How Fast Do Bearded Dragons Grow? 12 Month Conclusive Bearded Dragon Growth Stages

Every pet owner wants to know the progress of their pet to get the best results. One thing that many new bearded dragons owners ask is bearded dragon growth stages.

How fast do bearded dragons grow? Beardies grow quickly in the first three months and keeps growing to a fully grown bearded dragon growth stage until they are one-year-old. Bearded dragon growth chart tells us they grow to a giant 24 inches big or more in a year with 200 to 300 pounds in weight

Bearded dragons do make great pets because they are so beautiful. They are intelligent and can be fancy bearded dragon full grown if the owner wishes to. Taking care of them properly during their first few months of life is the best way to have a pet that will please you for a long time.

How fast do bearded dragons grow
How Fast Do Bearded Dragons Grow – bearded dragon growth stages – bearded dragon growth chart

Let’s learn everything about Bearded dragon growth stages, how you can make your bearded dragon grow faster, how to make sure your bearded dragon grows healthy and petting fully grown bearded dragon in no time since they grow fast.


How Long Does It Take For A Bearded Dragon To Grow?

Bearded dragons grow the fastest in the first three months. After that, they will start to slow down to a full-grown state at 11 to 12 months old.

Knowing how fast do bearded dragons grow will help you provide a healthy diet and some things to do to keep bearded dragons in top condition.

The bearded dragon growth rate will be affected by various factors, such as the breed of your bearded dragon, the age of the dragon when it is born, and how you feed and groom your pet.

Some bearded dragons may turn green due to a sudden change in their metabolism, but others will grow green over an extended period.

Bearded dragon vegetables need to be replaced approximately once a month during this growth cycle. Therefore, the amount of green you see in the leaves should decrease over time.

Some bearded dragons do well under certain conditions, such as isolation from other bearded dragons and animals. Others need extensive training. A captive bearded dragon should never be left alone or with anyone at all for a prolonged period of time because it may develop aggression.


How Big Do Bearded Dragons Grow?

You can see how big do bearded dragons get when they are already six months old. If your bearded dragon is 15 to 22 inches long at that age, then your bearded dragon is large-sized. They can even grow that big in captivity if they have a properly set-up enclosure.

You need to pay attention to the bearded dragon growth chart as a juvenile. The average size of 6 months old bearded dragons is 11 inches. You can see many adult bearded dragons that measure up to 18 inches only.

These animals usually reach a maximum growth of around sixteen to twenty-four inches in length in their full-grown state. There isn’t a hard and fast rule about how big a bearded dragon should be because some of them can end up being pretty huge.

That is why you need to consider the age and the physical condition of your bearded dragon before you make any final decisions on how fast do bearded dragons grow issue.


How Big Can A Bearded Dragon Get?

As beardies grow up into adulthood, the bearded dragon size generally increases, but they can still exceed ten inches in length. Generally speaking, it is important to understand the limitations of these pets before choosing a dragon pet.

As bearded dragon growth stages continue, their scales become darker, and they will lose some of their energy, and their growth will slow down. They will continue to grow, and their body will become more muscular as they become older.

How fast do bearded dragons grow? It is, however, safe to assume that the bearded dragons will reach their adult size in eight months, somewhere around sixteen inches in length.

If they are kept in a group of more than one dragon, then fully grown bearded dragon will all reach their adult sizes. Some will remain small adults, while others may grow large and reach well over 24 inches in length.


How Long Does A Bearded Dragon Get With Proper Diet?

If you want to reach a full grown bearded dragon, you have to give juveniles a good diet with plant material and insects. Juveniles must be fed three times a day until they reach 18 months of age, then switch to an adult diet.

The bearded dragon is no different than other lizards in their need to eat and live outdoors. Like all lizards, they also need to have a diet that contains lots of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. They also need to be well-controlled.

A good rule of thumb is to have one inch of fresh vegetables and one inch of dead plant material per week. Their natural habitat also demands plenty of water, so once you buy, or catch your bearded dragons, provide them with a dish of freshwater constantly, as they will drink a lot of it.

How fast do bearded dragons grow? The fastest growth period is from baby bearded dragons to the first three months. After that, they will continue to grow until 18 months old.


How Long Do Bearded Dragons Grow?

