Red Eared Slider Tank : Is 100 Gallon Turtle Tank The Best For Your Pet Turtle?

A red eared slider usually has plenty of space in a tank, but it is important to know the difference for each size of your turtle so that you can get the right-sized tank for your new pet. Sliders are very active turtles with aesthetically pleasing shell, which means that they will quickly outgrow and need a 100 gallon turtle tank if overcrowding occurs.

Depends on your red eared slider, you can choose a small aquarium if you have a young turtle. But when they grow and become mature, you need a large aquarium up to 100 gallon turtle tank.

Before choosing the right red eared slider tank size, you need to look at your needs. Make sure the size of your turtle can be estimated from their age, as well as the number of turtles you have. Let’s study several types of tank sizes to meet the needs of your new pet as a pet lover.

Red eared turtle tank
Red Eared Turtle Tank – 100 Gallon Turtle Tank


How Many Gallons Should A Turtle Tank Be?

A good rule requires 10 gallons per inch of turtle and requires more space for an adult or large-sized turtle. For example, if your turtle is 4-6 inches, you will need 50 gallons in a turtle tank.

Don’t forget, the best aquarium for turtles is a suitable place for turtles to have an environment like rocks, some furniture like a replica of their habitat. Meanwhile, how many gallons for red eared slider tank is adjusted to how many turtles you will put in the aquarium.


What Size Tank Do I Need For 2 Turtles?

If you have two turtles of the same size, you need to follow the 10 gallons per inch rule for the first turtle. For the second turtle, add at least half as much space.

You can give a large turtle aquarium with the same rule for a safe place, and every turtle gets 10 gallons per inch. If what you have is a red eared slider, you can estimate the red-eared slider turtle tank size and can measure up to 100 gallon turtle tank for their habitat to adults.


Can Turtles Live In A 10-Gallon Tank?

No. No turtle of any kind can survive on a 10 gallon tank. You should measure the red eared slider tank according to their number and size.

For example, you have two medium-sized red eared sliders. You need an 80 gallon turtle tank to meet their needs, and you need a big turtle tank if you have two large-sized red eared sliders.

A 10 gallon tank just fits the one inch turtle rule. Meanwhile, you know that there is no turtle, just one inch in size.


How Much Is A 100 Gallon Turtle Tank?

We can arrange the price range of a 100 gallon turtle tank by calculating the aquarium kit and the turtle tank only. For the price of the turtle tank alone, you can get a range of $ 200- $ 300 (estimated from the price of a 55 gallon turtle tank with a price range of $ 75-90).

As for the aquarium kit, you can estimate the cost up to $ 500 or more (estimated from the price of the 55 gallon turtle tank aquarium kit at $ 200).

This estimate does not include turtle tank ideas such as providing a good environment for the aquarium. Of course, for a large red eared slider tank, you also need a large amount of money. But the price is well worth it by providing a beautiful habitat for your red eared sliders.

One thing that makes the aquarium kit expensive is the water filter. Because for a red eared slider tank the size of a 100 gallon turtle tank, you need a water filter that can process 150 gallons or more.


How Many Turtles Can A 100 Gallon Turtle Tank Hold?

For a 100 gallon turtle tank, you can put 2 to 3 turtles up to 6 inches per turtle. After all of your turtles in an adult state, you need a large turtle tank. But to care for the red eared slider from young turtle to adult, it is suitable to use a 100 gallon turtle tank.

Many owners think that it is only necessary to have a red eared slider tank according to its size. But if their turtle has a growing state that is faster than expected, you will be in trouble if you have to change the size of the tank as fast as possible.

That’s why it is safe to buy a tank that is two to three times the size of a turtle so that it can be estimated until they are adults.


How To Find 100 Gallon Turtle Tank For Sale Near Me?

To choose the best turtle tank near your area, you can find it in several ways. The 100 gallon tank includes the long turtle tank and fits more than two turtles for small sizes.

First, you can find it by asking the local turtle owners. You can ask for several options for a turtle tank size, from a 60 gallon turtle tank to a 100 gallon turtle tank.

Next, you can ask questions at the fish pet store. Fish aquariums and turtle aquariums have some similarities, only different in some of the kits. Several pet owners make one fish and turtle in the same aquarium.


How Much Does A 55 Gallon Turtle Tank Cost?

If you have a tank smaller than 55 gallons, and want to choose a 55 gallon turtle tank for sale, you can find a price range of around $ 75- $ 90 for the tank alone, while the kit is around $ 200- $ 250.

The 55 gallon includes a medium-size red eared slider tank, which is perfect for housing young turtles. However, this size cannot accommodate an adult red eared slider because it can reach 12 inches.


How To Find 55 Gallon Turtle Tank For Sale Near Me?

