Do Hermit Crabs And Shrimp Get Along? (7 Cool Facts)

Is it your first time having hermit crabs? This one pet has adorable shells and a unique shape. You will be questioning what other pets can fit in a tank with hermit crabs. Some will think about fish, but others will think about shrimp.

Do hermit crabs and shrimp get along? Many people wonder if you can keep them together, but there are some differences between the two creatures. Both Shrimp and Hermit crabs are gentle and peaceful animals, and the right combination is possible, as long as they’re on compatible tanks.

To find out how hermit crabs live with shrimp, what to need, and what to avoid, let’s read this article to the end.

Do hermit crabs and shrimp get along
Do hermit crabs and shrimp get along?


Do Hermit Crabs And Shrimp Get Along?

Hermit crabs are known to be territorial and are often non-aggressive, but they can be trained to coexist in a tank with other species, including a cleaner shrimp. Make sure to have a large enough aquarium to accommodate both species.

While hermit crabs are less tolerant of shrimp, they do not hate each other. They’re more tolerant of each other if they live together in a bigger tank.

It is a good thing for you if you have a fish and a hermit crab together. And remember that the larger the tank, the more tolerant your hermit crab will be.


How Hermit Crabs And Shrimp Interact?

The researchers used the hermit crab habitat as a model to determine whether hermit crabs and shrimps could have symbiotic interactions.

This type of interaction between two critters is possible in the presence of oxygen. It has known that hermits do not eat shrimp when they are not interested in eating.

Do hermit crabs and shrimp get along? If you keep both in the same tank, you will find it easier to maintain an environment that is hospitable to both. The hermit crabs and shrimp will be happy in their new environment if in a suitable tank. They can be a fun addition to your aquarium.

As long as your hermit crabs and shrimp can cohabitate, the two will get along just fine. If you keep them together, you will see more interaction between them.

Hermit crabs and shrimps are often seen nearby, but there are also differences between the two. In some cases, hermit crabs will attack a shrimp, while a shrimp will attack a hermit crab. While it is not uncommon for hermit crabs to kill a shrimp, shrimp will not eat a hermit crab.


Will Hermit Crabs Attack Shrimp?

Hermit crabs are small, can tolerate smaller mates. But you have to be aware that shrimp are small and vulnerable. A bigger tank will keep your hermit crab happier, and shrimp will also be safer. Hermit crabs chirp to communicate to other crabs and may do something in groups.

The main reason is that shrimp are solitary animals, and crabs prefer larger tanks. They will be more tolerant of each other, so a large tank is best for both creatures.

Freshwater shrimp are tiny, and you should keep them in large aquariums. They are more tolerant of each other, especially when they are kept together.

A 10 to 20-gallon tank is best, and you should keep the temperature of the water between 70 and 79 degrees Fahrenheit. You should also consider using plants in the tank, as they will provide additional hiding places for your shrimp.

Do hermit crabs and shrimp get along? They can get along if they have their hiding place. Hermit crabs are also less aggressive once they are full. Providing enough food will allow them to live together.


Will Hermit Crabs Eat Shrimp?

Hermit crabs are omnivorous and enjoy a variety of different foods. They are particularly fond of dead fish, snails, and shrimp as long as the skin is removed.

In addition, you can also provide your hermit crab with steamed shrimp tails and dead crustaceans. Always thaw frozen food before feeding it to your crab.

Do hermit crabs and shrimp get along? If you see hermit crabs living together in a tank with shrimp, crabs have no intention of eating them directly. However, remember that hermit crabs don’t eat anything unless they’re interested in it.


Will Peppermint Shrimp Eat Hermit Crabs?

Peppermint shrimp are not aggressive toward hermit crabs, but they will attack if they can’t find food to eat. While peppermint shrimp are not aggressive to hermit crabs, they can feed on dead ones.

As they are nocturnal, peppermint shrimp tend to prefer aquariums with live rock, as it traps detritus. In addition, peppermints are very sensitive to salinity fluctuations and are not harmful to their hosts. They also make excellent pets and are easy to care for.

Do hermit crabs and shrimp get along
Do hermit crabs and shrimp get along? Do hermit crabs and shrimp get along in aquarium?

Do hermit crabs and shrimp get along? Peppermint shrimp are not aggressive in their behavior, but they are not shy, so they should be kept in groups of at least 10 gallons each. They are social and can get along with hermit crabs.

A group of these shrimp is not a bad idea for your aquarium, but they should not be kept in small tanks. The size of the tank is a factor. While they do not harm hermit crabs, they should not be housed with them.


How To Know If Hermit Crabs Are Fighting Shrimps?

When you are worried that your hermit crabs or shrimps are fighting, you should look at their behavior. Sometimes, the behaviors of hermit crabs are harmless.

Usually, shell fights occur because of a lack of food. If this is the case, you should provide empty shells to your pets. However, this should not be the first step to prevent any fighting.

The aggressor and the victim should be separated from each other. If they are continuing to fight, you should put them in different aquariums.

If you find that the aggressive hermit crab tries to attack another crab, you can try to break the aggressor’s shell. In some cases, you can use a shell match to scare away the aggressor.

Do Cleaner Shrimp clean Crabs? It might be because cleaner shrimp can clean organisms of parasites. If the parasite is in the shell of hermit crabs, the cleaner shrimp will do their job.


What Do Hermit Crabs Eat?

These days, ready-made hermit crab food is available in many forms. Most of these treats provide your pet with plenty of nutrition and are very convenient to use. The table below is some food that can be given to your hermit crab.

Hermit crab’s foodExplanation
Microscopic musselsUsually found in algae with microscopic size.
ClamsClams have a good surface for algae to grow and crabs can eat the contents of the clams.
MacroalgaeThousands of species of multicellular, macroscopic, and marine algae.
Bits of dead animalsSplinters from any dead animals in the tank.


Can Hermit Crabs Eat Raw Shrimp?

The good news is that hermit crabs don’t have a particular preference for any particular food. They simply eat whatever they can find. It will usually seek out foods that have a higher level of nutrition.

If the hermit crabs find dead shrimp, there’s a good chance the crabs will eat them but aren’t interested if they’re still alive.

Hermit crabs also eat meat. You can feed them steamed shrimp tails and dead crustaceans. Make sure you take the meat out of the shell so your hermit crab won’t get bored eating the same thing over again.


Final Verdict – Do Hermit Crabs And Shrimp Get Along

Do hermit crabs and shrimp get along? Hermit crabs and shrimp can get along as long as they’re in the same tank. A hermit crab will be more tolerant of shrimp, and the other way around. In a larger tank, they can share a living space and live in harmony. While they are not compatible, they can live in peace together.

Hermit crabs will not be aggressive towards tank mates unless they are hungry and have no access to food. Shrimps also do the same, and will not disturb other living things if they are full.

Keep the proper ratio between shrimp and hermit crabs. They must not fight each other. If they do, they’ll cause damage. It is why the right combination for your pet is very important.

Do hermit crabs and shrimp get along
Do hermit crabs and shrimp get along? Do hermit crabs and shrimp get along in tanks? Do hermit crabs and shrimp get along in the wild?

A larger tank will be unbalanced. Moreover, a smaller tank is more likely to be crowded. While a hermit crab can coexist with a shrimp, you should never mix it with larger ones. If you have a small aquarium, you can choose between the two. Hermit crabs just need their shells to be happy and feel safe.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet hermit crab a good and comfortable life!

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