The fancy bearded dragon fully grown at 12 months old. At this age, bearded dragons can weigh between 380 to 510 grams. For its length, the average reaches 16 inches.

How long does it take a bearded dragon to grow? Meanwhile, bearded dragons will continue to grow until they enter sexual maturity between 8 months old and 18 months old. That’s why the bearded dragon growth chart of each dragon can be different.

The length of time a bearded dragon will live depends on many factors, including how old he or she is, how much food and water he or she is getting, and how well-fed he or she is.

Each of these areas must be carefully monitored to give the bearded dragon all the care and attention he or she needs to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.


Life Cycle Of A Bearded Dragon

The life cycle of a bearded dragon is simply the pattern of their development from egg to full-grown adult. For this reason, there are several stages of life that a beard goes through, and it will depend on many factors on the exact life cycle of a bearded dragon.

First, of bearded dragon growth stages, these lizards start as egg layers. They will huddle together in a protective cave and wait for a female to lay an egg.

After the egg has been laid, the female will be cared for by her father until the young begin to feed. After the eggs have hatched and the baby dragon has arrived, he will stay with his parents until he gets older and can fend for himself.

As a bearded dragon growing through the life cycle, he will also become a baby teething dragon. He will begin to look for things that he can touch to help with his growing pains and try to bite or nibble on them.

How fast do bearded dragons grow? After the bearded dragon has developed into a medium-sized adult, he will molt. This process does not take long. A beardie will go from being almost entirely hairless to being covered with hair.

When the bearded dragon age to molt, he’ll be ready to mate. If he has not mated before, he may go into heat, which could mean he will produce eggs.


Bearded Dragon Growth Stages

The bearded dragon grows up very fast. Some reach more than one foot in length in the first year and continue to grow until the bearded dragon is full size when they stop growing. There are six stages of bearded dragons, from egg to old age.

The first stage is pre-birth or pre-hatchling. How fast do bearded dragons grow in this stage? About 55 to 75 days in the egg until it hatches. Next is Juvenile, from birth to 3 to 4 months. This stage requires three meals per day.

The next stage is the sub-adult, with high appetite and still able to have rapid growth. After that, bearded dragons will enter sexual maturity, where they can do breeding.

Sexual maturity in bearded dragons is until they are three years old, before reaching mature adulthood from 4 to 7 years. You can already see the full-grown state in this stage, and there is no further development after that.

The final stage is old age, with lower appetite and easily become lethargic with bearded dragon mouth open. Give extra care for them at this age.


Bearded Dragon Growth Chart

Because the juvenile stage is a very valuable time for the development of bearded dragons, you need to understand how well your dragon growth rate is by looking at the bearded dragon size chart.

The table below is a chart to see the good progress for bearded dragons.

0-1 months3-4 inches4-6 grams
2 months5-9 inches8-40 grams
3 months8-11 inches22-110 grams
4 months9-12 inches41-115 grams
5-6 months11-18 inches102-188 grams
7-8 months13-20 inches230-327 grams
9-10 months16-22 inches280-360 grams
11-12 months16-24 inches350-465 grams
1 year or more24 inches or more380-510 grams

After looking at the bearded dragon growth chart, you can know how to reach the ideal size by providing a healthy diet.

How fast do bearded dragons grow
How Fast Do Bearded Dragons Grow – bearded dragon growth stages – bearded dragon growth chart


Bearded Dragon Age Chart

If we want to know how long do bearded dragons get to a full grown state, we must know about age according to their life stages.

Bearded dragon growth stages Starting with hatchlings, i.e., 0-2 months, then juveniles from 3-11 months. From hatchlings to juveniles, bearded dragons must receive adequate nutrition to thrive.

Sub adults start from 12 months – 18 months, while adults start from 18 months onwards. For the old category, if the bearded dragons are more than seven years old.

Most of the bearded dragon age stages end in adults due to many factors that can make the life expectancy of bearded dragons only up to adulthood. But if you can give them a healthy life, they can live up to the old stages.

How fast do bearded dragons grow? Bearded dragons grow fast as they enter hatchlings and juveniles until 6 month old bearded dragon, then slow down until they stop growing.


How Big Are Baby Bearded Dragons?

The newborn baby bearded dragon can measure around 3 inches and weigh up to 4 grams. How big do fancy bearded dragons get will be seen in their development from hatchling to juveniles. If you enter sub-adults bearded dragons, you have a size up to 16 inches, and then he is big.

