Fat Tabby Cat : Average Tabby Cat Weight Chart – 5 Best Ways To Reduce Cat Weight

You’ve probably asked yourself, “Why do I have a fat tabby cat? What should I do to reduce their weight?” If your pet is gaining too much weight, it may be because they are eating more than normal or another factor. There are a few common causes of excessive weight gain in cats.

The tabby cat is not always fat. If a cat owner has a big fat tabby cat, he or she cannot manage a healthy diet and enough exercise for their cat. Seeking advice from a veterinarian can also help control the tabby cat’s weight.

To find out how to properly care for a fat tabby cat, let’s read until the end of the following article.

Fat tabby cat
fat tabby cat : average tabby cat weight


Why Is My Tabby Cat So Fat?

Why you have a fat tabby cat is because he or she simply has too much food. Just like humans, cats get hungry and overeat.

Unlike us, chubby tabby cat rarely take food out of their bellies. Therefore, when they do eat, they tend to stuff themselves, even more, resulting in a fluffy belly and a large cavity (called a mammary gland).

If we already know from the fat tabby kitten their diet is more than the usual type of cat, we need to adjust the portion and nutrition of each food we give.

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Do Tabby Cats Tend To Be Fat?

No, not all tabby cats will be fat as they used to be. Indeed they easily get fat, but it is not a sure thing every tabby cat will be fat. Many pet lovers know a tabby cat as a fat cat until a fat tabby cat drawing has become a common symbol.

Why are tabby cats fat? Because your cat is genetically predisposed to accumulate fat. But most owners do something about it to make them fat as they used to, or suppress their meal to control their weight. Excessive feeding can cause digestive upsets, which in turn lead to obesity.

Exercise is necessary to keep your pet fit. Excessive activity can strain the muscles and ligaments, which can produce excess fat deposits around the joints.


Are Fat Cats Unhealthy?

Fat cats or obese cats have a high risk of developing liver disease, heart disease, diabetes, pancreatitis, lameness, and urinary problems. So if your cat is obese, you must take him or her to the vet regularly for regular checks – at least once a year.

How much do tabby cats weigh can also be seen whether they are obese or not because obese cats must be checked for their overall health.

For example, the average weight of a male tabby cat is 10 – 12 pounds. If it exceeds that, you must start paying attention to every food you will give and invite your cat to exercise regularly.

Fat cats are certainly unhealthy, because their weight does not match the average tabby cat weight, and their bodies have to work extra because they are overweight.


How Can I Get My Tabby Cat To Lose Weight?

This is a common question among cat owners, especially those with cats that are a bit on the fat tabby cat.

Sometimes there are also complaints like “why are orange cats fat?” Though color is not one of the factors why tabby cats are fat.

We must direct our fat tabby cat to do the exercise slowly and patiently. Cats don’t always behave the way that we expect them to. It’s our job to understand that and to teach our cat new behaviors.

How big do tabby cats get also the factor that you need to teach them how to walk around and run a little bit. If your cat is consistently a bit slow to run and to move around, he’ll be more likely to take the lessons he needs to learn.

If your tabby cat feels that it is routine to take a morning walk or run with you, you can gradually lose weight.


Why Is My Cat Getting So Fat?

Many pet owners feel that if they have a fat cat, they have a fat tabby cat even though all types of the cat can also be fat, especially indoor cats.

Cats who spend more time indoors will eat more and be less active. They eat and sleep more often than play around and are excited to explore the outdoors. And the owner often gives treats to their cats, and the lack of regular exercise makes the cat fat.

How big can tabby cats get is seen from the food given by the owner every day, as well as how much per serving. For example, my fat gray tabby cat gets three meals per day, with less food than cats that are not tabby cats. I also keep an eye on the gray tabby cat from taking his friend’s food.


At What Age Is A Tabby Cat Full Grown?

If tabby cats are considered adults when they are 12 months old, when are tabby cats full grown? Tabby cats are considered fully grown at 18 months.

When full-grown, what these cat owners pay attention to is how fat tabby cat is, and when do tabby cats stop growing. Because sometimes, they are confused with the tabby cat, which is easily fat, even though some equate their food portions with other breeds.

Of course, every tabby cat owner wants to achieve an average tabby cat weight of between 8 and 12 pounds in their adulthood.


What Is A Good Weight For A Tabby Cat?

You need to check regularly about tabby cat weight because it shows how healthy they are with the food you give them every day.

How big can a tabby cat get is about 18 pounds, and of course, we can’t have a fat tabby cat weighing more than 18 pounds.

The tabby cat can weigh as low as 5 pounds and weigh as large as 18 pounds. Tabby cats are considered to have a good weight if they weigh around 10-12 pounds.