You can find 55 gallon turtle tank ideas in the aquatic turtle tanks store, so you can also find designs for the aquarium with several different sets. Red eared slider tank it would be nice if given an atmosphere like a sea view so that your turtle feels at home.

For example, you can see the 55 gallon turtle tank setup by having topper ideas as a small turtle house. The tank part is more of an environment with small rocks, mini grass, plants, and some furniture shaped like small caves.


How Much Does A 120 Gallon Turtle Tank Cost?

The 120 gallon tank is enough for one big red eared slider with up to 12 inches. Because it fits the rule of 10 gallons per inch, or this red eared slider tank is enough for three young turtles to fill.

The cost for a 120 gallon turtle tank is not much different from the 100 gallon turtle tank, which ranges from $ 250- $ 350. If you want to have a full set of water filters, heaters, light fixtures, mounting kits, and aquariums like reefs, the total price can be over $ 1000 (depending on the equipment).


What Tank Is Best For Turtles?

The best turtle aquarium can be seen from the size. For example, a 5 inches red eared slider requires at least a 60 gallon red eared slider tank or more for more flexibility. Just in case your turtle grows, you can also buy large turtle tanks directly to save costs in the future.

Fill the red eared slider tank with a water filter and heater so that your turtle is comfortable in the aquarium. Don’t forget to provide a good installation so that your turtle doesn’t get stuck on pipes or rocks in the aquarium.

To enhance the appearance of the aquarium, you can add corals or plants that match the aquarium design.

Red eared turtle tank - 100 gallon turtle tank
Red Eared Turtle Tank – 100 Gallon Turtle Tank


Best Indoor Setup For A Red Eared Slider Turtle

Since the red eared slider is a semi-aquatic turtle, you will need to create an indoor setup where it can play in the water, and there is a place to spend a significant amount of time to get sunshine. Due to the indoor setup, you can replace sunlight with a UVA or UVB bulb.

The red eared slider tank would be an interesting setup if it looked like a large aquatic turtle habitat with a few plants & gravel in the aquarium, as well as a stack of smooth rocks for the basking area.


The Best Tank For A Red Eared Slider

If you have trouble getting the best tank setup for your red eared slider, you can look at the red eared slider tank setup pictures to be your inspiration in designing a good aquarium.

The best red eared slider tank certainly has a water filter and heater to guard the water quality, and then there is a basking area because the red eared slider is semi-aquatic and has a reef-like environment.

If you have a 4 inch red eared slider, it is suitable if you use a 100 gallon turtle tank as the best choice because space will be more spacious, and your turtle can swim here and there happily.


Red Eared Slider Turtle Tank Size

Size does matter. Red eared slider turtle tanks will be sufficient to accommodate 10 gallons per inch or twice as large as the rule size.

The 100 gallon turtle tank is suitable for red eared sliders with sizes from 4 inches to 10 inches. This size includes a large aquarium, although others are larger from 120 gallons, 200 gallons, 250 gallons, and so on.


Red Eared Slider Turtle Tank Setup

If you have a wide turtle tank of more than 80 gallons, you need a setup to enhance your aquarium appearance.

Two setups are often used, namely the basking area and the topper area. There is a special space above the aquarium for the location of the small turtle house for the topper area.

This is a step from the start for the turtle tank setup.

Choosing the tankThe size depends of the size of the turtle, and how many there are
Dimension tank rule10 gallon per inch(turtle size) at minimum
FiltersAdding water filter
LightingUltraviolet lighting to synthesize vitamin D for your turtle
HeatingAdding heater to control the temperature
Basking siteSemi-aquatic turtle needs basking area
Tank decorationsAdding tank decorations such as rocks, plants, or substrate


Red Eared Slider Turtle Tank Ideas

For the idea of a tank environment, you can see some references from the setup pictures, and you need to change the environment now and then so that your turtle doesn’t get bored.

The full grown red eared slider will certainly enjoy the moment if they get a new environment, even though they are in the same aquarium.

You can change the arrangement of the rocks, change the type of plastic plants and driftwood, or you can put in real plants even though you have to clean them all the time.


Final Verdict On Red Eared Slider Tank

To care for new pets, of course, you also need to think about a good habitat for them to stay comfortable and healthy under your care.

The red eared slider turtle tank must be carefully considered, starting from the size, setup, equipment kit, and idea.

Red eared turtle tank - 100 gallon turtle tank
Red Eared Turtle Tank – 100 Gallon Turtle Tank

As a rule of thumb, you need to have 10 gallon tanks per inch. If you have a red eared slider that is 5 inches large, you will need to have at least a 55 gallon tank or more. It could be even better if you have a tank that is twice the size of the rule so you can get your turtle to an adult.

The best turtle tank is a tank with complete contents ranging from water filters, heaters, tank decorations, and ultraviolet lights. Provide a comfortable environment in your turtle’s habitat so that they live happily and healthily.

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