Are Stairs Bad For Dogs? 9 Menacing Truths

When you have pets in your house, you are concerned about their comfortability. Dogs live in your house like your family members and you want to know everything that is not suitable for them. Stairs are almost an important part of most people’s lives.

Usually, we do not notice them in our daily life but a valid question is “Are stairs bad for dogs?”. You may be worried that your dog walks up and down stairs many times a day. Is this safe for him? Does it hurt his joints? I will let you know how serious or normal it is.

Are stairs bad for dogs
are stairs bad for dogs?


Do Stairs Hurt Dogs?

Many people believe in the myth that stairs are bad for your dog. Let us clarify that it is a myth or a reality. In fact, walking up and down the stairs is a very good exercise for your dog.

This exercise builds stabilizing muscles and coordination of your dog. If your dog walks upstairs will be one of the best exercises that will improve muscle strength, active motion range and its ability to feel movements of the body and limbs that are called kinaesthesia.

Definitely, climbing up and down the stairs is very good for your healthy dogs but if your dog is suffering from pre-existing wrist and elbow arthritis. It may increase the risk of falling and increase pain.

Similarly, it can be dangerous for your dog if it is old and lost its muscles or has weakness in their legs. They’re not good for your dog when your dog has a pre-existing orthopedic problem. In such cases stairs may be painful.


Effect of Stairs on different Breeds of dogs

While discussing the topic, are stairs bad for dogs?. It is very important to consider the effect of stairs on different dog breeds. The intensity of the effect of using stairs on dogs has a close relation with the breed of dog.


Are Stairs bad for German Shepherds?

It is a common question, how are stairs bad for German Shepherds?. The simple answer is that stairs are not restricted for German Shepherds but it is ideal for them to limit their use of stairs. Because German Shepherd breed is prone to elbow and hip dysplasia.


Are Stairs bad for Bulldogs?

Bulldogs can climb stairs but it is harder for them as compared to other dog breeds. Stairs are bad for bulldogs doesn’t mean that you completely forbid your bulldog to move up and down stairs.

Whether it’s an English or French breed, bulldogs are capable of climbing stairs. It only needs practice and training of bulldog to pass stairs safely.


Are Stairs bad for French Bulldogs?

As French Bulldog lover you would like to know are stairs bad for French Bulldogs. The answer is yes stairs are not good for French Bulldogs due to their stout body and short legs. Due to their short legs climbing on stairs is one of major challenges in life of French Bulldogs.


 Is it safe for dogs to climb stairs?

Well, it is very genuine and a good question as it is concerned with the safety of your dogs. Yes, it is safe for dogs to climb the stairs unless the dog is suffering from various problems like genetic diseases, old dogs, dogs with particular health issues, and dogs suffering from various injuries.

It may also vary for the type of stairs, breed, and age of the puppy. However, various safety measures must be kept under consideration during a dog climbing stairs.


Supervision of the dog

Never leave your dog alone on stairs instead always supervise them. It will prevent many accidents and you will be there in the time your dog requires your help.

The response of questions, are stairs bad for dogs is totally dependent upon your management and supervision style of the dog. It will also help you identify any disorder in your dog which will help for the betterment of your dog.


Improvement in the visibility

Stairs may prove bad for dogs in case of mishandling or bad visibility. At times when a dog is climbing stairs there should be adequate light arrangements especially for those dogs having poor eyesight or a problem in balancing their body.

If you observe your dog using the stairs normally, and what you want is just to prevent falls or any other issue, all you can do is to provide better visibility by Lighting up the stairs with indoor night light, or providing an outdoor porch light will improve visibility for navigating the steps.


Cleaning the way

Never leave any toy especially cutters or any sharp objects on the stairs as it only causes hurdles in the ways of the dog. It will increase the chances of accidents for the dog which may prove harmful for the dog.

Apart from these some other ways include gripping the surface, carrying the dogs, installing dog ramps, etc. If you want to avoid installing dog ramps you can cover your stairs as an alternative.


How Do I Teach My Dog To Climb Stairs?

