Dog Looking Around Frantically : 9 Clear Signs Of Dog Stress

Some dogs can act strange. That is why pet owners say that why is my dog looking around frantically. You have also seen that your dog is looking frantically around the room, and there is nothing interested in that room. There can be many reasons behind this, like fly snapping syndrome and fear.

Why is my dog looking around frantically? Many reasons behind this behavior, such as fly biting or snapping syndrome, hallucination, nystagmus, etc. It can also be because of fear, anxiety, and stress. When a dog is growing old, then it may show this type of behavior.

In this article, we will discuss why is my dog looking around frantically, how I can calm my dog when he gets stressed, my dog keeps looking up at the ceiling, what can be the reason, and many other things related to these. Let’s dive into the details of this topic.

Dog looking around frantically
Why is my dog looking around frantically?


Why Is My Dog Acting Scared And Looking Around?

One of the most important reasons behind this issue is stress. When dogs get stressed, then they show this type of issue. Stress can be due to loud noise or when dogs meet someone strangers.

If there is more than one pet in the same crate, then it may result in the dog’s frantic behavior. Anxiety also makes dogs scared. My dog is acting paranoid all of a sudden; it can be because of stress.


What Does It Mean When Your Dog Looks Around At Nothing?

Like humans, dogs also stare for interaction with other people; they also gather information and get an idea of communication. But when dogs are looking at nothing, it tells us that the dog is suffering from pain and anxiety. It is also a symptom of dementia, a disease in which dogs have short-term memory loss.


Why Is My Dog Freaking Out All Of A Sudden?

When dogs get fear from something, they show uncanny behavior, and you can see this in many dogs. Phobia can change the behavior of dogs. Dogs don’t remember the memories. They only remember the positive and negative experiences that they face during their lifespan.

When they get phobia from things like thunderstorms, fireworks, and noise, they change their behavior, which is present in them naturally. My dog is acting weird and restless; you should give them a treat and make them calm in this way.


What Does It Mean When Your Dog Stands And Stares?

Like humans, they also stare. They stare at their owners to gain affection from them. That is why you will see that your dog stands and stares at you. Mutual staring results in the release of oxytocin hormones in dogs, and oxytocin is very helpful in bonding. It also boosts the feeling of trust and love.


What Does A Focal Seizure Look Like In A Dog?

Dog looking around confused, what can be the reason? It looks like a hallucination in which dogs moan, bark, and growl. They bite in the air and act like they are very scared. You will also see that their pupils will be dilated, and their fur is standing up. If you see these things, then it means that these are the symptoms of focal seizures.


Why Is My Puppy Looking Around Frantically?

It may be because of nystagmus. That is why some dogs look around things frantically. In these conditions the eyes of dogs show involuntary movements. This condition can be seen in old dogs. It can be enhanced by lead poisoning and head trauma.


Why Is Dog Acting Like Something Is Crawling On Him?

Why does my dog keep looking around? When there is something present on the body of the dog, then the dog may act like something crawling on him. And there may be fleas and ticks that can change the behavior of dogs. When fleas crawl on dogs, then the behavior of dogs becomes weird.


Why Is My Dog Frantically Running Around?

Why does my dog run around frantically? This is a normal thing in dogs that they run around frantically. It can be a source of enjoyment for them. When dogs get anxiety, they can reveal anxiety by doing such a thing. In this way, they get enjoyment and feel happy.


Why Is My Dog Looking Around?

Seizures and cognitive dysfunction syndrome, and some other medical issues can make the dog’s behavior frantic. Many other possibilities can cause this thing. You can engage them in some other physical activity to make them busy and minimize this thing.


Why Is My Dog Looking Around At Nothing?

Why is my dog looking around frantically? Sometimes you will see that your dog is staring at nothing. It can be because of the stress that the dog gets from something strange. It would be best if you made them calm because it can cause serious health problems. Your dog may stop eating because of stress, and they also stop him from engaging in physical activity.


Dog Looking Around Frantically, Has My Dog Eaten Anything Poisonous?

One of the common causes of poisoning in dogs is unintentional accidents. Dogs are not familiar with the things that are present in our homes. So they feel interested in things, and then they eat such things that are not good for them. Hence they get poisoned and make their health unfit.

Some dog owners are not well aware of the substances that are not okay for them. They feed them as a treat, and that leads to the poisoning in them. It is because there is different body metabolism for dogs as compared to humans.

So you cannot feed them such a thing that is good for us. The dog keeps looking around frantically; you may consult with your vet.  Vet consultation is very much important in this regard. You will see many health symptoms in dogs that can be the reason for dog looking around frantically.

