Can Guinea Pigs Eat Dog Food? (7 Interesting Facts)

When petting a guinea pig, it is vital to understand what a guinea pig can and cannot eat. Guinea pigs are sensitive animals that can get I’ll or stressed very easily. Diet can play a major role in keeping the immune system and further the health of guinea pigs intact.

When understanding the diet regime of guinea pigs many owners ask this question.

Can guinea pigs eat dog food? No, guinea pigs can not have dog food. Dog food is rich in protein, which won’t be digested by guinea pigs. Furthermore, it also contains meat, which is very harmful to guinea pigs. It is best to never feed dog food to guinea pigs.

Can guinea pigs eat dog food
Can guinea pigs eat dog food?


Can Guinea Pigs Eat Dog Food?

Can guinea pigs eat dog food? Guinea pigs only eat vegetarian food and have a great requirement for vitamin c enriched foods. However, most dog food contains meat, which is the opposite of what they need. The owner of a guinea pig should only feed the food that is appropriate to the guinea pigs.

Even if the dog food is not non-vegetarian, still owners should avoid feeding dog food to guinea pigs. It can cause serious health issues among the Guinea pigs.

To conclude, can guinea pigs eat dog food? No guinea pigs can’t eat dog food.


Can Guinea Pigs Eat Dry Dog Food?

Can guinea pigs eat raw dog food? No, guinea pigs should never eat dry dog food. Dog food contains various ingredients that can cause problems in guinea pigs. One of the major reasons why an owner should never feed their pet dog food is that it contains meat and other non-vegetarian particles that guinea pigs never eat in the wild.

Can guinea pigs eat dog food that has meat? Guinea pigs stay vegetarian throughout their lives and the owner should not feed such food. This food is too heavy for a guinea pig. If a guinea pig ate dry mix dog food, it may cause bloating and diarrhea.

The dog requires a lot of energy, and their food is prepared according to their need and body there is a lot of difference in the body and energy requirements of a dog and a guinea pig.


Can Guinea Pigs Eat Wet Dog Food?

Can guinea pigs eat dog food that is wet? No, guinea pigs can neither have wet dog food. The reason being the same, dog food in any form is created by keeping in mind the requirements and anatomy of a dog.

While a guinea pig will require leafy foods that are easy to digest, light Weight food, and on the contrary, dog food comprises very heavy food ingredients like meat, flour, fish, etc.

Dog food is also comparatively spicy than the leafy vegetables that guinea pigs eat. Can guinea pigs eat dog food? No, All of these elements make dog food very high in protein, much more than required by a guinea pig. This is the reason why owners should avoid feeding dog food to their guinea pigs.


Can Guinea Pigs Have Dog Food?

Can guinea pigs eat dog food? No, guinea pigs should never be given dog food in any form. Either it is in liquid or dry form. Dog food is created according to the needs of a dog. Dogs need food high in protein because they need a lot of energy, as dogs are very energetic and playful.

On the contrary, a guinea pig is not as active as a dog, so they naturally require fewer proteins and less quantity of food.

Dog food manufacturers make dog food keeping in mind the high requirements of dogs. Since dog food is very rich and heavy, the owner should never feed their guinea pig dog food.


Are Dog Foods Safe For Guinea Pigs?

Can guinea pigs survive off dog food? No guinea pigs can’t eat dog food. Dog food is not safe for the guinea pig. Dog food can cause stomach problems in guinea pigs. The dog food is filled with rich ingredients and it is also high in protein, so it is not a good idea to feed the guinea pig with dog food.

Some of the major reasons why a guinea pig won’t eat dog food are as follows


Guinea Pigs Are Herbivores Pets

The physical anatomy of a guinea pig is made by eating only vegetarian food that is leafy vegetables and a plant-based diet. That means that guinea pigs can not digest meat, fish, or any other such food item. On the other hand, dogs would need to eat meat or such food ingredients because it is their need.

Dogs need much more energy than an average guinea pig. The physical activity and strength of both animals are highly different. Dogs need food that has more energy, protein while that is not the need of a guinea pig. So it can lead to difficulties for guinea pigs to digest the dog food and end up having stomach problems.

Hay is an essential part of a Guinea pig’s diet, it is easily broken down in the gut of guinea pigs and provides the essential nutrients to a guinea pig.


Guinea Pigs Need Vitamin C, Which They Can’t Produce

Guinea pigs can’t produce Vitamin C, however, dogs can create Vitamin C in their bodies. So dog food doesn’t contain vitamin C. This is another reason why an owner should not feed dog food to the guinea pigs.

Guinea pigs need a lot of Vitamin C to stay healthy and without required Vitamin C, guinea pigs will develop scurvy that could cause harm to the Guinea pigs.


