How Much Is A Puppuccino At Starbucks? 7 Interesting Tips

If you are looking for a fun day out with your family and your dogs, you should consider a trip to the famous Starbucks near your location. But is there a special menu for your dog? It turns out there is, and the name is a puppuccino.

How much is a puppuccino at Starbucks? The puppuccino costs are $0 at Starbucks, provided you bring your dog with you. You can give it to your dog while waiting in the car or drink it at home.

But is it free in all countries? You have to know the puppuccino cost in various countries, to know for sure the price. Once you know how much a cup is for your dogs at Starbucks, you’ll be able to shop smarter than you ever have before.

How much is a puppuccino at starbucks
How Much Is A Puppuccino At Starbucks – puppuccino cost – pup cup starbucks cost


Starbucks Dog Menu

When you want to take your dog to buy coffee at Starbucks in the morning, of course, you also want to buy something for your canine. When you go there, of course, you will ask about the Starbucks dog menu, and maybe there is something your dog can enjoy.

It turns out that Starbucks has a special menu for your dog, and this menu includes a secret menu. After all, you won’t find it in the Starbucks app or on the normal menu because you have to directly ask the barista through the drive-thru or enter the store.

And the menu is a puppuccino. How much is a puppuccino at Starbucks? You can get a free puppuccino when you bring your dog. If you bring a service dog, you can bring your dog into the store or order it through a drive-thru.

Even though puppuccino cost is free, you can also give the barista a tip as a thank you for giving a delicious treat to your dog.


What Is A Puppuccino?

You might be wondering what a puppuccino is because it sounds like a pup-cappuccino or a cappuccino specifically for dogs. But a puppuccino is not coffee, and it’s a small whipped cream on a Starbucks cup. Of course, the whipped cream is a special recipe from Starbucks, and your dog will love it.

How much is a puppuccino at Starbucks? Although you will find many places that provide free puppuccino, you also need to give a tip, or it’s okay if you are asked to pay between 1-2 dollars per cup.

Because how much is a puppuccino also depends on the franchise and store you visit. Pup cup Starbucks cost is certainly not more expensive than the coffee cup you ordered. And make sure you buy another menu for yourself if you want to get a free puppuccino.


What’s In A Puppuccino?

Inside the puppuccino is a regular whipped cream from Starbucks, packed with an espresso size cup specially made for your canine friend. Milk products such as whipped cream will be safe for your dog if you give it as a special treat.

How much is a puppuccino at Starbucks? It depends on the franchise you are visiting, but most stores will cost $0 at puppuccino. The problem is not the puppuccino Starbucks price, but it would be great if you tip the server because they are willing to give a delicious treat for your canine friend.

Of course, puppuccino cost is cheaper than if you want to enjoy your morning coffee at Starbucks, but you have to buy treats in advance around the area for your dog.


Are Puppuccinos Free At Starbucks?

Most Starbucks stores will give you a puppuccino with a $0 cost if you bring your dog right away when you order your drink. But there is also a charge at some Starbucks with puppuccino costing around $1-$2.

How much is a puppuccino at Starbucks is not a big deal because you will, of course, also be tipping the barista for the same cost.


How Much Does A Puppuccino Cost At Starbucks?

The puppuccinos are free. If you bring your dog when you order coffee, of course, you will also be given a puppuccino even though sometimes you don’t ask for it. But it depends on the franchise, or you can ask for it, and the barista will understand.

Puppuccino Starbucks is one of the menus favored by dog owners because their dogs can also enjoy something when they buy coffee in the morning at Starbucks. Pup cup Starbucks cost is free, but don’t forget to tip the barista because, of course, your dog will also tell you if they can talk to you.


How To Get A Puppuccino At Starbucks?

You can order immediately after you finish ordering coffee or dessert. If you want to order directly inside the store, make sure your dog is well-behaved, and the barista will know if you want a puppuccino.

It will be easier if you take your order through the drive-thru because you can immediately pick up the Starbucks puppuccino when you pick up your order as well.

How much is a puppuccino at Starbucks? You can get a free puppuccino after you buy any menu at Starbucks. Of course, you don’t want to go to Starbucks just to get a free-puppuccino, do you?


How Much Is A Puppuccino At Starbucks US?

Many have asked how much is a puppuccino at Starbucks US after they learned from other dog owners about the existence of a puppuccino for their dogs. You can get it without paying a penny if you bring your dog when ordering it.

It depends on the policy store you visit because Starbucks pup cup price can also be available at certain Starbucks stores.

A certain Starbucks will provide a puppuccino cost between $1-$2. But some customers said getting a puppuccino for $1.25.

How much is a puppuccino at starbucks
How Much Is A Puppuccino At Starbucks – puppuccino cost – pup cup starbucks cost


How Much Is A Puppuccino At Starbucks Canada

You can get this Starbucks secret menu for free when you bring your dog along to order your drinks. The puppuccino price in Canada is free, the same as in the US. But if you want to go straight to Starbucks just for the puppuccino, maybe you’ll be charged for it.

Pup cup Starbucks is the perfect treat for your dog when you enjoy your morning coffee from Starbucks. So you can enjoy drinking together and play together in the morning.


How Much Is A Puppuccino At Starbucks UK?

Just like everything else, puppuccinos are free for your dogs. But even though the puppuccino Starbucks cost a little bit, you will don’t mind at all. You have to order this Starbucks secret menu directly, and they will give a cup of puppuccino for your dog.

You can only get one Starbucks pup cup per dog you bring without having to pay. Make sure you order another drink for yourself so you can enjoy a drink with your dog.


How Much Is A Puppuccino At Starbucks Philippines?

