Is Hibiscus Poisonous To Dogs? (4 Menacing Symptoms)

Many people ask the question, is hibiscus poisonous? If your dog is curious to eat or nibble the flowers and plants in the garden of your home, then you should know whether the plants are poisonous or not. Many dogs don’t like greenery. However, some dogs are curious and like to nibble the plants.  Young dogs and puppies want to eat the new things, but old dogs don’t.

Is hibiscus poisonous to dogs? In many cases, the hibiscus is not toxic for dogs, but the Sharon rose (Hibiscus syriacus) is a kind of hibiscus that is harmful to dogs. If the dog eats a higher amount of hibiscus, the dog can be vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, etc.

In this article, we will discuss: Is the Eating of hibiscus toxic to dogs? The treatment and symptoms of hibiscus poisoning. Let’s dive into the topic.

Is hibiscus poisonous to dogs
Is Hibiscus Poisonous To Dogs – hibiscus toxic to dogs


Can The Hibiscus Kill The Dogs?

The hibiscus is not harmful to dogs. Many dogs eat and are okay because they eat very little. Is hibiscus poisonous to dogs? Many other types of hibiscus are poisonous for dogs, and they can cause damage to the stomach and result in vomiting, diarrhea, and nausea.


What Is Meant By Dog’s Hibiscus Poisoning?

Here are different types of hibiscus plants; about 679 species are there, and all of these have different shapes, colors, and sizes. Many of these species are perennials and out of which very few are annual. Is Rose Of Sharon Poisonous To Dogs? The most common species of hibiscus is Hibiscus syriacus and its second name is Sharon rose.

Is hibiscus poisonous to dogs? Dogs are very curious about the things in the garden, and they can eat the flowers or leaves from the garden, so it is important to know about every plant in the garden, whether it is good for dogs. If the dog eats the leaves, it may cause blistering of the tongue, mouth, burning, and irritation. In rare cases, the dogs cannot eat the food because of the blistering of the mouth.

When the dog eats the leaves of hibiscus plants and gets a victim of stomach issues, then it is called hibiscus poisoning. Is hibiscus poisonous to dogs? The plant hibiscus contains asparagine that has amino acids. These amino acids can cause blistering of the mouth, dermal burn, loss in appetite, diarrhea, and vomiting. There are many treatments for hibiscus poisoning, and you can save your dog by doing this if the dog is getting severe symptoms.

There are many other things in the foliage and roots of hibiscus that can cause toxicity in dogs, but these are not identified yet.


What Are The Symptoms Of Hibiscus Poisoning In Dogs

Are hibiscus leaves poisonous to dogs? The dogs become victims of stomach issues after eating the leaves of the hibiscus. There are different species of hibiscus, and the dogs get symptoms according to the toxicity of that specific species. Here, we will discuss the symptoms of toxicity that are due to hibiscus poisoning.


Blistering Of Throat And Mouth

Swelling in the mouth is due to hibiscus poisoning. Is hibiscus poisonous to dogs? Mouth burning and blistering are also symptoms of hibiscus poisoning. You may observe the drooling and something strange after eating the hibiscus leaves. This is because the dog starts eating the grass, although they are not herbivores. It would be best if you observed the dogs because this is an early symptom of hibiscus poisoning.


Vomiting And Nausea

Is hibiscus poisonous to dogs? Vomiting and nausea are also symptoms of hibiscus poisoning. You may see the drooling, panting, pacing, and many other uncanny signs in dogs. This is because the dogs feel difficulty with indigestion; hence they vomit after eating.



Is hibiscus poisonous to dogs or does it cause diarrhea? Diarrhea is one of the leading symptoms in dogs when the dogs eat poisonous things. When the dog eats food that is not suitable for them, dogs become victims of diarrhea. In diarrhea, there is loose motion and runny stools. You should consult with your vet if the dogs are patients of diarrhea.


Abdominal Pain

It is important to consult and bring the dog to the vet for a checkup. Severe diarrhea can lead to severe dehydration that can be fatal for dogs. In addition, you must notify the behavior of dogs if the dog is feeling pain in the abdominal region. If there is abdominal pain, then consult with your vet immediately.


Hibiscus Toxic To Dogs – What Are The Treatments?

Is hibiscus poisonous to dogs? What is the treatment of poisoning? Slow treatment is usually done to treat hibiscus poisoning. There is a lot of treatment for hibiscus poisoning that includes



For evacuation, the vets give the peroxide solution and ipecac for inducing vomiting. Is hibiscus poisonous to dogs? Vomiting is the best way to treat hibiscus poisoning because when the dogs vomit, then leftover poisonous material will be removed from the stomach. The activated charcoal also can absorb the toxins when we give activated charcoal by mouth.



We can do the detoxification like intravenous fluid that flushes kidneys and hence result in the washing of leftover poison. This also saves the dogs from dehydration that is due to diarrhea and vomiting.

Detoxification is helpful to save the dogs from any poisoning. You should consult with your vet in case of any poisoning. It is important for the life of dogs.



