Dog Throwing Up White Foam : 7 Menacing Diseases

Dogs are very sensitive animals. They often suffer from different kinds of health problems. Owners must be aware of the various symptoms and remedies. Here, we inform you about dog throwing up white foam.

What does it mean? What can you do to bring relief to your pet? For starters, you mustn’t press the panic button. Always remember that your anxiety negatively affects the pet.


What Does It Mean When Your Dog Throws Up White Foam?

It obviously means a health hazard when dog pukes white foam. It’s an indication of different kinds of problems. For an accurate diagnosis, vets suggest noticing all additional symptoms closely.

Dog throwing up white foam
dog throwing up white foam

Let’s address the symptoms one by one.

“What does it mean if my dog is throwing up white foam after throwing up food?” It possibly refers to a disorder in the GI tract. 

The commonest kinds of GI disorders include indigestion and acid reflux. It can also be a bilious vomit caused by an excess secretion of bile juices in the stomach. 

In severe cases, it might mean that your dog has pancreatitis. Bloating is another very serious condition probable for a dog throwing up white foam. It requires urgent medical attention.

“Why is my dog throwing up white foam and has diarrhea?”

Many pet owners report their dog vomiting white foam after eating grass. The same can happen if your dog ate a piece of rotten meat or vegetable. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to police what’s going in the dog’s mouth.

They often have unhealthy feeding habits. Dogs are known to consume feces, among other dirty things. They are also very curious and might ingest house cleaning chemicals. Any of these substances can be the reason behind your dog throwing up white foam.

“Why is my dog gagging and coughing up white foam?” Your dog might be suffering from a bout of cold. It is a common reason for your dog throwing up white mucus.

Sometimes, mucus from respiratory tracts may enter the digestive system. This is also a potential reason for your dog coughing up white foam.

Look up the following sections for more information.


What Should I Do If My Dog Is Throwing Up White Foam?

Observe the associated symptoms such as retching and coughing. Watch your pet for other signs of illness such as weakness and lethargy. Diarrhea and loss of appetite are also common in a dog throwing up white foam. These observations are important for the vet to make the right diagnosis.

Dog throwing up white foam may not be a very serious issue if it happens only one time. You can withhold the next meal and watch what happens. Don’t give your dog anything to eat for the next twelve hours. Make sure that the pet does not get dehydrated.

If the vomiting stops, it was a minor digestive issue. See if the vomit has undigested grass in it. Withholding the next meal for twelve hours should solve this problem. 

Sometimes, vomiting occurs if the dog has eaten excessively just after doing exercises. The same can happen with the drinking of excess water. You can easily prevent this. Just allow your pet to settle down after exercises before you give his meal. 

Is your dog throwing up white liquid just before mealtime? It can be due to acid reflux in an empty stomach.

Try giving your pet a little bit less with each meal. Increase the frequency of meals evenly throughout the day. This should keep his tummy filled up without overeating. 

“Why does my dog keep throwing up white foam?”

If the vomiting is recurrent, contact your vet as soon as possible. 

In situations like bloating, do not wait to observe your dog. Bloating is visible in the form of a distended abdomen. It happens when air gets blocked in the stomach. It also causes a complete loss of appetite. 

If the symptoms indicate bloating, urgent medical care is needed. The vet will pump the dog’s stomach (gastric lavage) and conduct surgery.


When Should You Be Concerned About Your Dog Throwing Up?

Let us look at the probable serious indications. 

“Why is my dog throwing up white foam?”

We already mentioned bloating. Do not delay with the treatment if your dog has a distended abdomen. 

“Why is my dog gagging and coughing up white foam?”


Tracheal Collapse

This rare condition primarily affects toy breeds. It happens due to collapsing of the tracheal rings in the windpipe. Associated symptoms include coughing.


Kennel Cough

Your pet might have a case of kennel cough. This infectious disease is contacted at places where there is a large gathering of dogs. Such places include parks, and animal behavior classes. Your pet might get it at the vet’s office or home if you have multiple dogs.

Take your pet to the doctor and mention the symptoms. See if there is coughing associated with the dog throwing up white foam. Kennel cough usually subsides by itself within 9-10 days.


Fungal Infection

“Why is my dog throwing up white foam and shaking?” It can happen due to contact with environmental yeast. It is a possibility if your pet ingests bird or bat droppings. It will also cause diarrhea. 



Dog vomiting white foam can be a sign of pancreatitis. If you are feeding your dog a high-fat diet, this condition may develop over time. It causes the secretion of digestive enzymes before they reach the small intestine.

Associated symptoms of pancreatitis include severe abdominal pain, anorexia, and diarrhea.


Kidney Disease 

Dog throwing up white foam can also be due to kidney diseases. Your pet will have drastic changes in thirst levels and display pale gums.


