Dogs With Pink Paw Pads : (7 Interesting Facts!)

Dogs With Pink Paw Pads is a common topic of concern for most people. The dog breeds with pink paw pads are cute in one sense. They look adorable.

My friend had a dog with pink paw pads, he was always concerned about his dog. He often told me that his dog is a little sensitive. But, in fact it is  not an issue which needs much attention.

In this topic, I will pen most of the insecurities of people about dog’s pink paw pads, the factors which caused the pads of a dog to turn the color at any age and and how to treat my dogs’ pink paws. Dog paw pads pink is not something unusual. You’ll know everything about it soon.

Dogs with pink paw pads
Dogs With Pink Paw Pads – my dogs paws are pink – dog paw pads change color


Why Are My Dogs Paw Pads Pink?

Dogs’ paws may be pink soon after they come into this world, and they turn to black when the external paw becomes harder.

The paws become black when they play and wander around. Dog paws change color during the growing age of four to six months. This indicates the skin is modifying into a better and more endurable organ.

Dogs With Pink Paw Pads are basically not affected by any mutation or disease. The common and the basic analogy behind this is genetics.

As you have always heard that the color, the height, the fur, the coat, and the intellectual abilities of a dog is determined by the genes, so the color of the paws are also decided by the genes present in the genotype of a dog.

It is noteworthy here that all the dogs whose coat and skin color is light do not have a pink pair of paw. Dogs with pink paw pads are rare, but they are not less than anyone.

Sometimes people are often confused that if the breed of a dog is white, it will have light colored or pink genes, but on reality grounds, this is not true.

The genes in an organism always depict the color of paws. It is seen in most dogs, that a puppy with mixed color skin will have lighter or pink colored paws.

The reason behind this is the amazing phenomena of selection of genes. The process was described by one of the greatest scientists Mendel.

He told that genes are selected on the basis of probability and natural selection. It means only those genes will be selected which suits best in the environment.

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What Color Should Dog’s Paw Pads Be?

There is no specific rule on the color of a dog’s paw pads. A dog can have different colors of paw pads depending upon the types of genes it is carrying.

Paw pads are generally decided on the basis of a dog’s skin color. Whatever the content of a dog’s skin color is, will decide the dog’s paw pads.

For example, if a dog’s skin color is of light color, it has more probability of getting light colored paw pads. But, again it is not a fixed rule that it should be in that color.

I have seen many dogs with light colored skin with dark colored paw pads. Also, the dogs whose paw pads are pink or light color, they will have a mixed color of skin.

It is most commonly observed pink color or light colored paw pads are generally not appreciated, it is seen that these are sensitive.

Pink colored paw pas are prone to getting skin burns and irritations. On the other hand, dark colored paw pads have greater endurance and better genes which can resist any physical changes in the external environment such as cold, hot or humidity.

So you see, a dog should have dark colored paw pads which can help them counter the changes in the external environment.


Should Dog Paws Be Pink Or Black?

Are Dogs With Pink Paw Pads not accepted? The paws of a dog should not be discriminated against. Blue, black, white or pink paws, all are accepted.

When a puppy is born, it has light colored paw pads. With increase in its age, it will start getting different colors.

Its paws will be converted into darker colors. But the most common and the perfect color for a dog’s paw pads is black.

There are a number of reasons which make the darker paw pads perfect. 1st, darker paw pads are perfect in dry, hot, humid, and cold weather.

No matter what the climate is, the dark colored paws will have the best ability to withstand the drastic changes in the environment.

2nd, dark colored paw pads have greater concentration of melanin. The melanin present in the skin will have good resistance against the skin irritations and diseases.

Black puppy paws are seen as strong and believed to be more resistant to the heat and cold.


How To Differentiate Healthy Dog Paws Vs Unhealthy Dog Paws?

Let’s differentiate between Dogs With Pink Paw Pads and non-pink paw pads.

The best way to differentiate healthy dog paws and the unhealthy dog paws is by checking the following things:


Check for the cleanliness

First of all, people who take care of the cleanliness, their dogs will have healthy paws. The paws which are clean and always washed regularly, they will be healthy.


Check the paw colors

Dog paw pads turning white, is it a bad thing? What should I do?

Paw colors will also affect the health, if the paw color is darker, it will be healthier, and the lighter colored paws generally are less healthy as they are always prone to different diseases.

Dogs with pink paw pads
Dogs With Pink Paw Pads


Check the mobility

Always check the mobility of your dog’s paws. If the dog can perfectly walk and run, the paws are healthy and they do not need any care.

But, if your dog has any difficulty or pain while it is walking, it indicates some issues with your dog’s paws


See if any swelling

The swelling on the paws will tell us about the health. Generally, unhealthy paws where concentration of a uric acid increases, swelling of joints occur which causes stiffness, and painful contractions in the dog’s paws.


