How Do Hermit Crabs Climb? 6 Cool Hermit Crab Climbing Toys

Hermit Crab is known as a good climber. That is why many pet parents ask how does an hermit crab climb. It makes them mentally and physically fit. They love to climb when they are in the wild, but you should play climbing apparatus when they are in captivity.

How do hermit crabs climb? They can climb by hooking tips of legs into small protrusions, and then they find surfaces like stairs, rocks, trees, etc. they can also climb the aquarium walls by gripping the algae on the surface or by digging silicone seals. They cannot climb very high, but they can climb many feet when they are heading up a tree.

How do hermit crabs climb
How do hermit crabs climb?

In this article, we will discuss how do hermit crabs climb, what do hermit crabs eat, what are methods by which you can make hermit crab’s climbing toys, and many other things related to these. Let’s dive into the details of how do hermit crabs climb.


Are Hermit Crabs Supposed To Climb?

Yes, hermit crabs are supposed to climb. They like to climb the apparatus present in the aquarium when they are in captivity. It is a source of entertainment for them. That is why they do this type of thing. In the wild, they have many things to climb, but when they are in captivity, you should give them climbing toys as a source of enjoyment.


Do Hermit Crabs Line Up?

Yes, hermit crabs do line up. What can hermit crabs climb on? Like any other individuals, hermit crabs also need big habitat housing when they are growing. They need bigger shells. That is why they change their housing. When a nearby shell appears on the beach, they form a line to change their previous shell into a new one.

They also form lines from larger ones to smaller ones. As the larger hermie changes the shell into a bigger one, the smaller one takes that small shell in which there is larger. In this way, they line up and change their shells into new shells.


Can Hermit Crabs Climb Upside Down?

Yes, hermit crabs climb upside down. When they are in the molting phase, they are in that position. Many pet parents also say that they can cling upside down.


How High Can Hermit Crabs Climb?

They lie to climb in both conditions like captivity and the wild. They can climb the tree and reach several feet high while climbing trees. They can climb very high as they know that their size is very small, but size doesn’t matter while climbing.


Can Hermit Crabs Climb Walls?

Yes, they can climb the wall of the aquarium. It is only possible if algae are growing on the walls of the aquarium. By gripping algae, they can climb the wall of the aquarium.


What Can Your Hermit Crabs Climb On?

How do hermit crabs climb? Hermit crabs climb the apparatus present inside the habitat or enclosure like plants, shells, wood pieces, and rocks. They attempt to climb the sides and walls of the habitat upside down.

You must have a nest or lid to cover the opening of the enclosure to stop them from coming out from the aquarium. It is the best thing to save your hermit crabs from losing.

How do hermit crabs climb? They can climb over one another. That is why it is recommended that you should keep three hermit crabs in one place. In this way, they are not able to climb. In this way, they don’t crawl over each other.

How do hermit crabs climb in groups and why? Many reasons behind the crawling of each other like fighting for shells, molting aggression, and establishing the hierarchy.

The climbing behavior is good for them; you need not worry about this. You may also notice crawling, but if there is very aggressive behavior between them, you should separate them.

How do hermit crabs climb
How do hermit crabs climb?


Why Do Hermit Crabs Climb Up?

Hermie loves to climb. In the wild, they like climbing trees. Many reasons are there if hermit crabs climb up, like finding food for escaping from predators and seeking shelter. When they are ready for mating, then they may climb up. Anxiety may also be the possible reason for climbing in captivity.


Do Hermit Crabs Climb Aquarium Walls?

Yes, they do climb aquarium walls because they are good climbers. They can climb out from their habitat if there is algae inside the wall of the tank. Algae provide grip in this way, and they easily climb out from aquarium walls.

For climbing, they should have a high energy level. If there is low energy, they may stop at any point during climbing.


Does A Hermit Crab Climb Glass?

It is very difficult for them to climb the glass. The glass is very smooth, and there is very little grip on smooth things. They may try to clip the glass but cannot do this. If there is any climbing apparatus in the glass wall, they may climb out from the glass. Otherwise, this is not possible.

You should cover the opening of the habitat with a lid or any piece of cloth, so the hermie cannot come out from the tank. It is important for safety purposes. Sometimes algae is grown inside the wall, and it is a helping procedure for them to climb out from the tank.


Does A Hermit Crab Climb Wall?

Yes, hermit crabs do climb the wall with a good grip so that they can hold their legs on the wall. Then easily climb up the wall. It is mostly seen in captivity. It would be best to place the climbing toy inside the tank to enhance the climbing skill.

