What Do Axolotls Eat? (9 Interesting Facts)

Caring for an axolotl as a pet is certainly an interesting thing. To keep them happy and healthy, the axolotl diet must be balanced so that they can live up to the highest life expectancy.

What do axolotls eat? You can train the axolotl to eat several foods such as insects, worms, tadpoles, shrimps, or convenient foods such as raw meat, beef, liver, cat food, or lamb heart.

Because there are so many types of food that can be given to the axolotl, let’s learn about good foods to balance the axolotl’s diet.

What do axolotls eat
What Do Axolotls Eat?


What Can Axolotls Eat?

Since axolotls are naturally carnivorous, you can give them fresh meat or frozen meat from worms or other meat that is suitable for axolotls to eat. How axolotl eats is directly swallowed without chewing, so you have to think about the size of the food they will swallow to avoid constipation or impaction.

What do axolotls eat? You can give anything to the axolotl diet, such as sinking pellets, brine shrimp, or strips of worms.

What can axolotls eat? Most axolotls can eat insects, worms, small fish, even beef or chicken meat. Giving them the right portion according to their maturity and size is needed to balance their diet and process them to digest their food.


What Do Axolotls Eat In Real Life?

In real life, what do axolotls eat depends on how old and how mature they are. Young axolotls prefer live food because they will try licking them before eating it. Young axolotls prefer to eat moving and living foods such as insects and worms. After axolotls grow up, they can eat frozen foods or pellets.

What do axolotls eat mc? Axolotls can eat tropical fish or fish that are smaller than their size.

There will be a difference if you compare the food between axolotls in captivity and in the wild. Of course, you will be curious what do axolotls eat in the wild.


What Do Axolotls Eat In The Wild?

The wild axolotl is primarily carnivores, which means that what do axolotls eat will consist mostly of small insects, bugs, worms, and other small animals.

Then what do axolotls eat in the wild? You will often see axolotls eating insect larvae, mollusks, crustaceans, worms, and small fish.

What do axolotls need in the wild? They must be safe from the pursuit of predators such as herons and other large fish that can prey on axolotls. Even axolotls can eat other much smaller axolotls.

Breeding the axolotl will increase the axolotl population to avoid endangered species. Although it is still difficult to do axolotl egg care, there is nothing wrong if you want to multiply axolotl by caring for it in your home.


What Do Axolotls Eat As Pets?

If you become a pet and are cared for from eggs to hatching, the axolotl diet is determined by the owner. The axolotl diet is the full responsibility of the owners, so they must pay attention to how much food is needed and which foods are safe for the axolotl.

This is just as exciting if you know about what do axolotls eat Minecraft because, in Minecraft, axolotls can eat previously caught tropical fish. Not much different from the original axolotl that can eat smaller fish.

What do axolotls eat? You need to pay attention to the smaller fish that can be a snack for the axolotl because you have to make sure the fish does not have a hard spine and an exoskeleton so that it does not become a choking hazard causing impaction.


How Often Do Axolotls Eat?

Feeding axolotls must be according to their size and age because axolotls are animals that do not need to be fed every day. You can only feed the axolotl two to three times a week, no more than that. This is because axolotls take the same time to digest their food, which is two to three days.

What does an axolotl eat? Axolotls more often eat life and moving foods such as worms or insects. Make sure you feed the axolotls at night because if fed during the day, they don’t eat as much.


How Much Should I Feed Axolotl?

Give each time after you give food to the axolotl every two days at a minimum so that the axolotl does not overfeed and excrete a lot of feces. If they are overfed, then their poop will come out more often and will be a problem with the cleanliness of your water tank.

What do axolotls eat? Axolotls eat crustaceans, earthworms, and shrimp, which are small and can be eaten at one time.

When juveniles, you can feed more often to measure the axolotl’s diet and also their development. But still have to space one day after feeding, although you can give up to four times per week.


How To Feed Baby Axolotl?

Shortly after the axolotl hatches from the egg, they can still eat the egg yolk until they are strong enough to swim.

After that, if their bodies have reached 1 inch big, they can already eat live foods. Because their instinct must be raised at mealtime, you should give live foods such as baby shrimp, daphnia, or micro worms.

What do axolotls eat? After juveniles, axolotls can eat larger live foods such as crickets. And also, their feeding time should be more than adult ones.


How To Feed Adult Axolotl?

When they reach adulthood, the sense of smells and their instincts have started to improve, so they can sense if there is food in their tank, even if it’s live, frozen, or dead prey.

What do axolotl eat when adults are the same as when they are babies, only the number and shape need to be bigger, according to their size.

When it comes to feeding them, make sure you space them out at least two days per feeding so they can digest properly without overfeeding. Overfeeding axolotls is not good for their health, as well as making the tank dirty faster.

