How To Trick Your Dog Into Drinking Water? 7 Interesting Methods

Dogs are moody. Some dogs naturally drink a lot of water, while others might be reluctant.  We have rounded up all the tips on how to trick your dog into drinking water.


Why Water Is Necessary For Dogs?

Water is imperative for a balanced diet for your pet. Dog’s don’t sweat as humans do. As a result, they retain their body temperature for a longer duration. It’s the number one reason why your pet needs sufficient hydration to stay cool.

How to trick your dog into drinking water
how to trick your dog into drinking water

Panting and vasodilation are the two ways by which pets remain cool. Even for these to work, they should have proper hydration.

Water is also necessary because it aids in digestion. It also helps in flushing out wastes and toxins. Water provides the essential cushioning between joints. This makes it particularly important for your arthritic pet to drink up. 

Lack of hydration over time can lead to arthritic problems in older dogs. Many pet-parents are worried sick about their dogs avoiding water. We will tell you different options on how to trick your dog into drinking water.

“My dog won’t drink water but will eat.”

Dehydration can cause different problems. For starters, it can reduce salivation and affect digestion. It results in lesser urination. This means your pet is not excreting toxins from its body.

The deposition of toxins can trigger a flurry of health problems. These include diarrhea and vomiting. Besides, dehydration affects the activity level of your pet. If he is lethargic and slow, chances are he is not drinking enough water.

Finally, enough water is also vital for their coat health. The absence of water can turn their coats rough. It also exacerbates skin problems such as rashes and hot spots. Don’t worry. We will tell you how to trick a dog into drinking water.


Signs Of Dehydration In Dogs 

Pay heed to the common signs of dehydration in dogs. Besides lethargy, if your pet is panting excessively, it can mean a need for more water in their diet.

Some dogs develop sunken eyes and dry gums (xerostomia). Gently pry open your pet’s mouth and press the gums with your fingertips. It would turn to light pink.

When you release the pressure, the color should immediately return to normal. Additionally, the gums should not feel dry to touch.

Another method is to test the skin elasticity of your pet. Gently pinch the skin at their shoulders and release it. The skin should immediately restore to normal condition. If it does not, that means your pet has severe dehydration.

You will have to find ways on how to trick your dog into drinking water.


How Much Water Should A Dog Drink 

“How to trick my dog into drinking water?” You should also know how much water is safe for your pet. Even excess water can cause digestive problems such as vomiting.

How much water does a dog need during the day? Vets prescribe a general rule of thumb to determine this. Here it goes. One ounce of water for every pound of your pet’s weight should be good.

Furthermore, active dogs would need more hydration. On this note, do remember that optimum daily exercise is important for all dogs. If you are feeding dry food to your pet, make sure there’s enough water in his diet plan.

Check out if he drinks it up from the bowl in a good old-fashioned way. If he does not despite all your efforts, do not let go. Let us tell you how to trick your dog into drinking water.


Why Some Dogs Don’t Drink Water

Before you try the methods described here, you should identify the root cause of the problem. It helps in finding the right remedy for your pet.


Old Age

Some dogs lose interest in normal activities while they get old. This is not abnormal, but you will have to take extra efforts to make your pet drink water. Otherwise, different problems of old age will settle in your dog quickly.

Laziness is a common issue with many dogs. They may simply feel lethargic to take the effort into drinking water.


Preferences With The Water Bowl

Some dogs have different preferences with their water bowls. If it is a plastic bowl, he may not like the smell of it. It is a matter of finding out what your pet likes. 

Medical Issues 

“How can I trick my dog into drinking water?”

We are coming to it, but you should rule out all medical issues first. Dogs can develop digestive tract infections. This causes a reduction of appetite. Problems in the urinary tract also affect their thirst levels.

Take a trip to the vet to make sure that this is not the case.


Not Exercising 

If your pet does not have enough exercise, he may not feel so thirsty. This is definitely not a healthy symptom. Exercises such as daily walks increase the longevity of your pets. 

It is vital to keep your dog in top shape. Besides, the pent-up energy from lack of exercises can as well show up as aggression. Avoid all and any excuses and get your pets the physical activity they need. 

Also, taking them for timely pee walks to ensure that they feel the need for hydration. Dogs also feel uncomfortable holding their pee. As a result, they may refrain from drinking water as it increases their discomfort. 

Take care of this before knowing how to trick your dog into drinking water.

Change In Environment 

A change in environment may be the underlying reason. Moving to a new house usually causes this problem. Your pet may be finding it difficult to adjust to the changed surroundings. The absence of a familiar smell can refrain them from drinking water.

