How To Get A Hedgehog To Like You? (7 Cool Tips)

Hedgehogs are wonderful animals to keep as pests and if you already have one or you are looking forward to having one, you are making the right choice. However, for you to effectively enjoy keeping a hedgehog a pet, you need to understand the behavior of hedgehogs and how they relate to humans.

When trying to know how to get a hedgehog to like you, you need to first handle them with care because hedgehogs do not like to be grabbed. Since lifting them or squeezing them can make them angry and defensive, it is best that let your hedgehog walk around on your hands or in your lap. Gentle scratching under their chin can be very soothing for them, and eventually, your hedgehog will decide to trust you.

If you do things right, your hedgehog will like you and you will have a good relationship together.

How to get a hedgehog to like you
How To Get A Hedgehog To Like You? How To Get A Hedgehog To Like You When Young?


How To Get A Hedgehog To Like You?

Letting your hedgehog hang out in your lap can also help it get more comfortable with you. Hedgehogs are nocturnal creatures and most enjoy waking up when the sun goes down. If you let your new hedgehog sit in your lap when you’re watching TV or reading, this can help it learn that humans are not a threat.


How Long Does It Take A Hedgehog To Get Used To You?

When you first bring your hedgehog home, it’s important to give the little guy some time to get used to things as a way of getting to know how to get a hedgehog to like you.

While you might want to hold and cuddle your new pet from the start, he may not feel the same way. It might take a few days or even weeks for your hedgehog to warm up to you so you will need to be patient.


How To Make A Scared Hedgehog Like Me?

If you want to calm your hedgehog down, try putting a blanket over the cage so that your hedgehog feels protected. Never force your hedgehog out of its shell, as this could cause it to become even more stressed out or defensive. Instead, talk soothingly to your hedgehog so that it knows you are not a threat.

For you to know how to get a scared hedgehog to like you, keep your hedgehog from getting scared in the first place, make sure you always handle it in a quiet room when there is no one else around.


How To Get A Wild Hedgehog To Like You?

Hedgehogs are adorable, but unlike dogs and cats, they can be hard to read, and just because your hedgehog is friendly with you, it does not necessarily mean that he likes you. Concerning how to get a hedgehog to like you a hedgehog can tolerate you but not like you very much. Hedgehogs do not make good pets for young children because they do not particularly enjoy being held and petted.

With time and patience, however, you can train your hedgehog to enjoy the company of humans. Talk to your hedgehog in a soft voice and your hedgehog will grow accustomed to the sound of your voice if you talk to him regularly and therefore get to like you.


How To Make Your Hedgehog Start Liking You?

Hedgehogs are nocturnal animals, which means that their most active time is at night. In addition, they’re shy creatures by nature which means that when you first bring your new hedgehog home, keep the lights dim and keep noise to a minimum so that he doesn’t get scared or overwhelmed by his new surroundings.

More on how to get a pet hedgehog to like you, you can talk softly to him and sit near his cage, but don’t try holding him until he gets used to being around you.


How To Get A New Hedgehog To Like You?

If you want your new hedgehog to like you, spend several minutes every day sitting quietly next to your hedgehog’s cage.

Use this time to talk gently to him or simply sit close by so that he becomes accustomed to your presence. He must have plenty of time in his cage without any human interaction so that he can come out on his own when he feels comfortable doing so.

On how to tell if your hedgehog likes you, you will know this if he starts to get playful and more open with you.


How Do I Make My Hedgehog A Friend?

About how do I know if my hedgehog likes me, hedgehogs are inquisitive animals. They may initially be shy, but they are smart, and they will soon learn to trust and be friendly with you if you are kind and patient with them.

If you want to befriend a hedgehog as you learn how to get a hedgehog to like you, handle him at least once a day for one week since you bought him and If your hedgehog has been in your home before, try to handle him at least once a day until the animal is comfortable with you.

Make sure to use a well-lit room when handling your hedgehog for the first time as this makes it easier for your hedgehog to see you and become familiar with you. About how do you befriend a hedgehog, always move slowly when approaching your hedgehog so that he does not get scared.


How Should I Get My Hedgehog To Open Up?

Hedgehogs are not loners but are highly social animals who thrive on interaction with other hedgehogs and humans alike. Hedgehogs bond with their owners in different ways, depending on their personality and preference and they will be more open with you if you know how to play with your hedgehog.

For your hedgehog to open up and for you to know how to get a hedgehog to like you, you need to spend as much time with them as possible.

If you have more than one hedgehog you will notice that they like to play together and cuddle together while they sleep. They also enjoy snuffling around together while they explore the area around their cage or pen.

Also on how to get a hedgehog to open up, hedgehogs are the most active during the evening hours, so this is the best time to play with your pet.

You can let your pet run free in a secure room or outside, but be sure to keep an eye on them at all times because they can get themselves into trouble or get hurt if you are not paying attention.


How To Calm A Scared Hedgehog?

 When you first get your hedgehog, he or she may be scared. It’s a big change for the little guy, and it takes time to adjust. If your hedgehog is scared, Give him or her time to adjust, and don’t wake them up by lifting them or trying to pet them right away.

