Is Aquaphor On Dogs Safe? (5 Interesting Facts To Know!)

Aquaphor on dogs is a situation many dog owners, there are many situations where you may find yourself considering the use of Aquaphor on dogs. Those include in soothing the dog’s nose and in combating various dog skin issues. You could, however, be having concerns about the whole idea of using Aquaphor on dogs.

You may be wondering whether Aquaphor is actually safe to use on dogs.  Further, you could be having concerns on the possibility of your dog eating the Aquaphor.

We can assert that it is safe to use Aquaphor on dogs. However, the Aquaphor application should only be topical. That is to say it should only be applied on the dog’s skin, in a thin film. If your dog happens to eat Aquaphor, that should not be cause for extreme concern either.

Aquaphor on dogs
Aquaphor on dogs – is aquaphor toxic to dogs

The worst that you are likely to see, after your dog eats Aquaphor, is a stomach upset. That could manifest through diarrhea, vomiting and other related symptoms. It should clear after just a few days.

In this article, we will be addressing these and other concerns related to the use of Aquaphor on dogs.


Can Aquaphor Be Used On Dogs?

In other words, you may be wondering: is Aquaphor toxic to dogs? And the answer, thankfully, is that Aquaphor is not toxic to dogs. This is to say that Aquaphor can be used on dogs safely. However, the usage has to be topical (only on the dog’s skin).

Every effort should be made to keep the dogs from eating Aquaphor. If dogs do eat Aquaphor, they could end up with very bad stomach upsets. The diarrhea and vomiting that may come after dog has eaten Aquaphor could lead to dehydration.

So, can I use Aquaphor on my dog without worrying about safety? The answer to that question is ‘yes’. You can use Aquaphor on your dog without having to worry too much about safety. As long as you are applying the Aquaphor to specific spots on the dog’s skin, it is safe. Safety worries would only arise if your dog ate Aquaphor in huge quantity. But if the Aquaphor is only applied topically (to the dog’s skin), there is no reason to worry.


Can Aquaphor Kill Dogs?

In other words, is Aquaphor toxic to dogs? The answer is mostly ‘no’. The only situation where Aquaphor could kill a dog is if the canine eats too much of it. Following the Aquaphor ingestion, the dog could develop severe diarrhea. That could in turn lead to dehydration, which if unchecked, could lead to the dog’s death.

For that to happen, the dog would need to have eaten a considerable amount of Aquaphor. So it is very rare and unlikely for death to be the outcome of using Aquaphor on dogs.


Can I Put Aquaphor on dogs Hot Spot?

To put it differently, can you put Aquaphor on a dog wound? Or is Aquaphor toxic to dogs when applied to wounds? The answer is that you can put Aquaphor on dog’s hot spots. You can apply Aquaphor on dog wounds (but only in a very thin film). When you apply it to dog’s hotspots, it can have the effect of drying them. And that is important, because when the hot spots are dry, chances of infection are lower.

Aquaphor is based on petroleum jelly. Given that fact, you may still be wondering: is Aquaphor toxic to dogs when applied to hot spots? In that case, you need to be reassured. In spite of it being based on petroleum jelly, Aquaphor is not toxic even upon application to dogs hot spots.

The only time when the use of Aquaphor on dogs can be problematic is if the dogs eat the Aquaphor. And even then, the worst case outcome would be an upset stomach for a couple of days or so.

Therefore, you can put Aquaphor on dogs hot spots with peace of mind that it is a safe product. In fact, you should put Aquaphor on dogs hot spot, as one of the measures to prevent infection.


Can I Use Aquaphor On My Dogs Paws?

In other words, is Aquaphor bad for a dog when applied on the paws? Or more precisely, is Aquaphor toxic to dogs when applied to the paws? The answer is that you can use Aquaphor on your dogs’ paws. Aquaphor is not bad for a dog when applied on the paws. Neither is it toxic to dogs when applied to the paws.

Treated with a thin film of Aquaphor dog paws can be kept from peeling. Aquaphor also has a moisturizing effect on the dogs paws. And it can prevent all forms of dog paw cracking.

Another related question: can I put Aquaphor on my dogs paws if they are already cracked? The answer is ‘yes’: as the Aquaphor can prevent further cracking. Applied to dog paws, Aquaphor can have both a crack prevention and crack treatment effect.


Will Aquaphor Make a Dog Sick?

This is related to the oft-asked question: is Aquaphor toxic to dogs? As it turns out, there is only one event in which Aquaphor can make a dog sick. That is if the dog eats (too much of) it. In that scenario Aquaphor does have the potential to cause dog stomach upset. This can manifest in the form of a very bad diarrhea. In some cases, it can be really bad: as bad as if a baby ate Aquaphor. But it usually resolves easily.

The potential for Aquaphor to make a dog sick depends on several things. It depends on how much Aquaphor a dog eats. Take a dog that just licks Aquaphor off a lid. Such a dog would have a different outcome for another one that gobbles up a whole Aquaphor jar. It further depends on the size of the dog and on the breed of the dog.

But as long as the Aquaphor’s application is only to the dog’s skin, there is no possibility of sickness. There is no possibility of it making the dog sick.


