Environmental factors contribute a lot to incompatibility to keep both axolotl and salamanders together. Furthermore, salamanders are known to secrete dangerous toxins that can harm Axolotls
PlecostomusDue to their body with spikes, plecostomus fish can injure the skin of the axolotl. 
LizardsJust like many other animals, lizards are also not ideal partners because lizards cannot maintain their temperature so the owners have to keep them warm. Such high temperatures are not good for the axolotl. 
FishFishes that are smaller than the axolotl would be eaten by the axolotl, however, a fish bigger than the axolotls would try to eat the gills of an axolotl. Another reason why not to put fishes with axolotl is that the fishes carry diseases and parasites, which can be easily transferred to axolotls. Axolotls thrive better when they are kept alone. 
There are many other pets that an owner should avoid keeping with the axolotl. Those include otocinclus catfish, goldfish, Pleco fishes, bearded dragon or Cory catfish. 
Pets that can live with axolotls
PetsThe reason they can live
Aquarium SnailAquarium snails can become part of an Axolotls terrarium, however, an owner should put them under restrictions because a broken snail shell can injure an axolotl and it can get very difficult to get rid of snails, once they settle themselves in the terrarium. Even though many people never complain of putting snails and axolotl together, they should still be kept an eye on.
MinnowsMinnows are friendly, peaceful and most suitable fish to be kept with axolotl
Small ShrimpSmall shrimps can live with axolotls, as these shrimps stay on the ground, they help to clean the terrarium by eating the leftover food. Furthermore, these shrimps are also good to go with an axolotl because they can even become the food of a Hungary axolotl. However, the owner shouldn’t put them together just after adopting them, they should be isolated so that the axolotl isn’t in any danger of getting any illness from the shrimp. A myth that people believe is that axolotl would choke when they eat shrimp is completely not true. 


Can You Keep Turtles And Axolotls Together To Play?

Axolotl and turtle would not be compatible pets to pair them to play. Axolotls are at risk when they are kept with the turtle. Not only the sensitive skin of an axolotl is the reason why axolotls are prone to get killed by turtles but the aggressive behavior of turtles can harm an axolotl a lot and can even cause death.


Can Turtles Live With Axolotls In Turtle Habitat?

No, Axolotls do not go along with the turtles as turtles and their routine is very different from that of an axolotl. If an owner is thinking of getting both an axolotl and a turtle, they should also consider buying two different terrariums for different pets and their specific needs. While a turtle may like a dedicated basking area with a little higher temperature requirements than an axolotl. Furthermore, a turtle also needs a big or two air filters as they secrete more waste.

Axolotls and turtles don’t go along as turtles can try to eat them and bite their gills. Having an aggressive turtle around can make axolotls stress a lot which can directly affect their health and life span.


Final Verdict – Can Axolotls Live With Turtles

Many reptile collectors often have questions: can axolotls live with turtles? Unfortunately, Axolotls cannot live with turtles. There are many reasons for this limitation. First is environmental incompatibility, turtles live-in much higher temperatures than the average axolotl. The second is aggressive behavior of the turtles that can harm and injure an axolotl. The third is the mess that turtles make in their terrarium which makes it difficult for the axolotl to go live.

Can axolotls live with turtles
Can axolotls live with turtles? Can axolotls live with turtles in captivity? Can axolotls live with turtles as pets?

To conclude the answer to the question, can axolotls live with turtles? No, they can’t but axolotl can live with other pet animals, which can also contribute to the growth of an axolotl including snails and shrimps.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet axolotl a good and comfortable life!

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