For a puppuccino or often called a pup cup, you can get it for $0 when you bring your dog along to order your drink.

Starbucks puppuccino price may exist if you only order a puppuccino without another drink order. The pup cup Starbucks cost between $1-$2. Or if you get it for free, of course, you also want to tip the same amount.


How Much Is A Puppuccino At Dunkin Donuts?

If you can get a puppuccino at Starbucks, you can ask the staff at Dunkin’ Donuts about a puppy latte. Same with the puppuccino cost, you can get a puppy latte for free.

Of course, you can be happy if you get free dog treats while ordering your favorite order. Don’t forget to give the staff tips after your dog also gets its favorite treat.

Even if your dog likes a puppuccino or puppy latte, don’t give it too often so that your dog doesn’t consume too much sugar.


Can You Order A Puppuccino On The Starbucks App?

Since the puppuccino is not an actual menu from Starbucks, you cannot order a puppuccino directly through the Starbucks app. You can only go to the drive-thru or inside the store (if your dog is allowed in) and get a free puppuccino.

You don’t need to be confused about how much is a puppuccino at Starbucks because a pup cup Starbucks cost nothing. Or, if you are curious about how to order it through the app, you can directly ask customer service about it.

Since someone asked about the puppuccino on the Starbucks app, of course, we should also discuss how to order the puppuccino on the Starbucks app.


How To Order A Puppuccino On Starbucks App?

You can’t order it for delivery service or through the app, as it’s only available if you bring your dog to the store. How to order a puppuccino on the Starbucks app? You can’t. Only to the store can you get a puppuccino.

The puppuccino cost is free because it is specifically for your dog as a loyal customer who accompanies you to Starbucks. They are also happy to see dogs happy after being given a sweet treat.


Starbucks Puppuccino Ingredients

Of course, you want to know what’s in a puppuccino ingredients, while you know that a puppuccino is the only plainest menu item in Starbucks. Is it just whipped cream? Let’s see about that.

According to Starbucks, dog Starbucks drink is made of four ingredients: milk, cream, carrageenan, and Mono hand Diglycerides. We don’t need to talk about milk and cream, but of course, you are curious about the remaining two ingredients.

Mono and Diglycerides are fats that function as stabilizers. This will make the puppuccino have a consistent texture and prevent separation between all ingredients. Meanwhile, carrageenan, which makes liquid, remains mixed.

How much is a puppuccino at Starbucks? You can get it for free if you bring your dog along when buying drinks. Remember, because of the high sugar content, don’t give your dog too much puppuccino for their health.


How To Make A Puppuccino For Dogs At Home?

Does your dog love the Starbucks dog drink and finish it without leftovers? Of course, you want to make it at home with healthier ingredients and also a substitute for pupuccino for your dog’s sweet treat at home.

You just need to put 4 oz of whipped cream in an espresso cup and give it directly to your dog without any other mixture. Your dog will feel like getting a puppuccino at Starbucks.

How much is a puppuccino at Starbucks? Since pup cup Starbucks cost $0, you’re better off getting them at Starbucks than having to buy your own whipped cream for your dog. Let’s look at the nutritional value of the puppuccino in the table below.

NutritionAmount per serving
Fat25 g
Cholesterol86 mg
Sodium9 mg
Carbohydrates14 g
Sugar9 g
Protein4 g


The milk in the can is whipped to form a fluffy consistency similar to that of the mousse. The coffee powder is optional, but it gives the Puppuccinos a nice color and taste if you did not buy these treats for your furry friend during his or her birthday party. It has also been proven by experts that dogs have fondness with the smell of coffee.

The end result is a nice chocolate-flavored beverage which you may serve to your dog as a substitute for his or her regular morning cup of coffee. The drink has the same purpose as well – it will wake them up and provide energy. In addition, Puppuccino also helps your dogs lose weight by just replacing their breakfast with this yummy treat. As you may have already noticed, weight loss is an important aspect of dog health care nowadays.



  • 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream
  • 1 tbsp of coffee powder or instant coffee (optional)
  • 1/3 cup of milk (whole or skimmed)
  • Cocoa powder and whipped cream to taste (optional)



Step 1: Place your ice cream in a bowl, preferably something wide.

Step 2: You may then add the coffee powder and mix it with the ice cream so that it will be distributed evenly. Alternatively, you may mix all of the ingredients in a blender or food processor instead.

Step 3: After that, transfer everything into your can of Puppuccino and seal it tightly. You may then put it inside the freezer for several hours or overnight to chill these yummy treats. Don’t forget to mark the expiration date on your can in case you are going to store it for more than a day or two.

Step 4: Once ready, serve the Puppuccino and sprinkle some cocoa powder and whipped cream on top if you want a decadent treat. You may also add some sugar sprinkles around its rim, just like some of the commercial brands.


Final Verdict – How Much Is A Puppuccino At Starbucks

Puppuccino is a secret menu from Starbucks, with whipped cream in an espresso cup to treat your dog. You can get a free puppuccino when you take your dog along for an in-store or drive-thru drink.

How much is a puppuccino at starbucks
How Much Is A Puppuccino At Starbucks – puppuccino cost – pup cup starbucks cost

Although most of the store provides free puppuccinos, of course, you won’t forget to tip the staff. While some Starbucks charge a price for a puppuccino, the price will range from $1-$2.

Information from some customers, some get a puppuccino for $ 1.25. It is back in the policy store of each franchise.

Since the puppuccino is part of the secret menu, you can’t get it at the delivery service or in the Starbucks app. The only way is to go to the store and ask the staff directly.

Don’t forget to give your dog too much puppuccino because the high sugar content is also not good for your dog, especially if your dog is lactose intolerant.

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