Is Costco Pet Friendly? Does Costco Allow Dogs? 7 Cool Tips From Pet Policy

Is Costco dog friendly? Well, here is what you can learn! Costco does permit certified provider dogs in-store in compliance with the American Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990. 

But Costco does not permit normal pets or emotional aid animals (dogs, cats, birds, and many others) in-store. 

Is Costco pet friendly? Even as some Costco places take a comfortable approach to dogs in-store, most Costco places are very strict. Costco dog policy allows service dogs in compliance with American Disabilities Act (ADA). The safety of their customers and associates is their number one priority. In June 2019, an innocent shopper woman was attacked to an unfortunate death by 3 aggressive dogs in a California Costco store parking lot.

Is costco pet friendly
Is Costco Pet Friendly – Costco dog policy – Costco pet policy

So the next time you wonder about all these questions: “is Costco pet friendly?”, Can I bring my dog to Costco?, Are dogs allowed at Costco?  Is Costco a dog friendly store?.

Now you are aware of the Costco pet policy.


Does Costco Allow Dogs?

Is Costco pet friendly? No, and especially Costco isn’t always a puppy-pleasant shop, meaning it does not permit a Costco dog or a Costco pet following the Costco pet policy (but, there do appear to be some exceptions to this, see beneath).

That is due to guidelines set out within the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) foodservice Codes, which rule that live animals aren’t accepted into any establishments that sell or serve meals.

This consists of eating places, cafes, and of course, grocery stores.


Why Does Costco Not Permit Pets?

People that ask: “Is Costco pet friendly?” Costco pet policy does not allow pets of any kind in-keep, consisting of dogs, cats, birds, and different animals, commonly due to health and protection worries.

The hints rule that stores that promote food cannot grant access to stray animals, because of fears of infection. Dogs and different animals ought to deliver dirt, drool, urine, or something else unsanitary into the shop and contaminate Costco shares’ merchandise.

Another cause is that some customers might not like animals. For those who have a phobia of animals or are allergic to animal hair, shopping in stores that allow pets will be distressing.

Hopefully, this clears the most asked question by pet owners: “Is Costco pet friendly”.


Costco Dog Policy

Costco dog policy falls under Costco pet policy, which states that in compliance with the American Disabilities Act (ADA) that Costco welcomes service animals into their warehouses.

Is Costco pet friendly? Well yes, but only for Service animals. People using service animals are given access to Costco’s warehouses.

Granted that the service animal is under the control of the owner. The service animal must also be housebroken and vaccinated according to state laws.

Like other dog-friendly grocery stores, Costco allows service dogs. As per Costco dog policy, the company recognizes that these dogs serve a very important purpose. Their job can save their owner’s life.

Just like how this service dog jumped between a minibus and his owner:

However, Costco dog policy, falling under the Costco pet policy, declares that they deserve the right under the ADA to ensure that a dog is a service animal. Especially when it is not obvious what a service animal provides.

As seen above that there are exceptions to this question: “Is Costco pet friendly?”.


Does Costco Permit Service Animals?

The ADA guidelines state that each one service animal or carrier animal ought to be allowed into places together with grocery shops and eating places, wherein FDA hints generally save puppies and different animals from entering.

Is Costco pet friendly? So, Costco dog policy states, any dog that meets the following definition of a provider animal is, by way of law, allowed in Costco:

“a dog that has been personally educated to do paintings or carry out obligations for a man or woman with a disability. The challenge(s) carried out with the aid of the dog need to be immediately related to the character’s disability.”

Similarly, provider animals tend to be better skilled and more nicely behaved than maximum pet dogs! As such, it’s miles typically taken into consideration to be less unstable to permit carrier dogs in Costco. As seen above there are certain conditions for the answer to this question: “Is Costco pet friendly?”.


Are All Service Animals Allowed In Costco?

Is Costco pet friendly towards service animals? In step with Costco service dog policy, any Costco member observed with the aid of a carrier canine or different carrier animal will be allowed on-the-spot access to any of Costco’s warehouses.