The same problem can arise if you change your pet’s usual feeding place. They typically grow accustomed to a particular place. It’s their way of saying that they disapprove of the changed surroundings.

How to trick your dog into drinking water
how to trick your dog into drinking water


How To Trick Your Dog Into Drinking Water?

Here are the ideas on how to trick your dog into drinking water. If any one of them does not work, there is always another way to do it.

Not drinking water is a serious issue for dogs. How long can a dog go without water? Some dogs will drink little or no water for days at a stretch. But, it is never advisable. They should always get their daily quota of water.


Trick Your Dog To Drink Water By Trying Another Water Bowl

“How to get my dog to drink water?”

Sometimes, the solution may be simply changing their water bowls. Head to the pet store and get a different bowl from the one you are using now. Always consider changing plastic bowls to steel or aluminum ones. Plastic has a typical smell that many pets do not like.

If you have a narrow bowl, get a wider one. Likewise, if you use a wide bowl now, try using a narrow one. Find your pet’s preferences. It helps with how to trick your dog into drinking water.

Many owners also consider setting up a pet fountain or a small pet pool. Your dog may prefer a running source of water rather than drink from a bowl. See if the dog drinks from the hose. Try giving him water when you are washing your car or watering the garden.

Another easy way is to get your pet to drink from a water bottle. Try that just after your pet returns from his walk or after playtime.

Instead of changing the water bowl, you can also try shifting the feeding area. Maybe, he wants his feeding place in the kitchen, near your dining table. You can also keep several bowls filled with water at different places in the house.

If your dog is lazy, this might work. Find out his favorite spots for lazing around and place bowls there.


Give Ice Cubes To Trick Your Dog Into Drinking Water

Feeding ice cubes is a helpful way of how to trick your dog into drinking water. Alternately, you can also give them cooler water to see if it interests them. Ice cubes usually do the trick of picking your dog’s curiosity.

Place them in their food bowl when they are asking for food. You can also add some treats over the ice cubes to make them interesting. Adding treats to their regular water bowl might work as well in getting them to drink it.


Provide Fresh Water  

Change the water in their bowls regularly. If it has become stale with dust particles floating on it, your pet may not like it. Provide separate bowls for water and food.

However, sometimes putting water in their food bowl gets them to lap it up. The smell of food does the trick. In the end, you will have to find out what works best for your pet.


Try Wet Food To Trick Your Dog Into Drinking Water

If you give dry food to your dog, try wet food. It is one of the best ways to trick a sick dog into drinking water when they don’t want to.

We think this chart of wet food vs dry food should come in handy. 


Wet foodDry food
High water contentLess water content
Low shelf life and cause a lot of wasteHigh shelf life and cost-effective
Typically low on carbohydrate but high on fatUsually protein-rich diet 
Does not contain a lot of preservativesHighly processed food 


Vegetable And Fruit Diet

“What can I give my dog to drink other than water?”

Most fruits and vegetables consist of a lot of water. You can make smoothies and juices. Look up the fruits and veggies your pet can eat and those that he can’t.


Flavored Water Recipes

You can try different flavored dog water recipe options. Mixing tuna juice or chicken broth with water is a nutritious option. You can also give your dog a little bit of chamomile tea. It also helps with their digestion.

You can also make bone broths. Try adding a little bit of peanut butter powder to water. Liver powder also seems to work wonders in getting dogs to drink.


Is It Safe To Give Flavored Water To Dogs?

“Can I give my dog flavored water?”

Yes, you can but it must be healthy. Make the broth at home because commercial products consist of garlic and onion. Don’t give anything that has xylitol. Also, caffeine and alcohol are strictly prohibited for dogs. 


Can I Give Milk To My Dog?

It is not advisable to feed milk to your dog because dogs are usually lactose intolerant. Learn other dog food ingredients that you should avoid giving your dog.

Otherwise, your dog may start showing symptoms of food allergies.


Dog Not Drinking Water But Peeing?

Is your dog not drinking water but peeing normally? It only means he is getting his water supply from somewhere else.

You may be unknowingly tricking your dog to stay hydrated. This usually happens when your pet is predominantly on a wet food diet. Also, check out if your pet prefers fruits and vegetables. These food sources consist of water and diminish their thirst.

How to trick your dog into drinking water
how to trick your dog into drinking water – how to trick your dog into drinking water in summer


Takeaway – How To Trick Your Dog Into Drinking Water 

Dogs need adequate hydration on a daily basis to remain healthy. This can be an issue for some dogs who do not drink enough water. 

All the methods described here are pet-safe and easy. You must have the determination to ensure your pet meets his hydration goals.

Here’s wishing you all the success for how to trick your dog into drinking water.

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