Dog Fell Down Stairs: 5 Smart Ways To Stop Dog Falling Down Stairs

Dogs can be pretty clumsy, and the four legs are sometimes more of a hindrance than an advantage. This is because it’s enough for one foot to slip, and they will be falling down the stairs. Sometimes the injury may be minor, but in unfortunate consequences, it may become severe.

If your dog fell down stairs, you should not ignore this fact. After the fall, it may seem fine but make sure to keep an eye on your friend because he/she may start to show signs of pain or discomfort after a few hours, and this can become a medical emergency.

My dog fell down stairs
My Dog Fell Down Stairs


Can Dogs Fall Down The Stairs?

Of course, a dog falls down stairs. It can happen with any age and breed of dogs. It can even fall when running down the stairs in the morning to start its day. Although dogs don’t fall as often as small kids unless they have a condition that has caused an imbalance

Dogs and puppies find it hard to go downstairs compared to up, especially when the steps are too narrow to contain the length of their bodies. Therefore, going downstairs becomes awkward and terrifying for them.

So, if your puppy fell down stairs, then you need to take it to a vet. Checking your dog every time won’t prevent your dog from accidents, but it will prevent serious accidents and other health problems.

Several reasons may make a dog begin to fall. It includes; Tumors, inner ear infection, strokes, and vestibular syndrome that brings imbalance.

Are stairs bad for dogs?


Help! Dog Fell Down Stairs- What Should I Do?

Whether you saw your dog falling down stairs or you believe that something is not right with it, make sure to look out for certain behaviors or signs to make sure that your dog is okay.

They include; Whining, tiredness, being reluctant on standing or walking, hesitant on food or 3eating appropriately, being in pain when moving/rising/lying down, limping, odd walking/movements, breathing difficulty.

If your dog fell down stairs and cannot stand up, do not move it because it may have broken bones in the legs, ribs, or back injury.

Some dogs may show signs immediately or sometimes after a few hours if the broken bones have pierced the lungs or have caused further damage.


What Should I Do If My Dog Falls Down Stairs?

Serious injuries from falls need to be evaluated and treated by a veterinarian. But there are several first aids that you can implement at home.

They include; monitor breathing/ eating, watch for back injuries, protect open wounds, control bleeding, look for head injuries and make sure to monitor your dog for several hours.


How Do You Know If Your Dog Is Hurt After A Fall?

Puppy falling down stairs or dog, in most cases they incur an injury. And they tend to show sure signs due to the fall. They include; breathing difficulty, limping, whining, tiredness, lack or poor eating, odd walking, or difficulty standing/ walking.


How Do I Know If My Dog’s Injury Is Serious?

If someone told you your dog fell down stairs, it might seem a joke, but it’s not. If the injury is severe, your dog will have difficulty breathing, and in some cases, some dogs stop to breath. This is because the broken bones have pierced the lungs or caused further damage.

So watch out for difficult breathing and if you feel it’s not connected to a dog falling down stairs and you didn’t witness, then bring your dog to the vet.


What Are The Signs Of Internal Bleeding In Dogs?

Dog injuries from falling down stairs may be severe, especially if you notice blood in the nose or mouth or blood-shot eyes. This is an indication of internal bleeding in the head due to a head injury.

Other signs of internal bleeding include; trouble breathing, distended abdomen, weakness, pale gums, vomiting, and general malaise.

Bring them to the veterinarian immediately because your dog will start licking the blood from their nose and swallow that in their mouth.


Can A Dog Die From A Fall?

It depends on the height and the impact on its body. For example, if your dog fell down stairs, and the stairs are pretty small, then he/ she will survive. In most cases, it will pass as nothing happened. But if the stairs were many and your dog fell down stairs then the impact becomes severe.

Some dogs develop back injuries, bleeding internally, and get severe head injuries that may lead to their death. The fall may also impact the lungs and cause difficulty in breathing, and in worst scenarios, the dog may stop breathing.

In this case, consider your dog to the veterinarian immediately, and you should carry it using a stretcher or a bed sheet or blanket that acts as a stretcher. This is to avoid moving the dog too much hence prevents too much damage.


Are Dogs Resilient To Falls?

Dogs rarely fall, and if they keep on falling, it becomes alarming, which may be due to medical issues. In addition to this, they are not fragile to falls. In most cases, they survive the fall.


Dog Fell Down Stairs Seems Fine- What To Do?

If your dog fell down stairs seem not okay, then you should consider visiting a veterinarian. However, if it has a broken rib/sternum and bruising of the muscle, the best way to tell is through an x-ray.

But as long as your dog is eating and drinking usually and does not show any signs of breathing difficulties or tiredness, you should give your dog or puppy some pain medication at home.

If you want to give something for the pain, then use buffered or enteric-coated aspirin. The dose is 5 mg per pound every 12 hours. If you notice your dog experiencing any diarrhea and vomiting, then you should stop the aspirin. If he/she has developed any kind of bruising, it will feel better after a couple of days.

My dog fell down stairs
My Dog Fell Down Stairs


Dog Fell Down Stairs Limping- What To Do?