You would not expect how fast do bearded dragons grow because when hatching until juveniles eat a lot of them, so the growth is also faster. Even though you want to see bearded dragons grow bigger, it’s very necessary to overfeed them so they can still move normally.


How Big Is A 6 Month Old Bearded Dragon?

Bearded dragons will have an ideal body at six months of age if they measure between 11-16 inches and weigh between 102-188 grams. If your bearded dragons weigh less than 102 grams, immediately take them to the vet for consultation on what diet is lacking for your dragon.

If you want to follow the fancy bearded dragon size, you should also always control the size of your bearded dragons until they match the growth chart. You can also adjust their size at the bearded dragon growth stages so you know what to do and what foods are age-appropriate.


When Is A Bearded Dragon Fully Grown?

Bearded dragons will stop growing when they have entered sexual maturity, between 8-18 months old. But normally, bearded dragons will reach a fancy bearded dragon full size when they are 12 months old.

Bearded dragon length can reach 16 inches or up to 24 inches, and this size is large, among others.

How fast do bearded dragons grow to a full grown state? The fastest-growing states of bearded dragons as juveniles because their diet is high and they accepts any kind of food. By the time they go into sub-adults, bearded dragons get picky with food, and their growing state goes slower.


How Fast Does A Bearded Dragon Grow?

It would be very easy for you to observe how fast do bearded dragons grow if you can keep tabs on it. As long as you watch it from their hatchling until juveniles stages, then you’ll be able to notice any unusual growths or changes in the pattern of its body growth.

How long does a bearded dragon grow is also determined by how often you feed the bearded dragon, but not to overfeed to keep it from getting obese.

This is also one of the reasons why you have to be ready when you bring your bearded dragon home, so you’ll know how to take care of it once it becomes a fully grown pet.


How To Make Your Bearded Dragon Grow Faster?

One tip on how fast are bearded dragons growing is to set up a regular feeding schedule. Bearded dragons can eat anywhere from three to five times a day, depending on how big and fed it is.

It is more suitable if you can give up to 12 crickets per day so that your bearded dragon grows quickly.

How fast do bearded dragons grow is also determined by the condition and behavior of your dragon. Don’t let your pet bearded dragon get stressed or sick because it can affect their appetite and activity.


How Long Does It Take For A Bearded Dragon To Grow To Full Size?

If you want to get a full-size bearded dragon before one year old, you must understand how long can a bearded dragon grow according to the growth chart.

How fast do bearded dragons grow? Many bearded dragons will start their rapid growth as Juvenile. During this time, their size and health can deteriorate.

This is because they are not ready for such a change in their lives. Feeding plant material and insects will help them grow to full size, even before the average time.


When Do Bearded Dragons Stop Growing?

How fast do bearded dragons grow and then stop growing? Normally bearded dragons will stop growing when they have entered sexual maturity, from 8 months to 18 months of age. This is different from growth stunting, where before bearded dragon full grown stops for some reason.

The truth is that this growth stunting usually happens because of poor nutrition and improper lighting. You may not know exactly what you are feeding your dragon, but you may want to start changing the diet.

Growth stunting does not care how old is my bearded dragon, because it can happen at any age. Immediately consult a vet so you can focus on how fast do bearded dragons grow to a full grown state.

Do Bearded Dragons stop growing in Brumation?


Final Verdict On How Fast Do Bearded Dragons Grow

Whether first time owning reptiles or having previously owned them, every pet owner should be aware of the development of bearded dragons based on their growth chart. So, how fast do bearded dragons grow?

How fast do bearded dragons grow
How Fast Do Bearded Dragons Grow – bearded dragon growth stages – bearded dragon growth chart

This is necessary to know how big a bearded dragon can get and how healthy they are for their age. Knowing the life stage and size will make it easier for you to find out which food is suitable for bearded dragons.

Bearded dragons that are kept in captivity usually enjoy a diet of crickets and brine shrimp. But while still juveniles, it is more suitable to be given plants and insects.

Bearded dragons will start to stop growing when they have entered sexual maturity. If your bearded dragons experience growth stunting before entering that stage, immediately take them to the vet to consult about your bearded dragon growth rate.

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