  • You will see many symptoms when dogs get poisoning, heart issues, agitation, diarrhea, and vomiting.
  • When the toxin is inhaled, then it can cause unconsciousness in dogs, and it can also cause difficulty in breathing.
  • When dogs come in to interact with poisonous substances, then dogs will get skin irritation. They may get pain because of burning.

It takes about days for symptoms to appear, and sometimes it also takes more than one month, but the latter is very rare. If you notice any signs that your dog eats something poisonous, you should consult with your vet as early as possible. This can be life-saving for your dogs.

Sometimes you don’t notice the symptoms of poisoning; it can lead to serious problems and organ damage. Long-term poisoning symptoms are seizures, blood loss, liver damage, kidney failure, and increased heartbeat.

Dog looking around frantically
Why is my dog looking around frantically?


How To Prevent Dogs Looking Around Frantically?

Dog looking around frantically, how can I prevent my dogs from this type of behavior? First of all, you can consult with your vet in case of a serious case. If there is no serious case, then you can do many things to make them busy. You can also make them happy by giving his favorite food.

Dog looking around frantically at nothing, you should remove stress from him. Following are the ways that are worth considering if you want to prevent your dog from looking around frantically.


Play And Exercise With Dog Regularly

Activities like playing and sports make them physically and mentally fit. You can reduce their stress by playing with your pet regularly.


Create Safe Zone

You should assign a specific area for your dogs to reduce the high stress level if there is extreme noise outside due to some issue. You can keep them in this place when there is a thunderstorm.

Toys and security blankets are very important if you want to remove stress from dogs. It would help if you stayed with your dogs in stressful conditions. Your presence near him is very important. You can talk or cuddle them in this situation.


High-Quality Dog Food

Diet is an important factor that makes your dog mentally and physically fit. You should give them a completely balanced diet at every stage of life. Diet should be full of all essential nutrients. If dogs are under stress, then you can give them their favorite food in stress.


What Are The First Signs Of Stress In A Dog To Detect And Stop Dog Looking Around Frantically?

When dogs are getting stressed, you will see that there is a change in their behavior. You will also see many other signs. Following are the symptoms that tell us the dog is under stress.


Shaking And Pacing

You have seen that sometimes a dog will roll into the grass after taking a bath. You will also see the shaking behavior in dogs. It is because of the stress. Dogs can get stressed when they visit the vet. They may start shaking on the table of the vet when the vet is going to check him.


Barking Or Whining

There is the process of barking in dogs, and it is a normal process. When you see excessive barking in dogs, it means that there is something wrong with dogs, and dogs may start whining and barking when they get stressed. 


Licking, Drooling, And Yawning

Licking, drooling, and yawing also tell us that dogs get stress from something. When a dog is under stress, then yawning will be prolonged as compared to the sleepy yawn. When they are nervous, they will start excessive licking.


Changes In Ears And Eyes

Dilated pupils can be seen in stressed dogs. And their pupils will blink rapidly in stress. You see more whiteness in dog eyes as compared to the normal days. Ear erection will also be there in this condition.


Change In Body Position

Dog looking around frantically, you will see that dog changes his body positions abnormally. If dogs are sifting all of the body weights on the rear legs, it also tells us that he is under stress.



Dog looking around frantically, shedding is a normal process in dogs, but when they are under stress, they will shed abnormally. Like when they are in a vet clinic, then you can see the excessive shedding there. Shedding varies directly with stress.



Panting is a behavior in dogs that is a natural adaptation in which dogs maintain their body temperature constant when there is fluctuation in external temperature. Excessive panting can be seen in a stressed dog.


Change In Body Functions

Many changes are there when the dog is under stress. Their nervous system does not work properly in stressful conditions that is why they urge them to go to the washroom. When the dog meets with another new dog, then the dog will urinate more than normal. This is also a stress indicator.


Displacement Or Avoidance Behavior

When dogs are facing an unwelcome condition, then they may escape from that situation. In this condition, they may start sniffing the ground, lick genitals, and ran away without any reason. Their behavior becomes aggressive. You should call them in this condition.


My Dog Keeps Looking Up At The Ceiling And Sniffing

Many dogs act like this. They start looking at the ceiling, and there is nothing present on the ceiling. It can be because of the neighbor’s music that may attract his attention. The sound of the air conditioner and fan may cause them to look at the ceiling. Sometimes pets attract his attention. If there is nothing present, then it can be because of stress.

Dog looking around frantically
Why is my dog looking around frantically


Final Verdict On Dog Looking Around Frantically

Dogs are looking around frantically; many reasons are behind this. You need to try to understand your dog better. One of the most common things is stress. When a dog gets stressed, the dog will show uncanny behavior, and you will also see a change in their behavior. You can prevent stress from your dog by playing and giving them a favorite food treat.

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