Painted Turtle Tank Step And Size : 7 Interesting Tips For Ideal Tank

Did you know that the painted turtle is the most common pet turtle in the United States and worldwide? A painted turtle is also a popular turtle beside the red-eared slider. To maintain a painted turtle, you have to think about creating a great habitat tank for your pet painted turtle since it is one of the most important things to care for your pet turtle.

What is the ideal Painted Turtle tank setup and size? For one painted turtle, make sure you have a 30-gallon aquarium. You need to remember the rule of thumb for every turtle with 10 gallons per inch.

With the right painted turtle tank, you can create a painted turtle habitat that is comfortable and looks good. As a result, your painted turtle will look happy and can live comfortably.

Painted turtle tank step and size
Painted Turtle Tank Step And Size


Painted Turtle As A Pet

It is quite easy to get a painted turtle, as turtle farms frequently produce this breed. If you want a low price when you get painted turtle babies, you can look for them during the breeding season in spring and summer.

For lifespan, painted turtles can live up to 50 years, making them suitable for your family companion. If given a healthy diet, painted turtle tank, care, then the life expectancy can reach 25 to 30 years on average.

By knowing or studying the painted turtle tank setup, you can be creative in creating a painted turtle habitat by equating them when they are in the wild. Providing the same atmosphere as in the wild will make your painted turtle feel at home and enjoy their life with you.

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Where Do Painted Turtles Live?

If you want to find painted turtles in the wild, you can often find them in southern Canada to northern Mexico. The painted turtle lives in ponds, slow-moving rivers, lakes, and marshes.

If you have found a painted turtle from the wild, make sure you put it first in a place with water before you prepare a painted turtle tank. First, measure the size of the painted turtle so you can create a comfortable habitat for your turtle.

Make sure you can always provide fresh water for painted turtles so they feel at home even though they are no longer in the wild.


How To Take Care Of A Painted Turtle?

Make sure to change the water daily. Most turtles live in mud, and they also like to clean themselves, and if you can’t constantly keep the water clean, they will not stay healthy.

You can use a water filter and also maintain the water temperature so that the painted turtle can live comfortably with fresh water.

Remember that painted turtles are not picky pets. They eat what they like and live well, so all you need to do is provide them with the necessities, and they should look after you for years to come.

You can feed painted turtles with small animals or plants, such as crustaceans, small fish, and aquatic insects.

Painted turtle tank size also determines how long you can keep them in the same tank, as they can grow to 6-7 inches in their full-grown state.


Can Painted Turtles Swim?

A painted turtle is an aquatic turtle that likes to swim and access clean water. If you want to design a painted turtle tank, make sure you create a depth of 1.5 turtle’s length at a minimum and a water area of four times the size of your turtle.

Painted turtles also often sleep underwater, so you need to provide water with the right temperature for them to sleep soundly even in the water. A water filter is needed in the painted turtle tank set up to keep the water circulating clean.

Can Turtles drown?


Can A Painted Turtle Live In A 10 Gallon Tank?

No turtle can live in a 10-gallon tank. If you follow the rule of thumb with 10 gallons per inch turtle size, you can only treat a 1-inch turtle size. That’s even if the turtle will not grow bigger.

The turtle tank setup must be made to accommodate up to 4 times the size of the turtle, so you can estimate how large your painted turtle is.

If you only give limited access to your turtle, your turtle can’t live comfortably because it can’t swim so much. Likewise, if they are stressed, their life expectancy will also be lower.

Don’t give a painted turtle tank only 10 gallons because your painted turtle won’t last long.


4 Types Of Painted Turtle

Painted turtles have four different types with slight differences in appearance. Although many pet owners equate all painted turtles, you also need to know which type you care for.


Eastern Painted Turtle

This painted turtle can grow up to 7 inches. Their underbellies are bright yellow and have a black shell with red lines. There are also red and yellow lines on their bodies.


Southern Painted Turtle

Unlike the eastern painted turtle, this type can only grow up to 6 inches. The color is yellow underneath, and there is a yellow or orange line in their shell.

Painted turtle tank step and size
Painted Turtle Tank Step And Size


Western Painted Turtle

This species can grow up to 8 inches long, has a dark underbelly, and the shell color is olive green.


Midland Painted Turtle

Its appearance is similar to the eastern painted turtle, and the size up to 9 inches long. The difference is the darker underbellies and a different pattern in the shell.

When viewed from the painted turtle size, there are some differences, although not significant. The table below makes it easier for you to distinguish several types of painted turtles from their size before making sure about the painted turtle tank.


