Can Axolotls Live With Fish? (11 Interesting Facts)

Many pet owners want the Axolotl to be in the same tank as the other fish already in it. Because axolotls are fish that should live alone, can axolotls cohabitate with fish without any trouble?

can axolotls live with fish? Surprisingly your Axolotl can live with other fish, with the condition that you have to choose the right fish. Since axolotls have long gills that look like food, other fish want to eat the flowy gills if they are hungry enough.

In addition, the Axolotl also cannot be combined with various kinds of fish because it is aggressive, and if it is much smaller than the Axolotl, it can be eaten by them. Let’s study this further.

Can axolotls live with fish
Can Axolotls Live With Fish – what do axolotls eat – can axolotls live with goldfish – can axolotls live with pleco


Can Axolotls Live With Other Fish?

When pet owners ask about can axolotls live with fish, it depends a lot on the species of fish you are thinking about keeping. Different fish will require different temperatures.

In general, any fish that live in warmer waters and are small will do well with other larger fish, but they might need some small space to run around.

If you Axolotl with other fish and you plan on keeping a large number of them, you will want to divide the room into several smaller rooms. However, if the tank is twenty gallons or larger, it can seem very crowded.

Axolotls can live with other fish of a certain type, which does not interfere with each other. It is safe as long as the other fish do not pose a danger to the fish themselves.

If the Axolotl is already aggressive, do not put it in the same tank for other aggressive fish so that there is no stress for the fish.


What Can You Put In A Tank With Axolotls?

Depending on what type of tank you buy, you might also be able to get live rocks. These are basically small stones that the fish can live on, much like a pillow. Small plants are also good for axolotl tanks, as long as these plants do not need direct sunlight because axolotls cannot live in direct sunlight.

Many talk about can axolotls live with fish Minecraft because axolotls are cute fish and want to be combined with other fish according to the interests of their owners.

Can axolotls live with fish without any accident? We can’t be sure what will happen if we put the wrong type of fish next to the Axolotl because it is better off living alone without tank mates.

A lot of people who keep axolotls seem to be worried about putting them in a tank with other animals. I was also concerned when I began researching axolotl care, especially since it’s not something that most pet shops talk much about. Most of the information you’ll find online will say something like “Just add their tankmates and hope for the best.” But this isn’t really a very helpful answer.

But after doing my own research, I’ve learned that it’s pretty easy to avoid bad interactions with axolotls tank-mates. All you have to do is follow a few simple rules:

Don’t put other amphibians in with your axolotls. Most amphibians are too aggressive for axolotls. The most common mistake that causes the death of an axolotl is putting them in a tank with another amphibian, whether it’s a frog or salamander or newt. These animals just aren’t compatible pets together and they’ll end up eating each other. It’s really that simple.

Don’t put small animals in with your axolotl. Again, this includes amphibians, but it also extends to mammals and birds (which are technically considered ‘reptiles’). This is another mistake I’ve seen several times before and the results aren’t pretty. Your axolotl will pick up the scent of a small critter and it will be off-limits for dinner.

Your axolotl won’t differentiate between its tank-mates and its prey, so be careful that they don’t consume something you don’t want them to eat.

Don’t put large creatures in with your axolotls. I’m talking about fish, reptiles and anything else that you might find in an aquarium. Even if your axolotl doesn’t see fish as food, the same thing applies to everything above – they’ll sense something foreign in their environment and may pick up a scent or “smell” that drives them into hunting mode.

Axolotls can go with other fish, but make sure they’re small. Other fish can be kept with axolotls, but only if they too are a species of aquarium ‘feeder’ fish. Keep in mind that anything will probably work in the beginning – as long as it’s considered food for other aquarium fish (which most of them are).

Don’t worry about compatibility, just make sure your axolotls see it as food and not something to play with.

Don’t put aquatic turtles in with your axolotl. Axolotls can live with aquatic turtles but there are some precautions that must be taken for both the turtle and the axolotl. Basically it can be done if you’re very careful and make sure the turtle is a vegetarian or herbivores (small amount of turtle species).

The problem with keeping axolotls with turtles has to do with their general diet – which is pretty much the same as each other. Most Turtles are carnivores, axolotls are carnivores and since they’re such similar animals with a similar diet, it’s easy for them to compete with each other over food.

The best rule of thumb when considering what you can put in your tank is: only have things that will be considered food by your axolotls and will not be considered food by other animals. And if you ever have any questions about putting something in with your axolotls, just ask a forum for advice – there’s also plenty of information out there to help you when choosing Axolotl tank mates.


Will Axolotls Eat Fish?

Many don’t know when they ask, “can axolotl live with fish” that for the majority of the time, axolotls live alone in the wild. This means that they are accustomed to living by themselves.

They have developed a strong sense of self and will avoid other tank mates if they feel that their environment is insecure.

