Are My Budgies Fighting Or Playing? (11 Clear Signs)

Budgies are incredibly intelligent creatures. They make funny, interesting, and loved pets. Budgies are more affordable than dogs, cats and other animals. But watching budgies peek at each other makes the owners question that if they are playing or fighting.

Are my budgies fighting or playing? To assure all budgies owners, most of the time Budgies are not aggressive at all unless the reason is food, territory, toys and friends but it is completely normal for them to fight sometime.

Are my budgies fighting or playing
Are my budgies fighting or playing?

Though Having two or more budgies becomes a requirement, but having two or more budgies often lead to a discussion like why are my budgies pecking at each other? or how do I know if my Birds are fighting or playing?


Are My Birds Fighting Or Playing?

The most common question budgie owners ask is are my Budgies fighting or playing? Or How do I know if my birds are fighting or playing? Finding out if the buddies are playing or fighting can be difficult and sometimes even tricky but to ensure that the budgies stay safe from each other, they should be kept in different cages until they get familiar with each other.

A single budgie shouldn’t be given special attention as this can create a jealous factor between them. 


Why Do My Male And Female Budgies Fight

Budgies come with a dominating nature. Most of the time female budgies are more dominant than male buddies. This happens maybe because Females suppose their cages to be like a home or a nesting site, which they try to protect from trespassers.

When males and females are together a question can arise are my Budgies fighting or playing? Male and female budgies fight for space so a scene like fighting, peeking, biting happens to create dominance among other birds. If there is a violent fight, that seems to be serious, it is advisable to separate the two fighting birds.

Sometimes males and females also fight when males are forcing females to mate and females want to avoid it. Having two females and a male is often considered the best option when adopting budgies.


How Do I Know If My Budgies Are Fighting?

Behaviors of BudgiesWhat does it mean?What should the owner do?
Biting another bird’s feetThis behavior is aggressive. This behavior happens because a bird wants territorial dominance. This is not something budgies do in innocent play. The budgie should not be kept with other budgies. 
Wrestling on the FloorThis behavior can lead to injury if not stopped immediately.The budgie should not be kept with other budgies. 
HissingBudgies hiss when they want others to stay away from them Separate the hissing budgie from other budgies and give the budgie some space. 
Targeting a new birdIf a new bird in the cage is continuously attacked, it may be a sign of jealousy.   Keep an eye on the behavior of birds and only intervene if there is continual hurting from jealous birds. Keeping the older bird busy and delighted with treats and attention can be a solution but if the aggression is persistent separate the birds. 
Raised wingsRaising wings is an angry sign equivalent to a human raising his fist. If a budgie shows aggression towards another budgie, it should be separated but if a budgie is showing aggression towards the owner, the owner should give some space to the budgie 
Chasing birds around the cageThis is an indication of aggressive behavior. If a bird pursues another bird for a long time, it might be a situation where one bird wants to mate and the other doesn’t. If this situation occurs regularly, one of the two birds should be isolated. Observe the birds once they have been kept together again.
Not letting another bird eat or drinkSmall attacks by dominating birds around food and water are typical. Putting more than one feeding plate can sort this problem out. If a budgie is still keeping the other birds from feeding they should be isolated. 
Biting your fingerThe only possible reason for budgie biting the owner is anger. Sometimes buddies also bite if they feel threatened.Giving buddies some space is all an owner can do but If the budgie has been trained, owners can try stroking their belly. It calms them. 
Defending a perch or food bowlThis is usually an indication of overcrowding. Owners should provide enough space and several perches to hang on and bowls to eat from. 
Screaming If a budgie is screaming, it can imply that it is boring. Sometimes, this may be a sign of a sick or injured budgie. So, learning the difference is important.If the bird is alone, try providing it with good company. If required, the owner should take the advice of a vet. 
Picking at another bird’s feathers or headPicking is just a grooming session, but the owner should notice any signs of violence. Are my budgies fighting or playing? Can be a confusing question but The owner shouldn’t worry but keep an eye on the birds. 


How Do I Know If My Budgies Like Each Other

A budgie owner can notice various signs to understand if their budgies are fighting or playing. As shown above, was the table of aggressive behavior in birds, below is the table of signs that show if budgies like each other.

Behaviors of budgiesWhat does it mean?
Sitting TogetherIf the budgies are sitting together in peace except for some playing and mutual grooming, it is a sign that both budgies like each other.

If an owner has just got the two parakeets, it is recommended to put them in different cages but keep both cages together, so that the birds can get used to each other.

At first, they may hesitate but after some time they will surely get together.

Preening and scratching Each OtherBudgies clean themselves many times during the day, taking oil from the glands and spreading it on each feather of their back with their beaks.