Painted Turtle TypeSize
Southern painted turtleUp to 6 inches
Eastern painted turtleUp to 7 inches
Western painted turtleUp to 8 inches
Midland painted turtleUp to 9 inches

Eastern painted turtle size, and southern painted turtle size includes the average size of all types of painted turtles. Make sure you have a painted turtle tank of sufficient size and fill the gallon to two or three times its size so they can swim and live comfortably.


What Can I Feed Painted Turtle?

Fruit and vegetable eater like the Eastern painted turtle will need small food like earthworms, brine shrimp, mealworms, centipede segments, or baby turtles food.

Grubs, cutworms, and mealworms are good foods for the painted turtle, but not all of them will take to these easily. Therefore, when handling a painted turtle, you should only handle him gently at first to not scare him and give him time to get used to your handle him.

Another food you can give to your turtle that he will probably eat quite a bit is cracker crumbs. These are great to give to a turtle that likes to eat the ground. The good thing about this treat is that you can crack the crumbs apart to make little snack-sized pieces.

A painted turtle tank needs to be given a special place to put food. It can be near the basking area or near the turtle ramp.


Painted Turtle Habitat Needs

At least you should have a 30-gallon aquarium with a basking area above the aquarium or in an aquarium with a small area without water.

The habitat requires a basking area because turtles also need sunlight or UV light for their body’s metabolism.

A painted turtle tank can be specially designed to provide a turtle ramp connected to the basking area from a DIY basking area or topper area with the same design as an aquarium tank.

After the basking area is ready, you need a painted turtle tank setup such as a water filter, water heater, UVA/UVB light, and some decorations.

Painted turtles will feel at home if their habitat has sufficient water, there is a special area for basking, and good decorations to resemble their real habitat.


What Do I Need For A Painted Turtle Habitat?

It’s not as easy as you might think when it comes to designing a painted turtle tank. First, you have to decide whether you want your pet to be alone or with other turtles. A word of warning about groupings of painted turtles: some groups don’t do well together. It’s better to have different types in different stages of their life so that they don’t become a problem.

Next, you have to determine what do I need for an eastern painted turtle habitat? Do you want one small box or many bigger boxes? Where do you place them? Do you want them in the sun or in the shade, or on rocks or gravel?

These are very important things to consider. You also need to choose whether you are going to purchase a kit or build it yourself. Turtles don’t always do well in houseplants and artificial surroundings.

Neither do they do well in gravel or rocks. If you don’t like taking care of animals or don’t have the time or the inclination, it’s best to keep things simple and buy a kit.

Many things make up a painted turtle tank setup, and this is your chance to pick and choose.


Ideal Painted Turtle Tank Setup

There are several things to prepare for painted turtle setup tank ideas. The first is the tank. It has to be large enough for your turtle to swim freely. Next, make sure that it has good filtration and aeration. This means running fresh water and air for them at least once a day.

Next, you’ll need a painted turtle tank suitable base. Make sure that it is non-porous and easily cleaned. There are many different bases available, and you must make sure that you get one that best suits your turtle.

I would suggest that you choose an acrylic base for your turtle because although it’s plastic, it’s not likely to be eaten by crabs.

Finally, make sure you give your turtle some hiding places. Turtles are excellent climbers and when you’re looking for ideal hiding spots, think big. Think about burrows, brush piles, rocks, and other features that they can climb on and off of.

You must provide a safe environment for your turtle, so make sure you find the right place for them. Make sure the turtle basking platform consideration is part of that.

As turtles are extremely versatile creatures, you don’t need to make too many changes to the tank to achieve the desired effect. If you want to change the painted turtle tank size, you need to move it periodically because turtles also need to adapt to new places.

Painted turtle tank step and size
Painted Turtle Tank Step And Size


Final Verdict On Painted Turtle Tank

When you want to treat a painted turtle for your new pet, you have to know what type you will choose. Choosing the right type will determine the size of the turtle, and you can determine the painted turtle tank size.

The ideal size is three to four times the size of the turtle, and then the depth is up to 1.5 turtle’s length. Do not give the painted turtle a too narrow habitat so that they are not stressed and have a high life expectancy.

In designing a painted turtle tank, some things must be considered, such as what setup you want to install to maintain the metabolism of the painted turtle. Water filters, water heaters, and UV light are needed for painted turtles to live healthily.

Because the painted turtle is aquatic, then you need to design an aquarium reef-like or similar to its habitat in the wild to provide comfort for your turtle in the long term.

If you would like to learn how to design red eared slider turtle tank, then head there for a detailed article.

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