Can axolotls live with fish? Axolotl will stick to a single fish and rarely venture out of that tank. That’s not to say that they can’t be aggressive toward other tank mates, but most times, their aggression is reserved for fish with similar body shapes and coloring to themselves.

If the Axolotl encounters smaller fish, there is a tendency for the Axolotl to irritate them or even eat them.


Axolotl Behavior

It is often seen that when a pair of Axolotls is in breeding mode, it does not take long for one of the pets to attack the other. This usually happens to both male and female axolotls.

The reason for this can be confusing to most pet owners. Some believe that the aggressive behavior of the other animal is due to stress, while others believe that the other’s aggression is completely unexpected.

For the most part, Axolotls are generally aggressive creatures. Axolotls are also very active, so they are often listed among the most popular pets today.

They include bottom dwellers, which prefer to live at the bottom of the tank. You must be careful to use the right substrate so that it is not harmful to the Axolotl.

Can axolotls live with fish? If the other Axolotl can be aggressive, of course, the same thing can happen to other fish. If you decide to put a bigger fish, it could actually threaten the Axolotl, and they could be stressed.


Housing The Axolotl

A small fish tank is needed to house an axolotl. The small tank has a lid so it cannot get too hot or humid, but there is enough room for the fish to swim around.

Ensure the tank has a good water temperature to start off with because they can live in lower temperatures as long as enough food and water are available. The water temperature needs to be monitored constantly to ensure it remains at a constant temperature between 15°C – 18°C using an aquarium chiller for Axolotls.

Make sure you have a 20-gallon tank for one or two axolotls for their suitable tank. If you want to put other little fish, make sure you don’t put too many.

Can axolotls live with fish? Axolotls can live with fish, but if there are too many small fish, axolotls can feel crowded because they are used to living alone.

Axolotl with fish does not always go well because Axolotl also often does fin-nipping or nibbling to other fish.


Axolotl Tank Ideas

It is important to realize that there are different kinds of Axolotl, and different considerations must be made based upon the type of aquarium size used. The ideal aquarium size for an adult Axolotl is ten to twenty gallons.

Axolotls need certain things such as proper water quality and a good filtration system to keep them healthy.

Proper filtration ensures that aquarium water does not become overly toxic and can even be beneficial because it encourages the growth of beneficial bacteria that are beneficial to the aquarium.

A water conditioner can maintain water pH, removing harmful nitrates from the water that can be potentially harmful to the fish. Proper lighting is also extremely important to ensure that the Axolotls are not deformed or stressed by low light levels.

Can axolotls live with fish? Yes, they can for certain fish. Axolotls prefer to be at the bottom of the tank, so you need to provide sand or other safe substrates for them. You can also put a cave-like for them to rest or hide in.


Can Axolotls Live In Freshwater?

Axolotl in a fish tank is better if given brackish water, a mixture of freshwater, and saltwater. This should be communicated to pet owners who have just had an aquatic pet because they must understand the difference between freshwater fish and brackish water fish.

The pH of the water should be kept between 6.5 and 7.5. Do not use tap water because it contains chlorine, so you need a dechlorinator to clean the water used for tanks.

Can axolotls live with fish with brackish water? You’ll want to look for some fish that can live in brackish water, as axolotls don’t survive long in freshwater either. In addition, make sure the temperature is maintained below 22 ° C so as not to get heatstroke.


Healthy Food For Axolotl

In addition to discussing can axolotls live with fish, we also have to know what axolotls eat to live a healthy life. The table below is a list of some great foods for axolotls.

Aoxotl foodsType that can be given
WormsBlack worms, blood worms, red wringles, nightcrawlers
PelletsSinking salmon pellets, hikari sinking carnivore pellets, aqueon pro pellets
DaphniaThese small crustaceans are great for baby and juvenile axolotls
Ghost shrimpYou can put ghost shrimp in the tank to hide and breed. So that every time the axolotl can make ghost shrimp as a snack.
Can axolotls live with fish
Can Axolotls Live With Fish?


Can Axolotls Live Together?

Yes, axolotls can live together. In fact, if you’re planning on keeping multiple axolotls in one tank, it’s best to get them all at the same time and as young as possible – and they should be the same sex!

It’s okay if you put more than one adult axolotl in one tank. If you put younger or juvenile axolotls, they tend to exhibit cannibalism due to their fin-nipping and nibbling of the limbs and gills. But that habit will decrease when they are adults.

If you have a mixed group (not all of the same species) you should be even more careful about ensuring their compatibility. If you have a mix of axolotls, make sure they’re of similar size and that there are no breeding pairs present (males will fight over territory).

If your tank is big enough to house multiple axolotls – feel free to experiment with different species or sexes if you’re just interested in seeing how they get along. But if you’re thinking about buying multiple axolotls (not all of the same species or sex!) to keep them as pets, it’s best to grow them in a group from birth so there are no territorial conflicts later on.