Check the nails of a dog

The nails also determine the health of a dog’s paws. Generally, lusters and shiny nails are seen in healthy dogs.

But, the dogs whose nails are not shiny and dull, their paws are not healthy and they lack the important enzymes which are essential for nails, bones and the fur. Biotin is the main chemical compound which makes these things healthier.


Check any crack and bones

Last but not the least, if there are any natural cracks and knuckles sound in the bones during walking or lifting, it is generally said that these bones or paws are not healthy.

So, for healthy paws, make sure you take good care of your dog’s cleanliness, the color, mobility, swelling, nails, and cracks on the paws.


Why Do Dogs Paw Pads Change Color?

This portion discusses the Dogs With Pink Paw Pads and their color change during their life. There are two major factors which make the color of a dog’s paw change.


Genes: Change With Age

The 1st thing which affects and makes the color of a dog’s paw to change is the genetic combination and the development with age.

The genes have been playing a major role in making the color of a dog’s paw change. But, as the dogs age, they will change the skin and the paw colors.

You see, my friend had a dog with pink paw pads, the puppy had pink paw pads in its childhood. But, as it began to grow and develop, the color started changing and it gradually changed from pink to black.

He asked his vet and he told that it is a normal process and it is of no concern. The genes let the color of a dog’s paw pads change with time.


Environmental Conditions

The conditions in which the dog is living also determines the color of a dog’s paws.

The areas where the weather is not very hot and humid, the paw colors will not change that much. But the dogs living in hot climates or at places where there is dust and mud, the paw color will change.

So, these two factors decide whether the color of a dog’s paw pads will be lighter or darker. The more the hot and muddy environment, the darker and black paws will be.

But, dogs with pink paw pads will not have a problem at all but are a little bit sensitive to heat, light and other conditions.


Are Pink Paw Pads More Sensitive?

Why are my dogs’ paws pink? Do I have to worry about it?

Yes, dogs with pink paw pads are more sensitive than the other dogs. The reason is very simple; the light colored paw pads are more sensitive to heat and sunlight and may burn even if the slight change in temperature and humidity occurs.

In the winters, these pink paw pads are prone to getting dry and dull. Whereas, in summers, drying of paw pads and also skin burns are persistent which makes it difficult for all the dogs with pink paw pads to bear.


What Causes Pink Paw Pads In Dogs?

The pink paw pads in the dogs are not a genetic mutation or disease. There is an amazing genetics behind this.

The 8 canine genes which control the color of coat, and the skin are directly involved in determining the color of a dog’s paws.

These genes are affected by the genetic combination and selection of genes by the ecosystem. As the dog develops and becomes mature, the change in color of its coat and paws may be seen.

But, it is seen in the mixed skin colored dogs that they have light/pink paw pads. But, it is not true every time as they can also have dark paws.

There is another perspective of this, the pink paws may be due to the bacterial infections or any other infection which may cause the paws to turn pink and weak.

The AKC, has strictly said and highlighted the dogs with pink paw pads as unfit and are not capable of any fight or competition.


How To Treat Dog Paw Turning Pink Early?

How do I treat my dogs’ red paws? Is it normal for my dog to change its paws colors? Dog paw red between pads, is it an infection?

Black paws and pink paws appear at first during young age, after that black paws take over the pink ones.

If you think that your dogs with pink paw pads are having an issue and that is why they are having this color, you can always visit your vet.

There is a high time you can just ask your vet to prescribe some of the best available treatments for your dog. Topical creams and anti-bacterial medicines which can reduce the swelling in the paws can help.


Final Verdict On Dogs With Pink Paw Pads

Dogs With Pink Paw Pads, is not a disease or a symptom of any major disease. Most people see this as a disease, but in fact, this is a natural thing. Dogs’ paws pink is not a problem as thought by many people.

Black and white dog paws are seen during the early six months. Pink dog paws are fragile and less resistant to changes in the external environment.

Dogs with pink paw pads
Dogs With Pink Paw Pads – my dogs paws are pink – dog paw pads change color

Black spots on dog paw pads are seen during the developmental stage.

There are some cases in which the paws may turn pink due to any swelling or bacterial or fungal infections, but you can always check with your vet and get all the required medical help.

I have many dog breeds with black paw pads, they also had pink paws in childhood. If the dogs pads are pink, this does not mean that they are swollen or not healthy.

Black paw dogs are more effective and strong. We have seen dogs’ paws are pink, it is quite normal. Black paws on dogs are tougher and stronger. The pink paws dog is not less than anyone and should not be discriminated against.

So, this was all about dogs with pink paw pads, if you think something is missing here, please comment below. The article also discusses paw pad hyperkeratosis.

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