But, before someone takes their dog with them into Costco, they should first be aware that some rules do apply.

For one, each canine and the proprietor must adhere to fitness, safety laws, and Costco pet policy in the course of their buying trip. So, the proprietor has to be in full control of the canine at all times, and the canine ought to be on a leash.

Moreover, the service canine isn’t authorized to wander freely, because it is able to contaminate or otherwise damage the shop’s products or cause different client’s difficulty.

Is costco pet friendly
Is Costco Pet Friendly – costco dog policy – costco pet policy


Can Costco Ask If Your Dog Is A Service Animal Or Provider Dog?

Is Costco pet friendly if you have a provider dog? Customers can legally take their carrier dogs with them into any Costco shop, Costco personnel do have the right to inquire whether or not the animal in question is, in fact, a service dog.

This is in compliance with ADA guidelines and is intended to help make certain that no fitness and protection laws are breached.

And as per Costco pet policy, personnel also are allowed to ask precisely what responsibilities or functions the provider animal is skilled to carry out, but this is all. Any requests to look for evidence of incapacity inside the shape of documentation aren’t allowed.


Penalties For Pretending Your Pet Is A Service Animal

In many places in the US, it’s a crime to pretend that a pet is a service animal.

Thankfully, there are laws to combat this problem. The penalties should serve to deter anyone from passing their pets off as a service dog.

The penalties depend on each state. To date, there are more than 20 states that have laws against owners of fake service dogs.

Here’s a peek at penalties by some states, just to show you what offenders can expect if caught:


State Penalties


Fine – Not exceeding $1000; Imprisonment – Not exceeding 6 months



30 hours of community service



Fine – $65 – $625Imprisonment – Not exceeding 30 days



Fine – Not exceeding $1000



Fine – Not exceeding $500


Are Emotional Support Animals Allowed In Costco?

Is Costco pet friendly towards emotional support dogs and other animals?

No, emotional guide dogs and other emotional help animals are not allowed in Costco. This is because, underneath the ADA, they’re not classed as provider animals.

emotional support animals (ESA) do not provide practical assistance to their proprietors. alternatively, they provide healing benefits to human beings struggling with intellectual health issues, assisting to minimize their proprietors’ signs and symptoms via companionship.


What Is the Difference Between a Service Dog and an Emotional Support Dog?

A service dog is trained to help people with disabilities, such as visual impairments, mental illnesses, seizure disorders, diabetes, etc.

An emotional support animal (ESA) provides their owners with therapeutic benefits through companionship


Are You Able to Take Your Pet In Grocery Cart at Costco?

Shopping carts are used for transporting groceries and other merchandise. sporting an animal in a shopping cart is, therefore, unsanitary and against the Costco pet policy.

Is Costco pet-friendly to your canine and especially on a shopping cart?

If a Costco patron with a provider canine incorporates their animal in a shopping cart, they may properly be asked to depart with the aid of a Costco employee. 

While shopping for their pet supplies at Costco, and carrying their canine in a purchasing cart. The owner is not adhering to the essential health and protection laws.


Final Verdict – Is Costco Pet Friendly

This article covered all the details about: “Is Costco pet friendly?”

You can take a dog or different animal with you into Costco and different grocery shops, only if it’s a registered service animal. Any puppy animals are prohibited, but due to FDA and ADA rulings, only service animals will be allowed.

Non-service Pets generally pose a hygiene threat to the store’s fast moving consumer goods. On the other hand, provider dogs are probable to be well educated and, consequently, better able to adhere to fitness and safety legal guidelines.

Is costco pet friendly
Is Costco Pet Friendly – Costco dog policy – Costco pet policy

Simply take into account that, if you do take your carrier dog with you into Costco, it must abide by the policies. Costco employees also can ask you to verify that your canine is, in fact, a provider dog, and to inquire as to what assignment or function its miles trained to carry out.


If you like to frequently shop with your dog at other stores, then quickly check their store pet policy

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