Another important thing to remember is that there will be some territorial sparring between your axolotls – especially if they’re of different species or sex. This is normal and will probably subside as they grow older, but it’s still important to keep an eye on things as they happen.

Can axolotls live with fish? The answer depends on the species of fish and what environment the two fish will live in. Both can swim quite closely together, and both can have a tank set up where one fish is in the head of the pack, and the other fish is on the bottom.

If an axolotl eats a fish with a hard spine or exoskeleton, it can become impaction and be harmful to the Axolotl’s health.


Can Axolotls Live With Goldfish?

To discuss axolotls can live with fish, we also need to know some specific fish to know better which fish can be collected with axolotls and which ones are not.

Because the discussion about axolotls can live with fish Reddit is being discussed because they want their axolotls to have tank mates and live happily alone.

You can put axolotls with goldfish in a 20-gallon tank so they can swim to and fro for their daily activities. When viewed from its size, goldfish can reach 11 inches, and it will be a problem if the Axolotl eats them because it can be an impaction problem for the Axolotl.

In addition, goldfish are also omnivores, so they can also annoy the Axolotl if they feel they are bigger.


Can Axolotls Live With Pleco?

Plecos and axolotls are incompatible fish in the same tank. In addition, the pleco can only live in warm water, while the Axolotl needs cool water.

If you want a healthy pleco with the right temperature, this will make the Axolotl overheat and cannot live a healthy life. The temperature difference is the main reason why pleco and Axolotl cannot be together in one tank.

Can axolotls live with fish? Yes, axolotls can but choose fish resistant to cool temperatures so that other fish live healthily and are not disturbed by the tank’s temperature.


Can Axolotls Live With Snails?

Axolotls are considered to be omnivores, which means that they eat both plant and animal matter. If you want to put the snails in the same tank as the Axolotl, make sure the snails don’t have a hard shell. If the Axolotl accidentally eats them, it won’t cause impaction and other serious problems.

Can axolotls live with fish and snails? Snails can also be used as an algae remover to keep your tank clean. But make sure the snails in the tank aren’t big enough, so it’s not a problem for the Axolotl.


Can Axolotls Live With Koi Fish?

Yes, axolotls can live with koi fish. But before you get your hopes up – keep in mind that not just any koi will do! You need to make sure they’re of the “feeder” variety (and preferably small). A good rule of thumb is to pick a variety of koi known for its size and ease of care – that way you don’t have to worry about compatibility or your axolotls getting fatter than is healthy.

A Koi is a fish with very specific needs, especially in the health of its “head” or fin. This is its protective body part. A Koi’s fin comprises several bones and cartilage, and these are all important to keep the fish healthy.

We suggest only keeping one koi per tank if possible (especially if you’re planning on feeding it to an axolotl!). Like I said, any mixed group of animals needs special attention when it comes to compatibility and you never know whether or not an axolotl will consider a koi as a potential meal.

You may want to keep other things in with your koi/axolotls like snails, shrimp, etc. – it’s up to you! Just be aware that they’ll probably be considered food by your axolotls.

Can axolotls live with fish? If you can make sure that the koi and Axolotl don’t interfere with each other, then it shouldn’t be a problem if they are in the same tank.

The temperature required for axolotl tanks can also be used for koi because even though koi are tropical fish, they can withstand cool temperatures.


Can You Mix Axolotls With Other Aquatic Animals?

Yes, axolotls can live with other aquatic animals (a lot of people use snails to help keep the tank clean and algae under control). The best foods for axolotls are in the tank – so providing a stable and consistent source of nutrition for your aquatic pets is the best way to take care of them. Keeping a clean habitat and water will help with this too!

If you do plan on keeping other animals in your axolotl’s tank, try to choose animals that are herbivores, omnivores and/or scavengers (so they’ll eat most foods that your axolotls don’t want to eat) rather than carnivorous. It’s also best if everything is the same size so there are no territorial conflicts going on!


Final Verdict On Can Axolotls Live With Fish

The axolotl is a unique fish that is suitable for your aquatic pet. But there are things to note, such as the water that must be used in brackish instead of freshwater.

Can axolotls live with fish
Can Axolotls Live With Fish – what do axolotls eat – can axolotls live with goldfish – can axolotls live with pleco

If you want to put other live fish in the same tank with the Axolotl, make sure its size does not exceed the Axolotl or smaller so that the Axolotl does not act aggressively and fin-nipping the other fish.

There are also other options, such as putting more than one Axolotl in one tank but make sure the Axolotl is an adult to reduce its aggressiveness.

Choose fish that can stand in tanks with cool temperatures between 15°C – 18°C as the optimal temperature for the Axolotl’s metabolism. Also, choose small fish without a hard spine or exoskeleton. If the Axolotl eats them, it will not cause impaction.

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