The table below is a feeding chart that is suitable for axolotls.

Life stagesRecommended food type
HatchlingBaby brine shrimp
BabyBlackworms, bloodworms
JuvenileSinking pellets, gel food, worms
AdultSinking pellets, gel food, worms


Do Axolotl Eat Their Eggs Or Babies?

Axolotls are notorious eaters, even if it’s their eggs or babies. It is important to note that what do axolotls eat can be anything, and the adult axolotl tank is not recommended to be combined with the baby axolotl.

What eats axolotls are other axolotls with larger bodies or other fish in tanks that are aggressive and eat other small fish.

What does an axolotl eat if given a proper meal? Axolotls prefer live food when they are juveniles, such as worms or shrimps, while adult axolotls can eat all kinds of foods from dead prey, frozen, or live foods with the same type of food.

What do axolotls eat
What Do Axolotls Eat


Can Axolotl Eat Frozen Foods?

Frozen foods can be given to axolotls when they reach adulthood because their senses have started to grow. Frozen foods are also among the foods most often chosen by pet owners because they are easier to serve and ensure the right portion for axolotls based on their size.

Axolotl, what do they eat when it’s frozen? Frozen bloodworms and frozen sludge worms are widely available in pet stores and are easy to get. Besides that, it is also good for your axolotl and other fish.

What do axolotls eat will also affect their growth. Give a portion that fits their size to avoid overfeeding. If they are not fluent in digesting food, of course, it will become a problem over time.


Can Axolotl Eat Fruits?

Since axolotls are carnivorous animals, providing them with fruit or vegetables does not add much nutrition. Do not give axolotl fruit or vegetables to avoid something that is not desirable. Although they can eat several types of fruit, they shouldn’t eat that.

What do axolotls eat? Axolotl eats live prey like worms, shrimp, or little fish. They also want to eat dead insects or dead worms and also frozen foods.


How Long Axolotl Can Go Without Food?

Axolotls can survive without food for up to three weeks, provided the water temperature is maintained at 15-18°C. But first, you have to feed them enough and check what do axolotls eat, so they can last up to three weeks.

You also need to look at their health, and if they seem less active or more quiet than usual, they may only be without food for two weeks.

What do axolotls eat as pets? Whatever the owners give, from live or dead prey. The portion given needs to be adjusted to the size so that it benefits their health.


How To Serve Axolotl Foods?

If you want to give the right portion for adult axolotls, you can cut strips of beef with a size of 0.5 x 3 cm, wrap them like pellets, and refrigerate until frozen until you want to give them to them.

If you want to give earthworms, you need to cut them into smaller pieces because the axolotl can’t chew and needs to swallow them right away.

Remove the dirt and soil on earthworms so that axolotls eat them directly without any dirt sticking to them. In addition, dirt or soil will be bad on the axolotl diet.



Can Axolotl Eat Ham?

It will be fun if we see axolotl eating and they are excited to eat it. You can give small pieces of ham as a rare treat. Make sure you don’t use too much salt when cooking the ham.

Salt is not good for the axolotl’s health, so you need to cook the ham or bacon with a special amount of salt so that there is not too much salt in it.


Can Axolotl Eat Fish Flakes?

Axolotl ignores the fish flakes more often, so you’ll see the fish flakes floating on top of the tank. In addition, fish flakes are not formulated for axolotls, so they also lack nutritional value.

What do axolotls eat must pay attention to the formula, and it is better to give live food than commercially frozen food.


Can Axolotls Eat Cat Food?

There are many options to choose from for cat foods that can be given to axolotls because food paints have good nutritional value for the axolotl’s body. Although good for axolotls, food paint should not be used as a staple food.


Can Axolotl Eat Eggs?

Eggs can only be given as a rare treat. Cooked eggs are better for easier serving. Cut the egg into bite-size pieces so the axolotl can swallow it easily. If axolotl eat eggs slice too largely, the axolotl will be difficult to swallow and digest.


Final Verdict On What Do Axolotls Eat

What do Axolotls eat? Feeding the axolotl according to its size and age will ensure that the axolotl lives a healthy life. Many types of food can be given to axolotls, such as worms, shrimp, daphnia, frozen food, and dead prey.

What do axolotls eat
What Do Axolotls Eat

The portion of axolotl’s meal must be adjusted to its size so as not to overfeed. If you give too much food, then the axolotl will poop more, and it’s easier to dirty the tank.

For adult axolotls, you will need to feed the axolotl two to three times per week, spaced two to three days apart, to give the axolotl time to digest the food to completion.

Pay attention to the food you give the axolotl because if they starve, they can eat the other axolotl or other smaller fish, and there’s a good chance they will get impaction.

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