Most importantly, about how to get a hedgehog to like you make sure they have plenty of places to hide like tunnels, boxes, and blankets, and talk softly around them so they can get used to your voice.


How To Take Care Of A Hedgehog?

To effectively take care of your hedgehog begin with bonding by spending about 15 minutes each day holding him.

Regarding how to get a hedgehog to like you, make sure you hold him securely but gently, so he does not feel threatened.

Talk to your pet softly while you are holding him and offer praise when he does something good. Some hedgehogs will warm up faster than others so give yours time.

How to get a hedgehog to like you
How To Get A Hedgehog To Like You? How To Get A Hedgehog To Like You When Newly Adopted?


My First Week With My New Hedgehog

The primary thing on how to get a hedgehog to like you when handling him for the first time is to allow it at least several days to get used to its surroundings before attempting to pick it up.

Hedgehogs are nocturnal animals and do not like bright light or loud noises. Place your new pet in an out-of-the-way place in a quiet room during the day so it can sleep undisturbed and become accustomed to its environment.

How do you pick up a scared hedgehog? On your first week with a new hedgehog, place one hand under its belly, just in front of the back legs, and the other hand behind its front legs. This will hold the hedgehog securely without harming it or letting it escape.

If you hold your new hedgehog for a few days in a row, eventually it will begin to relax in your hands. When this happens, carefully pet the top of its head and back. You should be able to get hold without too much trouble once the hedgehog is comfortable with you handling him.


What Do If My Hedgehog Is Rolled Into A Ball?

One of the basic things to know about how to get a hedgehog to like you is that If your hedgehog is scared, it will roll into a ball. This is a natural defense mechanism that protects its face and belly while protecting its back with prickly quills.

But once your hedgehog is accustomed to you and its new home, it should be less likely to curl up and more likely to explore and become accustomed to being held.

If you still don’t know what should you do if your hedgehog is rolled into a ball, when your hedgehog curls up into a ball, give him time, and soon he will get accustomed to you.


How To Make My Hedgehog Like Me?

How do I know if my hedgehog is happy, this is a question asked by many new hedgehog owners and that is because hedgehogs are shy and nocturnal creatures, and require a lot of patience.

However, with enough time, you can train your hedgehog to be friendly. Before you start training your hedgehog, you should understand their instincts and behaviors.

Spend time with your hedgehog each day to help them get used to you. You should also try to handle your hedgehog regularly to make them more comfortable with you and for you to know how to make my hedgehog like me.


How To Bond With Your Hedgehog?

Hedgehog Bonding is an important step in the hedgehog adoption process because it allows you to form a loving relationship with your new hedgehog. It also ensures that your hedgehog is comfortable enough around you to be handled and taken out of its cage.

Before you begin bonding with your hedgehog, your hedgehog must be comfortable being handled by you. To achieve this, you should handle them at least once a day for at least five minutes at a time.

If you don’t know how to handle a grumpy hedgehog start by handling your hedgehog, using two hands. One hand should support their back end and the other should be placed gently on their chest. Never pick them up by their quills!

If they start biting or hissing at you when you’re handling them, distract them with a treat (a sunflower seed or mealworm works well).


How Should I Handle A Scared Hedgehog?

Sometimes your hedgehog will look scared and you may wonder, my hedgehog hates me, what should I do? The first step to making a hedgehog feel free is to handle it well.

When handling your hedgehog, support his or her feet as you lift him or her from the cage, and do not squeeze too tightly.

On how to handle a scared hedgehog, If your hedgehog curls up into a ball when picked up, gently place it back in its cage and try again later.

It may take several weeks before your hedgehog becomes comfortable with you so you will need to be patient.


How Do I Handle My Irritable Hedgehog?

As you learn more about how to get a hedgehog to like you, it is important to know that hedgehogs are naturally shy, so they aren’t likely to be snuggle bugs. However, they become more social after they’ve been handled regularly.

For you to know how to handle my grumpy hedgehog, you need to know how to pick it. To pick up a hedgehog, scoop it gently into your hands and then cup your fingers over it. If your hedgehog seems nervous, you can use a towel to wrap it up before picking it up. 


Final Verdict – How To Get A Hedgehog To Like You

Hedgehogs are nice animals to keep as pets and they are wonderful to have around if they get to like you. Hedgehogs like to feel secure, and they are open and friendly when they feel confident that they are safe and that there is no threat to them.

When you buy a hedgehog for a pet, you need to know that it may not be like at first and within the first few days, the hedgehog will not like your company.

How to get a hedgehog to like you
How To Get A Hedgehog To Like You? How To Get A Hedgehog To Like You When New?

Many a times hedgehog will curl into a ball to avoid you but with time, it will get to familiarize with you and open up a little more.

Ensure that you handle your hedgehog gently at all times, and talk to it softy as a way of establishing a bond. Also, feed it some treats and have it eat from your palm. By doing this for some time, you will realize that your hedgehog will begin to open up and be free with you.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet hedgehog a good and comfortable life!

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