How Fast Can A Bearded Dragon Run? 5 Interesting Reasons For Running

How fast can a bearded dragon run? It’s a matter of debate as to their actual speed as they will have different speeds in different moods. But, here’s a verdict by the majority of people.

How fast can a bearded dragon run? A bearded dragon can run an average of 9 mile per hour with top speeds reaching 20 miles per hour for trained beardies. But, in reality, most beardies don’t like to run at great speed. Bearded dragons lie down and do nothing for most of the time.

How fast can a bearded dragon run
How fast can a bearded dragon run

In this article, I will share some cool facts on how fast can a bearded dragon run around the house. Let’s dive into the article.


Do Bearded Dragons Run?

Most of the time in its life, a bearded dragon is not doing anything. It is a lizard, and you have generally seen the lizards doing nothing but laying on the wall for hours.

It is pretty similar to bearded dragons. They also don’t like to run and walk more. But, when you are playing with them, they will run in excitement or because of fear.

So, How fast can a bearded dragon run? Beardies run up to 8 to 10 miles/hour. But, the speed varies according to the condition of the situation they are in.


How Fast Can A Bearded Dragon Run?

How fast can a bearded dragon run fast? The bearded dragon can run with its full might when it sees an unexpected predator or prey.

It is like a situation where either you will be killed or saved. So, it will run for its life. The maximum speed recorded for a bearded dragon running due to fear or eating prey is approximately eight to ten miles/hour.

But, if the bearded dragon is tired or not in the mood, it will not run at this speed.


How Fast Can A Baby Bearded Dragon Run?

How fast can a bearded dragon run around when it’s a baby? Baby bearded dragons and adult beards have different speeds. It depends on the diet they are getting and the type of stimulus they are attracted to.

For example, a baby beardie is full of energy and will be more active at running. The maximum speed of a baby beardie stands at 40km/hour (20 Miles).

But, for an adult beardie, it would be half of the speed, which is 10 miles/hour (20km).


How Fast Can A Bearded Dragon Run From Me?

A bearded dragon can run more than 9 miles/hour. But, if you have scared your beardie, it might be running faster.

In most cases, you might be thinking, why would a beardie run away from you? Particular fear or difficulty adapting to a new place might be the reason.


‎Why Do Bearded Dragons Run?

You have got to know how fast can a bearded dragon run; let’s find out what possible reasons could be that your beardie is running.


‎Run Away From Predator

If a beardie sees a predator that could kill it, this is when the beardie should run for its life.

It might see a giant animal, and it is trying to hide from it. So, to find a safe place, it is running for its life at full speed.

If someone lives in places near the forest and where birds and giant eagles are abundantly present, it would be dangerous and vulnerable as they love to eat the beardies. So, that is why you see your beardie running wildly sometimes.


‎Hunt Prey Down By Chasing Them

You know that beardies love to eat flies, mosquitoes, and cricket. They might be blood-sucking parasites to humans, but beardies see them as delicious and nutritious meals.

So, they run very fast to eat those insects before going further than where they could quickly get them.

So, this was the second season. Why do the beardies run? And to hunt prey, I  would say that my beardie runs faster than anything else!


‎Search For A New Habitat

Another reason your beardie seems very strange and weirdly running is that it might not like the habitat in which it is living.

The too cold or too hot temperature would be nasty for it. But, on the other hand, a rainy day, a humid and cold chilly environment is also not bearable. The reason behind this is because the bearded dragon is a warm lizard.

The beardies love to have warm weather but not too warm. On a cold day, you might see some lizards getting out to bathe the sun. It is because they love the heat.

So, getting a new place where they feel comfortable is what the bearded dragon is looking for.


Bearded Dragon Speed

So, how fast can a bearded dragon run? Bearded dragons love to run when they are stimulated by a hunter, prey, or habitat change. They are seen to be running at a very high, How Fast Can A Bearded Dragon Run In Mph? The bearded dragon speed mph is ten.


Can I Let My Bearded Dragon Run Around The House?

My bearded dragon running on wood floor is making me go crazy. Is it a safe thing? Should I allow my beardie to run around the house?

Well, there’s nothing terrible in letting your beardie run around the house. It could be healthy for it as it might be doing some exercise.

It would help if you were happy as your bearded dragon runs around the house, as they don’t like running. So, appreciate your bearded dragon and clear out all the hurdles that may be dangerous for your beardie.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do I Get My Bearded Dragon To Run?

How fast can a bearded dragon run, and how do you let it run or even walk? A bearded dragon is stimulated when it sees a flying food item such as insects and birds.

So, to get your bearded dragon running, you can tempt it and arrange for keeping food at distant points so it would be attracted to them.

It could be an excellent idea, and your bearded dragon can run for sure.


Why Is My Bearded Dragon Running Fast?

How fast can a bearded dragon run? Why is it running so fast? There are three possible reasons why your beardie is running so fast.

The first reason is that some vulnerable hunter, like a giant eagle, is bothering it. So, your beardie is scared and is running for its life.

The second reason for a beardie running very fast is because it sees a delicious meal which intimates the beardie. So, it is attracted again and runs faster to eat it.

The third and last reason is that it might be searching for a new habitat. Too cold and hot weather bother your bearded dragon, so it is getting a warm and cozy place.


Why Is My Bearded Dragon Running On Water?

How fast can a bearded dragon run ‎towards the water? Water is a different and attractive thing for the beardies. Thye is attracted to strange things, and one of them is water.

The beardies see water as an attractive object, so they run on the water.

Another reason is that they are thirsty, so they are running towards it to drink and quench their thirst.


Final Verdict On How Fast Can A Bearded Dragon Run

How fast can a bearded dragon run? A bearded dragon can run at the speed of 10 to 20 mph. It is the maximum speed that has been recorded for a beardie running to get shelter, running to eat prey, or running away from a hunter.

How fast can a bearded dragon run
How fast can a bearded dragon run

Learn how fast do bearded dragons grow and how their running speed varies by age.

So, that was all about Bearded dragon running gif and how fast they possibly run to respond to different reflexes. Make sure to read this book to know all about Beardies. If you have any questions, please leave comments.

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