Why Does My Dog Sleep By My Head? 5 Captivating Reasons

Why does my dog sleep by my head? It is a sign of how humans and dog relations have evolved from the time of its domestication which began several thousand years ago. Much the same way as humans have evolved to cooperate for its survival against all odds, the dogs have seen the benefits of working in packs.

The relation benefitted its own survival from other animals and cooperation benefitted both the species. It is a sign of working and looking after each other. It is its way of feeling secure against unforeseen threats.

Why does my dog sleep by my head
Why Does My Dog Sleep By My Head


Why Does My Dog Sleep By My Head?

The same dog sharing its most vulnerable time of resting with humans against unknown or unseen threats could be seen as its trustful relation with its master species. The relation between humans and dogs have created an alliance which is time tested.


Dog Feels Secure

By their behavior dogs like to live by their group. It’s common for them to share the body heat together. It gives them comfort and security. So, if your dog sleeps by your head nothing to worry about their behavior. It’s because your dog feels secure.


Dog Separation Anxiety

It’s a medical condition for some dogs. In some dog separation anxiety will show the following symptoms like

But some dogs become so quiet and like to sleep by your head. It is looking for comfort and not wanting to be alone.


Dog Protective Behaviour

By allowing your dog sleep by your head they feel very close to you and will display its instinctive protective behaviour. Dogs want to do this because they want to be around with his favourite human being. Dogs are like the toddlers; they will follow you everywhere. If you step out of the house, they will follow you, if you are working on the computer they will start to sleep near your feet.


Inadvertent Reinforcement Of This Sleeping Behaviour

Inadvertent Reinforcement of this sleeping behaviour could be an act which comes as an instinct from the time earlier relatives of dogs have learned to live in packs. An act which serves security at times of threat from other survival competitive animals. Humans may have simply replaced or added to its circle of companions. Humans also sought such companionship. Such behaviour benefitted both the species in a mutual way and have run through generations.


Dogs Feel Cozy And Comfortable

Unlike cats which still retain its wildness, dogs have evolved to adapt to human needs and way of life. Dogs may show preference for specific areas in the house where they feel secure and safe. They are known to show emotions much the same way as humans. As they do not sweat, their physiology also requires them to relax with comfort and a non-threatening human only makes it comfortable in the environment and dogs feel cozy and comfortable.


How To Stop a Dog From Sleeping By My Head?

As they say good habits must start at a young age, a dog must be taught to sleep at a place which is marked by its scent. When they sleep by your head, they think they are allowed to do it. Otherwise, there may be some off-limited areas in your house. How to stop a dog from sleeping by my head? By giving good training, comfort and treats we can teach the dog to sleep in the designated sleeping area.

Why does my dog sleep by my head
Why Does My Dog Sleep By My Head


Train The Dog To Sleep In Designated Sleeping Spot

It’s all about defining the task – By giving a number of obedience commands and treats will      help him to follow the instructions. You have to give everything he needs at his place while sleeping, like his favourite toys or comfortable mat.

Will the training help the dog to sleep in its designated sleeping spot? Yes; If we are giving training to a puppy the result will be quick. This is because it is still learning you and the house. In the case of older dogs, the training may need a week or up to a month. It is better to start training as early as possible.


Take Steps To Reduce Dog’s Separation Anxiety

Dog’s separation anxiety has been found as one of the destructive behaviours that is most of the pet owners considered as their behaviour problems. Surely your dog needs your help and treatment to overcome such a difficult situation. This will result in a calm and happy dog in your house.

Does your dog howling, destroying things, fuzzing, fear, ignoring food etc? Then surely, they are going through the signs of separation anxiety.

There may be many reasons behind these behaviours, it may be ignorance, death of a pet friend, long vacation, lack of good training, changes of pet owners, genetics or simply boredom.

Some steps you can follow to reduce the dog’s separation anxiety: –

  • Do not be too emotional when you leave or over excited when you come back
  • When you leave, give your dog some treat or their favourite toys to play.
  • Give good training to your dog to stay at home or at his room even though you are at home.
  • Even though the dog is well trained to be independent, do not allow them to be alone too long. If you are going out for several days then ask your friend or consider the doggy day care to make sure that they are taken care.
  • Check with your vet to consider calming medicine for your dog


Avoid Negative reinforcement But Reward Dog When He Does The Right Thing

Many times, your dog will develop a habit driven by repetitive action by its owner. For example, every time a leash is taken, the dog will look at it as a sign of a walk outside. This will bring in excitement of being able to go out. Sometimes the dog will pick up the lease by itself as it would start to relate the action as an indication to go out. By rewarding the dog when he does the right thing with his favourite treats/lots of praise can make a positive change in your dog. Even though it may take a little more time, I suggest this will be the best for your dogs’ mental health


Cozy Up Dog’s Sleeping Spot

Dogs are social animals much the same way as humans .We attach preferences for objects in our life and what the living room should like and what appears on the wall. Similarly, one way to cozy up the dogs sleeping spot would be to keep its favourite objects or toys as it will learn to settle down or cuddle up with the object or toy before taking its nap. The sleeping spot could be kept tidy free of any naturally occurring parasites harmful to it.

Why does my dog sleep by my head always
Why Does My Dog Sleep By My Head – Why Does My Dog Sleep By My Head Always


Final Verdict On Why Does My Dog Sleep By My Head

For many, sharing beds with a dog will give comfort and sound sleep. It depends on the sleeping position of the dog. If the dog sleeping on your head may sometimes affect your sleep or comfort. So, train on the unhealthy attitude as soon as possible. And the final decision is depending on you. Wish you good luck!!

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