Do Eagles Fly Above Storms? (7 Interesting Facts)

Eagles are apex predators that are a favorite of many people because they have a wide range of skills that can rule the bird kingdom. One of the advantages of eagles is their ability to fly much higher than other birds. Eagles fly high above the clouds until they are not visible to our eyes.

Do eagles fly above storms? Golden and bald eagles can fly at up to 11,000 feet altitudes like small planes and through above storm clouds. Large eagles are powerful enough to use the storm winds to fly higher without using much energy.

Do eagles fly above storms
Do Eagles Fly Above Storms?

The short answer will not be enough to figure out how eagles can fly above storms. Before the eagles are above the clouds, they must fly into the storm. Curious about how eagles do it? Let’s read to the end.


Do Eagles Fly Above Storms?

Yes, eagles can fly above storms by utilizing strong winds within rainstorms to glide upwards and fly over storms. It’s a great skill from eagles that allows them to fly higher with minimum effort.

Eagles can efficiently fly at high altitudes. It allows them to go as much as 5,000 miles during migration.

Do eagles really fly above storms? Yes, scientists are observing eagles flying and heading for the heavy rain when they feel there is no place to land.

Eagles will try to outfly the storm until they can fly safely to find shelter.


Where Do Eagles Go During Storms?

It depends on where the eagles are during a storm coming. If eagles are in their shelter, eagles can sense an approaching storm and will stay in the shelter near rivers or lakes.

Eagles will choose to take refuge on tops of dense trees, rock crevices, or tall vegetation.

But if the eagles have flown close to the storm, they will enter the rain and follow the strong winds to fly to a higher altitude with minimum effort and fly above storm clouds.


Is It True That Eagles Fly Into The Storm?

If the other bird runs during a storm, eagles are birds that fly into the rain to get strong winds and use the turbulence to fly higher than storms.

Eagles fly fearlessly into the fierce winds and take advantage of the storm current and help them glide to rise higher. No other bird can enter the storm like eagles.

Other birds will stay away from the storm and head for the shelter as quickly as possible. While eagles will embrace the storm until they can be above the storm clouds, and their flight becomes smoother.


Are Eagles Afraid Of Storms?

No. Eagles are not afraid of storms and can enter the storm to get strong winds and take advantage of storm turbulence to fly higher.

Large eagles such as bald and golden eagles can glide upward the storms and let them fly above them.

Eagles will continue to fly through the storms until they see a clear sky above the rainstorm at a high altitude and fly using strong winds without having to spend a lot of energy flying.


Can Eagles Fly Above Storms?

Eagles can fly above the storm by utilizing the wind storm to avoid the rain. When the eagles are in a storm, they will use turbulence to fly higher, knowing above the rainstorm is a calm cloud.

Eagles that can go through storms will fly with less power due to strong winds above the 10,000 feet altitude.

If the Eagles have had enough, they will start descending to the lakes or their shelters after the storm has passed.


Do Eagles Fly Above The Cloud Level When It Rains?

It depends on where the eagles are when it rains. When the eagles are on the ground, they will not fly above to approach the rain cloud.

But if the eagles are still at a high altitude, they will try to hit the rain up to the top of the clouds to avoid the heavy rain.

The large wings of the eagles allow them to fly up above the clouds, and they don’t have to waste a lot of energy while flying because of the high wind from the rain and high altitude.


Can An Eagle Fly Above Clouds In Any Weather?

Eagles can fly high when there are heavy winds in any weather. If there are wind currents that can give the eagles an additional lift, they will follow the wind currents and fly high above the clouds.

Do eagles fly above storms? Eagles will only fly higher if they are not closer to the ground. Eagles do not have excellent fly control like owls or raptors, so they will take advantage of strong winds to fly higher.

But if eagles are near the ground, eagles prefer to land and seek shelter.

Do eagles fly above storms
Do Eagles Fly Above Storms Indefinitely?


Which Birds Can Fly Above The Clouds?

Migratory birds are several types of birds that spend more time above the clouds and are often seen when you are on an airplane. The table below is some birds that fly above the clouds.

Birds that fly above the cloudsExplanation
Ruppel’s vultureThe Ruppell’s vulture can reach up to 37,100 feet and travel great distances.
CraneThe crane can travel up to 33,000 feet without any problems.
Bar-headed gooseThese geese can stay at 29,000 feet and fly calmly and gracefully.
Whooper swanThis charming bird can spend time over the clouds at 27,000 feet.


Can Eagles Fly With Wet Wings?

Yes, eagles can, but not so well. If wet, the eagle’s feathers become heavy and interfere with their flapping wings for a quieter flight.

Eagles must dry out their feathers if they want to fly fast and in sharp directions.


Do Eagles Fly Above Clouds To Avoid Rain?

If the eagle is in the middle of the sky, they try to avoid the rain by flying above the clouds.

When the Eagles are close to the ground, they will land and look for lakes or dense trees to perch on the highest part of the trees while waiting for the rain to finish.


Why Does An Eagle Fly Above The Storm?

Eagles can only go above the clouds when heavy winds or storms. The storm can help the eagles to reach high altitudes that they cannot reach in good weather.

They take advantage of the storm current to escape the storm and above it.

Do eagles fly above storms? Yes. Eagles take advantage of strong winds and turbulence to lift them higher up. When eagles pass through the clouds, they can easily fly without having to expend energy with the help of wind currents.


Do Bald Eagles Fly Above Storms?

Yes, the bald eagle is one of the large eagles that can enter the storm and rise above it to fly leisurely above the clouds.

This is done by bald eagles if they are in the middle of the sky when a storm comes without having time to land.


Do Golden Eagles Fly Above Storms?

Yes, the large golden eagle size allows it to hit the storm to fly high above the storm. Golden eagles can take advantage of storm turbulence to take them much higher up into space they can’t reach in usual weather.


Final Verdict – Do Eagles Fly Above Storms

Eagles are birds who dare to brave the storm to fly higher and reach above the storm. Eagles will only do this if they have not had time to descend to land. Eagles can fly upwards of up to 11,000 feet, and that measure is sufficient to exceed storm clouds.

Do eagles fly above storms
Do Eagles Fly Above Storms For A Long Time?

But if the eagles are near land, they will not intentionally fly up into the storm because they prefer to seek shelter near trees, lakes, or on top of dense trees.

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