Parvovirus and Rabies

Let’s discuss the two most serious circumstances behind your dog throwing up white foam. These are the cases of parvovirus and rabies. Both conditions can be fatal and extremely harmful.

You should know that both these conditions are preventable by vaccinations. Therefore, you can rule out these if your pet has completed its vaccinations.  

However, sometimes it is difficult to be sure. This typically happens when you rescue an adult dog from the shelter. Rabies would cause extreme aggression in dogs, even towards the owner.

Inform your vet of all the symptoms if you suspect anything like this.

Dog throwing up white foam
dog throwing up white foam

Parvovirus infection is caused due to contamination from eating feces. Dogs can eat a lot of non-food items. It is known as pica. You should train your dog adequately to avoid pica.

Have you heard about a dog vomiting white foam and died? Never take chances and neglect the symptom. Most often, it is not anything life-threatening. But, in rare circumstances, death is a possibility.


What Can You Give A Dog For Vomiting?

You have to make dietary changes for your pet. It depends on the condition of the dog throwing up white foam and diarrhea issues.

We already mentioned withholding their food for twelve hours to control vomiting. However, it is not advisable if the diarrhea is severe. Reduce the duration to six hours before you give your dog his next meal. 

You will have to give your dog a bland meal at first. White rice, potato, and lean beef are good options. Give this food for a few days and observe your pet. 

If diarrhea stops, and the stool is normal, you can slowly resume a normal diet.

Do you have a puppy? Do you have a  senior dog throwing up white foam? Does your pet have other chronic health issues? Contact the vet immediately.

Even if you get some over the counter medication for your dog, consult the vet over the phone. You can also ask for online advice for your dog throwing up white mucus.

“What can I give my dog for throwing up white foam?”

Many vets prescribe Pepcid (Famotidine) to reduce stomach diet. It’s an oral medication and does not require a prescription. The dosage commonly used is 0.25 to 0.5 mg per pound of the pet’s weight. It should be given every 12 to 24 hours.  

If the vet diagnoses an intestinal infection, she may prescribe Pepto-Bismol. The active ingredients of this medicine are subsalicylate and bismuth. The subsalicylate kills harmful bacteria and fungi. It might relieve your dog throwing up white mucus.

The bismuth develops a protective lining to relieve the irritation of the GI tract. The typical dose consists of 2 teaspoons (10 ml) for every ten pounds of body weight. Never give this medicine to your cat. Subsalicylate is toxic for them. 


Foods That Can Cause Vomiting And Diarrhea  

What does it mean when your dog keeps throwing up white foam? Among other things, it can mean mild to severe indigestion.  Learn what Dog Food ingredients you should avoid.

Observe your pet carefully. Take it on a leash walk to check out any unobserved instances of vomiting. If it is an one-off incident, and your pet has no other symptoms, then it is not a serious issue. 

You can resume a normal diet. Just make sure that your dog has no access to toxic substances. Keep the kitchen dustbin well-covered. Remove all house cleaning chemicals to a place that your dog can’t reach. 

Also, don’t feed scraps from your dinner table to your dog. Always remember what you cannot give to your dog. Follow this list of foods to avoid giving to your dog


FoodsA dog should not eat
Raw eggs Consists of an enzyme called avidin which can cause skin problems
Raw meat and bonesMeat can consist of salmonella and e.coli. Bones can be hard to digest or cause punctures in the stomach
Milk and dairyCan cause diarrhea and vomiting. Undigested milk can cause a dog vomiting white slime
Chocolate and caffeineThese consist of methylxanthines, extremely harmful for dogs
OnionsThey can lead to red blood cell damage and anemia.
Yeast doughCan cause gas and bloating
Beef jerky and hamThe high-fat content makes these difficult to digest


What Does White Foamy Vomit Mean? 

“What does it mean when my dog is throwing up white foam?”

A dog throwing up phlegm is probably suffering from a disorder in the GI tract. It is by far the commonest reason why this happens. However, you should keep an eye on other symptoms.

If the dog vomiting white foam slime has no other symptoms, then it is not a major issue. Nevertheless, you should keep a close watch on your pet. Take note even if she is anxious or depressed.

Sometimes, a dog throwing up white mucus can be a case of self-induced vomiting. Most dogs, when they feel sick due to digestive problems, tend to eat grass. It helps them to get rid of the problem by vomiting.

Although it is a messy affair, yet you should observe the vomit. If you find bloodstains, immediately report it to the vet. It can mean a serious inflammation in the GI tract. 

If there are chunks of food, reduce the amount of food you give to your dog. Overeating can also cause your dog vomiting white foam.

Dog throwing up white foam
dog throwing up white foam


Final Verdict – Dog Throwing Up White Foam

Is your dog throwing up white foam? Dog throwing up white foam is always a cause for concern. At times, the problem may not be too severe. In some circumstances, it could imply high severity. Talk to your Vet once you see dog puking white foam for the first time.

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