Orange Praying Mantis : (9 Interesting Facts)

Encountering a praying mantis that is orange in color can leave you with many questions. You will want to know why the mantis is orange, whether such orange mantises are rare, and what meaning to ascribe to that encounter with an orange mantis. This article answers all those questions.

The orange praying mantis is one that has a pure, bright orange hue. Alternatively, it can be an orange red praying mantis or a black and orange praying mantis.

To put it differently, it may be a fully orange colored praying mantis. Or in other cases, it may either turn out to be an orange-red praying mantis or orange and black praying mantis.

Orange praying mantis
Orange Praying Mantis

With regard to size, it may be a small orange praying mantis. That could even be a baby praying mantis orange in color. Or it may be a big, obviously mature orange mantis.

Now praying mantises are normally either brown or green in color. Significantly different colors of praying mantis are relatively uncommon.

Consequently, an encounter with an orange mantis is likely to be a remarkable event: hence the special questions about it.


Can Praying Mantis Be Orange In Color?

Yes, it is possible for praying mantises to be orange in color.

There are many accounts in which you find people describing encounters with such orange mantises.

For instance, you may find someone talking (or even posting online) about ‘an orange praying mantis I found in the backyard tonight’.

Or you may find someone making reference to having found an orange praying mantis in our closet recently.

There is scientific literature documenting the existence of orange praying mantises.

And there are also quite a number of videos (on the Internet and elsewhere) of the orange mantises.

Therefore praying mantis can indeed be orange in color.


Which Praying Mantis Are Orange?

One type of praying mantis that has bright orange coloration is the recently discovered Vespamantoida wherlei. But even ordinary brown praying mantises that are normally brown may darken, acquiring what looks like an orange hue.

So the mantis may start out being brown in color. Then in due course, it darkens to a point where, upon asking the owner “what color is your praying mantis” they would be inclined to describe it as ‘orange’.

If you research on what colors can praying mantis be, you will see that the common ones are green and brown. But the likes of orange do still show up once in a while.


Are Orange Praying Mantis Rare?

Genuinely orange praying mantises are quite rare.

Are orange praying mantis rare
Are Orange Praying Mantis Rare?

Usually, what one tends to encounter is simply a normal brown praying mantis that has darkened, acquiring an orange-like hue.

But truly orange mantises, like the Vespamantoida wherlei breed, are rather rare.

So rare are they in fact that, upon encountering them, people start seeking any special orange praying mantis spiritual meaning.

For instance, you may find someone asking, is it lucky to see an orange praying mantis – because it is indeed a rare encounter.


How Can You Acquire An Orange Praying Mantis?

There are people who breed and sell praying mantises that are destined to be kept as pets. You may be able to acquire an orange mantis from one such commercial breeder.

So you just contact someone who deals in pet mantises. Then you ask them whether they specifically have an orange one. And if they do, you proceed to buy the orange mantis from them.

The orange mantis you buy may be an authentically (bright) orange one. Or it may be one that is brown, but with a darkened hue giving it a somewhat orange appearance.


Final Verdict – Orange Praying Mantis

Orange praying mantises really exist.

Some of them are authentically orange – that is brightly colored orange mantises: an example being the Vespamantoida wherlei breed. That breed has orange mantises which look and often act like wasps.

Others are simply normal brown praying mantises that have darkened, acquiring an orange-like appearance.

Orange praying mantis
Orange Praying Mantis Color

Praying mantises with orange color are quite rare.

It may be possible to acquire a unique looking orange mantis pet. You can contact people who breed pet mantises, and if they happen to have some that are orange in color, you can proceed to purchase them and start keeping them.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet mantis a good and comfortable life!

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