Ferret Urine Color : (7 Interesting Facts)

The color of your ferret’s urine can give you important clues on the ferret’s state of health. In this article, you will find information on what the various ferret’s urine colors may mean.

Normal ferret urine color is clear or pale yellow. Abnormal ferret urine colors include brown, red, bright yellow and green. These abnormal ferret urine colors may be due to dehydration, UTIs, kidney problems and liver problems among others.

Ferret urine color
Ferret Urine Color Guides

Any situation in which you find an abnormal color in ferret urine should be cause for concern. It can be the warning sign for a very serious underlying problem.


What Is The Normal Ferret Urine Color?

Normal ferret urine is supposed to be clear or pale yellow.

This is to say that any other color besides – besides clear or pale yellow – should be reason to get concerned.


Why Is My Ferret Peeing Green?

It can be very disturbing to observe that your ferret’s pee is green.

That is bound to get you worried, as you keep on asking yourself, why is my ferrets pee green?

Often a ferret peeing green turns out to be having liver issues. Liver problems can cause symptoms like bright yellow or slightly green tinged ferret urine. Or it can cause outright green pee.

A ferret with a disease called ferret systemic coronavirus may at times also pass urine with green tinge.

If you are seeing ferret green urine and liquid poo, this may be the reason.

Some infections too, as well as certain kidney problems, may cause a ferret to pass green pee.


Why Is My Ferrets Pee Red?

Red in pee shows the presence of blood.

This may be due to stones in the urinary tract. You may thus need to enquire on what causes bladder stones in ferrets. Then have a vet check your ferret for this possibility.

Red pee may also be due to sludge in the urinary tract.

If the ferret is female, it may be due to an ongoing spontaneous abortion.

And if the ferret is male, it may be due to a problem in the prostate.

 A ferret with cystitis may also tend to pass red (hence bloody) urine. Thus if you find red urine in new ferret, this may be the reason for it.

Note that the cystitis may in turn be due to a UTI. One may ask, can a ferret get a UTI? And the answer is yes. Then the UTI can lead to cystitis, which in turn makes the ferret’s urine red or reddish.

Ferret urine color
Ferret Urine Color Health Guide


Why Does My Ferret Pee Bright Yellow Urine?

In most cases, that sort of bright yellow urine may be due to dehydration.

But there are also cases in which it can be indicative of a more serious underlying liver problem.


Why Is My Ferrets Pee Brown?

Usually, brown pee in a ferret is a sign of a urinary tract infection.

But there are also cases in which it can be a sign of problems further up the system. So it could be a sign of kidney or even liver problems.


Why Is My Ferrets Pee Dark?

This sort of dark pee could be due to a bladder infection.

Or it could be due to kidney stones or some other kidney disease. These often turn out to be the causes behind ferret darker colored urine.

Then again, if the ferret hasn’t been drinking well, that could be the reason for the dark pee.


Why Does My Ferret Drink His Urine?

Alongside the questions on unusual urine colors for ferrets often come these – on ferrets drinking their own urine.

In most cases, a ferret drinking his urine may be a sign of hormonal changes: especially for intact males. Then it is regarded as somewhat normal.

But there are also cases in which it may be a sign of adrenal problems.

Therefore if it persists for too long, it may be worth taking the dog to a vet for better observation.


Final Verdict – Ferret Urine Color

Ideally, a ferret’s urine should either be clear or pale yellow.

In case it is bright yellow, it can be due to dehydration or due to a liver problem.

A ferret passing green pee may be having liver problems or kidney problems.

And a ferret passing red pee (which is associated with blood) may be having a UTI, kidney stones, prostrate problems (if male) or an ongoing spontaneous abortion (if female).

A ferret passing dark urine may be having a kidney problem. Or it may not be drinking enough, hence the dark urine.

Ferret urine color guides
Ferret Urine Color Guides

A ferret drinking its own urine may be due to hormonal changes or due to adrenal issues.

Any abnormal ferret urine colors should be cause for concern. If they persist, urgent veterinary care should be sought.

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