Hopefully now you have good knowledge about the question, are stairs bad for dogs? Next step is to talk about the ways of teaching your dog to climb the stairs.

So, to teach your dog how to climb the stairs following steps must be followed

  • First of all, take your dog to the bottom of small, non-slippery stairs. For example, you can use a carpeted staircase. You can also improve the system of lights for the safety of your dog.
  • For the motivation of your dog put any type of treatment on the bottom 2–3 steps of the staircase. Always try to start the training from the bottom because most of the dogs find it easier to climb the stairs up than down the stairs.
  • As the puppy begins to get used to walking up the first few steps, slowly place more rewards on higher steps, but only one at a time
  • Finally, place treats on all the stairs, allowing your dog to get comfortable to use the stairs without any help to get their rewards.
  • After your dog reaches the top of the stairs, acclaim him devotedly to increase their self-assurance. Keep quiet while he is using the stairs to avoid disturbing them.
  • If your dog slip ups and falls at a point, encourage them and give a few rewards, one at a time. This type of assured response may avoid them from becoming scared of the stairs in the future.
  • Once your puppy is confidently using the stairs up and down, eliminate the threats.


Are stairs good exercise for dogs?

Using the stairs is a great way to tire out your dog. The steps of stairs act as an additional workout for dogs. By stepping up and down different body muscles are used than those used in routine walk or running. It is due to different postures and additional difficulty with the change in elevation

  • It is an intense workout each time for dog while climbing stairs, he has to lift his entire body weight from one step to the next.
  • When he goes down the stairs, he has to control the descent which involves negative contractions on his muscles.
  • It improves range of motion and balance/coordination. 
  • It’s a perfect exercise for dogs when you can’t go outside


Is It Bad For A Dog To Go Up The Stairs?

No stairs are not bad for the dogs but have many advantages stated below

  • Stair climbing along with swimming is one of the best and fastest exercises for your dog to lose weight.
  • It is a powerful exercise because every time a dog takes a step up he has to lift his whole body mass from one step of the stairs to the next weakness in the posterior quarters makes going upstairs more difficult, but if you can overcome that, it will help to build the posterior end muscle the dog likely needs.
  • This is a great mental exercise as the dog has to think carefully when moving down and  climbing up the stairs so he makes sure that his legs are positioned correctly. He has to adjust\balance his feet in accordance with the steps.
  • It improves a variety of gestures and steadiness/harmonization.
  • It’s also one of the very good exercises when you can’t go outside.
  • Its exercise builds stabilizing muscles and coordination. Walking up the stairs is one of the best ways to improve muscle strength, active motion range, kinaesthesis (ability to feel movements of body and limbs). It is also safe for his growing bones and muscles.
Are stairs bad for dogs
are stairs bad for dogs? are stairs bad for dogs at puppy stage? are stairs bad for dogs with health issues?



Are Stairs Bad For Small Dogs?

Stairs are an additional threat for small dogs, which not only increases the chances of falling down but also the potential for premature joint wear caused by the impact of scaling stairs. Stairs are bad for dogs in case of poor body balance of dog.

Most of the stairs are portable and can be transferred from one place to another. Many stairs are portable and can be moved from sofa to bed to car. They also take less space than ramps.

But stairs are not always bad for dogs as they increase muscle stability, steadiness. It also contributes to the increase in mental strength and body balancing.

One of the most important roles of stairs can be in the weight loss of the dog. It’s an exercise that is suitable for dogs with any kind of knee or hip issue.


Are Stairs Bad For Puppies?

Keeping puppies as a pet is a great entertainment as well as a big responsibility. It is very necessary that owners should have clarity about, are stairs bad for puppies?

My recommendation is not to permit unrestricted access to stairs until the puppy is fully grown. This will depend on class and size and maybe for till 18 months. One study has shown that puppies climbing stairs at an early age were more likely to develop hip dysplasia (Hip dysplasia is abnormal development or growth of the hip joint, usually affecting both sides.).

So, it is a wise measurement to carry your little puppy up and downstairs with close supervision. The majority of experts suggest you not teach or appreciate dogs to climb stairs or jump till they are at their growing age. At what age can Puppies climb stairs?

