Cage Rage Ferret : How To Stop Ferret Cage Rage? 7 Cool Tips

It can be very disturbing to observe your pet ferret having cage rage. If your ferret has cage rage, you will probably want to know what is causing it, and how you can stop it. This article has the answers.

The cage rage ferret suffers from may be due to boredom, due to feeling entrapped or due to the cage being in a space that is too brightly lit. You can stop ferret cage rage by providing a better cage, allowing the ferret out of the cage more often, providing decent toys as well as keeping the cage in a darker spot.

Ferret cage rage symptoms typically entail thrashing around, flipping the items in the cage, scratching the cage and even chewing the cage. The ferret may also start biting its owner more.

Cage rage in ferrets can be quite infuriating to the owners. That is because the symptoms create the impression that the ferret is being deliberately obnoxious.

Cage rage ferret
Cage Rage Ferret

Symptoms like those of a ferret scratching cage or a ferret chewing on cage can lead to expensive losses. That is because in the aftermath, one may have to replace the cage.

If one has more than one ferret, the other ferret may find itself being dragged into the cage range incidents. This may be by way of a ferret dragging other ferret, or an old ferret hissing at new ferret continuously.

At other times, it is about new ferrets biting cage and people.

All these things push people into seeking ferret cage rage help – out of frustration. But working out how to stop ferret cage rage entirely is not always easy.

It is doable, but sometimes it requires a bit of patience and resourcefulness.


What Exactly Is Ferret Cage Rage?

We may define cage rage in ferrets as a condition in which the ferrets exhibit furious enraged behaviors: typically by thrashing around their cages and flipping things over.

Ferrets that are having cage rage may also have a tendency to scratch their cages, and to chew on them.

Normally, a ferret that is having cage rage will behave in such a manner that it leaves no doubt it is enraged.

When it is not thrashing around it will be flipping over its litter boxes. When it is not doing that, it may be making other angry movements, scratching the cage or biting on it.

It is no wonder that for anyone with a ferret that is having this condition, working out how to stop ferret cage rage becomes a top priority.

People will go to all lengths, in search of tips on how to treat cage rage in ferret pets.

Sometimes, it can be sudden onset cage rage, which is acute in nature. At other times, it turns out to be longstanding cage range: which is chronic in nature.

Either way, it typically entails thrashing around, flipping cage contents, scratching and biting.


Why Do Ferrets Get Cage Rage?

There are several reasons as to why ferrets get cage rage.

In some cases, it is due to feeling entrapped. So because the ferret feels entrapped, it lets out its frustration through cage rage. This may be because of being in too small a cage, or being in a poorly designed cage.

It may also be due to the ferret never being let out of the cage.

In some other cases, it may be due to boredom. A ferret that is completely bored may start showing signs of cage range.

There are also cases in which the cage rage may be due to stress.

And then there are cases in which overstimulation can be the cause for a ferret having cage rage. For instance, if a ferret’s cage is in a spot that is too brightly lit, it can be cause for cage rage.


Which Are The Major Symptoms Of The Cage Rage Ferret Experiences?

One of the major symptoms of the cage rage ferret experiences is thrashing around. A ferret that is having cage rage will normally keep on thrashing around, in an obviously enraged manner.

Another major symptom of the cage rage ferret experiences is flipping things over. The litter boxes in the cage tend to be the major victims here: as they are endlessly flipped over by the enraged ferret.

Yet another symptom of cage rage in ferrets is that of cage biting. It gets to a point at which you find that the seemingly crazy ferret won’t stop biting it’s cage. You then start wondering, why does my ferret bite their cage endlessly?

And further investigation reveals that it is due to cage rage.

Sometimes, instead of the ferret biting cage, it may opt to simply scratch it.

Cage rage in ferrets may also manifest through aggressiveness. A ferret that is having cage rage may develop a tendency to bite its owner, and other ferrets (if there are more than one).

Sometimes, it may be biting you so often that it gets to a point at which you start wondering, why does my ferret keep attacking me? Then deeper investigations reveal that it is due to cage rage.

Cage rage ferret
Cage Rage Ferrets


Do Ferrets Like Being In Cages?

Ideally, ferrets would be free-roaming animals in the wild. Therefore being in cages is not the most natural of conditions for them. Consequently, most ferrets don’t like being in cages too much.

However, pet ferrets that are put in well designed and proper equipped cages may, with time, come to like them.

In any event, pet ferrets more or less have to stay in cages: for their own good.


Is Cage Rage In Ferrets Treatable?

There are measures you can take to address cage rage in ferrets.

Once you figure out how to stop ferret cage rage episodes, you would have effectively ‘treated’ it.

It is not like there are some medications you can give to a ferret that is having cage rage. Therefore while working out how to stop ferret cage rage, you focus on living conditions and behavioral modifications.

So the key questions here include one on how do you stop ferrets from being aggressive. Others are on how to stop ferrets from biting the cage or how to get ferret to stop scratching cage.

So you put in place the necessary interventions, to stop such behaviors.

Thus it is through those sorts of interventions that you get to treat cage rage in ferrets.


Is Cage Rage In Ferrets Curable?

Whereas cage rage in ferrets may be treatable, it is not always curable. You simply focus on addressing the distressing behaviors, but knowing that they may nonetheless recur.

There is certainly no magic pill through which you can claim that you are putting cage rage to an end, once and for all. But you can address the cage rage episodes, through behavioral and living condition modifications.


How To Stop Ferret Cage Rage?

As noted earlier, cage rage is sometimes due to a ferret being in a cage that is too small. Or it may be due to the ferret being in a cage that is ill-designed.

You therefore need to start by working out, how big of a cage do you need for a ferret?  Then ensure that you don’t go below that size.

With regard to avoiding ill-designed cages, you need to figure out how to put a ferret cage together in a manner which optimizes comfort for the ferret.

You thus need to research, to establish what are the best cages for ferrets. There are lots of ferret cage ideas you can find online and from exotic pet vets. Use those, to minimize the incidence of cage rage.

What about the aspect of the ferret biting its cage? In the context of how to stop a ferret from biting the cage, you may need to provide other things to chew on.

If, for instance, a ferret has good chew toys, it may be less inclined to chew on its cage.

But sometimes, a ferret chews on the cage not because of boredom, but because of perceived entrapment.

I recently overheard a ferret owner saying ‘my girlfriend found a cheap trick to stop cage rage‘. That cheap trick turned out to be one which simply entails getting the ferret out of the cage more often.

It can work like a charm, especially in cases in which the cage rage is due to perceived entrapment.

Putting the ferret’s cage in a darker spot, where there is less activity can also help in reducing cage rage.


Final Verdict – Cage Rage Ferret

Cage rage in ferrets normally manifests through thrashing and flipping behaviors. So you find the ferret constantly thrashing around its cage, and flipping the items in the cage furiously.

Cage rage in ferrets may also manifest through aggressiveness. So you find the ferret being aggressive towards its owner, and towards other cage-mates (if any).

There are situations in which cage rage in ferrets may entail the ferret furiously scratching and chewing its cage.

The cage rage is sometimes due to the ferret feeling entrapped. But it can also be due to boredom, or due to the ferret’s cage being in too brightly-lit spots.

Cage rage ferret
Cage Rage Ferret – How To Stop Cage Rage In Ferrets?

You may stop cage rage in ferrets through the use of cages that are well-designed and big enough.

Other helpful measures in stopping cage rage in ferrets include providing the ferret with adequate toys, to address boredom.

Moving the ferret cage to a darker spot may also be helpful in alleviating cage rage.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet ferret a good and comfortable life!

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