Proper medication is useful for the treatment of poisoning. Is hibiscus poisonous to dogs? It can cause the mouth to burn. If the dog is suffering from burns and blisters in the mouth, the vet prescribes the ointment that can relieve the dog from a burn, and you can use that ointment three times per day. If there are blisters in the mouth inside and in the throat, you can use the cortisone injection and many other sprays for treatment.



You have to observe the dogs for the duration of treatment. You should know whether the dogs respond to treatment or not. Keeping eyes on the pet is important for many other reasons.

Is hibiscus poisonous to dogs
Is Hibiscus Poisonous To Dogs?


Are hibiscus poisonous to dogs?

Yes, few species in the hibiscus can cause poisoning in dogs. Is hibiscus poisonous to dogs? Few species are harmful if the dogs ingest it; that is Sharon rose. There are many species in the hibiscus, and these entirely have different appearances.

Is hibiscus poisonous to dogs? The hibiscus roots are not safe for dogs, although the plant is not very harmful. There are many toxic properties in the roots of the hibiscus. Many other parts of hibiscus plants are also harmful, like flowers, leaves, and roots.  Hibiscus poisoning can cause many damages in dogs like


Gut Upset

Does the hibiscus poisonous to dogs? If the dog eats the species of hibiscus that is even not toxic, then there is also a high risk of getting sick. As we know, green plants contain fibers in high amounts, and fibers are useful for proper bowel movement. So if the dog consumes a lot of green plants and results in the digestive tract’s upset, it leads to diarrhea, vomiting, and other stomach issues.


Pesticides And Herbicides

If the doge at the leaves of some plant from the garden and some spray like herbicides and insecticides. It also causes poisoning in dogs. These are harmful to a dog. Why don’t you allow the dog to enter the garden if you use any spray for dogs? Cart is the best way to stop the dog from entering the garden when you are absent.



Are hibiscus plants poisonous to dogs? Few dogs are also very allergic to hibiscus plants. The dogs get an allergic reaction after eating the hibiscus, and it is also life-threatening. If you see that the dog is eating the hibiscus and getting an allergic reaction, consult with your vet immediately.


My Dog Eat Hibiscus Poison What Can I Do?

Is hibiscus poisonous to dogs? If the dogs eat the hibiscus plant and show symptoms of poisoning, then there are many tips which can save the dogs from severe damage. The health of dogs is according to the nature of hibiscus plants. Some plants are not harmful to dogs. Others are not safe.


Secure The Pup

First of all, stop the dogs from entering the garden. In this way, you can stop the dogs from eating harmful plants. You can stop him by using the crate or keeping him in a separate room when absent.


Gather Plant Leftovers

Take a picture of plants for identification in the future. If you have any leftovers that caused the toxicity in dogs, you must take this harmful thing to the vet. In this way, the vet can easily diagnose the cause of poisoning and prescribe the medicines according to the situation.


Call Your Vet

If there are severe symptoms of disease, then you can consult the vet. The situation can lead to the death of dogs if left untreated, so early consultation with the vet is necessary. The early diagnosis saves your dog from serious complications.


Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Is Hibiscus Moscheutos Toxic To Dogs?

Yes, the hibiscus Moscheutos is toxic to dogs. Is hibiscus poisonous to dogs? There are very few species in the hibiscus that can cause the problem if the dog ingests it. Sharon Rose is the worst to eat because it can cause severe toxicity in dogs. It can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and nausea. If the dog consumes hibiscus rosa-Sinensis, dogs will get stomach issues.


Is Chinese Hibiscus Poisonous To Dogs?

Is hibiscus poisonous to dogs? In many cases, the hibiscus is not harmful to dogs. After all, many species are not harmful to dogs but are aware of the harmful disease because these can cause severe damage in dogs and result in stomach upset. Fewer amounts are not much for dogs if the dog eats that amount.


Why Does My Dog Eat Hibiscus Leaves?

There are many reasons behind the dog eating of hibiscus leaves. The most common reason is tart and nice flavor, and the second thing is the leaves of hibiscus contain the vitamin C and vitamin C is very useful in making a strong immune system.  Some dogs are inquisitive about the new thing. That is why they eat the leaves of hibiscus.


Is Hibiscus Harmful To Dogs?

Is hibiscus poisonous to dogs? Yes, few species are harmful to dogs. However, if the dog eats that species, then it is not okay for dogs. The dogs may get stomach issues.

 Is hibiscus safe for dogs? There is also a fiber content in the hibiscus, and it leads to the excess of fibers in the stomach and results in diarrhea.


Final Verdict – Is Hibiscus Poisonous To Dogs

Is Hibiscus poisonous to dogs? Hibiscus has many species, out of which few are poisonous for dogs. However, the Sharon roses are harmful to dogs. It would be best if you did not feed the dogs with this plant. Otherwise, the dogs will get severe stomach issues, diarrhea, and blistering of the throat and mouth. Most Hibiscus not being toxic for dogs doesn’t mean it is a good food for your dog.

Is hibiscus poisonous to dogs
Is Hibiscus Poisonous To Dogs – hibiscus toxic to dogs

You can stop the dogs from entering the garden by using a crate and keeping them in a separate room when you are not present. In this way, the dog is not able to eat the harmful things from the garden.


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