It is important for them for exercise and mental stimulation. You can place bark and tree branches as climbing apparatus in the aquarium.


Does A Hermit Crab Climb Rock?

Yes, they can climb rocks. During low tides, some wild hermit crabs come out from the rocky tidal pool, and then they climb to the rocks. When they are on the rocks, hermit crabs remain inactive.

After that, they turn shell holes upward or downward. After some time, they turn and place a hole in the opposite direction. They like to climb over stones and rocks in the aquarium. You should place two to four things like these in the tank.


Does A Hermit Crab Climb Stairs?

They may climb stairs. In captivity, they may escape from the tank and then climb stairs to check the humid and warm conditions. If stairs have scalable carpet, they can climb because they have a firm grip on the carpet. It makes climbing easy.


Does A Hermit Crab Climb A Tree?

In the wild, hermit crabs do climb trees. They may climb several feet high while climbing a tree. Climbing on the tree is very easy compared to other things because the tree is not smooth. They can easily climb because of their strong grip.

There is bark on the branches of the tree when they are going to climb then bark is helpful for them to grip firmly.

You can place the tree branch in a tank as climbing toys, but before putting anything, you must ensure that it is free from any chemical or other harmful thing.

Don’t use such a type of wood in which there is spray of pesticides, insecticides and other chemicals. You should clean wood by boiling it in water.


How To Make Hermit Crab Climbing Toys?

How to make hermit crab climbing net? You should know how to make hermit crab climbing toys because they like climbing wild or in captivity. Forgiving them enjoyment and making them happy, you should place such apparatus recommended for them.

In this way, they get pleasure by playing with these things. You should not use any toxic material in making climbing toys. Following are the things that can be made for hermie.


Hermit Crabs Climbing Branch

How do hermit crabs climb branches? You can place the branch of a tree in the aquarium of hermie; it will be a good thing for giving them enjoyment. But keep one thing in mind, the branch should be free from any harmful thing, and it must be neat and clean.

You can only place that wood that is okay for them. Don’t put a branch of that tree in a toxic habitat. You cannot use cactus plants for them.

Please don’t place a tree branch on the side or wall of the tank because it may result in climbing, and then hermit crabs may come out of the tank. It would help to place a cloth or lid to cover the tank’s opening.


Bark Piece

How do hermit crabs climb bark pieces? Driftwood or bark piece is a natural toy for hermit crabs. The pores of holes in bark provide grip to them in this way, and hermit crabs easily climb on bark pieces.

Clean the bark piece before placing it in the aquarium; hence hermit crabs don’t get toxic.


DIY Hermit Crab Climbing Toys And Net

The Hermit crab climbing net is also an important apparatus. You can make the climbing net for your hermit crab on your own.

  • First of all, cut the piece of fishnet and cheesecloth
  • Insert hook on four corners or any other points where you need support
  • Then attach four suction cups along with string.
  • Stick all of these suction cups at the ends of the habitat of hermit crabs.

In this way, you can make the climbing net at home. The cloth that is used doesn’t span the entire habitat’s length. It should be a few inches shorter. So, hermit crabs can easily climb.



How do hermit crabs climb ropes? They are natural climbers and will climb ropes easily. You can also hang the suction cups with rope in the habitat of hermit crabs. It is also a source of recreation for them.

Don’t put these things in the habitat of hermie that are dangerous for them. The rope should be neat and clean, without any harmful chemicals.


Plastic Building Block

Placing plastic blocks in habitat is also a climbing apparatus for them. You can make it beautiful by coloring it. Then placed in an aquarium of hermie. They love to climb the apparatus, and they feel happy while doing this.

You can also place many hurdles in an aquarium of hermit crabs. When you add the plastic building block to the aquarium, ensure that it is free from chemicals.


Cloth Or Old Towel

Cloth pieces and old towels are also exciting for hermit crabs. They also climb on towels or cloth pieces. You can tie the knot on a cloth or towel to give them more grips while climbing—washcloth piece when you notice any smell from it.


Final Verdict On How Do Hermit Crabs Climb

Hermit crabs are true climbers. They can climb up many feet in height while climbing a tree. They may also climb up the aquarium wall when there is an algae present inside.

How do hermit crabs climb
How do hermit crabs climb? How do hermit crabs climb in winter? How do hermit crabs climb in the aquarium?

As we know that they like climbing, you should put climbing apparatus inside the tank.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet hermit crab a good and comfortable life!

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