Dog Food Doesn’t Have Required Nutritional Benefits For Guinea Pigs

Even though dog food may have the needed nutrition required by guinea pigs, it still won’t help the guinea pig and rather deteriorate their health. Furthermore, the excessive fat, calories, protein, meat, fiber added in dog food is good only for the dog. It will only make the guinea pig ill.

After understanding all these reasons, it is pretty sure, how vital it is for the owner to not feed their pet dog food and figure out how to stop guinea pigs from eating dog food.

Can guinea pigs eat dog food
Can guinea pigs eat dog food?


What Happens If A Guinea Pig Eats Dog Food?

Do Guinea pigs like dog food? No, they don’t. When the owner feeds their pet guinea pig with dog food, it can cause illness from a minor illness to a serious issue. So it is recommended to never feed the guinea pig with dog food. Some of the Health issues for guinea pigs eating dog food are


Heart Issues

Dog food is highly saturated and contains a lot of saturated fat. Saturated fat is also not good for the health of the guinea pig. Guinea pigs can’t digest saturated fat so it would cause many heart problems in guinea pigs. It can even take the life of a guinea pig.


High Cholesterol

Feeding dog food that contains meat can cause high cholesterol levels in the guinea pig. High cholesterol is very bad for the heart and especially for a guinea pig that has such a sensitive heart.



Dog food has high calories and it is also rich in fat. So it can increase the fat of the guinea pig. Keeping in mind when a guinea pig is kept in captivity, their activity is already so much decreased, that feeding high-fat food will increase the weight of the guinea pig, which would cause many health problems for guinea pigs.


What Can I Feed My Guinea Pig When I Run Out Of Food?

If the owner runs out of guinea pig food or if the owner complains I forgot to buy food for my guinea pigs, and may ask can guinea pigs eat dog food? No, you can’t. There are many healthy substitutes they can use that are healthy and are compatible with the requirements of guinea pigs. Some of the substitutes are included in the following list


Cat Grass

Cat Grass is a great alternative to hay that can be easily found in pet stores or grocery stores. However, the owner should gradually introduce cat grass to the guinea pig’s routine. Too much cat grass can cause diarrhea and other stomach problems among the guinea pigs.


Wheat Grass

Wheat Grass is a great alternative food for guinea pigs. It provides the required fiber and nutrients required by the guinea pig. An owner can easily buy some wheatgrass from local stores. However, it should also be introduced slowly to the diet of the guinea pig.


Fresh Grass 

The grass is a good substitute for feeding hay. If the owner is short on hay, they can feed their guinea pigs with fresh grass taken from the lawn or nearby park. The grass is good in fiber making it perfect for the Guinea pigs to fulfill their nutritional requirements. However, when feeding grass to the guinea pig, the owner should clean the grass completely and cut it into small pieces. It will be easy for them to chew it and it will ensure that the guinea pig gets clean food.

The owner should not feed their guinea pigs grass that is taken from the lawn where their live animals live. The grass from such lawns may carry urine and feces of other animals which could harm the guinea pig.



Leafy greens should be a good part of the diet of guinea pigs and lettuce is a great choice. Lettuce is high in vitamin c and fiber making it an ideal dish for guinea pigs. The owner should grind the lettuce. A cup of lettuce would be perfect for one day.



Cauliflower is also a good source of vitamin c however, the owner should not feed the cauliflower regularly as it can cause stomach issues.


Pellets Containing Hay 

The owner can feed pellets made for guinea pigs that are made of hay however, it should be noted that these pellets are not the substitute for hay. These pellets don’t have fiber that is present in the hay.

Even though hay pellets may have some nutrients of the hay but still excessive feeding of hay pellets can lead to obesity. Even though an owner can feed pellets to their pet, it should be done occasionally.


Bell Peppers

Bell pepper is also a good source of vitamin c. An owner can feed 1-2 tablespoons of bell pepper to their pets. It is best to feed red and yellow bell pepper as they are richer in vitamin c however even a green bell pepper would be fine.


What Happens If My Dog Eats Guinea Pig Food?

Is guinea pig food safe for dogs? Guinea pig’s food is mostly hay or grass, which sometimes dogs eat, which is safe for dogs unless there is any bacterial infection on the food, however, it won’t fulfill the nutritional requirements of the dog. Will guinea pig food hurt dogs? No, it won’t hurt in most cases.

Can guinea pigs eat dog food
Can guinea pigs eat dog food? Can guinea pigs eat dog food as pets? Can guinea pigs eat dog food daily?


Final Verdict – Can Guinea Pigs Eat Dog Food

Can I feed my guinea pig dog food? No, the owner cannot feed a guinea pig dog food. Guinea pigs are herbivores and aren’t capable of digesting food with meat in it. That means that the owner can’t and shouldn’t feed their pet, dog food ever, Guinea pigs eating dog food can cause intestinal distress, obesity, diabetes, and high cholesterol.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet guinea pig a good and comfortable life!

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