Understanding that play and fight can be confusing people tend to ask are my Budgies fighting or playing? But gentle strokes are just a love play.

Cleaning themselves and their partners maintains the feathers and keep them protected from cold and water. Budgies clean other birds, especially their partner’s head, which budgies can’t clean themselves.

Feeding HabitsBudgies who have a good bond often eat together. This is a sign of trust and love between the birds. Sometimes male birds have also seen feeding females as a sign of affection.
Bobbing and SingingBonding birds often sing for each other and even together. Male tries to attract females for mating, by singing in the direction of their female friends.
Are my budgies fighting or playing
Are my budgies fighting or playing? Are my budgies fighting or playing every day?

Though all these signs prevail in all birds sometimes the birds or a bird may not express some or any signs but that doesn’t mean that the birds don’t have a friendship. If the birds seem to be going smoothly together and not showing any dismay, it is considered that the birds are happy. 


Precautions To Take To Stop Budgie Fight

If the budgies aren’t bonding and seem to be fighting each other, the owner can take some measures and understand what is making the birds fight.

  • Sometimes birds fight over one thing like eating from a particular bowl or toys or perches. So make sure you put two of everything. 
  • If fighting happens suddenly, think of recent modifications you made to their cage and make changes accordingly. 
  • Put birds in different cages and gradually bring their cages close and observe them. Try putting more distance between the birds, either by moving their response before putting them together. 


How Do Budgies Play Together?

Budgies do play together. These birds also show signs like preening each other, beak touching, sitting together, eating together and feeding each other singing are all signs of happy budgies.

It can be a confusing scene and you may ask, are my budgies fighting or playing? Though budgies do play together sometimes many owners confuse fighting with playing. So knowing the difference is very important. If the birds are fighting precautions should be taken.


What makes budgies fight?

It is confusing to judge birds and you may ask are my budgies fighting or playing? Fighting in budgies isn’t normal. If the owner finds a continuous feud between its budgies he should try taking precautions like separating the fighting pair. Almost in all cases budgies fight for territory dominance or being defensive, sometimes for mating, if budgies are ill, boredom.

Placing limited perches also contributes to the budgie brawls. Budgies consider perches as their secure place and often fight for them. Putting multiple perches on different levels of cages can help solve the problem.


Are My Parakeets Fighting Or Mating?

Are my Budgies fighting or playing or are my parakeets fighting or mating are some other questions you may ask. Another situation can occur when there are two male and one female budgie.

This situation can lead to a kind of competition and resentment in male budgies which can lead to fights and even deaths. These fights should be avoided by adding more females in the cage.


How Can I Tell If My Parakeets Are Fighting Or Playing?

More often playing and fighting look similar in birds but if the birds are observed seriously, you can find if the birds are fighting or playing. One observation that can be made is to look if one of the two fighting birds is flying away while the other bird is chasing it.

Constant biting of other birds feet is also an aggressive sign. It would be good to separate the birds for some time. Though it can be difficult to decipher between fight and play owners should try to look for signs in their birds.


Are My Budgies Kissing Or Fighting?

Budgie owners can also get confused and ask are my budgies kissing or fighting. There are particular signs in budgies that differentiate a kiss from a fight. Budgies do fight over dominance, food, mating and budgies do kiss to show affection and respect.

Screaming, Beak biting, Hissing, Feather plucking, Chasing, Eye pinning, Beak biting, Raised wings are all signs of aggression and in this case, birds should be separated.

Closed eyes, Tail wagging, Sitting together, Purring, Chirping are a few signs to observe to conclude that birds are good friends. 


Final Verdict – Are My Budgies Fighting Or Playing

Colorful budgies are social and good pets, but they require special attention just like any other pet. Budgies are overpowering birds and generally attack other birds by squawking and biting. They are not always aggressive but can turn into one in a short notice.

This often leads to confusion among owners who ask are my Budgies fighting or playing? Separating the fighting birds is the best an owner can do. In addition, providing different food bowls, toys and perches can also solve the problem.

Spotting aggression in a budgie can be tricky and often be confused with playing but budgies should be observed very carefully, as they have a territorial dominant trait, which often becomes the cause of fights.

Are my budgies fighting or playing
Are my budgies fighting or playing? Are my budgies fighting or playing daily?

Often owners of budgies question if they should adopt only one budgie? What if you adopt more than one budgie? Is it a good or a bad move?

Do budgies require a partner? Yes, budgies are social animals and they do need at least one partner, especially if the owner doesn’t stay with budgie for a long time. Budgies can get depressed if left alone. Having a partner also keeps each other busy by doing different activities, which is beneficial.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet parakeet or budgie a good and comfortable life!

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