Is Aquaphor the Same as Vaseline?

Aquaphor is similar to Vaseline in the sense that both are based on petroleum jelly. There is one key difference though. Vaseline is 100% petroleum jelly. Aquaphor, on the other hand, is petroleum jelly plus other ingredients.


Is Aquaphor Good for Tattoos?

Although this is slightly out of the topic of Aquaphor on dogs, it is nonetheless a common question. The answer to it is ‘yes’: Aquaphor is good for tattoos. But it needs to be applied in a very thin film.

If applied in a very thin film, it can help prevent inflammation. And it can help keep the tattooed area hydrated as it heals. But too much of it can end up hindering the tattoo healing process.


What Happens If You Swallow Aquaphor?

What happens if you swallow Aquaphor depends on the amount you swallow. Suppose you swallow just a little bit of it. In that case, you are only likely to see more frequent, smoother stools for a while.

That is because Aquaphor has a laxative effect. But if you swallow too much of it, you could end up chocking on it (given its density). Even if you don’t choke, you could have a bad case of diarrhea. It is therefore best to avoid Aquaphor ingestion.


Will Aquaphor Hurt Dogs If They Eat It?

In other words, is Aquaphor safe for dogs (when they eat it)? Or is Aquaphor toxic to dogs (when they eat it). The answer is that Aquaphor can hurt dogs if they eat it. It can cause the dogs to have bad diarrhea.

If the dehydration that follows the diarrhea is not handled well, the dog could get very ill and possibly die. But this only applies if the dogs eat a great deal of Aquaphor. If a dog just licks a small amount of Aquaphor, he should be largely alright.

Possible Effects of Dogs Eating Aquaphor
Aquaphor on dogs
Aquaphor on dogs

What Should You Do If Your Dog Ate Aquaphor?

The first course of action is to watch the dog closely, for any unusual symptoms. The dog may have diarrhea after eating Aquaphor. In that case, you can treat it using a bland diet. There are also certain medications you can administer to the dog to check the diarrhea.

But the diarrhea could persist beyond a couple of days. Or it could be so bad that you start seeing obvious signs of dehydration in the dog. In those cases, you should have the dog seen by a vet immediately.


How to Treat Diarrhea in Dogs

There are certain foods you can give to the dog, to help it fight diarrhea. Those include items like white rice (as well as the rice water), yoghurt, canned pumpkin and boiled potatoes.

You could also subject the dog to a fast: where you don’t give him food for 12 to 24 hours. In that duration, you should also only give small amounts of water. The objective would be to allow the digestive tract to settle. A bland diet can help greatly.

Further, there are medications you can use to treat diarrhea in dogs. Your vet can advise you on the same/prescribe them for you.


Bland Diet Instructions

A bland diet can help in combating the diarrhea that may follow your dog eating Aquaphor. Important components of such a bland diet would be boiled lean meats and rice.

The diet is shorn of fibers and fats, which could aggravate diarrhea. The most important thing is to start with small portions, and increase them slowly.

It is important to restore the dog to a normal diet once the diarrhea problem resolves. Thus, you shouldn’t keep the dog on a bland diet for too long: as such a diet is not balanced.


When Should You Go to the Vet For Aquaphor On Dogs?

Firstly, if your dog ate Aquaphor, and the resultant diarrhea has turned to be very severe. Similarly, if the diarrhea is leading to obvious dehydration, you should see a vet. And if the symptoms following your dog eating last beyond 2 or 3 days, you should see a vet.


Why Do Dogs Eat Aquaphor?

There are many reasons why dogs eat Aquaphor. They include curiosity, boredom and hunger. Dogs shouldn’t eat Aquaphor though. When using Aquaphor on dogs, you should do everything you can to keep them from eating it.


Can You Use Aquaphor On Dogs?

Yes, you can use Aquaphor on dogs, to soothe their noses, help heal wounds faster/better and prevent paw cracking.

You may be having this related question: can I put Aquaphor on my dog at home/on DIY basis? The answer is ‘yes’. The only situation where Aquaphor use wouldn’t be recommended is if the vet explicitly advised against its use.

You may also be wondering: can I use Aquaphor on my dogs ears? The answer in this case is ‘yes’ but with a condition. The condition is that you should use Aquaphor only externally. Don’t apply Aquaphor inside the dog’s ears.


How to Prevent Your Dog From Eating Aquaphor Again

The most important thing, when it comes to preventing your dog from eating Aquaphor again is limiting access. This is a question of keeping the Aquaphor away from the dog’s reach. After applying Aquaphor on dogs, ensure that you close the jar closely and keep it somewhere the dogs can’t reach.


Final Verdict On Aquaphor On Dogs

Using Aquaphor on dogs is safe: as long as the Aquaphor is applied topically (on the skin). If your dog does eat Aquaphor, you need to be ready to handle the diarrhea that may follow.

Aquaphor on dogs
Aquaphor on dogs – is aquaphor toxic to dogs

You can handle the diarrhea through diet modifications and through the use of certain medications. If the diarrhea gets worse or doesn’t stop after a couple of days, take the dog to the hospital immediately.

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