12 weeks is a standard time that puppies of small or medium sizes can use the stairs safely. However, puppies with large breed can do stairs after they are 16 weeks old At some point, puppies do need to learn how to use steps, but in a safe way.


Are Stairs Bad for Large Dogs?

Being a dog pet owner you would be interested to know, are stairs bad for large breed dogs? You should keep in mind larger dogs (German Shepherd, etc.) are especially disposed to developing hip dysplasia and forcing them to climb stairs is one of them.

Stairs are not suggested for larger dogs instead you can use a ramp. large Dogs can and have suffered from muscle and sprains injuries on stairs. Stay aware of obstacles, turns, and the like that could be problematic.


Defects Of Using Stairs

Moving up on stairs puts a great pressure on back legs. There is a close relation between the health of dogs and stairs. Running downstairs severely strains the front legs.

Using stairs may become problematic in the case of old dogs. Climbing up and moving down from stairs may be dangerous for old dogs due to their weaker health condition.

Due to loss in muscle strength generally old dogs are unable to push themselves upward and balance their body, while climbing stairs. It may lead to stumbles and slips.


Are Stairs Bad For Dogs With Arthritis?

Generally, it is a common understanding that stairs are bad for dogs with arthritis. It is true that stairs are not good for your dog when your dog has a pre-existing orthopedic problem.

In that case, stairs can be painful and exacerbate the injury or condition. But it is not true in all cases. Moving up Stairs may also be helpful for a dog to improve active range of motion for dogs having disease of arthritis. It also improves muscle strength.


Do Stairs Cause Hip Dysplasia?

Hip dysplasia is abnormal development or growth of the hip joint, usually affecting both sides of dogs. Hip dysplasia may be genetic or due to climbing of stairs in early ages of dogs.

study about the hip dysplasia shows that uncontrolled activities of puppies, over jumping or even decreased activity may also cause hip dysplasia in dogs. Sometimes excessive use of stairs also causes hip dysplasia in dogs. So, we can say stairs do not necessarily cause dysplasia. It all depends upon age, health, physical condition and fitness of dog.


Are Stairs Bad For Dogs With Hip Dysplasia?

Stairs are really bad for dogs with hip dysplasia. In such cases stairs should be avoided and alternate exercises should be organized for dogs as per recommendation of veterinarian.


Why Is My Dog Having Trouble Going Down Stairs?

If you are feeling that your dog is feeling trouble in going down stairs you should trace its cause. It may be due to some pain to the dog or feeling of insecurity in moving down.

Arthritis is also a very common disease in dogs. You should also consider the aspect of arthritis development in dogs. Possibility of a wound or bleeding should not be ignored if you are feeling the trouble of moving down stairs in your dog.


How Can I Make My Dog Stairs Easier?

Ramp is a seamless key for attaining your dog safety for stairs. It helps to avoid the troubles caused by stairs for old or sick dogs. Another option for making stairs easier for dogs is to carpet the stairs to ensure the ease of dogs. Well protected stairs are not bad for dogs.


Are Stairs Or Ramps Better For Dogs?

If the dog is facing any joint ailment it becomes very difficult for those to step up and down stairs. In such cases ramp is the better choice for dogs, especially stairs are bad for old dogs.

It will also help the small dogs to reduce the number of times a dog leaps each day. As the ramps have shallower slopes as compared to stairs so the cardiovascular cost of crossing ramp is less than that of stairs.


How Can We Make It Easy For Large Dogs To Climb The Stairs?

As keeping a dog as a pet is a great responsibility, so you should understand the effects of stairs climbing on dogs. You should also try to make it easy for large dogs to climb the stairs.

Are stairs bad for dogs
are stairs bad for dogs? are stairs bad for dogs at home? are stairs bad for dogs while playing?

Take any of the given options to make it convenient for larger dogs to climb stairs.

  • Buy a frivolous ramp for indoor or outdoor stairs.
  • Instruct your dog on the way of using stairs.
  • You can also carpet your stairs if you want to avoid getting a ramp.

To guide your dog to the use of stairs you can simply use a mobility aid.

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