A healthy adult tabby cat usually has an average tabby cat weight of 10 pounds. For the female tabby cat, 10 pounds includes the maximum normal weight.

Fat tabby cat
fat tabby cat

How Long Does It Take To Slim Down A Cat?

There is a healthy weight loss calculation, which is one pound per month. Some cats go down faster, and some are slower. The average cat can go to normal weight for a tabby cat from 6 to 8 months.

This requires support from the owner regarding what sports are suitable for tabby cats and what foods should be avoided by the fat cat.

If you have achieved an average tabby cat weight, which is between 8-12 pounds for males or 6-10 pounds for a female, you have successfully controlled your tabby cat weight.

Fat tabby cat can be a challenge for you in maintaining their healthy diet and life because, as owners, you also have to change your lifestyle to help your cat lose weight.


How Much Does A Fat Tabby Cat Cost?

Purebred tabby cats have a price range between $750-$1000. If you want to save more money, you can look for it at animal shelters.

Tabby cats are considered common cats, and what is often preferred is the fat tabby cat orange and fat tabby cat grey.

Between orange and gray are equally common, and more pet owners choose the orange tabby cat because it is like Garfield.

Make sure you look for a kitten tabby cat or average tabby cat weight, so you don’t have to lose their weight, and you can focus on giving them a healthy life. Moreover, in some breeders, size also determines the price. If you find a fat tabby cat, then the price can be higher than average.


How Big Do Tabby Cat Can Get?

Tabby cat weight is often a concern for many pet owners because its general nickname is a fat tabby cat. The tabby cat can get 18 pounds and height about 16 inches in its full-grown state. In this state, you mostly see tabby cats not doing much activity and just enjoying eating time.

Let’s take a look at the tabby cat weight chart to make sure your tabby cat is still at its normal weight.

1 month old2 pounds
2 month old3 pounds
3-5 month old4 pounds
7-12 month old5 pounds
1 year old8 pounds
2 year old9 pounds
3 year old11 pounds
4-5 year old12 pounds
6-7 year old14 pounds
8-9 year old17 pounds
10-17 year old18-21 pounds

Your cat is a fat tabby cat if it weighs 18 pounds at the age of 12 months to 18 months because the normal weight at that age is 8-10 pounds.


What Factors Make Tabby Cat So Fat?

Many factors can cause a fat tabby kitten or fat tabby cat. Some of them are unhealthy eating, lack of exercise, health issues, stress or depression, and old age.

For example, if your tabby cat is old, they don’t do much activity, but they still eat the same amount. Then the exercise time is reduced, but the food continues to increase.

When the pet owner asks, “why are orange cats fat?” They should see how they take care of the tabby cat. Have you been given a healthy portion of food every day? 2-3 times per day? Do they routinely give them exercise at least 2-3 times a week with their owners?

Pet owners should pay attention to the behavior of their tabby cats. If they are stressed or depressed, they do not like to do many activities, but if given food, they will still eat it. This is what makes them fat quickly.


Determine Your Cat Is Overweight Or Not

You can look at the tabby cat size chart and adjust it according to your cat’s age, whether normal, slightly fatter, or overweight.

Overweight causes many diseases that your cat can experience, and it is a sign of an unhealthy life for your cat. To get life expectancy and a healthy life, control your cat’s weight by giving them a proper meal and enough exercise.


Things To Do To Slim Down A Tabby Cat

When you find out that the tabby cat size is overweight, there are several things you can do to reduce their weight. Some of them are proper exercise, switching menus to a healthy diet, and preventing overfeeding.

You can do proper exercise with your tabby cat by inviting them to play catch the ball, walk around the neighborhood, or make simple obstacles in the front yard or backyard. Make sure to not step on your cat.

For a healthy diet, you need the help of a vet to tell you what foods tabby cats shouldn’t eat and which ones have the highest nutritional value. Choose to eat with lower calories or higher water content so that the tabby cat feels full even though it doesn’t get overfeeding.

To prevent overfeeding, count every calorie intake every day, and give them at the time they eat with the right size from the vet’s recommendation.

Fat tabby cat
fat tabby cat – average tabby cat weight


Final Verdict On Fat Tabby Cat

The tabby cat, often referred to as the fat tabby cat, is a popular domestic cat among pet owners. Not all tabby cats are fat if pet owners know the right way to provide proper exercise and a healthy diet.

Pet owners should know the average tabby cat weight for their full-grown state is between 10-12 pounds for males and 6-10 pounds for females.

The tabby cat can weigh up to 18 pounds in a full-grown state, and that’s considered overweight. For cat that are overweight can experience many diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, liver disease, etc.

Monitoring the tabby cat’s weight through the tabby cat size chart is a must because you want them to live up to their life expectancy and have a happy life with you.


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