If your dog fell down stairs and it starts to limp, then it could be because of broken bones, and this needs special care when moving your dog.

If you have a small breed, make sure to support the front and the back legs when moving it to the car. If it’s a large breed, make a stretcher from a bed sheet or a blanket or even a towel to move your dog carefully.

Make sure that you don’t shake your dog too much when moving it. If it wants to stand or sit in a particular position, then let it do it. Make sure the way you pick up your dog doesn’t hurt him/her.


Dog Fell Down Stairs Symptoms.

It doesn’t matter if your dog fell down stairs in the past or just recently, but most regular stairs of today are not designed for dogs, leading to this kind of accident and are dangerous. Moreover, especially for old dogs that fell down stairs, it is painful and difficult for them to navigate the stairs because of joint and hip problems.

Watch out for stiff gait, whining, lack of appetite, pain when lying or rising, tiredness, difficulty breathing, and being reluctant to stand or walk.


How To Treat Dog After Falling Down The Stairs?

If your dog fell down stairs and it is bleeding, you need to control the bleeding and cover the open wounds to prevent infections. If it has a head injury, then take it to the veterinarian immediately. Do not try to control the bleeding.

If your dog is not able to get up, then keep it as still as possible. It is because It has a back injury. If it’s a large dog, place it on a rigid object and a baking sheet for small dogs. Then, take it to the veterinarian clinic immediately without moving it too much.


How To Prevent Dog From Falling Down The Stairs In The Future?

My dog keeps falling down the stairs. What should I do? This is the question many dog owners ask, and if it’s not due to medical issues, then there are several ways of avoiding or preventing your dog from falling down the stairs. They include;

Carry your dog. You can take your dog up and down the stairs; this will be a good workout for you, and also, your dog will be able to skip the stairs. However, this is advisable for small dogs because, with big dogs, this becomes harder. If you’re not sure about carrying your dog, you can put them in a kennel and unlock them when you reach the floor.

Improve visibility. Your staircase may have poor lighting, or it may not receive any or enough natural light. The older it gets, the poorer the eyesight becomes. Hence it would be necessary for you to buy a fluorescent duct tape to trace each step of the staircase. Consider using blue and yellow colors of the fluorescent duct tape because dogs see better in these colors.

Visit the vet. If your dog fell down stairs often, then the problem might not be the stairs but your dog. Some medical conditions/ issues may be the result of this. They include; damaged nerves, Arthritis, Vestibular disease, Hip, hind leg problems, and joint issues.

The symptoms of these medical issues may not be visible on flat ground once your dog or puppy climbs the stairs, then the puppy or dog falls down stairs. Unfortunately, at this point, most people blame the stairs and ignore looking at it from a medical perspective.

For example, if a dog awkwardly hops up the stairs, it may have hip issues, if it stumbles while heading downstairs, it may have joint problems, and if it leans on the wall when going up or down stairs may have neurological issues. Make sure to visit the vet.

Train your dog. Just like you train your dog not to do certain things or to do certain things, it’s the same for training your dog from falling down stairs.


5 Tricks To Stop Your Dog From Falling Down The Stairs

  1. Use Solvit telescoping Pet Ramp. With this ramp, once your dog has gone up or down the stairs, you can remove it. If you have the wide stairs, you can leave it permanently because there will be enough room for you to use the stairs without tripping over the ramp.
  2. Install a ramp. All you need to do is set the ramp on the stairs for your dog. Your dog will be able to use the stairs with ease and without any discomfort. The ramp reduces the pressure placed on the hips and hind legs. It is suitable for old dogs, and it also prevents puppies from sliding down the stairs hence prevents puppies falling down stairs.
  3. Block the stairs. It will be by putting a pet gate at the base of the stairs. Some gates are automatic in that, they close behind you. If the stairs are blocked, your puppy won’t access the stairs; hence, it will not trip or tumble on the stairs because it can’t climb or go downstairs.
  4. Stair runner. You can have a stair runner or non-slip carpet stair treads. It is the best solution for linoleum, tile, slippery floors, or hardwood surfaces, and in the process, your stairs will look excellent and classy. On the other hand, you can use other materials that are better for dogs.
  5. Use a dog lift. Older dogs, significantly larger dogs like German Shepherds or Labradors, experience hip or joint problems at old age, and with the stairs, it worsens the situation for them. In some cases, it becomes so painful for them that they altogether avoid the stairs.

Fortunately, you can give them a hand by using a dog sling. It will help by taking the weight off the hind legs. In addition, the splint will support your dog’s back-end keeping the weight off the hips and joints.

My dog fell down stairs
My Dog Fell Down Stairs



Dogs are not like small kids that tumble on everything. If your dog falls down stairs often, then you should visit your veterinarian for advice because it may result from a medical condition.

Dogs are intelligent animals that can train to use the stairs. Preparing them or using a ramp will save on many things, including the medical bills, anxiety on your dog, and the stress on your dog of going through the pain.

For older dogs with hip and joint pains, you can help them by using a dog lift.

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